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Summer by luvdobby26
Chapter 1 : Love At First Sight
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It was August, a hot and sunny day without a cloud in the sky. The air felt stuffy since there was not a single breath of wind and the river rushed by, it was the only noise to be heard apart from the singing birds. The flowers scattered the field and the trees stood still, casting shadows over the long, green grass.

Harry sat by the single tree in the field by the river, his face hidden behind the pages of a book. Of course he wasn’t really reading, he was just pretending so she wouldn’t notice him staring. He watched as she laughed and played by the river with her sisters.

Her golden hair swayed behind her and her soulful blue eyes sparkled as she giggled. She looked perfect. She was perfect. Her image went with her name beautifully. Summer.

Beautiful, amazing Summer. God, he wanted her. But he didn’t even think she knew he existed. Or if she would ever want to be with him. Why would she? Nobody in the muggle world liked him.

He still remembered the first day he saw her. The best day of his life. He was sitting by the river after managing to escape the Dursleys for a hour or so. He was angry and frustrated at them. Again. And this was his favourite place to be because it was quiet and lonely, until that magical day in July. She wondered out of the forest, holding a book in one hand and running her fingers through her hair with the other. She didn’t notice him, but that didn’t matter to Harry. He noticed nothing but her. It was like something out of a dream. A beautiful, amazing, perfect dream that he never wanted to end.

She always seemed to be smiling. Not necessarily with her mouth, but with her eyes. They surveyed the flower-filled field, watching as the birds flew up in the cloudless blue sky, singing a beautiful song.

Her eyes then moved to the river, which rushed by at the edge of the forest. Her face broke into a smile and she started towards it through the field. There, by the river, she found a comfortable place to sit and started to read. She wasn’t far from Harry but he was hidden by the long grass and flowers growing between them. As she read she chewed a strand of long golden hair. Harry soon learned this was a reading habit of hers.

He watched as her eyes moved across the page and her face transform into different expressions. Normally, when someone is reading, their face stays the same. The same concentrated look. But Summer’s did not. It would change from being full of joy to being full of grief. Or from being fearful to being relieved. Harry loved to watch and guess what she was feeling. Although, it wasn’t very hard. She was an open book. Even though Harry barely knew her, he could read her thoughts and feelings just by looking at her face.

After a hour or so of reading, she stood up, wiping the back of her shorts and closing her book and started to head towards the forest. Harry broke out of his trance and watched as she walked back through the field and into the woods. As she entered, she looked back for a moment, but only for a moment and then she was gone. He wasn’t sure if she had seen him or not. But by the looks of things, the most likely answer was not.

She came often and always sat in the same place. Harry came too. Every day he could escape his aunt and uncle and he would sit in the same place too, most of the time. After awhile he started moving closer to the river bank and was able to see her more clearly. But it was only after a couple of months that he learned her name.

It was the first time she came with someone else-her sisters he thought, they looked very like her- and they were talking and playing by the river. She splashed one of them and they screeched “ Summer!” and that’s when he learned her name. Summer, he loved that name.

The sisters, he soon learned were called Daisy, Hazel and Poppy. Poppy was the only one who looked different, her hair was a bright red that gave her the look of being on fire. It reminded him somewhat of his best friend’s little sister, Ginny. She too had flaming red hair that looked as if it was on fire.


Harry snapped out of his dreamland as he saw Summer and her sisters get up and leave for the day, Daisy dripping wet. They seemed to be in a hurry. She walked towards the forest on bare feet, tying her jumper around her waist as she went as the other girls talked and laughed. She got to the edge of the forest and just as she moved the braches aside, looked straight at Harry, smiling wide. And then she was gone. Leaving Harry alone.

A/N Ok, this is the first chapter in the first hp short story I have written, and I'm not very happy with it. It’s also the first happy/normal hp fic I have written since all of mine are tragically heartbreaking (apparently) and I thought I would attempt something new since I kept on making my friend (yes you , Olivia) cry. But it’s not my fault all I can write is sad stories! Anyway, please leave a review and tell me what you think because they always make my day and give me the confidence and inspiration to carry on writing the fic! It will get better and longer as the chapters go on, promise!  xx


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Summer: Love At First Sight


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