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Redefine Hufflepuff by Niclovegood
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1:Weasleypuff.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter nor any of the things you recognise below!
:) Welcome one and all to my first chapter! 


 “And Molly, write every week at least. Please. And keep up in your studies. After all, I was head boy!” My dad told me sticking his nose in the air.

Anyone within hearing range would think he’s kidding; he’s not.
Meet my dad: Percy Weasley.

“Yes dad.” I replied casually back. At the age of 11 I know his speeches off by heart: all of them. There is the ‘don’t be late’ one and now there’s even a ‘how to adjust the toaster’ one. Through the years they change and adapt to suit him, something our whole family finds annoying.

“Oh, Molly! Come here.” my mother sobbed, pulling me into yet another bone-crushing hug. It must have been the millionth hug today, never mind this week. “I’ll miss you so much!” she cried, her warm fresh tears soaked me.
Meet my mother: Amelia Weasley.

I hugged her back trying to restrain how much I will actually miss her. I really will miss my family, after seeing them every day for the past 11 years, they do tend to grow on you.
Although, this is only my close family; I have millions of cousins and Aunties and Uncles; too many for me to bother to even count.
I have a sister: she’s younger than me by a lot of years, my parents always wanted two children and after they had me the Healers told them they could never have any more kids, but my sister Lucy popped out a good 5 years after me: the miracle child.

All of my cousins go to Hogwarts, or at least went to Hogwarts. It’s a tradition for us now; it all started back in my dads’ day:
Go to Hogwarts. Get into Gryffindor. Become a prefect. Get quidditch captain or Head Boy/Girl. Become the best at your job.

And as for my uncle Harry, Ron and auntie Ginny and Hermione, there’s a ‘Defeat incredibly evil psycho wizard and his black sheep’. Hahah.
Get it? Black sheep? Death Eaters? No? Oh, dang. Well, I like it.

I was let out of my mother’s hug and I immediately hugged my little sister Lucy.
Lucy and I don’t really get on; people usually say if there is an age gap two siblings will get on better, but they never met us. We constantly bicker; sometimes hair-pulling and biting occur and I’m not even going to start on the clothes stealing! But we’re sisters and despite our shell of hatred we love each other. Really, really, deep, deep down.

Lucy tugged my sleeve to get my attention that was focused on the bustling crowds surrounding me. “I’ll miss you.” She whispered in my ear almost in tears, she had to stand on her tiptoes to reach my side.
“Only a while and you’ll be coming too.” I comforted her softly, smiling.

“I had best go…” I told my family hoping not to make them think I’m trying to run away from them.

I finished my goodbyes to my mum, dad and sister, all of whom were in tears. (Don’t tell my dad I told you that, he likes to act like a manly man).I’m no good around crying people, I seem to mostly mess up, make things awkward or make people think I’m loony.
I battled my way through the crowds of gleeful students and some tearful families and finally to the train.

I lifted my trunk onto the train easily as it was charmed to be as light as a feather. Lucky it was, or I would be on the floor gasping for breath (I have bad asthma as well, so it’s not really I’m just seriously unfit).

Making my way along the hallway I came to a compartment full of my cousins. And I mean literally: FULL. Dom, Fred, James, Al, Rose and Roxy where all sitting on the bench and their friends from Griffindor Rachel and Kyle where sitting on the floor.
James and Al (Albus) are Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny’s kids, so is Lily, but she doesn’t start Hogwarts until next year.
Dom is Fleur and Bills' kid, there’s also Victorie, but she has already left Hogwarts by a year and moved in with her boyfriend Teddy.
Teddy’s just like another cousin or brother to all of us as he lived with Uncle Harry every other weekend because his mum and dad died when he was really young and Harry is his Godfather.
Fred and Roxy are twins (un-identical although, as they are boy and girl I’m sure you guessed that) they are Uncle George and Aunt Anges' (Angelina) kids.
I knocked on the door and they all looked up and smiled at me, “Molly!” some of them exclaimed, awkwardly reaching over each other to hug me.
I laughed at Fred’s attempts to lean across Rachel and Kyle, he accidently elbowed Rachel on the head which earned him a nasty glare.

“Hey guys!” I greeted back.
“Um, so who’s this one?” asked Kyle winking in my direction. I had never actually met Rachel and Kyle but I knew them from James’ and Fred’s stories of troublemaking at school. Apparently they give the Marauders and Uncle Fred (rest in peace) and Uncle George a run for their money, and they owned a booming pranking business.

“Molly Weasley.” I said awkwardly waving.

“This is Uncle Percy’s’ off spring,” joked Rose smiling proudly at me. Rose and I got on very well, she liked to think of me as her ‘protégé’, which I warmly welcomed.

They all laughed and we chatted for a while, but with nowhere to sit but the floor my legs started to fall asleep on me.
They mostly talked amongst each other about annoying teachers and who they thought would get the first detention of the school year. I wasn't really included, feeling a bit excluded I cleared my throat and tried to stand, my legs wobbling dangerously in the process.
“Well, I am going to go find a compartment then.” I said awkwardly pinching my leg to keep it awake.
“Bye!” Dom hugged me before I left. She too is one of my favourite cousins; she’s so sweet and always gives me some of her pudding at Granny Weasley’s house.

I pulled my trunk further down the train and realised all the compartments would be full, so I stopped at one full of people who looked my age.

“Um, is it ok if I sit in here?” I shyly asked. I looked around and it wasn’t a crowded compartment, but it looked like the people in it had been friends for years, cosy but slightly intimidating.
“Sure.” said a blonde haired girl grinning widely.
I settled into the compartment and the others all looked at me expectantly.
“Oh.” I suddenly exclaimed realising they must want to know my name, “I’m-“ I started to introduce myself.

“Molly Weasley. I know.” said a black haired boy with a fringe so long it covered most of his grey eyes, I could barely make out the colour of his eyes behind his curtain of hair.

“Another Weasley!” cried a small girl I barely noticed in the corner; she had long brown hair, poker straight and chocolate brown eyes wide in horror.

I laughed. There are lots of us Weasley’s… My grandparents had seven children, six of whom were boys.

“What'cha mean?” asked the girl with blonde hair in confusion. I looked closer to see she had blue eyes and very muggle clothing on. She must be muggleborn that explains why she doesn’t know what my last name means.
Most people do, not that I’m being big-headed but my uncles and aunts did save the world.
“My family is quite well known.” I said modestly.
The boy with black hair scoffed, “Quite well known my ass.” He muttered. The small girl sat closer to him and slapped him over the head.
“Aww!” he cried clutching his head as though she just hit it with a hammer.
“Well anyway.” said the blonde girl turning away from the other two fighting; she shook her head in mock impatience.
“I’m Joanne Harley. I’m- Uh. Well muggleborn.” she finished lamely looking to the small girl finished her bickering who nodded encouragingly.
I felt like I was in one of those muggle support groups, where we go around say our names and a fact about ourselves.

“I’m Anna Malfoy.” introduced the small girl. I paused at her name.
“As in Scorpius?” I asked confused.
Scorpius was in my cousin Al and Roses' year, they don't seem to get along... Ok. They don't get on at all and have barely spoken more than three words to each other yet hex each other in the halls and make everything a competition. Anna’s face frowned sadly.

“Yes. Is that a problem then?” she looked near tears.
“No!” I amended quickly. “I just meant that my cousin talks of your brother a lot!” I said blushing.
Anna smiled, “Albus Potter? Yeah, that’s, like, practically Scorpius’ enemy… I guess the feelings mutual for him too then?” she giggled, either over the misunderstanding or her joke, I laughed along.
The boy cleared his throat. “Well, I’m Riley Furrow.” He nodded to me pointedly.
“Nice to meet all of you…” I rounded off lamely. “Hey I really like your shirt by the way Joanne, I love Jessie. Where’d you get it?” clearly this was the best thing to ask Joanne as she quickly listed off her favourite shops and bands and gave me compliments on my muggle attire.
I always ware muggle clothes, wizard ones are always so old fashioned and itchy.
"Do you like Riand Hulpmore?" asked Riley. Riand Hulpmore was a singer in both the magical and muggle world, everyone loved her.
There was silence as everyone looked at him and then gasped eyes wide.
The compartment got tenser and tenser and Riley looked like he was thrown into a room of hungry lions.
"She's the best-"
"Who the hell doesn't!"
"She's by far the best!"
"Someday I want her boobs..."
Everyone stopped and looked to the corner where Anna sat. She snapped out of her thoughtful trace and blushed, "Well... uh... Who wouldn't?"
We all nodded in understanding, bar Riley who just looked lost.
I was so busy talking to everyone I didn’t notice the train was moving until the trolley witch came around, she looked kind but without a doubt struggling with the effort of pushing the trolley.

She knocked lightly on the door causing Anna to jump in surprise.
“An-anything from the trolley dears?” she asked puffing pushing a strand of her grey hair away from her eyes.
Anna and Riley launched forward with their orders and Joanne mumbled she had no money with her.
“What about you dear?” the witch asked me, she had slightly recovered her breathing.

“I’ll take three chocolate frogs, a cauldron cake and two boxes of Bertie Bots.” I ordered.

The witch looked taken aback as did everyone else in my compartment; I paid the witch and sat with my goodies on my lap smiling. Sure, it was a lot but I was starting to get hungry.

I handed Joanne a chocolate frog, and a box of Bertie Bots. “For you, my dear.” I said winking.
She looked at them for a second puzzled and I laughed, “They’re wizard sweets, don’t worry!”, she shrugged assured and ripped open her Bertie bots.
The compartment was silent for a minute as we all ate our sweets; that is until I bit into a vomit flavour Bertie Bot and started gaging wildly.
“What’s wrong?” Riley worriedly patted my back hard, obviously assuming I was choking, sending my flying onto the floor.
My gags died down as I hit the cold floor, “Sorry, vomit flavour!” I exclaimed sitting up. Everyone started roaring with laughter at me and I joined in realising how ridiculous Riley and I looked.
After our sugar fix we were all hyper. We laughed like mad and couldn’t stop joking around to the point whenever anyone spoke it would send us back into laughter. For people who only met a few hours ago: we were already great friends.
After twenty minutes or so of non-stop laughter, the sugar rush had died harder than anything leaving us all suddenly hazy.
We decided to change into our robes quickly and I felt a sort of dread wash over me as I remembered exactly what loomed ahead.
The sorting, I still had to make it through the sorting challenge.
My family all being in Gryffindor puts a lot more pressure on me then you would think. Everyone expects me to be in Gryffindor, but what if I’m not good enough for it? Gryffindor is famous in our family; it's where people are 'made'... well so says my dad.
And what if my new friends are put in different houses? Will we still be friends? Will I even be able to meet more great people?

“Molly? What’s wrong?” asked Anna curiously tapping my foot with hers. I didn’t realise my face went unguarded as I thought over my issues.
“What if we’re all put indifferent houses?” I asked hoping to lighten my burden.

“We’ll still be friends of course!” responded Joanne as though what she said was simple.

“Yeah, no matter what house we’re put into. Right?" asked Riley. His last word was unsure, and I couldn't help but sharing that attitude with him. Despite it I tried to smile so the others would not notice. We all muttered our agreements knowing none us could promise that.

When the train eventually stopped we all got out with our trunks and put them in the luggage pile to be taken to the castle. It was dark out on the platform with light coming from lamps that hung dangerously lose from high poles.

“Firs’ Years This way! O’er here!” boomed a voice I recognised.

“Come on!” I called my friends and ploughed over to where a tall man as thick as a tree trunk stood.

“Hagrid! This is Joanne, Anna and Riley!” I introduced them to Hagrid.

Hagrid grinned down at us, “Molly! I didn’t’ know this was yer Year!”

“I can’t be 10 forever!” I laughed at the memory of having a massive tea party with Lily, and everyone, including Hagrid, had to sit on the teensy chairs at a tiny table.
Well, Hagrid didn't really sit on the chair, more the floor and the broken chair...

Hagrid let out his booming laugh. “Oh, I mus’ get these un’s in. Don’ want no one getting’ lost now do we? Firs’ year over here!”
A group of 40 or so kids all gathered around Hagrid chatting nervously to each other.

“Ok. Now down to the boats!” he called and we quickly made our way to the boats.
I sat with Anna, Joanne, Riley and another boy who had long dirty blonde hair and green eyes.
“Andrew Knipe!” he announced happily grabbing our right hands and shaking them firmly.

“Molly Weasley.” I replied shyly.

“How’d you do?” Andrew asked Riley. Riley shrugged in response edging away from the clearly hyper boy.
“And you?” he turned to Anna who blushed at suddenly getting Andrews attention.
“Anna Malfoy.” She said politely smiling.
“Marvellous! And you?” he finally turned to Joanne who was hiding her giggles by stuffing her hand over her mouth. I was pretty much doing the same, but covered my face with my hair a bit.
Joanne took a few calming breaths, “Joanne Harley.”
“Absolutely spiffing to meet you all!” he cried swinging his arms about.Unfortunately, he was much too enthusiastic about doing so and ended up tumbling back and falling into the water with a loud splash.We all cried out in shock and looked over to see if we could find Andrew, but all we could see were ripples in the water from his splash.
“Hagrid! Hagrid! A boy fell in!” I cried urgently. I heard Hagrids’ boat squeak in protest as he too leaned over the side of his boat and searched the water. The four of us left in the boat where panicking, Andrew had been under for only 15 seconds, but we were all scared senseless.
Suddenly a ripple appeared in the water scaring us all and Andrews head popped up. He spluttered and gasped at the cool night air. All was silent until: “Bloody hell! That was deep!”
I found myself laughing along with everyone else who heard Andrews’s exclamation.
Andrew swam back to our boat and with the help of Hagrid and us, Andrew got safely back in.

“Here ya go lad.” Said Hagrid kindly, he took of his moleskin coat that is very infamous for having so many pockets, and handed it to Andrew who accepted it over joyfully.
The next part of our journey was pretty uneventful with more of Andrews' 'spiffing' and 'marvellous' and eventually 'cracking', until we saw Hogwarts.

We all stared in awe at the castle.

It was more than anyone had ever described to me with its large turrets and open windows. It reminded me of a fairy tale and that a princess would be in the tower waiting for her dragon slayer to fetch her and ride off into the sunset on his white horse- sorry, got a bit carried away there… Maybe not a horse, but a hippogriff or a unicorn... I hear they have both in the Forbidden Forest.

Our boats came to a halt and we all climbed out of them carefully making sure not to tip them over and followed Hagrid up towards the school. Hagrid lead us through big wooden doors and into a main hall.
“Jus’ wait here fer Professor Longbottom now.” Said Hagrid in his ‘teacher authority’ voice. “Good luck.” He whispered to us before striding across the hall and through large wooden doors.
As soon as the door swung shut the silence seemed to snap and nervous whispers broke out.
“I heard we have to face a boggart!” cried one girl.

“Don’t be silly, you have to take a test and they prick your thumb and take some blood.” said another boy.

“My Pa’ says you have to recite the 12 uses of dragon Blood. Backwards!” said a small boy which followed by a small girl squawking, “What are the 12 uses of Dragon Blood?!”

A man slid into the hall unnoticed by the 11 year olds and he stood in front of them as they shared what they ‘thought’ was the correct way to be sorted in Hogwarts. He cleared his throat gaining everyone’s attention and silence.
“Now,” he started, “I am Professor Longbottom.” He informed us. Uncle Harry sometimes spoke of him, but I have never properly met him before.
“Please follow me and we will begin the sorting ceremony.” We followed Professor Longbottom through the same door Hagrid left through.The hall we entered was amazing to say the extreme least.The night sky was illusioned to replace the roof and candles scattered around like stars above.
The four main tables large and bulky just like my cousins described, and above each hung a huge banner.
One said Slytherin in grey writing and a large snake moved on the banner and cast an eerie green glow over the table and its occupants. Ravenclaws’ banner had its name declared on it in bronze writing and had a black Raven on it soaring around. Gryffindor’s’ had gold writing and a yellow/golden lion shaking its mane and opening its mouth as though to roar. Hufflepuff had a yellow banner with black writing and a black badger scurrying around on it which I thought was cute.

All the tables looked scary and the occupants so much more scary if one of them tried to talk to me I would be pretty sure to wet myself. My family didn’t even look up or smile at me. They continued their banter, I frowned slightly upset by this.Anna nudged me gently in the side encouragingly and smiled.
We walked to the front where Professor Longbottom stopped and conjured a three-legged stool and an old decaying hat. The hall fell into silence.
I stared at the hat expectantly and some others joined me, some looked unimpressed or questionably at if unsure what to make of it. The hats old wrinkly form suddenly moved and sat up, one of the wrinkles parted to form a mouth-like shape.

It began to sing:
My name would be the sorting hat.
Put me on and let me see,
I will look through your young new minds,
Sort you all accordingly.
Those who are brave and bold,
Belong in Gryffindor, no doubt.
Some of you may be eager-minded,
Those belong to Ravenclaw also for the witty.
Some may be sly and cunning,
Show no fear; that is the key.
And last there are the Hufflepuffs,
Kind and caring or otherwise don’t fit.
I am the hat; I am here to sort you. The best for the job! The reason I am no oven mitt!

The hall broke out into cheers and applause for the dear old hat, I clapped for him and the others joined me. When the noise dyed down Professor Longbottom cleared his throat again, “When I call your name, please step forward and put on the hat.” I felt the butterflies start fluttering inside me as he said so.
“Bernie Andrews!” he called.

A small plump boy who had told everyone the sorting test was the test on Dragons’ Blood stepped forward and put the hat roughly on his head before thumping his butt to the seat.
I saw the hat wince as the boy moved. After a few long tension filled moments the hat cried out “Slytherin!”
This process continued until Riley, he was the first of my friends to be sorted.
Riley walked up as though he was just going for a dander. He sat on the stool and Professor Longbottom slowly lowered the hat. The hat thought for a while and Riley kept a poker face.
“Hufflepuff!” It shouted. I clapped as Riley again wandered to his seat.
Joanne was then second and she too went to Hufflepuff after a few seconds, she smiled as she was sorted and told the hat ‘Thank you.’ before she set it back on the stool.
Andrew shook like a leaf as he made his way to the hat. As soon as the hat touched his head it shouted “Hufflepuff!”, Andrew done a few more ‘Spiffing’ and ‘Marvellous’ before he finally sat at the Hufflepuff table beside Joanne who was laughing at Andrew.

When Anna’s name was read a few voices cheered ‘Slytherin’ at the back of the hall, particularly around the Gryffindor table. Anna and I sent glares to the area.
The hat sat on Anna’s head for a long time, her face was as blank and pale as a sheet of paper, but it was her eyes which gave her away: she was fighting with the hat, almost in tears begging.
Finally the hats brim opened: “Hufflepuff!”
I felt annoyed that if I were in Gryffindor, I wouldn’t have any of my new friends with me.
It seems inevitable though. I am a Weasley, and all Weasley’s go to Griffindor.
I got more and more nervous as Professor Longbottom went through the names, I felt like being sick everywhere.
Eventually, he called my name. “Molly Weasley!” he boomed. I stumbled forwards nervously and set the hat gingerly on my ginger head and sat. “Another Weasley… My, my… you seem to breed like rabbits.” I blushed violently at this. “Well, let us see. Let us see… brave, loyal, not very cunning or sly but you are ambitious and Witty."
I smiled slightly at this. My eyes wondered across the room from my cousins all looking intently to my friends under the yellow banner.
“You would suit most of the houses. But you are so very brave… Ahh… Now Molly, your heart’s desire is my choice Molly Weasley. So it must be...HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat shouted the last for all to hear. My mouth sprung open in shock.

There was complete silence in the hall. I don’t know how long I sat with the hat on my head, but in front of the hall, it felt like forever.

I looked to my cousins whose mouths where hanging open in shock too, I felt a stab of pain as I looked at them.
I looked to my friends to see their mouths where open in shock yet curved in a light smile, I felt a slight buzz of happiness to be with them.

I smiled bravely and hoped I was masking my mixed emotions to my family and walked to the Hufflepuff table. After about two steps the Hufflepuffs erupted into cheers and complete strangers patted me on the back.
I sat between Anna and Joanne, they congratulated me, but I didn't feel like I deserved it feeling the stares of my cousins on my back, probably all wondering how they managed to grow a traitor and how best to weed me out from the family.
I am a traitor.
All Weasley’s are in Gryffindor. It's like LAW.

I mustn't be a Weasley. Maybe I'm adopted? Ha. That’s way too hopeful.



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