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The Other Reality by FeltonLewis
Chapter 10 : Light In The Darkness
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Chapter 10: Light In The Darkness-

Hi you guys :) Please check out the A/N at the end of the chapter, it's pretty important. Thank you so much for all your reviews!

Ps: This chapter is dedicated to Marni and my ship for her which is Marnick xP told you I'd do it! ;)

Hermione's eyes fluttered open and then first thing she wondered was, as like every other night till now, "Where am I?" The answer came a few seconds later... The other reality.

She sighed and the events of last night came rushing back to her. Calling her mother... Ginny snatching the phone away... Being told that her father had died... Crying... throwing punches at Draco... Him carrying her... A lot of water to try and drown her sorrow... Him carrying her yet again... Him confessing to her about his father and vice versa... Him holding her hand and going to sleep...

Her eyes shifted to her hand which was still lying, though limp now, in Draco's hand. She let it remain there while she stayed in bed.

She had fallen asleep holding Draco Malfoy's hand. If someone had told her Hogwart's self that this was even remotely possible, she would have been the first person to have died because of laughter. But no, here she was lying in bed, holding his hand.

He stirred a little and she slowly, a little reluctantly even, withdrew her hand from his. She pushed aside the covers and went to the bathroom before he had a chance to open his eyes.

Draco's eyes opened as soon as he heard the click of the bathroom door closing. He blinked a few times, trying to remember where he was, as he did every morning since he had arrived in this unfamiliar reality. He sighed, remembering the previous night. Falling asleep holding Hermione Granger's hand.

Bloody hell.

He looked towards the bathroom and wondered what had gone through her mind when she woke up with her hand in his. He had felt her hand slip out of his a bit before the bathroom door closed so he knew that they had spent the night holding hands.

Holding hands.

With Granger.

Oh bloody hell, he was turning soft. She was making him go soft.

But why the hell did he feel that as the days were passing, the possibility that they had ended up married became higher and higher? It was becoming more believable by the day. Why though? He would ponder over it later... He needed to take her somewhere first.

He got out of bed and went downstairs to where he had left his cell phone the previous night before going to bed. Just then did he realize that he had gone to sleep in his office pants and white shirt. He scrunched up his nose in disgust. He hated having wrinkles and unnecessary folds in his formal attire.

He snatched up the phone and dialed the number that was written on a piece of paper stuck to the dining table so that Hermione and Draco could access it easily at anytime.

"Hello?" A sleepy voice answered.

"Ginny?" Draco asked, hoping he had got the right person.

"Dammit, Draco, it's a Saturday morning, whats going on? Everything alright?" She asked.

"Sorry", Draco said, not really meaning it. Lazy people, he thought before saying , "Listen, I need you to tell me where Gra-Hermione's dad's grave is. Its not that I forgot- it's that... I ... uh ...." Shit. Now what?

"Relax, Draco, Hermione told me about your situation", Ginny said, thanking Merlin that Harry was a deep sleeper now days.

"Oh... she did? As in... wait, which situation?" Draco asked, a little confused. Granger had told Weaslette?

"About your memory about seven years", Ginny said softly, so that even if Harry was a little awake, he wouldnt register her words.

"Oh, she did?" Draco said, genuinely surprised although coming to think about it, that was so typical of Granger, "Okay then, great, I need the grave site."

Ginny gave him the closest apparition point and the closest floo network and ended the call by saying, "Thank you for doing this, Draco, Im sure it means a lot to her."

"Thanks, Weas-uh- Ginny", Draco said, "See you around."

"Bye", Ginny said, ending the call.

Draco went up the stairs and heard the shower just being turned off. He went to Hermione's wardrobe and went through her dresses. He extracted one and placed it on the bed so she could see it when she exited.

* * * *

Hermione wrapped the towel around herself and unlocked the door and stepped out. she froze where she was when she saw Draco picking out a pair of white pumps from her wardrobe and stepping out. He too froze where he was upon seeing her.

"I... thought- I thought you would have- uh-" She stammered, pulling the towel tighter around herself. She pulled down the bottom hem of the towel at her thigh because it was so short, stopping only one-fourth down her thigh.

"I- Uh- DAMMIT MALFOY, STOP STARING!" Hermione said, hugging herself.

Draco didnt look away, he instead looked into her eyes and smirked, "Why? I thought girls love attention?"

"Yes, well Im not a-"

"A girl?" Draco asked, cutting through her words, "Thought as much."

"I was GOING to say an attention-seeking girl", Hermione said, through gritted teeth, "And you can oggle at me so long as Im decently dressed. NOT in a towel! Now look away!"

Draco smirked again and looked towards the dress and said, "Put that on."

"Why?" Hermione asked, looking down at the dress. It was a gorgeous simple white dress... Wait a second, she thought and then realization dawned upon her. It was the same dress that she had seen her future self wear in the memory she viewed in the penseive earlier.

"We're... Uh... Going to see your father", Draco said, shuffling from foot to foot uncomfortably.

"What?" Hermione's head snapped up to look at him, "We...we are?"

"I thought you wanted to", Draco asked, his eyes meeting her's.

"I do", Hermione nodded, "But I didn't think you'd... Thank you."

"Get dressed, wear these shoes too", He said, gesturing to the pumps he got out, "I'll take a quick shower and see you downstairs."

Hermione nodded, slung the dress over her arm and picked up the shoes. She smiled to herself and exited the room.

* * * *

Hermione slipped her hand around Draco's elbow and he apparated them away from the house.

"How did you know where his grave is?" Hermione asked as he straightened his white shirt and dusted his black pants.

"I asked Ginny", Draco said, "But this is all I know. I have no idea where in particular he is."

"I think I recognize this place", Hermione said, taking a step forward. She hadn't released Draco's arm so he was forced to move with her.

"My grandfather was buried here, I think", Hermione said, scanning the place. They were in a large field with colorful flowers growing to the height of their knees throughout the area.

"It's called Bloomingdale's fields", Draco said, extremely concious of the hand gripping his arm.

"Yes, this is the place then! I was about fifteen when I came here last though", Hermione said.

"Would you put your father in the same place your grandfather was?" Draco asked.

"Yes, it sounds like something I would do", Hermione nodded, "Come, I think I may be able to remember exactly where he was buried."

She lead him through the field, through patches of vibrant flowers.

Finally, she stopped a small distance away from three gravestones.

She froze, her mouth parted in shock and sadness as she stared at the stones, surrounded by blue and red flowers.

"Didnt you... Didn't you say only your grandfather was buried here?" Draco asked, softly, watching as her eyes filled up with tears.

Hermione bit down on her lower lip and tried to keep the tears from falling. She looked away from him to the left so that he couldn't see her tears.

She nodded but refused to move.

"Do you want to come back another time?" Draco asked, watching as the Griffindor tried to hide her tears from him.

She shook her head and took a shaky step forward. She was still holding on to his arm and this time, he didn't mind. She needed the support.

She began walking slowly to the gravestones and he walked with her in silence. She stopped at the first one which Draco read.

It said "Joseph Granger", followed by his birth and death day. The next one Hermione froze at again.

"Oh Nana..." She said, her voice cracking.

Draco read the stone and it said "Jean Granger" who, if his calculations judging by the dates were correct, was her grandmother and had died a year after their graduation.

Hermione took a deep, shaky breathe and moved to the last stone infront of which, she collapsed, releasing Draco's arm.

Hermione felt torn up. Her father... He was gone... How had this happened? He had gone before his mother had... No... This couldn't be true... This was some sick joke that everyone was playing... She expected him to just about now sit beside her and put his arm around her like he used to when she came to see her grandfather with him.

Someone, in fact, did sit beside her. But it wasn't her father.

Draco kneeled down beside her and read the stone "Robert Granger, a loving son, husband, father and friend."

He had never met many muggles. How different, though, could they be as people, from wizards?

A sob escaped Hermione's throat and he looked to his side at her. She sat on her knees, her hands curled around her stomach, hugging herself. Her head was bent over and her body shaking with mostly silent sobs and tears falling from her face to the grass infront of the stone.

He didn't know what to do so he did the only thing he could think of. He pulled out his wand from his pocket and pointed it at the gravestone and muttered a spell his mother had taught him once, for what reason he never knew.

A bunch of white roses formed at the base of the stone and green vines with pink and red roses creeped their way around the top and sides of it.

Hermione looked up and watched the flowers form. She then turned to Draco, her eyes red and filled with tears. Her eyeliner was leaking down her cheeks and as she went to wipe the tears from her cheek, Draco's hand came up and caught her's, preventing her from doing so.

"Don't", He said softly, "Just let it all out. I'll go if you want." He went to stand up but her right hand grasped his left and held him where he was.

"Dont go", She said and he was a little surprised. He nodded and sat back down beside her.

"Thank you", She said, nodding towards the flowers, "For that... And for bringing me here."

"You would have come any way", Draco shrugged.

"But you wouldn't have been with me", Hermione said, her eyes fixed on her father's name in front of her, "Thank you for being here with me."

Draco nodded.

"You know, after the war when I got my parents back home from Australia where I had left them to be safe, my father was always there for me like before", Hermione said, "But my mother never was. She stayed detached and away from me. Sometimes I felt like she thought I was a monster. Dad said she was trying to come to terms with what I had done, erasing their memories and sending them away. But I felt like there was more. There always is, isn't there? I was actually pining to go back to Hogwarts just to get away from that. To go to what felt more like family than my mother did. I missed a mother's love for so many months. No, she wasn't happy that we were together as a family again. She was pissed off that I had broken us apart for the war time. She failed to see that I had done it to protect them. My dad did though. He always understood. It's funny... Usually its the father's love one misses if anything, never the mother's love. They say I should be happy she's at least there and alive but I can't seem to see it. I can't seem to feel it. She's never around anymore. I called her yesterday with Ginny because Ginny said we were alright again so I just wanted to hear that..."

"I don't know what to say", Draco said after a few seconds of silence. Hermione smiled at him sadly.

"You don't have to. Thank you for listening", She said, turning back to staring at the stone.

"We make a pair that completes eachother somehow", Draco said after a minute. She looked up at him questioningly.

"You missed your mother's love and which I'm sure my mother made up for for you and I missed a father's love which... I dunno, your stories about your father makes up for somehow? And with Aaron, we both give him both parents' love", Draco explained, looking at her.

Hermione pondered over his words for some time and then nodded in agreement, "I think you're right."

They sat in comfortable silence, a few occasional tears trickling down Hermione's cheeks.

"Do you think I could meet her?" She asked softly.

"Who?" Draco asked, "Your mother?"

Hermione shook her head, "Yours."

" want to meet my mother?" Draco was a little confused.


"Uh... Do you think we should talk to Ginny first? Find out a little bit about what happened with our parents in those seven years?"

"That sounds good."

"You told her then?"


"You told Ginny that you and I have no idea what's going on?"

"I did."


"A few weeks ago. The day I found out I was pregnant. She doesn't know that yet though."

"Oh... Do you know how we got together?"

"You ask a lot of questions", Hermione smiled.

"I'm a curious boy", Draco smiled crookedly back at her.

"There's a fine line between curious and inquisitive. I have a strong feeling you're the latter."

"Wouldnt you have died to know how we got together?" Draco smirked, "I mean look at me and look at you."

Hermione's smile vanished and anger pulsed through her veins, "That's why you want to know? Because you're dying to know how dashing, rich pureblood you ended up with pathetic, mudblood me?"

"Thats not what I meant!" Draco said, his eyes widening, "Seriously! I meant that we're such different people- how did we find common ground?"

"What with you bullying me wherever I went", Hermione muttered.

"Yeah, that too", Draco said and looked guilty for a second. He replaced it with a smirk again, "Are you going to tell me then?"


"How we got together?"

"Maybe later. It's a long story. Come on, Ginny would be up by now. Let's go find out what happened with our parents then." Hermione stood up, brushed off her white dress and held out her hand to Draco. He sighed and took it and with little help from Hermione, he pulled himself to his feet.

"I'll come back", Hermione said, addressing her father's stone, "And I'll spend more time with you when we're together again... When I get out of here that is. I promise." She smiled at the gravestone and felt Draco squeeze her hand.

She turned away and began walking back to where they had apparated to.

Hermione released Draco's hand and asked him for his phone which he gave to her.

"Ginny?" She said.

"Oh hey, 'Mione, what's going on?"

"Can we meet? You, Malfoy and me?"

"What about?"

"Our parents. We need to know what happened with them."

"Oh... Sure, why not? And, Hermione I'm sorry about yesterday, I should have-"

"It's fine, Gin. So when can we meet?"

"Harry and Ron are taking the boys out flying in fifteen minutes and Luna and Hayley are coming over so I can ask them to be with Lily. Ask Draco if he knows where Jeffery Art's Pub is?"

"Malfoy, do you know where Jeffery Art's Pub is?" Hermione asked, addressing Draco.

He nodded, "It's past Knockturn Alley in the next street."

"The one past Knockturn Alley in the next street?" Hermione confirmed with Ginny.

"That's the one. Meet me there in twenty minutes, yeah?"

"Sure thing. See you then."


Hermione cut the phone and passed it back to Draco, who pocketed it.

"These muggle contraptions can be quite handy", He commented, stepping out of the gate there and towards the Apparition point.

"You should see computers, they're even better", Hermione smiled.

"Show a compew-uh... Whatever it is, to me sometime then", Draco said, holding his arm out.

"Remind me to", Hermione said, holding his arm.

"We'll have to apparate to outside Knockturn Alley because we can't apparate anywhere near the pub, it's not allowed."

Hermione felt the familiar tug around her navel as the dissapparated.

"Stay close", Draco warned, as they stepped into the dark, dingy street of Knockturn Alley.

"I can handle myself, thank you very much, Malfoy", Hermione huffed. But despite this, as soon as she got deeper into the Alley, she unconciously took a step towards Draco.

An old creepy looking man with a hunched back and an overgrown beard stepped towards Hermione and pointed a long, withered finger at her.

Her breathe got stuck in her throat as a chill ran up her spine. She stepped closer to Draco as the man and another wizard that resembled an old hag with a crooked nose moved till they were inches away from Hermione.

Her left hand found Draco's right arm and she held on to it.

Draco looked to the side and saw uneasiness etched on to Hermione's face as she shuffled closer to him and latched on to his arm. He looked around her and noticed two old squibs who he recognized as two that were known to cause dirty trouble to whoever crossed their paths in Knockturn Alley.

Hermione felt Draco withdraw his right hand from his pocket. She looked down at her feet. Perhaps even after all this, he was disgusted by her touch... Annoyed that her mudblood germs were getting on him. She didn't understand why that bothered her more than before. She took a step away from him, only to come into contact with one of the squib's fingers, which was now crawling up her arm. She gasped slightly, revolted.

She shook his finger off her arm with a disgusted expression. Suddenly, an arm slid around her shoulders and she was pulled against to Draco's body. She looked to her side, her mouth parted in surprise to see Draco glaring daggers at the two squibs.

Draco watched as one of the squibs' hand inched closer and closer to Hermione's arm. No way was he going to allow them to touch her. He extracted his hand from his pocket and was about to put it around her shoulders when she stepped away from him. His hand dropped to his side... Was she still that disgusted by him? And why the hell was he so bothered if she was?

He heard her take a sharp intake of breathe and saw one of the squibs trailing their fingers up her arm. No way in hell...

He lifted his arm just as she shook the squib off and slid it around her shoulders and pulled her firmly against him. He ignored her shocked reaction and glared at the two squibs.

"She's taken", He growled. Hermione's breathe got stuck in her throat for the second time that day. She had never heard him sound so... protective? Why WAS he being so protective? She was just... Hermione. She was just Hermione. Nobody to him.

She came to the conclusion that he probably felt it to be his duty to make sure nothing happened to her until they got back to Hogwarts otherwise Dumbledore would kill him. Forget Dumbledore, Ron, Harry and Ginny would slaughter him.

The two squibs snorted with laughter and stepped in front of them, blocking their way. One said, "We knew you and your dear old mum had changed opinions on blood status but we still can't believe you would let a mudblood taint the Malfoy name."

"Get out of our way", Draco snarled. One opened their mouth to retort but Draco cut him off, "Or else I will use what you cannot." He withdrew his wand with his other hand from his pocket and pointed it at them.

The two squibs looked at the wand with uneasy expressions and then backed away and disappeared into the darkness.

"Creepy", Hermione choked out, extremely aware of the hand holding her firmly against the blonde boy next to her.

"They've been around since The Dark Lord's time. They're cheap and disgusting- always looking for women to mess with", Draco said, a nasty edge to his voice.

"Have they messed with one of your women?" Hermione asked, taking the hand holding her arm with her right and removing it from herself. He smirked and put his hands back in his pockets and asked-

"One of "my women"?"

"Sure, weren't you quite the ladies' man during our Hogwarts' time?"

"You know, I really didn't understand that", Draco said, looking at her while they walked on, "I never really went out with more than about two girls in my entire Hogwart's life, only one out of those two actually being from Hogwarts."

"Oh? Because it's said you were quite the charmer", Hermione smirked, "Of course I've never actually known if that was true."

"Wouldn't you like to though?" He asked in a deep, sexy voice, leaning towards her.

"Definitely not", Hermione laughed, shoving him playfully away from her.

"So who were these two unlucky girls?" She asked.

"Why do you ask? Is that jealousy I detect?" He teased.

"You wish, Malfoy", She said, trying to suppress a smile.

"Pansy and this other girl I met at one of our Malfoy parties, she was from Beauxbatons. Damn, that school produces bloody gorgeous chicks", He answered.

"Boys", Hermione said, rolling her eyes.

"So who all did you go out with, Granger?" Draco asked.

"That I refuse to answer", Hermione said.

"Oh come on! I told YOU! Was it Weasley?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, there was him. But it didn't work out", Hermione said and in order to change the topic added, "He and Hayley make a really good couple though."

"Wait, so they're properly together?" Draco said, looking absolutely horror-stricken.

"Yep, since our 7th year", Hermione said, fighting back a grin.

"Dear Merlin! Why the Weasel?!" Draco exclaimed.

"He's really very nice, you should give him a chance, you know", Hermione said.

"I know Ive gotten used to you, Granger but don't expect me to become all close and cuddly with Potter or Weasley", Draco said, pulling a disgusted expression.

Hermione laughed at his expression and he did his new half-smirk half-smile.

"So which of your to women did those squibs mess with?" She asked.

"Pansy, in our sixth year. We weren't going out then. We had broken up. She was going through this Alley alone because I had told her I would catch up and when I reached, I saw they had pinned her against the wall and were... not being very... they were being nasty with her. She was crying when I threw the two off her and helped her." Draco's voice was filled with distaste and Hermione didn't know what to say. It must have been terrible for Pansy... and seeing her like that would have been pretty damn terrible too.

They finally made their way to the pub and entered.

"My god", Hermione gasped, looking at the place, "This place would be bloody expensive."

"Never thought Id see the day where a Weasley would invite me here", Draco said, entering and taking a seat in one of the booths at the back.

"Is this a pub and restaurant?"

"Yeah, that's usually how these pubs are along this street- it's the most expensive part of Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley", Draco explained.

"Hey, you guys!" Ginny's voice rang out and she slid into the booth, beside Hermione.

"Hi, Gin", Hermione smiled and Draco nodded in greeting.

"So, what do you need to know?" Ginny asked.

"Everything about our parents. From seventh year onwards."

"Okay, so I told you, Hermione- about the day Victor ragged you and Draco took you to Malfoy Manor?" Ginny asked and Hermione nodded.

"Wait, I did what?" Draco interrupted before Ginny could go on.

"She'll explain later", Ginny said and continued, "So that day, Narcissa met you and she pretty much really liked you. And as you know your mother wasn't very happy with what you did during the war to them so where you missed her motherly love, Narcissa made up for it. You began meeting her more often and Draco would often tag along or all of us would go, as in you, me, Pansy, Blaise, you- Draco and Luna and Neville."

"Longbottom and Lovegood came to the Manor?" Draco asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, Draco, they did!" Ginny said, annoyed at being cut off, "Okay anyway, Lucius as you know was in Azkaban and he was until a year after."

"HE GOT OUT?" Draco exclaimed, sitting up straight.

"He did", Ginny nodded, "But not properly. It was because he had been on good behavior for two years when his sentence was for three years. But then you, Draco, and your mother went to the Ministry asking for his sentence to be extended and the reason you gave was physical abuse." Hermione's eyes widened and Draco shut his eyes.

Dammit, no one was supposed to know about that! They would think he was weak! That he couldn't fight back!

"Lucius physically abused you, Malfoy?" Hermione asked, her eyes wide and her voice soft.

"Let's not talk about this right now", He answered, taking a deep, calming breathe.

Hermione nodded and asked Ginny to continue.

"Right, so Harry worked with you both and Hermione helped and we couldn't get him back into Azkaban but he did end up in house-arrest where he was stuck in a muggle area without a wand and all alone, without being allowed to leave. Anything he needed was first reviewed by the Ministry and if it was needed, they would give it to him", Ginny said.

Draco snorted and opened his eyes, "He was left without magic?"

"Yes, it was a nightmare for him." Ginny said, "So he was basically stuck under house-arrest. Hermione, after this the entire thing with you guy breaking up and then you getting pregnant and etc. etc. happened and then when Draco asked you to marry him, let's just say Lucius went mental.

"He refused to let you marry her because she was Muggle-born and Narcissa was heart-broken at his reaction. You basically severed any ties with him that day and left his house. Narcissa was all for this marriage because she loved Hermione and always wanted a daughter."

Draco nodded, knowing that there was more to "always wanting a daughter" than the others knew of.

"So she tried convincing Lucius but it was useless", Ginny said, "So that was till where your relationship with Lucius reached. Narcissa loves you so much, Hermione. Your mother eventually came back to you a year after graduation and she was properly with you when she heard you were pregnant. She was more of a mother than ever during your miscarriage."

"Miscarriage?" Draco asked, his head snapping towards Hermione, "What miscarriage?"

Hermione closed her eyes and opened them after calming herself, "I'll tell you later, alright?"

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"Dammit, Malfoy, I didn't know how to. Lets just please not argue right now, okay?" Hermione pleaded.

Draco nodded and asked Ginny to go on.

"So basically, yeah. That's all you need to know. Your mother, Hermione, became a little distant after your father... left. She kept demanding you to save him because you knew magic but you couldn't of course, so she basically lost it at one point and began blaming you. It was a tough patch for you but all of us, including Draco, Pans and Blaise helped you out."

"Is that it?" Hermione asked.

"More or less, yeah", Ginny shrugged.

"Is there anything else that we need to know?" Draco asked.

"As of now, not really", Ginny shook her head, "Hermione knows how you both got together and your entire history for the past seven years so she'll tell you when she has the time."

Hermione nodded and said, "Thank you, Ginny. For helping us through this".

"Don't be silly, 'Mione, I love you both so much and Im so glad Ritch is now out of the way", The red-head grinned, "How come, by the way?"

"Story for another time, yeah?" Hermione smiled. Ginny nodded and slid out of the booth and stood up.

"Anyway guys, I told Luna and Hayley I was going to Gringotts so I need to go back now- Ill see you guys later?"

"Definitely", Hermione nodded.

"Thank you, Ginny", Draco said, sincerely.

"Anytime", Ginny said. She hugged Hermione and exited the place.

"Ready to go meet my mum then?" Draco asked.

"I think I am", Hermione nodded, sliding out of the booth.

They crossed Knockturn Alley once again and Draco apparated them to Malfoy Manor.

Hermione looked up at the massive Manor in front of her and felt a shiver run up her spine. Although it didn't look as dark and gloomy as it did before, the memory of her being tortured was still in her mind.

"Scared of meeting my Mum?" Draco asked, watching Hermione chew on her lower lip like she did when she was nervous.

"Its not your mum Im afraid of. Its the memories related to this house actually", Hermione said honestly.

Draco nodded in understanding and pushed open the gate, "Im sorry about what happened that day. It was really terrible to watch and my mother and I wished we could do something about it but if we did, it would result in all of us getting killed."

Hermione nodded, "You pretending not to recognize Harry that day was extremely brave of you, thank you for that".

Draco gave her a small smile and lead her to the main door of the Manor. He took out his wand and muttering a few spells, the door opened.

He pushed it open further and he entered, followed by Hermione.

"Mother?" He called. Someone pushed behind a chair from somewhere inside and from the sound of her heels clicking against the marble floor, came towards them.

A lady with black hair streaked with a little white-blonde like Draco's and black eyes entered the main hallway where they were. She was dressed in purple robes and upon seeing Draco and Hermione, she grinned from ear to ear.

"What brings you both here so suddenly?" She asked, pulling Draco into a tight embrace. He hugged her back and when she released him, she stepped towards Hermione.

She pulled Hermione into a warm hug and Hermione felt tears spring to her eyes because of the feeling of being loved by a mother. Hermione clung on to Narcissa tightly as a tear escaped and rolled down her cheek. She had missed being hugged like this by her mother. Draco was right, where her own mother's love lacked, Narcissa made up for it.

Narcissa was about to pull away when Hermione shook her head.

"Can I just stay here for a bit?" Hermione asked in a strangled whisper, referring to the embrace.

"Of course, love, what is wrong? Are you crying?" Narcissa asked, concern evident in her voice.

Hermione buried her head into the woman's shoulder and held on tightly, allowing herself to drown in the feeling of a mother's love.

Draco watched as Hermione clung to his mother, her body shaking a little. Had she really missed a Mother's love this badly? Was it so hard on her in her own family? How could her own mother not know that Hermione did it for their own good? To protect them? Instead she blamed her?

Draco allowed the two to have their moment and went to the living room.

He was re-joined by them a few minutes later. Hermione was trailing behind Narcissa, who was holding her hand.

He looked up to meet her eyes and she smiled and mouthed "thank you". He smiled back and nodded.

"So what is it that brings you here?"

"Are children not allowed to come meet their mother when they wish to?" Draco asked smiling, as Hermione sat beside him on the sofa.

Narcissa smiled back and said, "There's always a reason."

"Hermione wanted to see you- she missed you", Draco said truthfully.

"I missed you both too, you haven't seen me in almost a month and a half", Narcissa said, "Although I see that both of you have... made up?"

"I left Ritch, mother", Draco said.

Narcissa grinned widely, "Oh thank Merlin! How I hated that woman!"

Draco and Hermione both laughed and Hermione said, "Mal- Draco, can we tell her?" She gestured to her stomach with her eyes.

Draco nodded and Hermione said, "Narcissa, I'm... I'm pregnant." Narcissa's jaw dropped open and her eyes were wide. She jumped to her feet from the armchair and pulled the two in front of her into a hug.

"Im so happy for you both", She said, her eyes filling up with tears, "Do you know if its a boy or a girl? How many months in are you?"

"I don't know yet and Im two months in", Hermione smiled, "We actually came to tell you this because its something you can't say over the phone."

"So both of you are together again then?" Narcissa asked, her voice full of hope.

"Yeah, we are", Draco nodded and surprised Hermione by reaching over and taking her hand in his.

"Im so glad", Narcissa said, clapping her hands together.

"Lucius won't be", Draco muttered but his mother heard him.

"Draco, we decided that we would not care about what Lucius thought or said!" She scolded, "Forget about him!"

"I have", Draco said, "But I have this urge to go tell him that my muggle-born wife is pregnant with our second half-blood child and you know what, I think I will sometime soon."

"Draco, don't be ridiculous!" Hermione exclaimed, "Its not worth it!"

Draco kept quiet but at that moment, he had made up his mind that he was most definitely going to have a talk with father dearest and nobody was going to stop him.

* * * *

That night at about eleven, Hermione was sitting in the kitchen reading a book and sipping on some chocolate milk while Draco was upstairs in his room, going through some of their company designs. Aaron had returned home and had been overjoyed that his parents were not fighting any longer and were in fact, acting like they loved each other again. Something was different, yes, but they were together again.

Hermione was on an extremely exciting part when suddenly the kitchen lights went off. She sat up in her seat, put the book down and leaned over the table to look outside the kitchen window that faced the neighborhood. Judging by the looks of the other houses, there was a power-cut. She grabbed her wand and muttered, "Lumos".

That's funny, she thought looking at her unlit wand, it didn't work! She tried again and again but the magic refused to work. She attempted other spells but none of them worked. She began panicking.

Draco's mobile, which was lying on the coffee table outside rang just then. She jumped out of her seat and answered the call.

"Hermione?" Ginny's panicked voice rang out.

"My magic isn't working, whats going on?!" Hermione asked, her voice shaking with fear.

"I don't know! Neither is mine or anybody's!" Ginny replied, "Harry's just apparated to the Ministry, even the floo network doesn't work right now. He's trying to find out whats going on but judging from what I can see, the Muggle and Wizarding world have both just crashed."

"What do we do?" Hermione asked.

"Just hang in there. Is Draco okay?" Ginny asked.

Hermione gasped, "SHIT! He's afraid of the dark, isn't he?"

"He's not with you? Go to him, 'Mione, he's going to be panicking if he's still his seventeen year old self."

"Ill call you later", Hermione said, hanging up. She first ran into the kitchen and went to the cupboard that had candles. She took one out and lit it with a match-stick and placed it in a holder. Oh, the perks of being a muggle-born, she thought to herself as she went as quickly as she could upstairs.

"Malfoy?!" She called, moving towards his room. He didn't respond but she did hear a soft whimpering.

She pushed open his door to see him curled up, his legs folded and hugged by his arms in front of him, forehead against his knees.

She hurried up to him and placed the candle on the bedside table and sat across him.

"Hey, it's okay, it's okay, Im right here", She said softly, touching his arm.

He whimpered a little and she said, "Look at me." He lifted his head and the glow of the candlelight illuminating his face showed the tears rolling down his cheeks.

She shifted closer to him and held his face in her hands and whispered, "Why didn't you just call me immediately? You know I wouldn't make fun of you". Her eyes were soft and filled with concern, showing Draco that she was speaking nothing but the truth.

"My mother was the only one who was ever my light in the darkness", Draco said, his voice shaky.

"Draco", She said, for the first time addressing him by his first name knowingly, "Im not going to mock you for this. You should have called me".

Draco nodded and crossing his legs and resting his elbow against his knees, put his face in his hands. She gently removed his hands with her own and pulled him towards her. He allowed her to and soon, his head was buried in her shoulder, her arms around his neck.

"Let me be your Light In The Darkness, Draco", She whispered. His arms came around her back and he held on tightly.

Suddenly, the sound of crying filled the room coming from the corridor.

Draco's head slowly came up and Hermione gasped, "Aaron! He's afraid of the dark. He's alone and he'll be petrified!"

She stood up and taking his hand, pulled him up too. He didn't protest as holding his hand with one of her's and holding the candle in her other, she hurried out of the room and to Aaron's. They pushed the door open and saw Aaron sitting like Draco had been, sobbing into his knees.

"Oh honey, come here", Hermione said, going to his bed, placing the candle on the bedside table and pulling him into a hug with the hand that was not holding Draco's. Aaron clung to her and cried.

"It's okay, love", Hermione said, rubbing the little boy's back, "We're here now. The Wizarding world and Muggle world are both currently under some kind of power and magic failure so we're going to have to wait for it to come back."

Hermione stood up, withdrawing from Aaron.
"You can't leave him", Draco said quickly, thinking that Hermione was going to leave them here.

"Im not leaving him", Hermione said, lifting Aaron and carrying her little son with one arm, balancing him on her hip. She took Draco's hand again and said, "Neither am I leaving you".

She lead them both outside, Draco clinging on to the candle with his free hand, and took them to her room. She put Aaron down and tucked him in, "We're right here, okay? Your dad and me, both. Don't be scared". Aaron nodded and turning to the side, he closed his eyes, knowing that his parents would not leave him alone.

"Uh- I'll take the chair", Draco said, scratching the back of his head, unsure.

"No you won't", Hermione shook her head, pulling him towards the bed, "I told you already, give me a chance to be your light in the darkness". Draco looked at her for a second and saw the sincerity in her eyes and nodded.

She slid under the covers beside Aaron's little form and Draco slid in beside her. The candle sat glowing beside Draco on the table.

Draco turned to his side and faced Hermione and she did the same to face him. They stared into each other's eyes, both thinking about how they had gone from enemies to trusting each other over such a short period.

Her left hand found his right and she enveloped it with both her hands.

She shut her eyes and felt herself drifting off to sleep.


She opened her eyes, sleepily to see him looking at her.

"What s'it? She asked.

"Thank you", He said, really meaning it.

She gave him a small smile and closed her eyes again. He, too, closed his eyes and held on to the hand holding his.

And for the first time in his life, he trusted someone enough and allowed someone other than his mother, to be his Light In The Darkness.


Chapter 10 DONE. Draco and Hermione's scenes were so cute were get not? Their relationship is finally developing :D thank you all so so so much for your reviews :O I'm on 131 right now and its all thanks to you and I feel like the queen of the world :P

I love you guys so so much!
FeltonLewis xx

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