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Golden Girl by quick_quotes_quill
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 AN:  Hi guys! thanks for reading the first chapter of my first story.  It might be a bit rough, but reviewing helps fix that! Sorry it's a bit short, but its the first chapter so I figured I would give you a taste of the story. I edited it so that the next chapter would make a bit more sense, but no major changes. Next chapter will be up once I edit.

Congrats to TimeToTakeAStand for my first ever review!!! luv ya!

Anything you recognize is J.K. Rowling’s, but anything you don't is mine.

Enjoy :)


“ROSIEEEEEEEEE WAKE UUUUP!!!” Thats Dom. She’s woken me up like this every morning since first year. It a good thing we’re friends, or else I would have murdered her by now.


“YOU KNOW, FRED, YOU’RE JUST SHOUTING MORE WHEN YOU SAY THAT.” Lily shouts up from downstairs.

“EVERYONE SHUT UP!” Bellows Scorpious. He’s loud. Everybody shuts up.

You see, over the summer the entire Weasley clan goes to stay at a huge beach house near Shell Cottage (Uncle Bill and Aunt Fluer’s summer house.) And when I say entire, I mean everyone. The house is like a mansion, there’s so many rooms. Every couple has their own room, and the kids are two or three to a room. Plus, we often bring friends. Dom and I are BFFs, so we share a room and a bathroom. Which is fun, except in the mornings.

I close my eyes, until a pillow hits my face. Dom. I will kill her. I jump up, and leap onto her bed. We both fall to the floor, but she gets up and runs into the bathroom, with me hot on her heals. Suddenly, she jumps up and runs out of the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

“HA! I got you up and in the bathroom, and now you have to shower!”

“But I just woke up....I don’t wanna.” I respond pitifully. “Tough. I’m not letting you out until you do.”

I get in the shower. Unfortunately, Dom is a morning person, and I’m not. This is a problem, because we’re best friends.

The one other problem with our friendship is that she’s gorgeous. Not just really good looking, but gorgeous. She’s part veela, but the veela blood’s been diluted so you can’t tell right away, you just know that there’s something special about her. Her skin is usually fair, almost glowing, but in the summer she gets a perfect tan. Her hair, silvery blonde, is straight down her back, slightly down her waist. She’s thin but a little taller than me. She literally makes me look like a slug. Its hard to hate her though- she’s so happy and kind.

I’m just....average. Except my hair. I’m kind of pale, slightly short, and thin. My features are all average. My ears are a normal size. My eyes are blue, and my hair is fierce red. My hair is easily comparable to a volcano. Its shockingly red and it spills down my back and shoulders in waves and curls that can’t really ever be controlled (all though thats not to say Dom hasn’t tried)

I’m also a bookworm, and really smart. I inherited that from my mum, apparently. I’m almost the top of my year, though Scorpious Malfoy is tied with me.
(Note that whenever I say his name, my voice can be described by the phrase ‘dripping with the venom of barely suppressed hatred’. Yes, even in my internal monologues.)
He’s always trying to compete with me, to prove that he’s better than me. I hate it- I hate him, always trying to tear me down, always trying to hurt me. Somehow, he became best friends with Al despite this. And now he’s here. Yippee.

Anyways, I suppose since everyone’s here I should explain who they are. So here goes....
James: He graduated from Hogwarts before any of us except Vic. Now that he’s got a serious girlfriend, he’s matured a bit. He’s going to play pro quidditch. He’s here too, with his girlfriend.
Emma: Said girlfriend. She met James at Hogwarts and they started dating in 7th year. She’s super nice, just what he needs. She works as a reporter for the Quibbler. Basically, she works for Mum’s friend Luna.
Al: He’s my age (in 7th year) and to our surprise, he got sorted into Slytherin where (unfortunately) he met Scorpious. We’re pretty close. All us 7th year Wotters are.

Lily: Al and James’ little sister. She’s a _ year in Gryffindor, and a very promising Quidditch player. She brought a friend here, but I’m not sure of her name. She’s very shy, but seems nice. The friend is shy, that is. Lily is best defined as a crazy, brave, occasionally idiotic, but incredibly cunning devil child. I guess thats what having two older brothers will do to you.

Hugo: Hugo’s my little brother. He’s in _th year, in Gryffindor. He cant play quidditch at all, but (fun fact!) is shockingly good at Wizard’s chess. We’re not sure where he got that from. He didn’t bring a friend this year, as his best friend is on vacation.

Victoire: She’s Dom’s sister, and just apparated here yesterday. She is currently dating Teddy, and they’re sharing a flat. We are all waiting for him to propose to her. She’s nice I guess, but we don’t see her much, as she’s off living her life as the head editor of Witch Weekly’s style & cosmetics section. Which means free stuff for Dom. Which means- and I am not exaggerating- Dom worships makeup as a deity.

Teddy: He’s not technically a member of the family, but he might as well be. He’s an awesome quidditch player, and he’s just generally an awesome guy, although I don’t understand why he won’t just propose to her already.

Freddie: He’s also my age. He’s a bit of a player, and a prankster. If he didn’t have his sister to rope him in, he would destroy the school. He’s fun though, he’s just a lot to handle sometimes.

Roxanne: Aforementioned sister. Super nice, super funny, but also really hardworking. We’re in different houses, but in the same year, so we see each other around a lot.

Molly: Uncle Percy’s oldest daughter. She was a year ahead of me in Hogwarts and has got a nice job doing something that normal people find rather boring at the ministry. She was a strict rule-follower and quite boring, so I’m not close with her.
Lucy: Molly’s younger sister. She’s in hufflepuff 5th year, and is actually the skanky on of the family. Shocking, since she’s Percy’s kid. Although that said, it kind of makes you like her more.

Maya: Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jasmine’s daughter. We don’t see her much since she goes to school in South America, where they live now. They dropped by this summer for a week though. She’s only 10, and she’s very sweet, despite the fact that instead of an owl, she has this little lizard that is scaly and can breathe fire, but yet is not technically classified as a dragon. Its name is Max.

Welcome to my family. In summary, we are a bunch of crazy, loud, famous, annoying, red haired or bespectacled people who generally create drama and wreak havoc. Since we are all related to the “Golden trio” (Uncle Harry, Mum, and Dad) we are apparently called the “Golden family.” And I, as the model child, and one of the “Golden children” I’m expected to get good grades, play a leading role in the social hierarchy of Hogwarts, generally be a charming and kind person, get a good job, always look good, and eventually have a happy family. No pressure there! Oh, and this year I’m trying to become head girl. Which means I am terrified of messing up anything in my life, and consequently disappointing Mum and the media. Add one more crazy thing to my life, though, and I think I would collapse. Literally, I would die or something.


Dom and I are sitting cross-legged on her bed, munching on Nana’s delicious chocolate chip cookies and having one of those corny reflecting-on-life-as-we-grow-up WT (Wizard Telly) moments

“I can’t believe we’re starting our last year of Hogwarts in less than a week!” She exclaims

“Me either. This year is going to be special, I can feel it.”

“I hope so....I want to go out with a bang, you know?”

“Yeah totally. We can do it, though. We can totally make this year awesome.”
We exchange high-fives, and continue talking about nothing in particular for a while. Suddenly, something strikes me.

She seems alarmed by my suddenly panicked tone. “What is it? Whats wrong?”

“We haven’t got our Hogwarts letters yet. We should get them this week I think!”

“Oh yeah.” She doesn’t seem to be grasping the importance of this.

“Dom! This matters! I mean, I’ll find out if I’m head girl. Omigosh what if Scorpious gets head boy?”

“Rose, even McGonnogal wouldn’t let you two share a dormitory. You’re unsafe together. Trust me, she knows that. Remember in fifth year she got into that huge fight with Slughorn about you two being potions partners? She said you were a ‘hazard to the well-being of the class’. I’m not saying you won’t have to put up with him this year, and his pranks are going to be awful since its 7th year, but we are going to get you through whatever humiliation you’re stuck in, and you will be strong. Plus as much as she hates us students, she would never put us through having you two as heads.”

The oh-so-reassuring, but also somewhat logical Al pokes his head through the door at this.
“Its true Rosie. In theory it would be the kind of story where you spend time together and realize what wonderful people each other are, overcome old prejudices, and work together to make Hogwarts students peaceful and harmonious, while discovering your newfound love for one another.”

Me: “.......”

Dom: “.......”

“But we all know thats not going to happen.” he continued. “I mean, Everyone was sort of hoping that you two would be the ones to show people that we should be overcoming our old issues but....You weren’t. You guys plainly just hate each other. We can’t really tell why, and for the life of me, I don’t understand it, but we can tell its not an act. Nobody expects anything but hatred from you guys now.”
He said the last part with a bitter edge to his voice, as if we had disappointed him, or not done what we should have. For a moment, I felt guilty. And then I remembered Malfoy, and all the things he’d done, and all I felt was the surge of anger in my gut I was so used to now.

Dom was quiet for a while, and then - “Bravo, Al. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And that, dear Rosie, is why he will not be head boy.”

“Well I’d better go. Gotta go repeat that for Scorp so he doesn’t have a nervous breakdown too.”
He turned and left, waving absentmindedly over his shoulder.

I turned to my best friend, grateful for the new confidence she and Al had given me. “Thanks Dom.”

“No problem. And I’m sure they will come soon. Don’t stress.”
I can’t not stress. It’s what I do. Its like, my life mission. But whatever...

“kay I’ll try”
Dom yawns, and we both realize how tired we are. She reaches over
to turn out the light.

“G’night my darling Rosie”

“G’night my dearest Dommie”



“But its early!” I whined

“ROSIEEEEEEEEE! You have to!” A pillow came flying at my head from across the room, where Dom sat, grinning at me, clutching two letters.

“Have I ever told you that I hated you?” I asked her.

“Yup. Several times, actually.” Ugh. Her grin was so irritating.

“Well thats because its true.” I rolled over and attempted to go back to sleep.

“Fine. Sleep if you want to.” Dom walked out of the room. “but” she added, poking her head back around the doorframe, “I’m just going to open up your Hogwarts letter without you.”

Whatever. As long as I get to go back to sleep.



I tore downstairs after her, and ran into the kitchen. What looked like the entire Weasley clan was lounging around, while the kids sat around the table, letters in hand.

“Rosie!” Mum greeted me with a smile. “Glad you could join us.”

“Finally!” Fred piped in. “We’ve been waiting forever for you”
The rest of the family murmured their agreement. Scorpious just smirked at me. Why, oh why, did Al have to invite him here? I glared at him.

“Alright dearies!” Nana Molly was practically bursting with excitement.

“On the count of three”

I bit my lip, nervously anticipating my opening my letter

“ONE” The family chanted

Dom and I exchanged smiles

Scorpious and I exchanged glares.


We all ripped open our letters. I heard a clink as a shiny badge fell from mine to the ground. YESSSS!

I heard another clink as well. Hopefully one of my cousins was responsible enough to surprise me and follow my footsteps and to get prefect. I pulled out my report card.
Eight O’s. Perfect.

“All O’s” I exclaimed happily, just as a voice across from me said the exact same thing. Trust Scorpious to ruin things.

“And I got head girl!” I added proudly. And I may have been hearing things, but I could swear I heard Scorpious say that too. I looked at him to confirm that he hadn’t. Our eyes locked, and ever so slowly, he raised his right hand, which was holding a shiny new head badge.

The room went silent. Dead silent. Which was quite remarkable, considering how many loud Weasleys there were in it.
And then, as if someone had flipped a switch, they all burst out laughing. Even Nana Molly was doubled over in hysterics.

“Y-you guys are so s-screwed!” Al managed to say between laughs

“Congrats, Honey” Mum pulled me into a hug, although she kept chuckling to herself. She hugged Scorpious too.

Suddenly we were all a big mass of hugging people. I think at one point Uncle Ron even hugged Scorpious. For a moment I was glad to see old prejudices being overcome, and than I realized why Uncle Ron was congratulating him in the first place.


I was fuming. Positively disgusted. Scorpious Hyperion Malfoy. I hated him, and now I was supposed to work with him?
Merlin hates me. I now have proof.

“Rose....?” Lily is poking me in the shoulder.

“What?” I snapped

“You zoned out. I’ve been poking you for like, five minutes.”

“Sorry. My mind was clouded with tremendous amounts of hatred.”

“It’s not that bad.” Lily’s friend....whats her name?....says. “I mean, he’s hot. Who doesn’t want to share a tower with a hot guy?”
“Rose doesn’t.” Al points out.

“No I most certainly do not. I hate him. The last thing I want to do is share a tower with him.”

“Thanks so much, Red.” I can practically hear him smirking. I turn around to find him leaning casually against the doorway. (and yes, he was smirking)

“Just so you know, I don’t much fancy it either.”

“Look at that! You guys agree on something!” Al is grinning brightly from his place on the couch.

“This is a serious milestone in their relationship. Let’s all take a moment to think about the affects this could have on Hogwarts society.” That girl whose name I don’t know again. I wish she would go back to not talking.
Scorpious and I just glare at them, and then at each other.

I’m screwed. This year is definitely not going to be quite as good as Dom and I hoped......

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