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It's Called Summer by applesugar33
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6: A Day Out
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             Hermione and Draco had been going out for a week now, they seemed to

inspire everyone else to pair up as well, so now they were basically 3 couples doing everything together. The past week they had all been together non-stop and the next day was Hermione’s birthday. The guys had decided to go home to Mikes and plan something for Mia’s birthday despite her protests. When they came back the next day they had balloons, pizza, pop, and presents. They dropped everything in the kitchen and the party started. Hermione had opened her presents from all her friend and her parents. (She’s turning 16, I know I said she was already 16, but I want her to go to 6 year after this) From Emily and Aubrey she had gotten some cute shoes and a bag, Mike had gotten her some t-shirts of her favorite band, Josh got her some DVD’s and her parents sent her some extra cash and some expensive earrings. Hermione was mad though that they hadn’t even bothered to call her on her birthday. Later that evening presents from the Weasley’s showed up, she got some books, candy, and Ginny made her a bracelet. From Harry she got movies and the stuffed bear from Toy Story 3 (yeah yeah I know that wasn’t out back them but I love Lotso). Hermione also got an assortment of muggle and magical candy. The day really was great. When everyone went to set up games and things downstairs Draco pulled Hermione to the side and handed her a long black box. Mia opened the box to see a beautiful charm bracelet. The bracelet had two charms on it, one was of a dragon, Hermione laughed at the cute charm and looked at Draco who was smiling as well, “Whenever someone else looks at that charm it looks like a lion, but for you and me it looks like a dragon, the other charm on it was a sea shell, “That’s to represent summer, without this summer I wouldn’t know you like this and I want us both to remember it.” Hermione looked up at Draco and kissed him, the kiss was long and passionate.

            “Thank you Draco, thank you a lot, for everything.” She kissed him again lightly before they both went down the stairs where everyone was seated on pillows waiting while watching movies.

            This was by far Hermione’s best birthday.

            When Hermione woke up the next day she heard a knocking at the window, she looked at the clock on the tv to see it was 1 o’clock. They had all been up late drinking and playing games. By the time they fell asleep it was 5 am. Hermione looked around and realized that the only one who wasn’t still sleeping was Draco. He was just looking at her while she lay next to him.

            “Morning,” She yawned pecking him on the lips.

            “Morning,” He said smiling, “Looks like the school owls are here. There are only 3 more weeks of summer.” His smile then turned to a frown as he opened the window, letting the owl in the room. The letters were like they were every year, listing the stuff they needed, then they looked at the prefect’s rotation that were sent to them. Hermione was surprised when it said that she was to do her rounds with Draco, as they were trying to promote unity between houses. Hermione clapped happily and hugged Draco who had just read the same list.

            “Maybe the year won’t be too bad,” Draco smiled kissing her.

            Everyone had left for the day deciding to spend a day catching up on sleep and saying hello to the parents they had barely seen. That left Hermione and Emily at home.

            “So everything is going great with you and Drake I see,” Emily winked. “Considering that you hated him the first day. What are you going to do when you go back to school? Y’know, with Harry and Ron.”

            “Draco and I will have to figure out what to do. I decided to have them over this weekend so we’ll have to keep Draco away from here,” Hermione answered. “I don’t know what to do when Ginny comes though, mostly because I don’t plan on spending a week away from him. Did you see the bracelet he got me?”

            “Let me see it!” Emily answered excitedly. Hermione showed her the beautiful and surly expensive charm bracelet, that hadn’t left her wrist since she received it. “It’s gorgeous. This next school year is going to be so weird, when we won’t have you and Draco around. “

            “Imagine for us, without you guys, the year will seem so boring. I’ll miss you guys, summer has been going so fast,” Mia complained to her friend.

            “Do you think Draco would come and stay around here for the holidays? It doesn’t seem like his parents would care too much,” Emily reasoned.

            “He probably could,” Hermione said thinking it through. “I hope.”

            The girls heard the door open and then heard someone yell, “Mia! Josh is boring me! Can we go do something?”

            Draco walked into the family room where the girls were, “Why don’t we take Josh and Emily to Hogsmeade since they know about magic.”

            “Sounds fun, I doubt anyone we know will be there,” Draco said agreeing to Hermione’s suggestion.

            “Okay, Emily, Josh take a handful of this powder, throw it into the fire and say the three broomsticks, okay?” they nodded, “I’ll go first and then you go then Draco will.” Hermione disappeared into the fire, once Hermione was there she waited for the other three who came finally both Emily and Josh looking a bit pale.           “I know it’s weird the first time.”

            “Let’s go,” Draco said taking Hermione’s hand and leaving the restaurant.

            They went into Honeydukes, Zonkos, and went to look at the castle. The two muggles were in awe at the large building totally jealous of where their friends got to spend the year while they attending public school. All of a sudden Hermione heard someone yell her name, she turned around to see Lavender running up to her waving. She pushed Draco away when she saw her and he quickly jogged down the street. “Hermione! How are you?” the girl said happily.

            “Lavender! It’s great to see you,” Hermione faked a smile. Hermione had never really liked Lavender, for reasons she didn’t even know. “These are my friends, Emily and Josh.”

            “Did I just see you talking to Draco Malfoy or was I hallucinating?” Lavender asked ignoring the introduction.

            “Oh, Malfoy came over here to bug me,” Hermione complained. “You know Malfoy.”

            “True, but he is very attractive.” Lavender laughed. “Well, I must be going! I am meeting up with the Patil twins soon. Good to see you,” Lavender walked off and once she was far down the street and in a new store Draco soon steeped out of the shop he had entered with a fancy shopping bag.

When they were done shopping around the village they all went back to Hermione’s just in time for Aubrey and Mike to arrive. It seemed that no one really liked the idea of a chill day when they had better things to be doing. They all decided once again to sleep over then head to the beach the next day. Hermione then realized that Harry and Ron were coming over the next day, Hermione was upset that she couldn’t go out with her friends, but decided it was best that they were gone.

            The next day was extremely boring for Hermione, the boy’s flooed over a mere 5 minutes after everyone else left. She decided to take them to the park and then the café instead of spending the day her house where tons of Draco’s things were, even his wand.

            “So, Hermione what have you been doing this summer?” Ron asked when they sat down at a bench at the park.

            “Nothing really, hanging out with friends and normal stuff.” She shrugged.

            “Well I was wondering if you wanted to possible, maybe, you don’t have to, but if you wanted to go out with me.” Ron said. Hermione panicked and looked at Harry who smiled and nodded his head and Ron who had a smile on his face.

            “Ron, I’m really honored, but I have to say no, I have a boyfriend.” She said feeling really bad.

            “You’re joking right?” Ron said, “You’ve never even been on a real date!”

            “As a matter of fact I have,” Hermione said suddenly angry, Hermione was done with this. “I have a boyfriend, who I’ve been with for around a month. I have kissed plenty of people. Let me tell you something, you two know nothing about me. I am such a different person here. I haven’t touched a book. I wear my hair tamed not in a mess; I wear shorts and tank tops, not long pants and jumpers. I also have a bunch of friends, so when you guys don’t want to insult me then we’ll talk again, until then, good bye.” Hermione walked away. When Hermione got to the entrance to the park all her friends were sitting on a bench in their bathing suits having gotten bored of the overly populated beach. Hermione started walking towards them when Harry called after her, “’Mione wait!”

            “No, you guys have not gotten over this yet and I know that so you go think about it then come talk to me,” she said before making the rest of the journey to her friends. 

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