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Fighting Their Own Battle by Emilyinlove
Chapter 1 : Introducing...
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, characters, series, movies, or anything else.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! So this is my first next generation fic, but I'm super excited! It's going to get very intense and dramatic, and I can't wait to show you all what I've come up with! If you are just clicking this with no previous knowledge of any of my past stories, you may be a little confused, but I'm pretty sure everything is explained pretty well. If you feel otherwise, please go and read the other stories in the Hogwarts, Here We Come! series. So here it is, I hope you all like it! Please read, favorite, and review! I love reviews and they inspire me to write even more! Just so you know ;)

Chapter One: Introducing...

The Saturdays blasted in my ears as my feet pounded along the dirt path. I loved the forest, but that might have only been because the love of nature was in my blood. I continued jogging through the woods, watching as my house got closer and closer. When I finally reached my back door, I was panting I was so out of breath. I leaned over, trying to get my breathing back to normal and while I did that, I listened to the loud shouts and yells of my siblings and their friends playing Quidditch in our spacious backyard.

All of my own friends were still on vacation. Even my family had only just gotten back from out month-long trip to Greece (which was partly to celebrate my parents' fifteenth wedding anniversary), so I didn't expect any of my friends - who usually went away for the entire summer - to be back any time soon. And that was alright with me. It gave me more time to myself before I was back to sharing a bathroom with four other girls.

I walked over to our kitchen sink and filled a glass with water, downing it in a few seconds. I glanced out the window over the sink to see Aidan and Nadia both had their wings out, trying successfully to hit bludger's at each other's teams.

Aidan and Nadia were my older brother and sister, who also happened to be twins. If they weren't different genders, they would be identical. They both had light blonde hair, although Aidan styled his in a spiky style, and Nadia always had hers down in its natural waves. They were both tall like my dad and had the infamous emerald green Potter eyes.

In the eyes of society, Aidan and Nadia were perfection personified. First of all, they were born towards the end of the Second Wizard War, which was impressive enough as it was. But add in the fact that they were popular, athletic, got good grades without even trying, had a close-knit group of friends but were also on friendly terms with practically everyone they had ever met, and you had the perfect celebrity kids.

I considered Teddy Lupin to be another brother. He was technically my half-cousin by marriage, but he might as well have been born into our family. His mum and dad died in the war about a month after having him. My parents were his godparents and took him in without a second thought. Now he was just as much a part of the family as Aidan, Nadia or I were.

He was tall and had golden brown eyes. I couldn't really tell what his hair color was because it was always changing. Right now it was teal. Supposedly he looked just like his dad, and from the pictures I had seen, he did. My parents always talked about how much he was like his mum and dad. He was a little hyper and quirky like his mum, but had this dark, serious, intelligent side that was like his dad. Like Aidan and Nadia, he was super athletic, popular, and smart. Really smart.

Then there was me, Adrianna Eleanor Nymphadora Potter. I was just...well, at this point in my life, I wasn't quite sure who or what I was. I had long dark brown hair that I always kept up in a ponytail, light green eyes like my mother's, and pale skin, also like my mother's.

I was horribly shy to the point where I hardly ever spoke, and when I did, it was only because someone had directly addressed me. I preferred to listen to others and take in the conversation rather than participate in it. I only had a few really close friends, and most of them were Wotters, which meant they were related to me, and didn't really count.

I also really liked ballet. No one else in my immediate family had much interest in it. Apparently my mum's sisters had taken ballet for several years when they were younger, but my mum had refused. I liked it though. I could say something beautiful and profound without ever having to say a word.

Another huge different between me and my siblings was that I still didn't have my wings. A half-Fairy usually got their wings on Halloween of their fourth year. And I was starting my fifth year in September. But I was born on Christmas so I had to wait an extra year to get my wings.

I continued watching my brother and sister playing Quidditch with their friends. Every time one of them made a goal, that person would get pushed around a bit. It was all in good fun, I guessed.

I really liked Nadia and Aidan's friends. They really good and true friends to Nadia and Aidan, and really didn't care about who our parents were. Another good thing about them, though, was that they didn't bother me or pick on me. And if they saw someone that was taunting me for my lack of speech, they stood up for me. Well, except for Ryder, but even Aidan and Nadia knew what an arse he was. They swore he could be a really good friend, but I had yet to see that.

I walked upstairs, my music still blaring as I entered my private dance studio. When my parents saw that we liked something, they went all out because money was definitely not an issue. So as soon as I had started ballet and showed that I really liked it, they changed the guest room beside my bedroom on the second floor into a dance studio.

They even arranged for a ballet instructor to come to Hogwarts a few times every week to continue my training. But because summer was my off-season with no competitions or lessons, I made a training schedule to keep myself in top ballet form (which unfortunately, I was a month behind on because of going on vacation with my family).

The walls on either side of the room were covered in mirrors with ballet bars in front of them. I had a cupboard to keep all of my dance shoes, music, pictures, costumes, and clothes in, and a grand piano in the back corner if I ever wanted or needed to practice with live accompaniment.

As soon as I entered the room, I pulled off my sweatpants and baggy sweater (staple items in my wardrobe), to reveal a pair of black spandex shorts and a bright yellow (my favorite color) sports bra. I hated having to wear any clothes that were tight, revealing, or attracted any unnecessary attention to myself, even if they were just brightly colored or showed my figure, because I was one of those people who hated their bodies.

I knew I had no reason to dislike my body because I was in really good shape (twelve years of ballet tended to do that to a person). I guess it was partly because of my lack of wings, and partly because of my shyness.

I tucked my clothes in the storage cupboard and pulled out my Pointe shoes. I sat down and slipped my feet into the light pink shoes, and as I tied the ribbons around my calves in a criss-cross pattern, I felt my charm bracelet rustling on my wrist.

My charm bracelet was probably the best gift I had ever received. I had been just about to go on the Hogwarts Express for the first time when my parents had given it to me. They figured that since Aidan had gotten the Marauder's Map, and Nadia had gotten dad's Invisibility Cloak, that I should get something on my first day as well.

So I had gotten a silver charm bracelet with four circular charms already on it to represent everyone in our family, and then a large, yellow topaz-encrusted A, for Adrianna. Now whenever there was a special occasion, I would get a new charm. My favorite one to date would have to be the delicately framed blue topaz my parents had given me on my thirteenth birthday.

My charm bracelet had become my good luck charm, and the only time it ever left my wrist was...actually, it never left my wrist. I just put a glamour spell on it to make it invisible to everyone else when I had to.

I stood up and plugged my mp3 player into the speakers in my cupboard, flicking on my work-out playlist before starting to stretch.

I loved stretching. My body always felt so good and relaxed afterwards. I went through all of my normal stretches, making sure my entire body was loose and limber before actually starting to dance. I was just coming out of a triple pirouette when something about the piano caught my attention.

I walked over to the piano and pulled out the bench before taking a seat on it. I lightly grazed my fingers against the ivory keys before deciding to play a song. I started singing along and got so into the song that I barely even realized what I was doing.

I did like to sing, but never in front of people, not even my own family. The only thing I could do in front of an audience was dance, and even that could be a challenge depending on how much the costume covered me. I think putting the piano in here was my mum's sneaky way of trying to get me to sing like she did. Well, it worked. I always found myself getting distracted from dancing to go over to the piano and sing a bit.

The only reason I stopped was because I heard clapping coming from the doorway.

Next time on "Fighting Their Own Battle"

My face was burning and I couldn't grasp any of the words that were flitting across my mind. Every time I started to say something, I would start to stutter or it would come out as a little squeak.

What really didn't help matters was that Hunter wasn't wearing a shirt.

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Fighting Their Own Battle: Introducing...


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