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Facts: by harry_vampire
Chapter 1 : Fact 1:
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Disclaimer:Everythings belong to Jo...Nothing belongs to me..*Sobs:P...I will my continue sobbing while you go and read the you down:)

Fact: Scorpius never ever laughs, not even smiles.

I don’t understand it, I just accept it as the truth.

In my opinion a smile is a reflection of one’s personality.

He acts just like the enlightened one, but no one should take anything that seriously.

He treats every situation the same. Never too excited or too bored. I sometimes feel he has just returned after meditating for years in an isolated place and have become absolutely enlightened and discovered the true meaning of life.

His face is always calm, pious and serene. Even Voldemort himself would become peaceful at the sight of Scropius’ face. I can’t even describe his true nature properly, my vocabulary falls short, and actually no there is a word for this.


He is never angry; never ever sarcastic; always encourages people, even if they are stupid. If you shout at him, he just looks directly into your eyes, and your anger just vanishes into thin air. He will compliment you; despite the fact that you look like you have walked out of gutter.

Rose attempted to fool him once, claiming that his dad had died, horrible I know.

He just shrugged “I don’t know”.

Even though, I personally had taught Rose how to pull a serious face, she failed deliberately.     

However, it didn’t matter! His face didn’t change for even a fraction of a second, despite the fact that he had just been told his father had been brutally murdered. If I had been in his place, I would have slapped the person who had broken the news and just ran until my legs could run no further. Then I would…Why am I thinking about all of this now? It’s not going to happen. All I will say is, emotion matters.

His best friends are my brother Albus Potter and one of my favorite cousins Rose Weasley. All together, they form a Modern Day Golden Trio.

Rose- She has one of the most breathtaking smiles I have ever seen. Real warmth just emulates from her heart and tugs at your heart. She tends to squeeze her eyes when she smile and it adds to her beauty. Her smile has a life of its own and you can’t help but smile when she does

My mom always says that I used to stop crying whenever Rose smiled at me. Rose has magic in her smile.

Even today, I adore her smile. It never fails to make me happy.

Everyone smiles when Rose smiles except Scorpius.

He doesn’t laugh or jokes and neither does he tell any.

And now, it is my mission to make him laugh.

During my five years at Hogwarts I have never even seen him smile let alone laugh!

I will officially kill Al for making me do this.

But I, Lily Luna Potter have never lost a challenge. And why would this be any different?

I’m ready to make him laugh, how hard can it be? I pick my favorite dress to wear; I give final touches to my makeup, and make myself presentable (James always said that it is important to dress well when impressing someone).

I will befriend Scorpius, make him laugh and my mission will be accomplished. See, it is so simple.

What could possibly go wrong?

I wish it was as easy as it sounds.

Opening my dormitory door, I heard Rose’s laughter coming from downstairs in the common room. I glanced around my room quickly to see if I had forgotten anything.

Naturally, I forgot everything.

My mind went blank.

I couldn’t remember a single joke that I had memorized last night.


I will make him laugh, I was just out of ideas at the moment.

Think, Lily, think!

I closed the door and walked back to my bed before picking up the book Steps to make dumb, blind and deaf people laugh by Dolores Umbridge.

Hey-a...Thanks for reading this.I know this chapter is a way bit short but i promise you it surely gets exciting...Stay tuned:D

My Beta Kathrynen, you are a darling...Without your help I wouldn't have posted here:)

See you in next chapter till then you can go and check my other stories...




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