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Building Dollhouses In The Sand by daliha
Chapter 12 : Chapter Eleven
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Chapter Eleven


“Stay away from me!” spat Elizabeth turning towards Thorfinn who held up his wand. Her eyes widened in fear as she began to take a step back.


            “You do understand why I can't let you live Elizabeth...” he whispered nonchalantly though Katherine saw what she could' have sworn were tears.


            The young woman shook her head holding onto her coat “Please...don't” he voice broke as she watched him come closer “please!”


            “I can't let you bear that child-”


            “Child you forced upon me-”


            “Silence!” Thorfinn snapped lunging at her. He missed her by inches as she broke into a sprint. Thorfinn ran after her shooting curses at the young woman who could only do her best to avoid them.

            She turned a corner and fell onto the concrete howling in pain.


            “Stop it!” Katherine yelled frantically at her father, he now stood over Elizabeth holding his wand taking quick shallow breaths.


            “Please!” begged Katherine as she heard her mother's sobbing.


            “I can't allow you to dirty my family's name” he said more to himself than to Elizabeth. She closed her eyes waiting for his strike.


            Thorfinn suddenly flew back landing onto the middle of the street, Katherine turned to see that behind her mother stood a tall slim man his elegant features familiar.



            He took a step in front of Elizabeth who pulled her coat closer. “Thorfinn leave before Fabian finds out what you’ve done –“


            She watched he father standing grimacing….


            Someone pulled her back, Katherine heard a soft sob.


            “The Miss shouldn't have seen that...”


            Nome stood there collecting the items his small round eyes full of tears. The elf shook his head frantically.  “Miss. Katherine? Please understand, don’t leave-”


             Katherine held her chest. Her father was a monster and her mother had been his victim. She had been an unwanted child, a disturbance in both of their lives.


                Pierre had known and never said a word. Egil must have realized it at some point yet he never considered it prudent to inform her.


                She was the product of something repulsive. Katherine’s hands were shaking, for a moment everything was out-of-focus. She could barely hear the elf’s pleas. 




 “Go” she choked the tears escaping her eyes as the elf shook his head dropping the small vials from his hands.


          “Please miss-” begged Nome taking a hold of her arm.


           “GO! LEAVE ME ALONE!” she shouted standing her chest rising and falling rapidly “LEAVE! And don't you dare utter a word of what you saw!”

            He nodded frantically disappearing from sight.


            Katherine threw herself onto her bed sobbing little did she know that in the corner of her room inside the empty portrait was an old man watching wiping his own tears.


* * * * *



            I never got to say good-bye at school or rather you never gave me the chance. I haven't heard from you so I took the initiative to send this letter. How are you? I'm fine, Fred and I are working on a new sweet (using an engorgement charm) hopefully it will be a success like the canary creams.


                                                                                              Happy Christmas,



             He sighed as he tied the letter to a large eagle owl's leg. Katherine had sent him and Fred a small package without a letter worried he took Fred's suggestion to write her a letter.


            “Odd isn't it?” said Fred as he laid the package on his bed. George nodded as he watched Fred open the small package. “Want to open it?”


            George felt a knot in his throat as he nodded. Inside was a small box of dungbombs and a letter. Fred laughed picking one up as George took the letter. “Look there are timed ones, sticky ones and the special edition dragon dung!”


            Enjoy. Sorry.



             “Fred” whispered George handing his brother the letter, his smile faded.

* * * * * *

            It had almost been a week and still Katherine hadn't left her room unless it was for dinner, where she was forced to sit with her father.


            Katherine constantly fought back the tears, curses and even the urge to use violence against her father.  She sat on her bed her hair now frizzy practically floating around her face, there was a small pop that could be heard from the other side of the room.


             “Nome what is it?” she asked in a voice that was barely above a whisper.


            “You got a couple of letters today Miss.”




            “George Weasley and another from Michael Blackwood...”


            “Put them on my bed... and leave.”


            There another small pop, she reached for the letters. For a moment Katherine held George's letter. She felt it become heavy; slowly she ripped it open deciding that maybe some chicken scratch could cheer her up.


            Katherine smiled; she didn't even bother to read but instead traced her fingers over the writing. She stood up walking over to her desk.


           She wrote a quick letter something that would hopefully keep George from worrying. “There I'll send it later...”


            Katherine opened Michael’s letter.


            I hope you’re doing well, I sent you a gift from Madrid the city is lovely. Maybe someday I’ll come here with you. Remember Katherine dear I love you and I miss your hair, your lips, but above all your smile.


            M. Blackwood


             “I love you too” she whispered holding the letter to her chest. Katherine put down the letter and pulled her trunk from underneath her bed. In the last few days she had thought about leaving, going back home, back where she once lived with Egil. Maybe there with the pensieve she’d be able to learn more of her mother and understand Egil and Pierre’s involvement.


                Pierre, the name went sour on her lips. He had her less than five feet away and he lied. Katherine kicked the trunk open slipping the last of her clothes, the gold laid on her nightstand. Today she’d leave but before she did Katherine would confront Thorfinn, she’d make sure he paid for ruining Elizabeth’s life.


 * * * *


            Selina knocked on her door before walking in as Nome finished tying Katherine’s corset. “You look gorgeous!” observed Selina. The blonde woman wore an elegant black dress robes fitted to her body, in one hand she held a glass with bubbling liquid. 


            “I’m sure Eldon Burke will just love you!” she gushed pinching one of Katherine’s cheeks. She gave Selina a curt nod.


             “Of course he will” she sneered, Eldon Burke was a Slytherin boy a year above her own. His father and Thorfinn would have dinner tonight or at least it was what Thorfinn had in mind…


            “Selina” said Katherine as Selina sent Nome away “when will our guest arrive?”


            Selina drained her glass before she spoke “in about an hour, but I’ve been wondering Lyra-”




            “ You’ve been acting rather strange” she continued concerned. Selina pulled Katherine towards her bed where they took a seat.


            “I’m fine Selina” said Katherine standing; she walked briskly towards the door.  At the door Katherine looked over her shoulder “I have to go see my father, excuse me.” Selina didn’t protest; she for one always dreamed that Katherine and Thorfinn would act like father and daughter. If everything went as planned she’d be out of his house in less than an hour.


             As Katherine walked down the hall, she pulled her wand out of her corset. All she had to do was walk outside and call for Nome. He’d have her bag ready, she smiled finally she could say she was at a NEWT level in Charms.


           But first she’d meet with her father, the grip on her wand tighten as she stood in front of his door. Katherine lifted her shaking fist; she looked to the side whilst knocking. None of the nearby portraits said a word instead they watched her curiously as she had never been in this part of the estate.


            The door creaked open and a voice spoke.


 She had never been inside the estate’s master bedroom, like most bedrooms in the house it was large and contained a four poster bed with teal curtains. Thorfinn’s bedroom also contained fireplace and alongside it a dark couch.  “Selina you should be making sure Katherine looks decent” he said derisively “I’m hoping Eleanor will fine her to be perfect for Eldon.” Katherine watched as he looked himself over in the mirror, after a few seconds he noticed her presence and proceeded to ignore it as usual.


            “Father?” she began summoning the strongest tone of voice she could muster. Thorfinn fixed his sleeve, she cleared her throat.


           “Thorfinn” she whispered watching her reflection in his mirror. Her hair had been pulled straight; it hung like a curtain around her porcelain-like face.  The corset gave her the illusion of having actual breasts something she was sure Selina had requested for Eldon.

            Thorfinn suddenly faced her, his cold eyes staring into her own. With a lazy flick of his wand the door shut itself. “Why are you here?”


            Her breathing became heavy; he had probably treated Elizabeth the same way after he used her. “I’m your fucking daughter you cynical arse!” her voice had begun to rise. Thorfinn hadn’t moved instead he raised an eyebrow.


            “I know.” Katherine felt something inside snap, nearby a glass vase shattered. “You have a wand for a reason Katherine” said Thorfinn repairing his vase.


             “Just shut the fuck up! SHUT UP!” she pulled at her hair sobbing. “You forced me into her life! You didn’t want me, she didn’t want me-”


           “What are you talking about?!” yelled Thorfinn his eyes widened as Katherine laughed.


             “Oh you seem to have forgotten, but- “


            “I damn well haven’t forgotten! Elizabeth Johansson was a slut!” he spat walking towards her grabbing her shoulders “you should be grateful-”


            “Grateful!” Katherine pulled herself away. Her hands began to feel numb “for what? A home, food” she laughed pushing her hair back. “Or the fact that I disgusted my parents?”


            Thorfinn’s face was red the grip on his wand so tight Katherine thought it would snap. “Who-”


            “Told me? No one, I saw it!” Katherine shook her head she had lowered her voice. “Egil was kind enough to let me know the truth…”


             Before she could get a reaction a small elf appeared between them announcing the presence of their guests. “Go tend to your stupid guests” she said calmly wiping her face. Thorfinn gave her a curt nod as he walked out of the room.

            Katherine followed him out the room, down the hall, and down the stairs in silence. If it hadn’t been for the house-elf he most likely would’ve gotten violent.  As he walked towards the dining room she walked outside her feet crunching under the snow. Katherine continued down the small road that leads out of the estate. Katherine wrapped her arms around herself before stopping at a nearby tree “Nome!” she called shaking.



            A small elf appeared with large bat like ears, and round eyes. He dragged a red bag behind him sniffling. “Miss he’ll be so angry!” said the elf as Katherine took the purse.  


            “It’ll be alright Nome” she whispered kneeling down to kiss the small elf “you’ve made my life bearable, thank you.”


            The elf flushed as she stood up sighing. “Don’t worry Nome I’m just going back home, I’ve got enough gold so I’ll be alright.” She said more to herself than him.


            Katherine looked down the road; there was still ways to go before getting to the gate. “Nome get inside, I’ll walk to the gate.”






           I know what happened.



He put down the letter. His blue eyes stared at his half-empty glass, how could he break his promise to Elizabeth now?


            “Katherine deserves an explanation” whispered Pierre as he looked around. His flat was still the same as ever, the decorations; the furniture was all the same. “I suppose I haven't been the world's greatest godfather...” his eyes stopped over a small portrait.  It contained a frizzy haired young woman who had her arms wrapped around a young man with messy blonde hair and bright blue eyes.


             “Lenore...mon cheri” he drained his glass before he stood to take the picture in his hands. “What should I do?” the questioned was directed to himself. He knew this portrait couldn't give him answer still Lenore's bright eyes had always been a comfort...




            He turned, at the door frame stood a young man his dark hair was messy but he had his father blue eyes.  “Talking to Maman again?” he asked before entering the room “you know she isn't going to give you any answers?”


            “Antoine...” The older man smiled “your mother would've said the same thing.” He sighed putting down the picture onto its respective shelf. His son poured himself a glass despite his father's frown.


            “Antoine” began Pierre as his son shrugged.


            “Alright...” he cursed in French before taking a seat on the desk. Pierre stared at his son, his eyes soften. Antoine would never realize how much he mirrored his mother's actions, from the way he scoffed to the way he ran his fingers through his hair in attempts to keep it neat.


            “You're not of drinking age” said Pierre amused walking over to his desk “and that is not a chair Antoine.”


                       His son stood up “fine, hey I almost forgot but Gabrielle owled me yesterday asking if we were going to France tomorrow?”


Pierre nodded “Yes, we'll leave soon first I have to take care of something.”




                Pierre frowned while his son shrugged “Papa, why not just talk to her” The words struck a nerve; Pierre nodded though he could already feel his heart rate rise.




 “Go get ready Antoine I'll be out in a moment...”


            The young man nodded but before he stepped out he turned “Papa.”




            “Whatever it'll be ok.”


            Pierre smiled weakly at his son “thank you” he sat down pulling out his quill “now go pack, and please Antoine no dungbombs or-”


            “Anything else that might scare cousin Fleur and Gabrielle” Antoine sighed rolling his eyes. He shut the door behind him his frustration only amusing his father.


           Antoine was definitely Lenore Smith’s  son.



            Katherine got off the Knight Bus a couple of streets away from where her home had been. The small muggle neighborhood was currently dark. She quickly walked down the street towards her home hoping to avoid the muggle boys that stood at the nearby corner. Katherine pocketed her wand keeping her eyes away from the young men. All she wanted was to go home, to sleep in her bed.


             “Hey sweetheart!” called one of the men swinging a bottle. “Why don’t you join us?”

           Katherine ignored it; if she paid no attention then they wouldn’t dare bother her. The cat calling had come to a stop once she crossed the street. She was just a few feet away, Katherine held her bag closer.


            The last time she visited the neighborhood was three years ago to pick out what she wanted to take to her father’s estate. For all she knew Thorfinn could’ve thrown away all of Egil’s possessions…


             She shook her head, no the house would intact the same way it was. Someone pulled her by the arm “why are you in a rush princess?” asked the dark eyed boy his breath reeking of alcohol. His friends stood on either side of Katherine; one held a bottle whilst the other smoked what she thought was a cigarette.


            “Home” she insisted trying not to stare.


            “Home” echoed the young man chuckling “ain’t ever seen you around…” Katherine forced herself to smile hoping they’d leave it at that. The boy reached into his pocket pulling out a small blade “but you see I don’t think you’ll make it home…”


             “Take it off sweetie!” called the dark boy that held the bottle.


            She looked around, shaking her head. Katherine held her bag closer, underaged magic wouldn’t hurt now right, Pierre could help justify the magic.


           They pulled her into a dark street farther away from her home. Away from Egil…


                        Yet he wasn’t there, all she would find was an empty box.


                Destiny perhaps would have her go through the same experience as her mother. Katherine was against a brick wall; her bag had fallen as two of the boys held her down. They covered her mouth hoping to stifle her sobbing so the passing couple wouldn’t stare.


The corset was on the concrete, Katherine closed her eyes. The blade at her throat as their leader threatened her. She was sobbing; all she wanted was to go home back to her Uncle Egil. She wanted to read books with him play with her dollhouse, have him reassure her everything would be alright.


                “Stay silent or I’ll slit your –“ His voice faded as she felt herself being pulled into a small tube.


With a loud thud she felt herself land on the wooden floor, her bag was only a few feet away. Katherine lied on the floor trying to catch her breath. “Apparition without a wand “she thought trying to keep herself from dwelling on the past experience. Her palms were sweaty and her breathing was shallow “Unintentional magic-“


The floor was slipping from underneath her, she was floating…


Maybe the apparition had gone wrong; maybe she’d go home with Egil. Perhaps it would be just an empty box. Wherever she was it all begun to spin as she desperately tried to breathe, Katherine saw everything fade into black.


She sat on the sofa holding her teddy bear close. Beside her sat a woman her wrinkled face wore a frown. The child had refused to go to bed until her uncle returned from work.


            “Katherine, Egil said to put you in bed” said Mrs. Gardener exasperated. The child shook her head.


            “I’m already seven, I can stay up if I want” she answered sticking out her tongue in the end. Mrs. Gardener pursed her lip as she took a seat across from the child.


            Before she could speak the door creaked open, a man walked in his hair was in disarray and his eyes barely open. As soon as he laid eyes on the child he smile welcoming a running Katherine with open arms. “Sweetheart” he said lifting her up and giving her a kiss on the cheek.


            “She didn’t want to sleep until you got home Egil” said Mrs.Garderner in a soft voice; she smiled warmly at the scene.

Egil smiled as Katherine hugged him tightly “I’ll tuck her in, but thank you again Mrs.Gardener!”


            The elderly witch nodded as she walked past him “I understand how hard it is without all these muggles around…”she ranted taking her coat from the stand near the door. Egil chuckled as Katherine stuck her tongue out at the woman. “If you ever need me-”


             “I’ll owl you” he interrupted her shutting the door. Katherine had her head on his shoulder.


            “You’re late” she said as he turned his back to the door and began to make his way up the stairs.


            “I know dear, I’m sorry” he answered taking each step carefully “but there was a very bad wizard-”


             “The one from last week?” she asked as he opened the door to her room. They were greeted by light purple wall paper, a small shelf where Katherine kept her books and a small snow globe. Egil nodded laying Katherine down onto her bed. “Did you duel? Or did you run him like muggle aurors?”


            “There was running yes” he said pulling the purple sheets up to her chest “and yes I did duel him, almost sent me to St. Mungo’s” Egil widened his eyes which awed the small child.  Katherine sat up.


            “Oh Uncle you have to tell me about the duel? Was he any good? What kind of magic-“


            Egil chuckled laying down in the bed next to her “Alright I’ll tell you but afterwards you go to sleep.” Katherine frantically turning onto her side to face her uncle who went on to tell the story of how he captured the criminal who had evaded his capture for years, after the tale the two fell asleep. Katherine curled up next to her uncle whilst he kept a hand in his pocket around his wand.


            “Katherine! Katherine!” a voice repeated her name, they began to mumble, but she couldn’t understand. Around her it smell clean with a small tinge of something herbal.


            “Egil?” Katherine opened her eyes abruptly; the room was white and the voice that spoke belonged to someone else. At the foot of her bed holding stood a man wearing blue robes, his ash colored hair was messy and his eyes bloodshot. His handsome features seemed to be made of stone as he scribbled down something on a piece of paper.


            “Pierre?” she said her voice dry, Katherine sat up. He dropped the documents he held; Pierre nodded giving her a small smile.


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Building Dollhouses In The Sand: Chapter Eleven


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