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Monsters in the Dark by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 1 : Monsters in the Dark
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A/N: Hello! I thought that I, Gabbie, would do a one-shot. This is a little something from my story, "A Force of Wills" and if you all like this and want to check that out, please do! I'd really appreciate it. And just so you know, I fullly approve of  using Transfiguration textbooks as a weapon.

 Astoria Greengrass walked morosely back into the confines of Hogwarts with her mind in a jumble as the heat from the summer air left her. She had gone outside to get a bit of freedom and read a good book under moonlight but she’d been confronted with a couple talking passionately along the shore of the Black Lake, one of those Weasley twins and a black girl.

Though she had desperately wanted to be anywhere else but where she’d ended up, it had been hard to ignore the love between them. She’d watched them for a long time before she’d grown embarrassed and turned around.

Seeing such a blatant show of romance under a pretty full moon put her imagination into a hopeless mess. And she knew that that was why her head was in a jumble, wanting things it could never have.

Depression hung around her and the heavy Transfiguration book felt like a weight in her arms and she now wondered why she’d thought that it would be a good book at all when she wasn’t all too good in that class. She pursed her lips sourly at her own stupidity before wondering if that Weasley boy was kissing that girl and telling her sweet things.

A blush tore into her cheeks at the thought. But she found herself wandering down the dark corridors, hearing Peeves bustling about as he tormented some student or another before she walked towards her dorm.

Just as she would have rounded a corner, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rising and a burst of irritation going over her skin. “Malfoy!” his name was said in a menacing hiss as he materialized behind her, her head turning.

Draco Malfoy was the most ignorant excuse of a man that she had ever been forced to know and he tormented her here, stalked her whenever he had the free time and stared at her as if he’d devour her whole.

Astoria didn’t fully know what he wanted but she knew that it wouldn’t bode well for her so she turned fully around as he stared at her, a smile broadening on his ironically handsome face. “Half and Half, nice to see you again,”

Half and Half was a nasty nickname that he and the rest of his degenerate friends had started calling her since first year, when he had probably told them how she’d spat in his face. Of course, he had called her a breed and Astoria’s temper was a living, breathing thing, “What the hell do you want, sneaking up on me?” she demanded, even though fear tightened around her chest.

“What are you doing, sleazing around at night? I can never keep my fingers on you. You’re always slipping away…” Malfoy murmured in a whisper that reminded her of a monster soothing its prey.

Astoria wasn’t sure what it was about him that terrified her so much but because she had been raised to hate purebloods, she felt nothing but disgust at the moment. There was a strange quality to his face as he drew closer, the cast of a lantern pooling his blonde hair in an array of light, “Where I go isn’t any of your damn business, Malfoy.”

Malfoy pursed his lips at that and took her in, probably smelling the salt from the Black Lake on her skin and the crisp night air on her uniform.

The long tumble of her brown hair seemed to capture his attention for a moment and he daringly reached forward to brush it back so he could stare at her throat, his eyes turning an odd, eerie blue that diverted from his normal grey. “Really, now? That’s not the sort of attitude that you should be giving me, Half and Half. How about apologizing on your hands and knees?”

“As if I’d lower myself to getting on my hands and knees for you,” Astoria might have mentioned that he was a stinking, foul pureblood but her father had warned her to watch her sharp mouth. If anyone found out what they did for a living they would be in danger, it was already bad enough that Malfoy stalked her. She slapped his hand away, “go eat shit, Malfoy. I’ve got better things to do.”

Malfoy’s eyes flared with heat and he captured her arm before she could turn away and vanish into her private dorm. It was her prison and the need for her protection but he never needed to know about it, he would do the most debase things to her in private, “You should learn to respect your superiors, Half and Half. That mouth…” he ran his tongue over his lower lip before he continued, “is going to get you into trouble with me if you’re not careful,”

Astoria raised her upper lip at him in revulsion. The fact that she wasn’t and had never been interested in him must have bruised his ego a very long time ago but her spine squirmed with distaste at having him so close…so close to eating her, “Lay a hand on me and I swear you’ll regret it.”

“If you’re like this while you’re clothed, I can only imagine the possibilities when someone manages to strip you bare,” Malfoy murmured and his tone was husky and filled with intent. Astoria’s eyes widened with terror as he yanked her closer, his lips so close to her own, “come into my room with me and be a good girl, Half and Half and I may or may not do something you won’t like.”

The threat hung in the air like a dancing siren and Astoria wasn’t sure what made her do it but she lowered her eyes demurely. “P-please let me go. I’ll go with you,” Malfoy stared intently into her face for a moment before releasing her and stepping away, jerking his head imperiously in the direction to the Slytherin dungeon.

But before Astoria could lose her nerve, she gripped the Transfiguration textbook tightly in her hands, raised her arms and smacked him as hard as she could across the face. 

The sound was like a thunderclap and her arms tingled with the force of it as he stumbled back, his eyes going wide as pain exploded through him, “Y-you bitch!” he screamed madly, holding the reddening welt that was brimming like a flood along his pale, pulsing cheek. “I’ll kill you!”

Astoria raised the book threateningly and saw his eyes glance to it with an obvious flinch, his hand cradling his growing wound. “Leave me alone, Malfoy or I’ll do it harder next time!”

For whatever reason, Malfoy merely hissed a nasty slew of curses damning her to the pit of Hell before he stalked into the darkness. Panic and fear laced through her but she made sure that he was gone before rushing as fast as she could to her dorm, finding the entrance and locking herself inside.

Heart pounding with terror, she sagged against the wall, understanding that it wasn’t over between them but knowing, more than anything that she had just made the Devil hungry for revenge.

I hope you all enjoyed it and sorry for it being so darn short but if I'd continued, this might have turned into a novel on its own! I've got alot on my plate as it is, you know but if you all want to check them out, please do and leave a review! Much love and thanks so much for reading! :D




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Monsters in the Dark: Monsters in the Dark


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