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Nobody by badgernymphadora
Chapter 7 : I Don't Believe in Love
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I’m a morning person. I like to wake up at the crack of dawn to start my day. So, the next morning I woke up at 6:30. Breakfast isn’t served until 8:00 so I decided to go for a run.

I had fixed my room as per the spells in the catalogue and it now looked just like my room at Puckett Orchard, my house. The walls were creamy white with an antique silver trim along the top and bottom. There was a light blue wardrobe on one wall and my four-poster, with light blue curtains, on the opposite one. I had also taken the liberty of adding a crystal chandelier on the roof and a blue vanity, matching the wardrobe next to the window. These were perks that I didn’t get at my place. The bathroom was decent so I had left it. It was a light, greenish-blue colour with a huge white bathtub, a tall, silver shower with a frosted glass door and a long counter with a white sink in the center. I decided that I was really going to enjoy living here.

The night before, I had put all my clothes in the wardrobe and I had put my trunk beside it. I heaved open a drawer of the giant wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black shorts and a purple sports bra. Although this ensemble clearly defied my modesty rules, there probably wouldn’t be anyone else out yet and I would be much too hot in a full shirt and longer pants.

After I changed, I threw my hair up into a bun on top of my head and laced my sneakers. Then, I exited our dormitory silently and made my way out of the castle.

I really love running, especially in the morning. You just feel like you own the world when it’s just you and the sun. Also, the exercise just makes me happy.


It was a perfect morning. The sun was shining already and there was absolutely no wind. It felt like a fairytale. I ran towards the lake, my favourite place to run because you could see the mountains and the water.

When I reached the lake however, I noticed that something was different. There was a ripple in the water a ways down. Not just any ripple, but it looked like it was moving. Right next to the shore too! The squid never comes that far in, so I ran a little faster to investigate.

When I neared the ripple, I realized that it was a person swimming! What kind of a crazy person would go swimming? You could be sucked under and drown or swallow water and get sick! I’ve heard all kinds of stories! As Head Girl, I would not let someone’s safety be compromised without me doing something about it.

“Oi! You in the water!” I shouted as loud as I could. From what I understood about water, you couldn’t hear all too well underneath.

Fortunately, it seemed that the person had heard me and a familiar blonde popped up.

“What?” He turned around and we made eye contact. He was somehow staying afloat. It looked like he was sitting, but his legs and arms were moving in the water.

“How are you doing that?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Doing what?” He threw his arms out of the water in confusion and I gasped. He better not drown! “Staying on top of the water?”

I nodded.

“It’s easy. Swimming is as easy as breathing.” He smiled contentedly and leaned his head back to wet it in the water. I tensed up because as much as I hated the boy, I wouldn’t be responsible for the death of a classmate. “It just makes you feel like there’s nothing else in the world. Just you and the water. It’s the best feeling!” He smiled and started to swim back to shore with his head above the water. Was this some kind of advanced magic?

“I prefer running.” I confessed shrugging. “That way my feet are firmly on the ground.”

He had reached the shore and he pulled himself out of the water. He was wearing nothing but his swimming shorts. As in no shirt. As in my suspicions from the platform about him having amazing abs was right. His shoulders were broad from the muscle and his arms were very strong. If this was from swimming, more guys should take it up.

“You can stop gawking at my amazing body.” He said with a crooked grin on his face. I immediately blushed.

“I was not gawking. I was merely inspecting for any injuries you may have received in that death trap.” He laughed.

“Water? A death trap? Is someone scared?” He made a little pouty face.

I rolled my eyes at him. He picked up a towel that had been on the shore of the lake and started drying his hair with it.

“So, running, hey?”

“Yeah. It’s the best thing. When you run in the morning you just feel like you rule the world.” I smiled and he shook his head.

“Swimming and running can’t both be the best thing. Running is just unnecessary effort. Swimming gives you much more satisfaction and it works all your muscles: your core, your legs, your arms.” I could tell. “And it’s just so refreshing just to be in the water and forget about everything else.” He put on a grey t-shirt and I exhaled my relief that he would not be so exposed.

“There’s so much more risk in swimming though! You could die!” I protested

He laughed at me again.

“There’s always risk in everything you do. You just have to decide what risk is worth taking. And anyways, I’ve been swimming since I was four in our home pool. I don’t think I’ll drown.”

“But, you still could! And you have a pool in your house?”

“Don’t act so surprised, Weasley. I am super rich.” Smug idiot. “Yes, I do and even if I did drown, I rather die doing something I love or standing by something that I love.” He started to walk away so I followed him.

“You want to die swimming?” I was shocked

“I’m not saying I want to die swimming, I just don’t want to waste my life doing things I don’t enjoy. Life’s short so I’d rather spend it happily doing things I love.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“That doesn’t make sense to me. It’s swimming! Those fancy phrases aren’t even deep! You make it sound like life aside from it is torture.” I shook my head.

“It’s not. I just want to express how I feel about swimming and life. What about you? Don’t you want to be happy?” He was looked like his was concerned for me. It made me sick.

“Well, as long as you’re generally happy, it’s fine. I don’t have huge dreams or goals I want to accomplish in my life. I just want to grow old happily with a house full of cats and cookie dough ice cream.”

I made him laugh again. I wasn’t a funny person so I don’t understand what’s wrong with him.

“You don’t want a huge family like the rest of your kin?”

“My kin? That’s probably the lamest thing you’ve ever said. But, no. I don’t believe in love.” I looked down at my feet and started rubbing at the grass with my toe.

“Whoa! You don’t have to believe in love to have kids! You don’t have to be in love to get married! No one does these days! My parents married for blood because their parents basically forced them to and they’re perfectly happy! They understand each other, respect each other and they work well together. Maybe they don’t have passion or ‘love’ but they are very fond of each other.” I could not believe this git.

“My parents married for love.” I blushed and kept looking down at my feet. “They fight and they drive each other mad, but at the end of the day, they have true love and couldn’t live without each other. I don’t want to marry some bozo that I’m ‘fond’ of. True love happens once in a blue moon and if I can’t have that, I don’t want any of it.”

“Well, look at how the little flower is opening up.” He grinned. Git. “I would rather wait for true love than fondness, but sometimes you don’t decide. Sometimes you can’t be with the person you love and that sucks, but you need to get on with your life and learn to be happy without that one person. I want to spend my life doing things I love and with the people that I love, but if I can’t do that with my true love, second best wouldn’t be bad if I really want to be happy.” He shrugged in completion of his opinionated speech.

“Personally, I’d rather be miserable than have kind-of happiness. But that’s just me.” I started to walk away. To my dismay, he started to jog a little from behind me to catch up and walked beside me.

“You’re weird, Weasley.”

“You’re a git, Malfoy.”

“I don’t think I was being a git just yet. I was waiting until after our nice little chat.” He smiled cheekily at me and put his arm around my shoulder. My breath hitched and I tried to shrug him off. He held his ground, or rather his arm on my shoulder and leaned into whisper in my ear.

I could smell him again. Oh, Merlin! I could smell him! Not good!

“Nice shirt, Weasley.”

Bloody prat.

I shrugged his arm off his shoulders and punched him on the arm. Then, I proceeded to cross my arms across my chest in the hopes of covering myself.

“Ow! What was that for?” He rubbed his arm and pouted.

“Oh, please! You bloody well know what that was for! You know, sometimes I think you’re alright and then you pull one of these things!” I waved my arms in the air to emphasize these things.

“You’re hot! What do you want me to do! I’m a teenage boy!” I smacked him again for that remark. “But, you’ve also got quite a temper. And you’re abusive so that kind of ruins it for me.”

“Ruins what?” I threw my arms up in the air. He was irritating me to no end.

“The fact that I might have asked you out if you weren’t so bloody annoying and from the Weasley clan.”

“So you only ask out girls that are easy on the eyes and as uninteresting as a pinecone in the forest then? That’s great. And being a Weasley has nothing to do with it!”

“It has everything to do with it! Our parents hate each other! I would probably be disowned if I even thought about dating you, not that I would even want to because you’re stubborn and selfish and rude!”

“Me? Stubborn and selfish and rude? And being from a certain family shouldn’t have anything to do with friendships or relationships?”

“No! I mean, that plays a part in it but it’s more than that. I try to get to know you and you push me away. You’re selfish, stubborn and hurtful and being beautiful is not an excuse for that kind of behaviour towards other people.” I could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears.

Rats. He was mad at me. Too bad. (Note the heavy sarcasm.)

“I’m not beautiful and even if I was, I know that’s not an excuse to be myself because that’s all I am. And if you don’t like it then you can hit the road.”

“Fine. I will.” He marched off angrily. Of course he would be the one to get to march off dramatically. That’s my favourite part about arguments!

Even though I was happy that I had won the argument, I still had a sickly feeling in my stomach that I had done something wrong and that I had lost a friend. No! Acquaintance.


After I had finished my run and gone back to my room to shower and dress in my robes, I went down for breakfast, where very few people were already sitting to get started on the day.

I walked up to the Gryffindor table and saw Willow sitting with my cousins Lucy and Roxy. Lucy was Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey’s daughter with fiery red hair that always fell perfectly straight down her back, reaching all the way to her waist. Contrary to normal Weasley characteristics, she had no freckles, but rather a perfect, creamy complexion. I’ve never even seen her with a zit to boot. Roxy is just as gorgeous with light tan skin and a sleek bob, black with hints of red when it hits the light at the proper spot. She had dark eyes but a small dusting of the classic weasley freckles if you looked at her closely. She had amazing muscles from Quidditch so she had an amazing body too.

Of course my cousins are bloody gorgeous. Of course I’m the ugly duckling.

I sat down with them and tucked into my favourite breakfast, beans and toast, which I have eaten every morning I’ve been at Hogwarts.

“Morning!” Willow smiled. She was too happy for a terrible morning.

“Mornin’,” I mumbled and stuffed my face with deliciousness.

“Rose, that’s disgusting!” Lucy made a horrified face. Did I mention she was a bit of a drama queen? “It’s a wonder you stay so thin!” She daintily cut her egg and put a perfectly bite-sized piece in her mouth.

“Wuv ‘oo too, cuz.” My mouth was partly full.

“So Rosie,” Roxy began smiling and flashing her all too perfect teeth, “are you going to try out for Quidditch again this year?” She was captain this year.

I swallowed before speaking to my cousin. As one of my favourites, she got special privileges.

“Probably. But, you never know, some crazy, amazing third year might come and steal beater.” I shrugged and took a bite, but a relatively small one so I could finish chewing it faster.

“Please, Rose,” Roxy chuckled slightly, “that’s not going to happen. You are bloody amazing and I’d never get rid of you!”

“But, if someone comes who is better than me, do you promise that they will get the spot?” I could almost hear her deliberating how to answer this.

“I guess, but I’m honestly not optimistic. We haven’t had a good beater, other than you, try out or even be on the team since Victoire. And you and Jack work so well together.” Roxy spread some marmalade on her toast and ate.

Willow started asking Roxy more questions about her plans for the Quidditch teams this year - her strategy, new tactics she had come up with, the prospects of the Gryffindor team. Inevitably, Roxy started talking a mile a minute. 

Soon enough, Neville came to hand out our schedules. Double Potions with the Slytherins in the morning, decent; Transfiguration with the Slytherins, awful; Herbology with the Hufflepuffs, pretty good luck; Defense Against the Dark Arts with the Slytherins, meh; Double Ancient Runes with the Ravenclaws, meh. Right. Of course I have the majority of my classes with the Slytherins. That seems to be the treatment the world is giving me these days.

I left the table without saying goodbye and tossed my wavy hair onto my back. I wanted to get to the dungeons as soon as possible so I could avoid having to sit with certain people.


My mind was going a thousand miles a minute so I almost didn’t realize it when I arrived at Potions class. Professor Fittleworth was standing at the door with a checklist.

“Hello Rosie,” she gushed. She called me Rosie. Without permission. Lovely. “I’ve been making up a seating arrangement for ages now and I think that I’ve finally gotten it figured out.”

“Seating plan?” I stammered.

“Yes. I think it will be good for inter-house cooperation and then you can bond with your year-long partners.”

“Sorry, year-long? Inter-house? I have to be partners with a Slytherin?”

“Yes, that is what I just said, Rosie.” Not the nickname.

“Well, who am I stuck with?” She glared at me.

“You are fortunate to be paired with one of the top students in the class.” She beamed.

“So I get to work independently then?”

“Stop it with the cheek!” Her expression hardened.

It was a joke lady! Lighten up!

“You have the fortune of working with Mr. Malfoy. Now if you head into the classroom, he is in there waiting for you. I’m sure you will work very well together being Head Boy and Girl so I thought that being partners in this class would give you two the opportunity to bond and deepen your companionship with each other.” She smiled one of her signature smiles that instantly made you want to smile back.

I smiled. I left her side. I grimaced. I saw Malfoy sitting at a table alone with his materials out, doodling on his open notebook page.

Oh Merlin. 


Huzzazh! Chapter 7 is finally done! I apologize for the long wait for this chapter. I've actually had it written for a while but I wanted to go over it again and I have been swamped with homework and work, but as I didn't have to work tonight! I had time to finally finish it! 

Also, in other news, I have planned out the rest of the story completely so I have a map to follow while I'm writing this so I don't get carried away. So yeah. That's exciting. 

This chapter is actually pretty important with the conversation between Rose and Scorpius so keep that tucked away as it reveals their characters! Any thoughts on this chapter though? Like/Dislike? Comments? Questions? Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. (Sorry, I couldn't help throwing in a reference there to the King and I, which I do not own.) 

I'm excited about the next chapter and I will hopefully get a chance to write it very soon! Until then, I love you all and all your reviews, which I'm sure you are already formulating in your beautiful little minds for me to read when you are finished reading me ramble!

Happy Reading!



Edit: 6/27/2012 - Minor typos, spacing

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