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The Little Things by GrangerFever4eva
Chapter 2 : Arithmancy
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I watched as Hermione sat down alone at her table, shooting daggers at Weaselette as she passed. Wait, I thought Weaselette was Grangers best friend, why are they mad at each other? --Skreeeeeee- went the owls as I watched Granger get my letter. She looked a bit worried, glanced around, and smiled at me. I smirked and sent her a note through my trademark origami crane. She played hard to get, but I get that she needs her space. I left breakfast  to go get ready for Arithmancy class with, hmmmmm, Gryffendors. Fun. 

"I have arranged your partners according to grade level, so If you don't like your partner, I'd suggest studying harder." Mrs. Accolati spoke loudly, "The partners are as follow: Lovegood and Bones; Malfoy and Granger..." 

I didn't hear anything past Granger. If I knew anything about her, she and I were gonna finish way early. That left about a half-hour to do whatever, by my calculations. She came and sat at my desk. 

"Malfoy." she stated briefly. 

I nodded my head cooly and replied, "Granger." 

We started to work; today's load was easy. I finished mine first, and began to doodle. I was drawing a Slytherin snake wrapped around a wand. It wasn't long till  Granger noticed my drawing, and gasped loudly. 

"Draco that's beautiful!" she exclaimed with as much enthusiasm as she could while whispering. 

I smirked at the sound of my name, and replied, "Well, I'm not done YET. You just wait."

She smiled and finished quickly, just to start drawing rapidly. "No peeking yet!" she exclaimed as I tried to see. I went back to drawing scales on my snake.  Damn that girl could draw fast; barely five minutes later, she tapped my shoulder and moved her arm. 

I saw a well-drawn and lifelike rendition of, well, of me. The best portrait anybody has ever done of me. I was sitting on a bench by a rose bush, with a grey suit on. God that girl can draw! My portraitme had proportionate grey eyes, a half smirk, and gelled blond hair. It was me, last night. Last night. My strange ball. Confusing memories. 

Granger looked at me, to judge my reaction perhaps, so I smiled and winked at her. It was a good picture. Too late, I noticed the teacher coming towards us, to collect our homework.

 She grabbed my wand-snake picture from my grasp, blinked twice, and glared at me. "Mr. Malfoy, where are your calculations? Surely you don't mean to turn in meaningless doodles?" she stated suggestively. 

"No Mrs. Accolati. They're right here." I muttered, shoving the correct papers into her hand. Granger laughed under her breath, giving Accolati her papers as well. 

"Glad you think that's funny, Gryffendor, she might have grabbed your picture of me. Good luck explaining that to Potty and Weasel King!" She grimaced, and I remembered what Weasel had done to her last night. "S...Sorry forgot." I mumbled. 

"S ok" she replied quietly. 
The bell rang, interrupting our quiet exchange.
"See ya, Ferret!" she said teasingly as she darted for the door. 

I smirked and replied, "Well well well, someone's feeling her Gryffendor courage today!" 

"And someone's feeling crafty today!" she joked.  

I smirked and replied "Im pretty sure that's NOT what the Sorting Hat meant, Gryffendor."
She laughed, grabbed her bag, and left; leaving me in a room full of awestruck students. 


I smiled to myself as I thought of Malfoy in the classroom with 30 shocked students. It was almost good enough to tell Gin- wait. I can't tell Ginny. She hates me. This would make it worse. Extremely worse. Fuck! The door opened quickly, and I saw the rest of the class in a rush to get out. Draco came strolling on by last, letting the doors swing shut behind him. 
"So... How was the interview?" I teased, knowing that soon rumors would be spreading all over the school. 

"Ruddy arsehole." Draco muttered, then looked up and said "Fine, except for bloody everything. These arseholes are way too assuming!" he vented loudly. I began to articulate a response, till I noticed 2 owls waiting for us. From Professor Dumbledore, fun. Mine was simple:

Dear Ms. Granger, I am requesting a meeting with you shortly. Please be in my office as soon as you have time. The password is Bertie Botts. Prof. Dumbledore

Glancing over my shoulder, Malfoy's looked the same. He was the first one to break the silence. 

"Well. Should we go then?" he asked awkwardly.  

"Uh, yeah." I replied. 

I grimaced as he picked up my bookbag, only to find it extremely heavy, and screaming 'THEIF!!! THEIF!!!' the whole time. 

"It's charmed, genius. Only I can Carry it. Thanks for... Thank you anyway." I smiled, stuttering a bit. 

"So are you purposely rejecting any type of male attention, or is it subliminal?" he asked me sarcastically. I stared at him for a sec, confused. 
"Well there's the 'I don't talk or acknowledge your prescience while I'm reading, which is like always' thing, and the 'if you try to be a gentleman and carry my bag for me, it'll scream at you', and last but not least, there's the whole 'I am smart enough to best you at any insult-swap or debate' air you give off. It can lead to boys being shy."  

I grimaced. "If there was a smart, strong, nice boy who would accept me and be faithful to me, I may change! Tell me when you find him!" I snapped. Boys were a touchy subject for me. "Now let's go see Dumbledore, you arsewagon!" Malfoy hesitated for a second, looking... Hurt? Then he shook it off and followed. 

"Welcome!" Dumbledore stated as we walked in to his fancy office. "Please, sit down, sit down. Would either of you like a Lemondrop?" When we both shook our heads no, he popped one in his mouth and began to speak again. "I am pleased to announce that you two are Head Boy and Girl!" I stared at him, shocked. This was sooo awesome! I heard that the Heads got their own dorm, with a bathroom and everything! I glanced over, and Draco was looking at him the same way I'm sure I was. "You two will be sharing a dorm, located behind the portrait of a mime on the 5th floor. The password is Heads until you decide to change it. Now, I suggest you two hurry back to class, wouldn't want to be late for Transfiguration."
I left speechlessly. 

"Did- did he say we get our own dorms?!" Draco asked unbelievably. "No more snoring Crabbe, no more Parkenson trying to grope me In the middle of the night??" he trailed off into silence, as I snickered at the thought of Pugface groping him. We burst into Transfiguration as McGonagall transformed a button into a bat, and sent it flying into the air. 

"Thank you for joining us, Granger; Malfoy; Please take your seats." she said in that no-nonsense voice of hers. I noticed an empty table right up front, that would work. 

The next hour was boring and uneventful, as was lunch, and Wizarding History and Laws. Soon it was time for Potions, and I decided to take the class instead of meet up with a random person. It was Gryffendors and Slytherins today, and Snape definitely was showing favoritism. Strangely, Malfoy wasn't there to be the main subject of Snape's adoration. Hmm. I sat with a Hufflepuff girl I hadn't met yet, and laughed at Harry and Ron as they tried and failed to take care of their potions without me. The day was soon over, and I returned to a quiet common room shared by me and Draco. He didn't say much, just glared at the fire. I quickly went to sleep to avoid the awkwardness of the situation. 

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