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Getting There by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 3 : Confrontations
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I'm SORRY about the lack of updates:( I promise you that the wait will not be this long ever again! Life just got crazy, but I have a newfound inspiration for this story. I feel like Bridget's story is one that should be told:-) So enjoy!






                “Strummin my hand with his finger…Tellin my life with his words…KILLIN ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG KILLING ME SOFTLY—”

                “Would you shut up?!” I screeched the same time as Kat decided to yell “YOUR VOICE IS HORRIBLE!” and Marlene said “LILY YOU’RE BURNING OUT MY EARS!” 

                “Well thanks,” Lily scoffed, twirling her red hair around her wand to create loose curls. “You’re all so supportive.”

                “I hate my life.” I moaned dejectedly, turning over and putting my pillow on top of my head. I heard Kat murmuring her stupid bed protection spells around her box and Marlene stumbling towards the bathroom. I’m guessing that Rachel’s still fast asleep and Alice’s already at breakfast. “I hate my life!” I said louder when everyone ignored me.

                When Lily went down for breakfast I decided that I’d have to stop my self-induced misery show and get up. I threw the covers off and headed for the bathroom, slamming Lily’s stupid Wizard radio off as I went. 

                “I miss summer.” Marlene grumbled as she put her contacts in. I didn’t comment as I made my way for a toilette. We both took double the amount of time to get ready that morning. Partially because it was the first day, partially because we hate this place they call school. By the time Marlene and I were walking down, even Rachel was even out of bed. 

                “I feel like shit, Bridget.” Marlene muttered as we exited the common room for breakfast. 

                “Because you did it with Diggory?” I asked her, imagining the warm cup of coffee I’d be drinking in five minutes.

                “God, I forgot about that!” She wailed, resting one arm on my shoulder. She was so tall that it was probably comfortable for her. “Why’d you bring it back up!”

                I mumbled a few selective words but decided not to mess with Marlene while she was emotionally unstable and exhausted. Besides, I can be a real bitch when I’m tired too. 

                By the time we’d made it down to the Great Hall it was practically full. I took the only open seat near my friends, which happened to be next to Peter. Marlene shared with Lily. I dived for the coffee pot and began to pour fast. Peter was staring at me with eyebrows raised. I glared at him and he swiftly looked away. Other people were watching too, pointing fingers and whispering. I just ignored it, not wanting to waste my time on things that didn’t’ include caffeine. 

                “Aha, schedules.” James said brightly from my other side. I looked up and saw McGonagall passing my sister Chloe hers. Chloe smiled all sweet (and totally not genuine) as she took it. I bet McGonagall saw right through her little ‘I’m so freaking adorable!’ act. 

                “Bridget! Earth to Bridget!” Black was waving a hand in front of my face. I snapped up, glaring this time at him. 



                “Hi?” I growled. “You interrupted a hate session I was mentally having with my sister to say hi?!”

                “I thought you liked Anastasia?” He asked me, looking over to where Anas was piling a hunk of sugar into her own coffee and nodding to whatever Lara Jenkins was gossiping about. 

                “Not Anastasia,” I pounded the porridge in my bowl violently. Peter looked scared. Good. He should be. “Chloe.” 

                “You have another sister?” He was acting like this was the coolest thing in the world. I guess he didn’t know Chloe. 

                “Yeah, the weird happy looking one with the pig tails and the pink ribbons. ”Black looked to her for a moment and then began to laugh hysterically. James joined in, even Remus cracked a smile. “What?”

                “Daniels, she’s the complete polar opposite of you.”

                “Thanks!” I said with a real smile. Black was about to respond but then McGonagall handed me my schedule. 

                “Ms. Daniels.” She said as I took it. “I trust you had a good summer?”

                “No, it sucked.” I said in a bored voice as I began to read off my schedule. McGonagall didn’t even comment back to me. She just gave me this scary look and I decided not to comment again. Once she was gone I started to talk. “History of Magic first.” 

                “Wicked, me too.” Black said. This caused me to slam my coffee cup down on my schedule. 

                “Scourgify.” I muttered to the schedule to make it clean itself. It turned out that we all had History of Magic first other than Remus who described it as ‘a complete and utter waste of time’. I guess he doesn’t understand that’s why we all do it. Even Lily’s still in History of Magic. 

                “Hey, Daniels,” Black called as I got up from the bench to go to class with Lily and Marlene. “Notice anything strange yet?”

                “No…” I trailed off; looking down at my hair to make sure it wasn’t a wacky colour, and my robes to make sure he hadn’t charmed them to look ridiculous. Everything appeared to be normal, but that glint in his eye didn’t look good. In fact, it looked like a nightmare. I knew from past experience that it most likely was. I was either pranked/about to be pranked by the infamous marauders. “What did you do Black!” I called to him as he began to walk up ahead of me with the rest of his crew. “Don’t ignore me!”

                “Nothing, nothing.” 

                With Sirius Black, nothing was never nothing. He was always doing something, but I had an uncanny feeling that it involved me. Spectacular. What a wonderful welcome back to Hogwarts gift to me. I should thank him for being such a maddening prat and all before I forget. I allowed my expression to go sour as we continued up the hall. I’d find out soon enough. Lily wacked me slightly in the side, and I was about to comment when she started to talk. “Why are people staring at us?” She whispered. 

                I looked around quickly, and she was right. As we walked up the stairs people were whispering. Some even went far enough to point. I angrily turned on a third year. “What?” I snapped to him. “What is so bloody interesting? Enlighten me!”

                He turned red and nudged the girl who was next to him. She whispered something in his ear and the two of them cracked up and ran away. Half of me wanted to follow and pulverize them, but I knew that Lily would not stand for it. Her love for the midgets was too strong. Instead I turned to Marc Macmillan, a Hufflepuff in my year. “Hey, Marc, why is everyone staring at us?”

                He cleared his throat and started to talk to me slowly, pronouncing his syllables. “Well Bridget. We were all informed of your summer episode.”

                “What are you on about?” I asked annoyed now. Lily pulled me in the opposite direction where we had class. Marc just waved to me before walking the other way. “What are you talking about Macmillan? What’s an episode?”

                “Black.” Marlene said with a smile. I turned to her, my eyes filling with anger. She saw them and quickly covered. “Well, not for sure. I mean, it could be something that someone said at—” We entered the classroom and Marlene completely gave up. She just shrugged and repeated what I had thought earlier, “I guess you’ll find out.” 

                “They’re still staring.” Lily commented, taking the first seat at the middle table. We’d been sitting at this table ever since the first year. I looked over to Kat and Rachel who had their heads together gossiping. I don’t really get how the two of them are friends. Kat’s insane, and Rachel lives to ruin the lives of others. It just doesn’t add up. I guess neither of them had many other people to choose from. 

                “Oi, Rachel,” I called, knowing if anyone would talk she would. “What the hell is going on?”

                “Well Bridget,” She said my name with glee. Nice to know she was on my side. “Sirius told us.” 

                “What did he tell you? I swear I’ll kill him!”

                “That you’re crazy.” Kat said, looking up from some diagram that seemed to be a drawing of her bed. “He told us all about it. How you were in the hospital and how they let you out even though you aren’t really better.” 

                It took me a second to realize that the craziest person I knew was looking at me in total sincerity and informing me of my own insanity. Then, “What?” I called out loudly. It drawled even more attention over to me. Lily appeared to be trying hard not to smile, and Marlene was downright laughing. Their loyalty is astounding. “BLACK!”

                “Yes darling?” He called as if nothing was wrong. 

                “Don’t you dare yes darling me! I’m going to kill you!” I was yelling really loud now. The entire class had stopped talking and was looking. I tried to ignore this and carried on. “Why’d you tell everyone I’m crazy!”

                “Well now Daniels, don’t get all huffy with me. I merely warned the student body about what you’re capable of.”

                “What I’m—WHAT I’M CAPABLE OF?”

                Oh, well now he had pushed a button. 

                “Yes. Do you need me to start talking slower?”

                And it was a big button. 

                “Okay,” Lily had interrupted and was staring at Black. She appeared to be torn between amusement and annoyance. “Sirius, tell everyone that you’re just joking.”

                “No can do flower,” Sirius beamed as James made his way over to us. “I can’t lie to my classmates. It’s too unethical.”

                “Unethical my arse!” I grumbled as I clenched my fists. 

                “Lilykins!” James breathed. I turned to glare at him. If he even thought so much as to change the damned subject… “I just wanted to tell you that your hair looks beautiful today!”

                “Potter—I don’t want to deal with you right now!” Lily had turned red in the cheeks and looked as though she was ready to throttle Potter. How surprising. 

                “It’s okay, no words are needed.” He whispered. 

                Marlene and some other people in the class sniggered at Potter. Lily swatted him away from her and started back to our table. Professor Binns had just floated through the wall. 

                “Everyone take a seat.” He croaked out in his ancient voice. I glowered at Black the entire time I walked back to the table to sit. “This year we will be covering the ancient lifestyle and history of the people living from…” 

                And then I had completely tuned out. I’m not the only one in this class either. I don’t think anyone other than Lily and Hilda Midgen took notes. Stupid Black. How could he? Well, I’m not really surprised. He would pull something like that. Now everyone thinks I’m crazy. Christ, even Kat thinks I’m crazy! And she’s fucking insane. If Katherine Brady, the girl who has some serious anxiety issues, thinks that you’re insane you’ve got problems. It seemed that I had more problems than anyone else. 

                “What the—” I stopped short, realizing that it was Black who had thrown the paper ball at my head. Idiot. I turned around and picked up the paper ball without breaking eye contract with him. Then I set it on fire. He just chortled and leaned back in his chair as if he was going to take a nap. Binns didn’t even notice my fire burning. He just went on and on about who knows what. I didn’t care. I wouldn’t have to learn any of this for at least another nine months when we’d start studying for exams. I took out a piece of parchment and started illustrating painful ways that Black could die. By the time class was over, I had a grand total of twenty three. I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself. 

                “Black!” I called as soon as the bell rang. He was practically running for the door. I grabbed my bag and stuffed my parchment in it before following him. “Coward!” I yelled as he ran up the hall, way out of my reach. I could barely make it to the door. I guess that just shows how out of shape I really am. Great. Another thing to pile on to the enormous pile of shit that my life is. Hooray for Bridget. 

                “I hate him.” I moaned to either Marlene or Lily (whomever would listen, really) as we made our way up the stairs to potions. 

                “Really?” Marlene turned to Lily with a fake look of surprise on her face. “I don’t recall you mentioning that.”

                “Well, maybe once or twice…” Lily trailed off with a slight smirk on her face.

                “Or like five times.”

                “A hundred.”

                “All day.”

                “All year.”


                “That sounds about right.”

                “Shut it.” I said darkly, interrupting their little hate fest on me. “You don’t understand my pain.”

                “Bridget, trust me, I do.” Lily said with her eyebrows raised. “James Potter practically stalks me.”

                “Yeah, but that’s cute!” I retorted.

                “No, it’s weird!”

                We had entered Slughorn’s classroom. It looked the same as it always had, pictures of old students everywhere, potion flasks lining the shelves, grotesque cauldrons in the corners waiting to be cleaned by unfortunate students who would be getting detentions on their first day back. Trust me, I know because I’ve been that unfortunate student at least three times. 

                “Ms. Evans!” Slughorn boomed, appearing out of nowhere. I jumped at his voice, and turned around to face him annoyed. “How was your summer?”

                “It was good, thank you professor.” Lily smiled all sweet. 

                “Of course!” He winked at her. I winked at Marlene who giggled. “I think you’ll love the lesson today Ms. Evans. It’s right up your alley!”

                After he was done praising golden girl, he looked over to me. “Ah, Ms. Daniels. I was informed by Janice Reilly of your condition.”

                “What?” I snapped.

                “Janice Reilly told me all about it, I’m afraid.”

                “About what?” I had my hands on my hips, looking around for Janice stupid Reilly. Then I remembered that she was only in fifth year. 

                “Your condition, of course!”

                “My condition?” I allowed my voice to drop down to a deathly low level. “My condition?!”

                “Now don’t get worked up, it’s not good for your mental state.”

                I just walked away from him before I throttled him too. Slughorn is the biggest gossip I know. It’s ridiculous. The guy probably knew about my apparent ‘state’ before I even did! I could really kill Sirius Black right now. Murder him, in fact. Knowing the pratness that he possesses, he’d probably still be joking while I killed him. That would make me even more livid. 

                “Oi, Bridget,” James had come over and put an arm around my shoulder. I shrugged him off and glared at him dangerously. He stepped away cautiously. “He was just joking around with you, no harm, no foul, eh?” His expression changed from hopeful to kind of scared when he saw my facial expression didn’t change. “Or not…” 

                By the time the bell rang for lunch, I could officially state that this was the worst first day back I’d ever had. It was even beating the first day back in third year when Black threw my training bras all over the great hall. Now that was embarrassing. I still have nightmares about it. I think that’s when I first really started hating him. Before that he was just kind of there, annoying, but there. I didn’t hate him, didn’t love him. Now I can officially state that it was hatred. No one in the entire world, not even my dysfunctional family, bothered me as much as he did. 

                “Bridget…” Marlene was staring at me kind of scared. I looked down to the plate I had been mauling with my knife and then back up to Marlene. Then I just continued slamming the knife into the plate, fantasizing about it being Black’s head. “Bridget, I think you’re overreacting.”

                I sighed while rubbing my throbbing head. “Marlene, let me ask you, has anyone ever told the entire school you were in a mental institution for a brief period over the holidays?”

                “Well, no, but—”

                “How about that you’re secretly a man!”

                “No to that too, but—”

                “How about that you’re pregnant?!”

                “When did he do that?”

                “Last day of school, fifth year!”

                “Oh, well I understand that you and Sirius have had you’re hard times together, but I think that you need to put it all behind you and just get on with it. That’s what I did with him. Look at me, I’m perfectly fine now.”

                I looked at her. Her eyes were all big and hopeful that I’d listen. I just growled a little under my breath and continued to pound the plate. It was rather entertaining, thank you very much. Marlene didn’t even have the heart to tell me to stop. Lily would have grabbed the knife from my hands ages ago, but she’s in the stupid library checking up on some book they got in over the summer. It just goes to show how much more willpower Lily has then Marlene. I guess that’s why I love Marlene. 

                “Don’t you look cheerful!” Black boomed. I had decided to just ignore him. Silent treatment was always good. It would piss him off too. That was going to be my new life long goal, annoy Black more than he annoys me. 

                “Shit.” Marlene breathed from next to me. “Oh, shit!” When I didn’t look up from the plate, she grabbed my arm and started to whimper. “Bridgey…look.”

                So I did. I didn’t see anything unusual. Kid’s staring at me, kid’s pointing at me, people walking to and from the great hall probably talking about me. It’s a lot of fun you know, being me. I just shrugged and grabbed the knife again. The loud sound would drown out her horrific realization that I’m apparently a freak. I actually feel kind of bad now. She’s hiding in between my body and Rachel’s, but she’s a lot taller than the two of us, so she kind of looks like an overgrown giraffe with the way her back’s arching. 

                I’m kind of offended. Aren't friends supposed to stick with each other no matter what people say about them? Like, if someone told the whole school that Marlene was crazy I’d beat them up for her if she wanted me too. I guess we have a one sided friendship. Oh, great. That makes me feel even more fan-blooody-tastic. I’m going to have a serious talk with her once this plate is broken. It’s going to be a while though, because I think it might be metal. 

                “Hello Marlene,” A hard voice said. I looked up, wondering who it was. I didn’t know her. Well, I knew her, but I didn’t know her name or anything. She was some Ravenclaw that was always with some other Ravenclaws and Amos Diggory. 

                “Oh! I didn’t see you there Lisle!” Marlene squeaked out.

                Oh, well now it all makes sense to me.

                Lisle was pretty. She was one of those really pale girls with skin that looked like porcelain. I bet she looked like a doll or something when she was a kid. Right now she didn’t look like a happy doll though. Her icy blue eyes were narrowed and mean looking. She was a Ravenclaw, so snootiness is kind of a given. Her crew of equally pretty friends behind her were glaring at Marlene as well. One was looking at me curiously. I glared until she looked away. 

                “Just so you know, I know.” Lisle hissed. The way her hands were on her hips…she looked pretty upset. 

                “So you’re Lisle Jacobsen?” I interrupted, wanting to make sure that I wasn’t getting all confused here. She snapped her head to me, obviously surprised that I interrupted. 

                “What’s it to you?” She glowered to me before turning back to Marlene. “I hope you know exactly what you are. A whore. And that’s all you’ll ever be, understand? You’re worthless. Completely worthless!” She was actually pretty loud. The hall was looking at the confrontation. 

                “Hey, back off.” I said, making my voice loud enough to match hers. Even if Marlene might be a little bit of a whore, I’m the only one who can say that. 

                Lisle turned to me disbelievingly and got closer. I’m thinking she thinks that I’ll get scared of her if she kills me with her icy mint breath. It was way too strong of a flavor in my opinion, especially right in my face. She made her eyes level with my own. “Was I talking to you?”

                “No, but you were spitting on me, so take a step away, would you?!”

                Marlene was looking at me in awe. Lisle’s face wasn’t too pretty anymore. I don’t think she had this part of the conversation planned out yet. That’s what I love about people who have to plan ahead. When something doesn’t go their way, they don’t know what to do. It was funny to watch if you weren’t the one who was confused.

                “I—don’t you dare tell me what to do!” She screeched, jabbing a finger into my chest. “I’m the victim here!”

                I slammed the knife into the plate one more time. “Oh my god, so she gave your loser boyfriend a good time. Big fucking deal! He’s a sorry excuse for a boyfriend anyways. A slimy git, in my opinion. I’ve never been fond of him.”

                She was silent for a moment, and then she officially went mental. “How—How DARE you!” Her eyes were sparking now, and she was slamming her finger again. 

                “Lisle, she’s crazy!” One of her minions whispered from behind. I looked to her and flashed a smile. I didn’t think that I’d ever be silently thanking Sirius today. 

                “A word of advice to you. Listen to your friend, and don’t point your finger at fucking crazy people!” 

                And then, the best possible thing happened.

                “Oh my god, you’re in my personal space, you asshole!” Kat screeched as one of Lisle’s friends got too close to her. Then she started freaking and threw her pumpkin juice on the friend’s shirt. People all around us who knew Kat erupted in a fit of laughter. Lisle looked from me who looked livid, to Marlene who was cracking up, to Kat who was trying to put personal protection spells on herself and muttering about sticks and stones. 

                “You’re all crazy…” She muttered more to herself before finally backing away. Then she looked around and saw that the majority of the great hall had just heard that and ran. I waved goodbye sarcastically as her friends followed her. Some looked back at me and glared, but I didn’t care. I had worse people than her to worry about. 

                I received a big hug from Marlene who was saying how she could never thank me enough. Then Sirius came up and hugged me, telling me that he had never seen something so brilliant in all his life, and to my dismay, he apparently would be making more stuff up about me often now. James told me that he’d have to get me in on some of his pranks. Lily, who had arrived halfway through the lovely little confrontation, just shook her head and told me that I needed to work on my social skills. Rachel was busy writing the scene down for tomorrow’s newspaper. Kat was just talking to herself. 

                “Ms. Daniels,” A voice said from behind me. I turned and looked, my heart dropping as I did so. “Did you enjoy yourself?” McGonagall was being sarcastic, naturally, and by the way her mouth was formed in that thin line right now I knew I shouldn’t really push it. But whatever, I was already in trouble. 

                “Yeah, I did! Thanks professor.”

                “I’m glad, because you’ll be in detention with me for the next two weeks.” And then she walked.

I picked up the knife again and started hammering away. 






So, what did you think? Did you like Lisle's evilness and Bridget's straightforwardness? Thanks for reading && please review!

Love, Izzy:)

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