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Losing My Head by Erised
Chapter 1 : 1 - Authority is a problem for me.
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That’s it. I’m done for. I’m bloody done for.

If I see any one of my cousins or stupid sibling right now I will scream. This has gone far enough.

I’d just gotten out of a particularly infuriating meeting with the headmaster Edgar Eldridge. The topic: my extended family. The reason: they’d gone a step too far this time. Hugo, Albus and Roxanne had charmed the suits of armour on the first floor to say rude words whenever someone walked past. Then Albus, who is the king of Taking Things Too Far, thought it would be hilariously funny to make said rude words get louder and louder until the poor suits were screaming at the top of their metal lungs. They didn’t have a chance.

I knew it was wrong, but I’d taken more than a blind eye to these goings on. In fifth year when James thought waltzing with the Giant Squid was a great idea? No sweat. When Fred and Albus, still a rather innocent boy, decided to nose dive off the top of the Astronomy Tower then let go of their brooms, who dealt with it? Me. Not to mention the countless times I’ve caught them all out and they’ve laughed in my faces when I told them to bugger off, claiming I’m “too cute” to boss them around.

I clearly have a problem with being authoritative.

It’s like Albus wanted them to be caught, honestly. Like one of those hopeless muggle programmes Mum watches sometimes when she thinks no one’s in. Well, this time just hoping someone else would deal with it, I was sent to the Headmaster’s office. Perhaps running in the opposite direction pretending I hadn’t seen anything wasn’t the slyest thing to do.

His words still rang in my ears. “Rose, you need to have a better control over your role as Head Girl otherwise I’m going to have to give it to someone else.”

Someone else being Head Girl? They’re better off choosing another boy, for God’s sake. All the other girls are as useless as a group of particularly extinct dodos. No, I am organised and I can speak well when needed. I just need to work on dishing out punishments. Simple, right?

Maybe I’ll just quit instead.

I sighed and stopped walking at the furious pace I was keeping up. It was hopeless. I would never manage to get a firm grip on all of my family, no matter how hard I tried. I should just go back to Eldridge’s office and quit right now.

At this point I saw Poppy bounding up to me, the mother of all grins lighting up her face. Poppy Beckett was someone I loved to bits but was quite akin to a puppy. You couldn’t ever be mean to her because she just wouldn’t understand and you’d feel terrible afterwards. People often teased her for her ginger hair which was so bright it made my auburn hair look jet bloody black, but she wouldn’t care because she loved it. Poppy was happy to the point of ridiculously annoying.

“Rose! Rose!” she cried as she catapulted to a halt, out of breath from running. Her arms jerked up into the air as she shouted “I’m in love!” What the hell?

“What the hell?” I spluttered, not quite believing it. Poppy had never mentioned a crush, let alone undying love for a boy at the school. Assuming it was a boy. You never knew with that girl.

Poppy stopped her twirling and cried, “Didn’t you hear me? I’m in love!”

“Yes, I bloomin’ heard you the first time. I just don’t understand! Where’s this all come from?!” I cried in exasperation. This needed to be quick, I had a date with the Headmaster. Not in a literal sense. Bad mental image.

Poppy took me by surprise when she looked at me very seriously. “I’ve been seeing someone for about a month. We met up in the summer loads and he’s just sent me an owl to meet me somewhere.” There was a mischevious glint in her eye that I didn’t like. “So, Rose, I’ll tell you who it is... if you tell me the password to the Ravenclaw common room.”

Bugger! This girl knew how to play dirty. My mouth fell open in shock and my eyes narrowed as Poppy stood before me with a self-satisfied smirk on her face. “Poppy, that is against the rules and you can’t know the password.”

“Then you’ll never know who my lover boy is!” her face had fallen and she’d widened her eyes in an attempt to look innocent and cute. It failed miserably and I suppressed a mean chuckle. She was right though – if there’s one thing Poppy knew about me it’s that I am curious to the point of insane and I really wanted to know who this guy was.
I stood there in two minds as Poppy looked at me expectantly before I sighed and gave in. Damn curiosity. My dad would rephrase that as ‘nosiness’. “Alright, the password is ‘Rowena’.”

Around ten years ago there used to be a different entry, a knocker, where the person had to answer a riddle to get in, but apparently the knocker retired to spend his days amongst the portraits of the seventh floor. A rather dreary group of philosophers replaced him, and they always argued amongst themselves and urged the Ravenclaws to participate in their debates. It’s a good thing the Ravenclaws need a password now, because I don’t think Poppy would have been able to answer a riddle in a million years. “Now-“

I didn’t get to finish my sentence because as soon as the password came out of my mouth Poppy went haring off towards the fifth floor. I gasped in outrage at having being tricked by a girl who thought a Levitating Charm was a type of biscuit. How dare she! And to her best friend!

I quickly followed her, watching her whip around corners as she hurtled through the empty corridors. Sunlight poured through the ancient windows making the air look thick with dust; it was a lovely late summer and everyone would have been outside enjoying it. Instead I was chasing a positively loony ginger with no regard for friendship or loyalty. Cow.

“Poppy!” I screamed down the corridor. She looked back at me with wide eyes for a split second before taking off once again. As I climbed yet another staircase in hot pursuit of my soon-to-be dead friend, I realised I was slowing down and out of breath. I probably hadn’t run for this long since first year. First years seem to run everywhere.
I just got to the tower and heard a very happy “Rowena!” being sung to the door as it swung open. I practically screamed the same at the door (it opened hastily) and scrambled through to see Poppy’s bright hair disappearing up to the sixth year boy’s dormitories.

“So she has a toy boy!” I wheezed to myself, gleefully cackling despite being doubled over in pain. No wonder she didn’t want to say! I’m going to rib her for days after this!
The ornate and regal Ravenclaw common room was devoid of human life, so I perched on a royal blue armchair and sat there, seething. How could I fall for Poppy’s now obvious trickery? It was just so wrong. Another reason why I should no longer be Head Girl.

“Why are you quitting as Head Girl?”

A voice from behind scared the life out of me as I started, turning round to see who it was. Scorpius Malfoy emerged from a hidden alcove full of books; he held one open between his fingers as he made himself known. I frowned. Scorpius Malfoy wasn’t exactly one of the most friendly people in the world, so why was he talking to me? Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him ask a question to anyone but a teacher.

Then I realised I must have been speaking aloud for him to have asked the question, and I went red. The Weasley genes at their best. “Well... I’m just quite bad at it apparently.” Scorpius was a prefect too, and many people were surprised he didn’t get Head Boy. Instead it went to some prick called Derek McLaggen who always goes on about his dad. Funny that he’s in Hufflepuff when his dad was a Gryffindor with my parents.

Perhaps it was because Scorpius was an absolute loner. I didn’t have anything against him, but there was a lot of prejudice around him and his family. The Ravenclaws don’t like him because he’s a Malfoy, and the Slytherins don’t like him because he’s a Ravenclaw. He kept to himself and preferred the company of books than people. Sounds like a good life to me, actually, considering the stunt Poppy just pulled.

“Well, it’s not model behaviour if you tell another Gryffindor our password.” He raised an eyebrow and I huffed, because it was most definitely true. I was still in fascination at the fact that he was talking, more than anything. Maybe I should film it.

I sighed, defeated. “I know. I didn’t think Poppy would trick me like she did.”

“Trust no one, then.”

How very philosophical of him. He’d obviously had a few rounds with the portrait guarding the Ravenclaws. “Erm, yes. I suppose.” I wanted to add that that wasn’t quite the right idea about friendship and human interaction in general, but after Poppy’s hideous betrayal of my trust he wasn’t far off the mark. Scorpius stared at me.

“You should stick at it, anyway. It’s only been two weeks.” I had to admit that the guy had a point. Two weeks wasn’t really enough to prove to myself that I can’t do it. A loud giggling from upstairs interrupted our enthralling conversation and I blushed deeper. “I’m sorry about my friend. She’s not going to live much longer though, so don’t mind her.”

He gave me the tiniest of smiles, the first I’d seen in years. “Don’t be. I’m sure they thought everyone was outside on a lovely day like this, although I think you’ll be waiting for a while.” He did another small smile. Someone call the press! “Speaking of which, you should probably get going before the Ravenclaws get back. See you later.” Scorpius Malfoy left without another word. I’d see him later? I’d rather not.

Never mind that, there were larger things at hand. Scorpius Malfoy had just had a conversation with a human being perhaps for the first time ever. Not only that, I was that person. Had the world gone mad today? First of all Poppy declares her love for a sixth year Ravenclaw who may or may not be clinically insane to like or go out with her, and then Scorpius Malfoy talks to something with a pulse. He’s usually busy skulking around looking moody. I honestly had nothing against him, he’s just so... mysterious. A lone wolf. A strange one.

Well, it didn’t matter now. He was gone and we’ll never speak again. I shall remember the moment as ‘when The Boy Who Doesn’t Speak, spoke’. I mean, he’s obviously not practiced at it. I felt like I was talking to Professor Binns.

Another giggle brought my out of my reverie. Lunch time was nearly over and the Ravenclaws would be heading back soon. I shouted up the stairs that Poppy was a dead woman when she came down and unceremoniously left. I’d throw her to the Ravenclaw dogs – God knows there’s a few – as my revenge. It was a shame no-one saw my dramatic exit. I needed a distraction to take my mind off of things – giving first years detentions should do the trick.

A/N: Hi! So this is my first attempt at anything remotely light-hearted, so if it's terrible or not so bad please tell me! Also, this fic is dedicated to marinahill/tell_me_what_the_truth_is and PenguinsWillReignSupreme as they have read this and deemed it tolerable. Hooray for that!


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Losing My Head: 1 - Authority is a problem for me.


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