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Elodie Oddity by DarlingMisfortune
Chapter 1 : Lack of Nomalcy
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            Elodie Mancaster wasn’t normal. There was no denying her intelligence, but she seemed to lack a certain social characteristic that most other children had. As for her parents, Alan (a renowned Arithmancer) and Beatrice (a well-known Potioneer), they never did realize that she wasn’t getting along well with other children and, as a matter of fact, Elodie didn’t realize (even to this day) that people were laughing at her, not with her (1).

            She would be at the Potter’s talking to a wall (2), while her parents chatted idly, instead of playing with Albus, Rose, Dominique, or Roxanne (James and Fred claimed they were too old to play with babies, even though Elodie was just as old as they were, and were often seen hitting each other with sticks or splashing in a mud puddles, like adults). The others would mock her brutally with words such as ‘poo head’ and ‘soup for brains’. However, these insults mostly confused Elodie and caused her to sit and ponder how exactly poo got on her head and if she really did have soup for a brain and whether it tasted good or not.

            She was five when her parents became aware of her seemingly unnatural intelligence, when they were arguing about whether or not Archy Monotue, a famous journalist at the time, was right when he said that Sugar Quills were the leading cause of children’s cavities. Mrs. Mancaster declared, after reading “Sugar Quills: The Silent Killers (of Teeth)”, that Elodie would never partake in such a hazardous activity, while Mr. Mancaster, a great lover of Sugar Quills, stated that their daughter would eat as many as she pleased, leaving out the important fact that his teeth were riddled with cavities as a child.

            Anyways, as they argued they walked into their kitchen to find Elodie making a potion out of the book Charm Your Own Cheese. Stopping dead they watched as their child, whom they generally thought nothing of, was not only reading, but brewing.

            From there on out Elodie was their pride and prodigy, which they loved to brag to other people about, especially the Potter’s, whose children were of average intelligence (3).

            Alan and Beatrice were on cloud nine, that is, until Luna Scamander and her husband, Rolf, declared they had not one, but two prodigies in their family of four: their identical twin boys. It was then that the Mancaster’s stopped pampering their daughter and begin drilling her with new readings, spells, and potions. They enrolled her into a Muggle elementary school, so that she’d have a leg up on the always traveling Scamanders (4). All she did was study from the age of five up until it was time to go to Hogwarts.

            It was the summer before Hogwarts, however, that the Scamander’s stopped traveling and stayed home to prepare their boys for school, which lead to the first time Elodie met someone who was (almost) just like her.

            Lorcan Scamander seemed to be missing the exact same thing Elodie was, the only difference was that he knew it. He shied away from children his own age, (because they found him strange and he found them dull and immature) sticking to books and his favorite pet plant, Effie, a Flitterbloom, instead. On the other hand, his identical twin, Lysander, found his intelligence to be somewhat of a burden when trying to make friends (5). So, he opted to fit in with his peers and as his last summer before Hogwarts progressed, Lysander slowly stopped doing anything that could be seen as ‘brainy’, much to his twins dismay.

            But that is exactly how Elodie and Lorcan become best friends (6). During that summer, they bonded over isolated childhoods (which Elodie didn’t even know she had) and learning facts about anything and everything. And from then on out, the prodigies were inseparable (except when they had to go to their own dormitories and when going home from Holiday breaks, obviously).


(1)This was most likely because when Alan and Beatrice brought their child to someone’s house it was to drink tea and have adult time, rather than pay attention to the child they didn’t want in the first place. And as for Elodie’s case, well, she’s just blissful ignorant, isn’t she?

(2)Elodie found at the early age two that talking to inanimate objects was much better, seeing as she was able to make up both her side of the conversation and the object’s as well. She actually carries around two items to talk to in times of loneliness, a potato named Norman, which she drew a face on, and her quill, Lisa, (which actually couldn’t talk, but wrote its answers instead).

(3)With the exception of James. It was hard, being barely six years old, to determine whether he was even average, because he seemed to be headed in the direction of stupidity. This may or may not have stemmed from eating large amounts of soap covered bark as a child.

(4)Since both Luna and Rolf were Magizoologists they traveled around a lot to find exotic animals and plants, at the expense of giving their twin boys a normal upbringing.

(5)Eleven year old children do not appreciate it when other eleven year old children talk about what they think of newly formed laws or whether or not they should reread Alchemy, Ancient Art and Science, for the third time, before school starts.

(6)The two actually became best friends when Elodie was talking to Norman and Lorcan became extremely jealous of her pocket friend, so she made him one christened Norma. It is said that Norman and Norma are married with a few spuds.



Author's Note: Alright first things first (1), reading the footnotes isn't exactly necessary, you might be confused on why Elodie is constantly talking to a potato and why James Potter can sometimes be spotted chewing on bark, but that's your loss isn't it? Second thing, I'm writing three stories at the same time, so forgive me if I don't updte regularly (2). And lastly, thank you so much for reading my newest story! Please leave your thoughts, I would love to read them (3)!

(1)I've never really understood the saying, 'first things first' , obviously it's first or else it would be second or something... However, it seemed fitting here.

(2)I'm crazy for writing three stories and I will try my hardest to update as soon as possible.

(3)Even a thought that is as repugnant as, "You're story is dumb, you're a poo head, and you have soup for brains" would be kindly accepted.

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