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Who's Playing Who? by dmhg4evr
Chapter 12 : Purple Aura
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A month had gone by since the Christmas dance and Hermione felt like she was flying; never in her life had anyone made her feel the way Draco did. They kept things very discreet while school was in session, being very careful to keep their distance. After school was a different story; they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. For the last two weeks, they had been spending every night together. Hermione woke up to a scene of fresh show outside Draco’s window. She stretched and rolled over coming face to face with a sleeping Draco. She watched his peaceful face for a few minutes and thought about everything that had gone on in the last month. Things had been pretty uneventful after their first time, but they quickly heated up a week later when they slept together again. Hermione had kept her distance because she didn’t want to get in too deep, but their constant close proximity had eventually broken down her walls and ever since, they had spent all their free time together. They were doing a very good job at keeping things quiet and only their best friends knew; well, Pansy also knew. Every time she saw Hermione she would give her the most scathing look she had. At first it had bothered Hermione because she was afraid Pansy would tell someone, but Draco had assured her that Pansy knew better than to cross him. Hermione had quickly learned to just ignore Pansy. A strand of hair fell over Draco’s face and Hermione pushed it back behind his ear. The touch caused Draco to wake up and he smiled.

“Good morning beautiful.”

Hermione smiled too, “Morning.”

Draco stretched and pulled Hermione closer to him and wrapped his arms around her. They laid like that for a few minutes, as they often did and talked about random goings on at Hogwarts. Hermione looked at the clock and saw that it was time to get ready for breakfast. After showering together, they got dressed in their own rooms and said their good byes I in the common room. They arrived to breakfast five minutes apart, as they always did and Hermione took her seat with her friends. Ginny had been paying extra attention to her friend for the last week and Hermione was starting to notice.

Hermione smeared some butter on her toast and took a bite, “You’ve been looking at me awfully strange the last few days. Care to share your thoughts?”

Ginny smiled, “We’ll talk after breakfast.”

Hermione knew that meant Ginny’s thoughts were on her and Draco so she dropped the subject. It was Saturday so Ginny and Hermione decided to go for a walk in the freshly fallen snow.

“Ok, so what’s going on Gin?”

“I’ve been paying a lot of attention to you and Draco these last few days. Well, Draco as much as I could. Draco seems almost….happy. You seem just downright giddy.”

Hermione smiled, “And that’s a bad thing?”

Ginny got right to the point, “Are you in love with him?”

Hermione’s smile faltered, “Why would you ask that?”

“I think that answers my question.”

Hermione sighed, “I tried to ignore it, but I can’t; He’s so amazing Ginny.”

“Do you think that you guys will have something once we graduate?”

“Of course not; I’m not completely stupid. I know that it will have to end once school is over. I tried to keep my feelings out of this, but it just happened.”

“Do you honestly think that it’ll be that easy for you to let him go?”

“No, it’ll kill me; But I’m going to be happy for as long as I can.”

“Do you think Malfoy feels the same way?”

“I don’t know and I’m not going to ask; it’s irrelevant.”

“Is it irrelevant, or are you afraid that if he does feel the same way you won’t be able to let him go.”

Hermione kicked a rock into a nearby tree, “How do you know me so well?”

Ginny smiled, “I’m your best friend; that’s what we do.”

“I don’t know how he feels Gin, and I don’t want to know. It’s easier this way.”


Draco was in the common room playing a game of Wizard’s Chess with Blaise when Pansy casually walked over to them.

“Can I talk to you?”

Draco barely spared her a glance before getting up and following her out of the common room.

“What do you want Pansy?” Draco was already getting irritated.

Pansy looked around to make sure they were alone before she spoke, “I remember all too well what you said to me the night of the dance and I haven’t spilled your little secret, but I have been watching you and I think you need to get out of it…now.”

“What on Earth are you talking about Pansy?”

“Your thing with Granger; you need to stop in now!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s noth-“

“Oh come off it Draco! I know you are dating her, or sleeping with her, or whatever you want to call it so just stop trying to deny it!”

Draco heaved a dramatic sigh and slammed his fist into the wall, “Fine, you caught me! I meant what I said after the dance though.”

Pansy rolled her eyes, “Yes, and I already told you that I haven’t spilled your secret and I’m not going to. I am going to tell you however, that you have to end things with her right now.”

“Oh really; and why is that?”

“Because I see the way you two look at each other. It’s the same way I’ve looked at you for the last seven years; you are in love with each other.”

Draco just looked at Pansy; he didn’t know what to say.

“I may hate her with the murderous passion, but I love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you. We both know what would happen if your father found out about this; that was part of the reason why I tried to call you out last month. You are a smart guy Draco, you know I’m right.”

Draco sighed a little less dramatically, “I know all this Pansy; do you think I was planning on asking for her hand in marriage?”

“No, of course not. I’m sure you were both planning on ending this when school ends, which brings us back to my original statement; you have to end things now.”

“And why is that?”

Pansy sighed in exasperation, “Because you two are in love!” She said it a bit louder than she meant to and she looked around to make sure they were still alone.

“That’s absurd Pansy.”

“No, it’s not. I know the looks you give each other all too well. You just need to stop it now; before anyone gets hurt.”

“You mean before I get hurt.”

“Yea, that too. I love you Draco and it absolutely kills me that you don’t feel the same way, but I’m still going to protect you as much as I can. I noticed the looks you two share; how long do you think it’ll be before other people start to notice?”

Draco didn’t respond and Pansy took that as her cue to leave and let him think it over. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him and then went back to the common room.  Draco slid down the wall and just sat there, thinking about everything Pansy had said.


Draco and Hermione both agreed to sleep in their own rooms that night because they had a lot of thinking to do. Neither was ready to talk about it with the other so they just spent the night with their own thoughts. The next morning Hermione came downstairs to find Draco and Blaise playing a game of Chess. She exchanged greetings with them and went to the bathroom to shower. When she came out, Ginny was sitting on the couch watching the game. Since the relationship between Draco and Hermione had started, a silent acceptance had formed between the four students. It was strictly in private, but it still seemed weird at times.

Ginny smiled at Hermione, “Hi, ready for breakfast?”

At the mention of food, Hermione suddenly went pale and Ginny noticed, “Are you ok?”

“Yea, I’m ok. I’ve just been feeling a little…off the last few days.”

“Maybe you just need to eat.”

This time Hermione couldn’t take it. She covered her mouth and ran back into the bathroom to throw up.

Draco looked at the bathroom door, “She should go to the nurse; she’s been puking every day for a week.”

Ginny looked from the bathroom back to Draco three times, “Oh no.” She ran to the bathroom, leaving two very confused guys behind.

“What was that about?” Blaise made a move and the game was over.

“I have no idea. Let’s go to breakfast.”

Draco and Blaise went to breakfast, leaving the girls to sort out their issues. Ginny burst through the door just as Hermione was flushing the toilet. She went to the sink and grabbed her toothpaste, “I think I need to go to the nurse.”

“Have you been more tired than usual or craving weird things?”

“Um, yea I suppose so. I had a craving for shrimp yesterday; I hate seafood.”

Ginny had a devastating look on her face, but Hermione was lost, “What Ginny? You are starting to scare me.”

“Throwing up in the mornings, having weird cravings, being tired a lot.”

Hermione’s eyes got huge, “Oh no; you don’t think..”

“When is your period due?”

“Today is the seventh…..yesterday.” All the blood drained from Hermione’s face as she said those words.

Ginny grabbed Hermione’s hand and led her out of the bathroom. She grabbed a book off the bookshelf and scanned the index until she found the spell she was looking for. She scanned through it and then set it on the table and took her wand out of her back pocket.

“There’s a spell that I can do to see if you are pregnant.”

Hermione and Ginny both cringed at that word.

“If you are pregnant, then a purple aura will form around your body.” She pointed her wand at Hermione’s head and whispered some words.

Hermione saw the look on Ginny’s face after she performed the spell, but she had to see for herself. She went to the mirror hanging on the bathroom door and saw a vibrant purple aura surrounding her body.

Ginny set her wand on the table, “Oh Merlin Hermione; you’re pregnant.”




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