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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 10 : A supposed day...
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A/N: Sorry that this fic is taking so long to be posted. I am very close to finishing my 1st fic "It was supposed to be" so, been lacking on this one.

Anyways, here's the nxt chap, enjoy! Please tell what you thought about it with leaving a comment. They make my day and keep me writing. LOT OF LOVE ! ~S @}--




                                                Chapter 10




                                     Draco stood in-front of epitome of pure-bloodness. The country club that their families belong for generation was looming in front of him with its white columns that lined the outside and dark French windows. The old building had green and white ivy growing up the sides that camouflaged it against the rolling green golf course behind it. This was the first time Draco was back around the wizarding world since the war. Unmoving he stood in front of the white stucco building weighing his options when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Instantly he reached for his wand, as he turned he saw the familiar face staring back at him.


“What, you’re going to jinx your oldest friend?”


Draco laughed a bit uncomfortably. “Oh, maybe just a bit.”


                                     They walked into the club sharing a laugh with Blaise leading the way by putting his arm around Draco’s shoulders. It felt good to be with an old friend, but something still irked Draco. He couldn’t put his finger on it. But, kept his guard up regardless, something felt unsettling; he just couldn’t put his finger on it.


                                     A sweet bouncy brunette greeting them as soon as they enter the dark wood and marble foyer of the club house, she had a smile on face while looking down at whatever was written on the backlit table top she was leaning on.


“Mr. Zambini” she said without looking up from her podium. Jayme has you set up in the McLaren room.” She handed another girl a file and when she did, her eyes landed on Draco. She visibly lost her breathe when her eye landed on him making Draco feel like a cold breeze had settled on his neck.


“Oh, hi “she squeaked suddenly undignified “Mr. Malfoy” She stammered


Draco only nodded his head. This was exactly what he thought was going to happen. Blaise saw how Draco stiffened up after being recognized. He leaned into girl gawking at Draco like she had seen a ghost. He slipped something in her hand then said. “There’s no need to alert anyone about our lunch, then.”


                                     She smiled and she looked up at him and closed her hand around the something that Blaise had given her. Draco watched feeling stupid for agreeing to Blasie’s invite at all. Blaise however put his arm around Draco’s shoulders again and said “It’s all good. She won’t say anything, just another one trying to land a pureblood.”


                                     Draco felt like he should have not been surprised by Blaise’s callowness. But, again it was just another thing that Draco brushed off from being away from the wizarding word for so long.


                                     The McLaren room was set up with a single table next to a picture window that over-looked on to the green of the golf course. Wizards were aiming with their wands while their clubs hovered in the air at the tee, wearing brightly colored knickerbockers and socks with matching puffs. Draco laughed at the sight, he had almost forgotten about wizard dress. He enjoyed golf in both the muggle way and wizarding’s, under the method behind both, but there was no denying the fact who had better fashion.


                                     They both took their seats in silence like it was the good old days, before the war when they would waste their time in the very same spots. Bittersweet memories ran through Draco when he looked out on the green. Something felt right coming back, but something was off too. Blaise didn’t wait for pleasantries, he went right into business, like it was only yesterday he and Draco were running the halls together.


“You would never guess who I saw last night?” If Blaise’ cheeks could get tomato red they would be Draco thought while he halfway paid attention to what his old friend was saying.


Draco nodded his head welcoming the cold drink that was placed in front of him at the moment, making Blaise stop his thought. Once the random girl left who had brought the drink Blaise continued,


“I came to see you as soon as the final battle ended, but all I found was that no one knew anything about you where you have been. All your mother could say was she knew you weren’t dead. I was wondering what happen to you after that day. No one had a clue on what had happened to you. I tried to find you, but after a while I figured you’ll pop up sooner or later. But, I do have to say I am surprised to find you this way, delighted! But, surprised regardless.”


Draco was a little lost on what Blaise was saying. His attention was taken aback and Blaise knew it. “I remember you had that guitar back in the day, but never thought you actually could play it. Not to mention, be good at it.”


Unwilling a smirk appeared on Draco’s face at Blaise compliment. “Ok, mate. I know you didn’t bring me here to blow air up my arse. So, what’s up?”


Blaise leaned back in his chair, folded his hands in his lap, and let out a little laugh. “Ha, ok still suspicious. That’s good. Glad to know it’s still you, deep down on the inside. Last night when I came to see you, but saw you were already busy with a certain blonde”


“Um, ok” Draco interceded figuring on where this convo was going.


“It’s nothing, but be careful. Whatever you’re getting out of her, make sure it’s worth it. That’s all.”


Draco eyebrows shot up. The awkward feeling coming from Blaise was about last night, Draco thought. This was the last thing that he thought Blaise would bring up, but the upset of the moment made his brain kick into gear. “I want to know is how you knew about my show. What I really want to know is how after all this time; all of you pop up out of nowhere, after I made a life on the outside?” Draco realized after the words came from his mouth that maybe he had just let out too much. But, it was let out a breath. The words just flowed out smoothly and couldn’t be taken back. He just looked at his fellow table mate exasperated.


“I knew about the show, because it’s my record company. D is my business partner” Blaise answered with a little too much emphasis on the my’s. “When he told me about 1hourmore, I couldn’t wait till the night would come and I would get to revile myself in al that I have been hearing.” Blaise gave short chortle, before continuing. “What I didn’t expect was that Sari would have gotten to you first. She always had an eye for real talent when she came across it.”


It all was starting to make sense; how Sari knew everyone at the party, and how she knew D. Draco was starting to feel a little played out, but Blaise stopped it before he had a chance to let it mature in his head. “Mate, I don’t know if she told you, but….”


“Why would she have told me anything? Why would she even think that I know you?” Draco spat getting slightly heated cutting Blaise off mid-sentence.


Blaise kept his eyes down while again continued to speak.


“Hey, don’t get mad at me.”


“No, I can do as I please. I am starting to feel a little set up here. If I wanted the life of pure blood pleasure, then I would have never left in the first place. Now, tell me what’s really going on or I am leaving.”


“Sorry, what happens if maybe I was little green seeing her with you last night. That’s all.”


Draco calmed down at Blasie’s statement. It started to make sense. D had told him that Sari used to date his business partner. A look of understanding washed over Draco; why he was feeling an awkward energy coming from Blaise. “What’s then your side of the story then?” Draco asked trying to sound like he didn’t care, even down he was dying on the inside to learn more about the girl that had captivated both of them.


“It was really nothing. I took a cue from you after the war. I left, but I couldn’t stay away for long. While I was gone I met her; I was at a show, and bang, there she was. We had a few good night together. She showed me into her world. ‘the world of rock & roll’. I liked it and made it my business before long. Then one day, she was gone. Later on she told me we had gotten too real and she needed her space. I know it was some kinda of lie. But… “He stopped for a moment to choose his words and omit some things “Since then I see her whenever the next big star is about to hit. I have come to learn to follow her lead and have gotten very rich doing so the past few years.”


Draco laughed un-comfortably. “So, this happens often?”


“Nope, normally she just brings them to me then I molded them into stars. She’s been flying solo, since we parted ways from what I know.”


Draco was almost glad to hear it. A small part of him was hoping that he would hear something horrible so he didn’t have to deal with his feelings for her, but was relieved regardless.


“Oh, so changed of subject. Guess who I saw last night” Blaise asked playfully.


Draco didn’t care, but decided to take the bait. “Who Weaslette?”


“Close” Blaise answered coyly.


Draco knew exactly who he was talking about in that instant. He prayed that he was wrong, but knew deep down who Blaise’ smile was for. His heart sunk when the words came out of his mouth. This hurt more than he could ever have imagined.  “Granger”




Blaise would have bet that Draco wouldn’t have ever been able to guess, but then again Draco was the only person that he had ever felt an intellectual match for.


“Yeah, how did you guess?” Blaise looked down and away, before saying under his breath “I knew hiring Weaselette would be a good thing.”


Draco went numb and put his best Deatheater face on to mask his sudden, but fleeting painful pang in his heart. He now knew why he had seen Hermione at the hotel. He knew if he were to ask Blaise what hotel he was staying at he would already know the answer.


“We shared a lift this morning?” he answered smiling on the inside a little bit at the off put look on Blaise’ face, Draco knew he wanted to show off his catch and now because; a) Draco guessed right and b) he saw Hermione to this afternoon his glory would be short lived.


Glad for the interruptions of the waitress bringing a tray of food and for putting a slight wrench in Blaise good mood, Draco knew just how to throw him off even more. It was just part of the game they used to play as kid together.


After a few welcomed minutes of silence from eating Draco took control of the conversation. “Did you say Weaselette worked for you?


Blaise looked up to the left before answering “She watches my interests; if I used her venues for my parties. She keeps the media out, if my clients get out of hand. Plus, between her and Sari there isn’t a shortage of beautiful girls around for my boys to play with. They’re always good at finding girls for us in a pinch.” He finished his statement with a winked which made a slight sick taste in Draco’s mouth that lingered with each of his best-mates words.


Drinks were served on silver trays while the old friends changed to friendlier subjects. Draco felt like Blaise was being slightly vague, but took it as left over feelings from him disappearing the way he did. Once all other pleasant topics went by their talks turned to ones about the business come to find out both were sharing in. Blaise brought Draco up-date with how is company was founded on sponsoring one artist, who painted one picture; and, how the silly cartoon was turned into millions of gallons before the end of his first year of Uni by being put on t-shirt and whatever. Blaise then took his money and started investing it in small companies all over London, until one day he stumbled onto a muggle bloke from wanting to start a record company; four years later here they sat. Dude turned out to be Harry Potter’s cousin and that in end it was enough for the media to except his company in the mainstream wizarding world because of the association


                                     Draco wasn’t surprised about his best-friend’s success, but it still irked him how it seemed to come so easy for him and to make his way in both worlds so effortlessly. Then, it finally came out the “why” for Blaise’ s impromptu lunch with his best friend.


“This is where you come in.” Blaise looked away for a moment, before taking a deep breath. “Dray, I’ve been watching you some a little bit.”


Draco looked up and into Blaise’ eyes from his finger nail that held his attention mere seconds before. All of a sudden he felt anger rise up on him. Something about being watch from a far from someone who could have talk to him really angered him. It made him feel vulnerable and he didn’t like it.   Blaise didn’t notice anything and kept on talking.


“I’ve seen the ways you affected the numbers when your music had some airplay. I was hoping that you will bring me in on your team.” Blaise had a longing look in his eyes that Draco couldn’t decipher and kept quite choosing his words before speaking.


“My connections in this world and my rep in ours, plus your magnetism; It’s….It’s.. I don’t know unstoppable…  Let D deal with paperwork, and let me be your manger in the process, making you bigger than ‘the stones’”


                                     The vanity that held its home in Draco’s heart was stirred. He knew Blaise and the reality behind his words. Somehow, he and his family came out of the war unaffected. Draco was only hoping that he could re-make himself in a world that didn’t know him. What Blaise was offering was an option he had never thought of and was something he wouldn’t let himself wish for. He knew this was his ticket back to his old world and wasn’t going to let it go. Draco knew Blaise had an askance view, but thought that he could deal with whatever would come up at a later date.


                                     Blaise watched Draco formulate an option in silence. He however saw on Draco’s face his answer before any words could be said out loud. He yelled out to open space around him for a bottle of fire whiskey to celebrate. With-in seconds a waitress came in holding a dusty bottle that Draco knew was probably over charged for held over her head.  Blaise toasted for new beginnings with a big smile on his face. The rest of the afternoon faded after the few glasses share between the old friends and new contracts. Draco left feeling surprisingly ok with the whole situation. He still was upset that Blaise stayed away, but also saw the benefits of this next chapter if he let Blaise in on the deal. Deep down he knew Blaise wasn’t telling the whole story and was out for something for himself. But, the way Draco saw it was a fair trade for acceptance in both of his worlds in the end.


                                     Draco walked back into muggle London with a renewed faith in him-self after his lunch with Blaise. This felt like the proof that his music meant something and now it was going to help him achieve what he thought was unachievable. He walked with a smile on his face, but put on his sunglasses to keep the tiniest bit of privacy from the outside world of his joyous mood.


                                     The sun was out making it was just hot enough to be warm under his taupe overcoat. Draco didn’t know where he was going. All he knew was he didn’t want to go home just yet. He wanted to celebrate, but wasn’t sure on how. The dawning of realization of how hard it was going to be to figure out a way to merge both worlds seamlessly plagued him. Draco couldn’t go to his band to celebrate the good news just yet. First thing they didn’t know about Draco’s involvement other world, not to mention there even was another world. Plus, they would want an explanation on why to let this seemingly random bloke into the bands circle that knew nothing about.


Draco was too happy to dwell on his troubling thoughts. He decided he needed to reacquaint himself to what made him fall in love with music in the first place. Draco felt like he needed to do something to honor rock & roll, somehow thank it for his good luck. Suddenly, it flashed in Draco’s mind’s eye. He knew where he wanted to start his pilgrimage at. The next moment Draco closed his eyes, and felt his stomach folded onto itself.  When he opened his eyes, they set on a little flower cart next to high light tan stone wall with big black curling iron gates. Draco walked right up to the old man who ran a flower cart that stood in front of the weathered stone wall and asked with a perfect accent.


“Un bouquet, s’ill vous plait”






Ok, here's a Sneak peek of the next chap. Can anyone guess where Draco ended up and saw Hermione? Will give you a shout-out on my nxt post if you guess right.    :-P *

Draco had no idea who was standing in front of him. In his head couldn’t make sense of someone who would know him, not the mention it being Hermione. Her face was all smiles while his was in utter shock. Draco felt like he was kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jar or something. Almost like he shouldn’t have been there at all, but then his senses came flooding back to him. He lowered his shades, before smiling at her.


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SXRXRR: A supposed day...


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