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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten: A Run In With Potter, Judgment, The Truth And Geoff The Giraffe
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Chapter Ten: A Run In With Potter, Judgment, The Truth And Geoff The Giraffe

Mild Language Warning

 “Oi watch it!” exclaimed Blaise.

“Sorry, oh it’s you” sneered Potter.

“You got a problem with me Potter?”

“No just everything you stand for” he retorted.

“You have no idea what I stand for” Blaise replied.

“I know you don’t care that your sister is a whore!”

“Don’t you dare talk about things you don’t understand”.

“I’m not afraid of you!” shouted Potter.

“Maybe so but you should be afraid of my sister”.

“Why would you say that?” demanded Potter.

“She knows everything about you. Knows your fears and weaknesses, knows how you think and what you do” sneered Blaise.

“So, your sister is still a whore!” shouted Potter.

“Still can’t say her name Potter? You’re such a joke!” replied Blaise.

“How dare you!”

“Oh I dare. You know nothing of the girl you were ‘supposedly’ friends with for seven years”.

“I know lots of things about her!” said Potter.

“Oh really? What’s her favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite place? Favorite book? What does she want to do when she leaves Hogwarts? What really happened when she went to Australia? Why is she scared of Victor Krum?!” shouted Blaise.

Potter said nothing, proving Blaise’s point.

“See you know nothing about her” said Blaise bitterly.

“But Krum…”

“Krum attacked Evvie during the Yule Ball and it was Daphne and myself who saved her” roared Blaise.

“He? Why didn’t she?” murmured Potter.

“Why didn’t she what? Tell you? Why do you think she knew what your responses would be”.

Potter looked at him questioningly.

“Weaselette would have accused her of leading him on and would announce that she deserved it. Weasel would have told her she shouldn’t have worn such a dress if she wasn’t advertising and you would have assumed that it was her fault for not realizing his intentions”.

Potter opened his mouth to reply but Blaise stopped him, “Save it for someone who cares Potter. You stay away from my sister if you know what’s good for you and don’t you ever call her a whore again!”

“Or what?” countered Potter.

“Or you’ll no longer be the boy-who-lived” growled Blaise.

Both boys stormed off in different directions, neither noticing the hidden figure that had heard everything.

The common room was quiet that evening. The seventh years dominating the sofa’s by the fire. Evvie had managed to situate herself near her brother, snuggling close to his side. Blaise wasn’t complaining, he liked spending time with his sister but he did wonder what had caused this behavior and he intended to find it out. Evvie liked having a brother she could crawl up against; it was like by just being near to him she felt all her troubles go away. It’s uncommon for siblings to be so close, even those who were argued often. Perhaps Evvie and Blaise were different because they’d only just found their sibling connection, so were closer for it.

As Luna Lovegood walked around the grounds of Hogwarts in deep contemplation, the more she thought about it, the more she preferred the company of the returning Slytherin’s. She’d never been one to divide people by their beliefs and attitudes, she knew just how many people judged her and what they thought of her but she really wasn’t that bothered by it. She was more concerned by how others were acting. There was one person in particular whose behavior had been bothering her; perhaps it was because she harbored a small crush on said person that she was noticing more about him.

Harry Potter equaled confusion. She remembered him when they’d all first arrived at Hogwarts. All fresh faced and scared. She’d watched from afar as they all grew up and took on challenges that were far beyond their respective ages. She’d watched his dallies with Cho Chang and then with Ginny Weasley. She didn’t understand how someone as seemingly good as Harry seemed to go for the girls that were most wrong for him. She suspected it had something to do with his awful upbringing, those who tended to not have the more normal childhood tended to walk blindly through the rest of their lives. She knew Harry wanted a family one day, she wondered what lies Ginny had fed him about family life to ensure that he didn’t leave her.

Luna was aware of Ginny’s less than pleasant traits, she was basically just a lying grabbing whore but she was good a lying and manipulating situations to her advantage, which was probably the reason why no one had realized her true nature. Luna felt a mixture of happiness and sadness when she thought of Evvie Zabini. The happiness was because Evvie had finally found a family that accepted her for who she was and friends that cherished and respected her. She felt sadness for the pain Evvie was still going through, the loss of her parents, the lost of trusted friends and what she suspected was the loss of rejection though she didn’t know who had rejected her.

Luna couldn’t understand how Harry could just abandon Evvie like he did. After watching her put up with Harry and Ron for seven years, never once complaining when they put her down or teased her for things, she had stuck by their sides through all the ups and downs and he’d left her at the first sign of a down.

Speak of the devil, here he comes now thought Luna. Oh bugger, he looks angry!

“Hi Luna”.

“Hello Harry, what’s up?” she asked.

“I ran into Zabini” he said.


He glared at her, “No, the other one”.

Luna sighed, “Why can’t you say her name she was your friend for seven years!”

“She’s not my friend, she’s a traitor”.

“How can you say that?”

“Easy, she’s a traitor”.

“Harry James Potter you are a bastard!” said Luna bitterly. Harry looked a bit shocked by her outburst.

“What have I done?” he asked.

“What haven’t you done” she muttered.

“Sorry I missed that, what did you say?” he inquired.

“You can be so stupid sometimes Harry” she replied.

“What do you mean?”

Luna sighed heavily.

“You’d think given your life Harry that you’d understand Evvie’s a bit more. You may know many things Harry but the knowledge of judgment and truth isn’t at the foreground”.

Harry just looked at her, he hated it when people accused him of not doing something, or not knowing something, and he wasn’t very good at accepting criticisms.

“I remember when we were younger and had just arrived at Hogwarts, how you and Ron gelled immediately. It took a little longer with Evvie, boys will be boys and girls will be girls. You finally clicked though but you were never as good to her as you were to Ron. You were friends with her yes, but you always seemed to keep her on the sidelines, like she wasn’t good enough to be accepted properly. You always teased her and belittled her. I know that your comments along with Ron have hurt her more than Draco’s ever did”. She paused for breath.

“She stayed with you through it all. She always had your back, always saved you from your own mistakes. She never judged you and she always told you the truth. How did you treat her in return Harry? Not well. How long did you ignore her after the broom incident? Did you ever thank her for all the help she gave you at the Triwizard Tournament? How many times did you tell her she was wrong? When she sent her parents to Australia what did you say? Did you even know what she’d done? Look how easily you forgave Ron after he ran out on you both, yet you stayed mad at Evvie for weeks because your wand had got broken when she saved you!

“She put up with all your bullshit and ever once complained. She stuck through the war with you till it ended. Then she went off to Australia in search of her parents and she finds them already dead. And you and your pathetic accusations paid no heed to her paled drawn features when she returned, you blocked out the tears you heard, the silence she made. You didn’t even inquire what was wrong; you merely made an assumption, one that just happened to fit her displays of emotion. You didn’t even give her a chance to explain”.

“You’ve spent too long with the Weasley’s Harry. I know you see them as your adopted family and the older ones; George, Bill, Charlie and Percy they’re fine because they got away but Ron and Ginny are stuck under the grasp of Molly Weasley and I know you can see the influence she’s had on them however much you try to hide it. I think you are so desperate not to be alone that you’re sticking with a family that is so wrong for you. You let Ron, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley feed you lies about Evvie, all of which you willingly believed. You never made your own opinion, just fed of the opinion of others. Evvie deserved so much more of you”.

“Finally when the potion struck her and she transformed, she gave you the opportunity to really see her. And what did you lot do, you called her a whore and a traitor. Does that sound like something a friend would do, after all she’d done for you, and you judged her at the first step. Did you even listen to anything she told you or were you just blindly listening to the insults your Weasley friend’s spat at her. You call her a traitor, why? Was it because her family is in Slytherin? You should know the Zabini’s were neutral during the war. Is it because she’s now in Slytherin and friends with Draco, Pansy, Adrian, Marcus etc. How low can you sink Harry, frankly those people are much better than anyone in Gryffindor house. I like the Slytherin’s but then I’ve never been one to hate someone for their background, which is exactly what you did”.

“How did Evvie treat you when she learned of your past? She treated you no different than anyone else; she saw you as her friend and didn’t care for anything else. You learn of her past and shun her immediately. The world isn’t made up of black and white Harry; it’s mostly a grey world out there”.

Luna looked at Harry intently, “I’m sure you’re angry at Blaise because he gave you a shorter speech of the one I’m giving you now. Wake up Harry, break away from the Weasley’s and take back control of your life. She doesn’t deserve you, Ginny that is. You should see by now that she’s only interested in money and fame. I’m tired of sitting in the shadows silently Harry, fix your life, fix things with Evvie then come find me ok?” Luna smiled sweetly as she left Harry to his own musings. He would have a lot to think about now.

Ron had been searching for Harry for well over an hour now but still couldn’t locate him. He would have used the map but it seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. That was the thing about Ron, he couldn’t remember a single thing from the map, he always needed it to remember where he was going, there wasn’t enough room in his head for him to remember it all.

Ron was also thinking about things but they were less deep and life changing than Harry’s thoughts. Ron’s consisted mainly of Evvie Zabini. The words whore, slut and bitch circulated a lot when thinking about her. He was a cross between angry and jealous. He’d been a git basically, he’d known Evvie had been panting after him for quite some time but he’d been with Lavender when he’d found out. He’d only ended it with Lavender in the hopes that he could get some action out of Evvie as well but it turned out that Evvie wasn’t as free minded as Lavender. However, Lavender wouldn’t take him back so he was stuck with Evvie.

He hadn’t been a good boyfriend to her; in fact he’d barely realized she was there at all. She was more like a trophy girlfriend, although being with Evvie came with a price she was constantly putting you down (actually it was just that Ron was so dumb it was hard to have a normal conversation without him thinking she was using her intelligence against him).  It had been easy to slag her off, in fact he enjoyed doing it, and he always had. She was an easy target and being able to put someone down once in a while was a boost to Ron’s ego. Then though she’d gone and changed.

And wow had she changed. Suddenly Ron felt jealous of Evvie. How could someone so un-girlish turn into an Aphrodite like figure, it was mind boggling. At first Ron had entertained ideas of getting back together with her; he’d be the envy of everyone with her on his arm. However before he could put that plan into action he’d found out about her family, her past and he’d blown his top, called her all sorts of names, still was calling her names. He’d been jealous, she’d suddenly found herself belonging to one of the richest pureblood families and was now friends with all the rest. Ron was jealous of that; he always seemed to want more than he had. He’d love to be able to say he was friends with the wealthy Slytherin purebloods but he wasn’t.

It was easy to call her a whore and a traitor rather than admit that he was incredibly jealous. Besides he still had Harry and Harry was bound to marry Ginny one day (he was so far under her thumb as it was) and Harry was a generous guy, perhaps Ron could persuade Harry into giving him some money, he sure had enough of it.

So Ron went around slagging off Evvie as much as he could. He was still angry at himself that he’d let her fall through his fingers. His temper always had a penance for acting before his mind caught up with it. Then Krum had come announcing that he wanted pay back from Evvie for leaving him in the lurch and Ron was more than happy to comply with his wishes. It would be good to see the witch knocked down a few pegs, he remembered being furious when Evvie had attended the Yule Ball with Krum. He couldn’t wait to see her humiliation at the hands of Krum but somehow it had all gone wrong, he’d been arrested by the aurors in Hogsmead and again at the masquerade ball. Ron didn’t understand what had happened but his brain reasoned it must have been something pretty big for the aurors to be called, he couldn’t deny then that Evvie had been lying.

Still he could call her a whore and tell people she was a desperate slut who was crap in bed. He never seemed to tire of this particular line of insults, he was currently telling some Hufflepuff fifth years all about it. Ron would learn that when spouting off lies, you really shouldn’t do it in the openness of a crowded corridor; you never know who might be listening.

“Pansy have you seen Evvie?” asked Blaise.

“Not recently, she said she had something to do” replied Pansy.

“Did she say what it was?” inquired Blaise.

“Not as such, she just mentioned that she was off to ruin someone’s childhood memories” said Pansy.

Blaise looked at her strangely.

“Your guess is as good as mine Blaise, but I hope she tells us when she returns, I’m so curious” said Pansy chuckling.

Ron made his way slowly up to his bed, it had been a long day for him, and insulting people really tired you out especially when you were trying to get the lies to spread as Ron was. Ron wasn’t thinking about anything particular when he went to bed; he was just looking forward to a nice long nap. Unfortunately for him a certain someone had heard his boastful insults today and had just had enough for it. The person had friends in Gryffindor so was able to mutter the password and slip in unseen. The only request made was that whatever happened to Ron would be witnessed in some way to those in his house.

Many people remembered Ron’s fear of spiders, if not for what Fred and George did to him when he was young then for the forbidden forest/aragog incident during his second year. But it wasn’t spiders that his tormentor intended to use. Few people knew this about Ron but hidden at the bottom of his trunk was a stuffed giraffe that he’d had since he was small. He’d named it Geoff the Giraffe. No one knew that he still had it except this one person for he’d let it slip during a moment of weakness.

Ut Vita was an unusual little spell, one that the creator was proud of. Simply put it meant ‘to life’, it had the ability to bring to life any inanimate object. The spell was currently being used to bring Geoff the giraffe to life. Slowly but surely the giraffe moved around the trunk making scratching noises, thuds and thumps that were loud enough to bring Ron into a semi state of sleepiness. Once there the giraffe left the trunk and began its steady journey up the bed and towards Ron. The spell caster was clever, all the other boy’s in the room were in a deep sleep, prevented from waking and spoiling the plan. The giraffe stomped its feet a little on Ron’s shoulder and blew air from its nostrils onto Ron’s face.

Ron twitched a bit but remained asleep, this angered the giraffe, it’s stomping became more insistent and harder, to the point where Ron was sure to have small giraffe shaped hoof prints on his arm. The giraffe’s annoyance at Ron’s continued sleep heightened and quite out of character the giraffe spat a massive glob of spit on Ron’s face. That got his attention, for he sat bolt upright and opened his eyes in disgust.

A quick casting of Sermo per Censura made the giraffe talk. Not just any talk, the caster wanted to invoke fear and judgment upon Ron. 

“Ron we used to be friends” whispered the giraffe.

Ron paled.

“You abandoned me Ron, just like you abandoned Hermione Granger”.

“She was the only one who knew about me and she didn’t care, she didn’t judge you. You scared her away” said the giraffe.

Ron shivered.

“You shouldn’t have done that Ronald. You shouldn’t be spreading lies about her. I know the true liar Ronald, it’s you”.

Ron tried to move away from the giraffe.

“You’re a liar Ronald Weasley and you will pay for your sins”.

The last thing the caster heard before leaving was Ron’s panicked screams that would surely wake the dead. The caster left with a smile upon their face, they needn’t be there for the humiliation that followed, and they’d seen enough. Justice had been served. 

There are only 30 days till I end uni and move back home for good D: I don't want uni to end at all, but then again I don't want to have to deal with reality once more. Will be hard. On the plus side it's 36 days till I go to Ibiza so that's exciting :D

As per usual enjoy ~ Zyii

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