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The Return of James Potter by Charlie_Weasley11
Chapter 1 : On the Run
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    Sirius Black woke with a start. He looked around the dank room that he had fallen asleep in only hours ago. a rat scuttled across the floor, looked up at him, and turned to run. Sirius dove for his wand and jinxed the rat before it had even taken two steps. He picked it up by the tail, and prodded it with his wand, looking for signs of a missing digit on the right paw.


"Damnit." he muttered, pulling himself to his feet. Pettigrew would pay. He knew it, somehow, he knew that Peter would get exactly what he deserved. Sirius just hoped that it would be himself who delivered the much need justice. It had been one month since Peter had escaped Lupin and him in the Shrieking Shack. All of Sirius' hopes of leading a normal life with his god-son had been dashed within the span of a minute. Months of planning within his Azkaban cell, wasted.

When Harry busted him out of the upper tower in Hogwarts on buckbeak, Sirius began to realize how bad his predicament was. He was once again, an escaped prisoner on the run. Sirius decided that his best bet would be to move to America for a while. He could lie low and earn some muggle money. He'd make a quick stop at Grimmauld Place, then Ollivanders. Once he left Hogwarts with Buckbeak, he went straight to Tom at the Leakey Cauldron. Tom had always had a soft spot for Sirius, after James and him going through so often. Sirius was offered the basement, as no rooms were open.


Sirius apparated straight from his room into Ollivanders. he held his stolen wand in his hand loosely. Mr. Ollivander appeared from behind the counter.

"Sirius! what can i assist you with today?" he croaked.

"Well, I seem to have misplaced-"Sirius began.

"You did not recover your own wand when you escaped, and the one you took is not to your liking." Ollivander corrected.

"Well.. Yes, i understand if you won't give me a new one," Sirius replied.

"Mr. Black, I was told to examine your wand after a certain event thirteen years ago, i found nothing to suggest that anything that occured was your fault, and although most of the wizarding world believes you to be guilty, i do not."

Ollivander then proceeded to measure out Sirius. After about five minutes of careful examination, he walked back behind his counter in search of a perfect wand. He returned to Sirius and placed a small wooden box in the man's hand. Sirius opened the box and looked at its contents. "Sycamore, Dragon Heartstring, 11½ inches, reasonably supple," Ollivander said looking over Sirius' shoulder.

Sirius picked it up in his right hand and immediately his left hand shot a blue bolt straight into the ground. Both him and Ollivander jumped back and examined the damage. "Most peculiar," Ollivander began, "I've only witnessed this once before, while i was still a boy, Albus Dumbledore came in to by a wand from my father, as he grabbed his own, he shot a bolt of his own. Supposedly, certain wands can transfer their own magic into the wizard. This is extremely rare, the most famous occurence was Merlin himself."

"Is the wand safe to use?" Sirius asked.

"I'm perfectly sure it is, but if i may, i'd like to check something." Ollivander assured him. Sirius handed his wand over to Ollivander's outstretched hand. As soon as Ollivander took a step back a yard, he shot a stunning spell straight at Sirius without warning. Sirius raised his arms over his face instictively to protect himself. A warming sensation began to work its way into his hand and down to the beginning of his wrist. After a minute, he lowered his arms and looked at his hand. It was glowing blue.

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