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White Flag/I Do It For You by Scriptie
Chapter 4 : Gratitude
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 A/N: This chapter contains some ballet terms. Here's what they are along with the description of the move. Échappé: The dancer demi-pliés in fifth postion then springs quickly up into second or fourth position on pointe or demi-pointe. The dancer then reverses the movement and brings the legs back into fifth position demi-plié. Bourreé: A step performed in releve where one leg pulls the other leg to close both in a tight 5th position in a series of tiny and quick steps either in place or moving. Pas de Bourreé: a series of three steps linked together, for example step up on the right leg, step side on the left leg, close the right leg to 5th position front. Chains are like pas de bourreè except you travel going one way and change the foot that goes in front. Spotting: A technique used by dancers to keep themselves from getting dizzy when turning. Passé: Passé refers to both a position and a movement. As a position, one leg is turned out and bent at the knee with the foot placed in front or in back of the other knee. As a movement, the working foot—the foot that is moving—slides up the front of the standing leg until the toe reaches the knee and then the foot passes to the back of the knee and slides back down to fifth position. Fifth Position Legs: A position in which one foot is placed in front of the other, with both feet touching and the toes of each foot lined up with the heel of the other. Fourth Position Legs: A position in which the feet are placed as in fifth position but they are separated by the length of one foot. Third Position Legs: A position in which one foot is placed in front of the other foot. The heel of the front foot should touch the middle of the back foot. Second position (en seconde) Legs: In second position for the feet, the balls of both feet are turned out completely, with the heels separated by the length of one foot. This is similar to first position, but the feet are spread apart. First Position Legs: A position in which the balls of the feet are turned out completely so that the heels touch each other and the feet face outward, trying to form a straight line. Soutenu: A tight turn done in fifth. Balance: start in fifth, point the front foot to the side, putting weight on it and crossing the opposite foot behind.


Chapter 4 Gratitude 


Hermione found her life was better without Ronald in it. During the past month, Hermione found herself thinking of only her future with Fred along with some bushy haired, pranking geniuses. She sighed and giggled as she let her imagination run wild with countless possibilities of what could happen in her and Fred's future. She sat up in her bed and summoned her pointe shoes. They looked a little worn but they worked for Hermione. Once her feet were inside the shoes, she felt the slightly uncomfortable inside of the box around her toes. She hadn't practiced in a long time. She tied the ribbons around her ankles securely and made sure they weren't too tight or very loose;she couldn't raise the risk of breaking her ankle even more. Once the ribbons were tied she used the tall dresser in her and Fred's room along with the mirror to check herself.

She rolled her shoulders back, straightened her posture and put her feet in first position, keeping her hands on the dresser. She bent her knees and was on her toes. She then put her heels back on the floor again, repeating the process four more times. She pointed her foot to the side and put her heel back on the floor so she could be in second position. She repeated what she did in first position five times. Once she was on her heels again she pointed her left foot and slid it to the middle of her right foot forming third position. She repeated her warm up. Her left foot was pointed in front of her and her heel went down in fourth position. She repeated the warm up and proceeded to fifth position. She finished her left side and continued with the right foot in front this time starting with third and ending in fifth.

Once she finished both sides she began lifts. She bent her knees and was on one of her toes while the other foot was pointed near her ankle. She went back down on her heels and repeated the exercise five times on both sides. After doing the lifts she began doing échappés, bourreés with and without chains, pas de bourreé and soutenu. She felt her toe lads were thin but she went on practicing. She went to the middle of the room and began practicing what she did at the dresser in the middle of the floor adding a balancé in between. She was a little shaky from not practicing for months. She faced the doorway in the room, went on her toes and began doing bourreés with passés traveling out of the room. 

Once out of the room, she went back on her heels and sighed. She hadn't done this ages and was proud of herself. Hermione had her left foot in front of her, arms rounded as she prepared to do pique turns. Hermione knew she was pushing her luck but she had to try. As her left foot pointed, rounded to the side then was on her toe as her right leg formed a triangle in passé and she began to spin. This was the moment of truth, was she going to fall and twist her knee or succeed? Hermione spotted the sink and she came back around facing the sink again, going back down on her right leg bending her knee and her left foot came around again. She performed a second perfect pique turn and stopped. Two was enough for one day. She faced the sink again and went on her toes again, bourreéing forward with passés after every third step forward. After three bourreés with passés Hermione began doing balancés, focusing on her movements oblivious to any sounds.

Fred and George opened the door to their flat. Fred was the first one to enter and stopped dead in his tracks. He gazed at Hermione in wonder. He had never seen her dance before and thought she was graceful as a swan. He continued to watch her wondering what she'd do next. George pushed his twin aside and Fred jumped.

"I was waiting for you to move! Why didn't you-" Fred showed George what Hermione was doing. "What is she doing?" George whispered. "Dancing. She used to do this all the time. She is really good at this." Fred answered back.

Hermione did a soutenu and began to bourreé sideways facing the living room. One arm was rounded above her head and the other was straight yet rounded. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Stay relaxed, make sure your knees bump each other when you pick up a leg to move, Hermione thought as she remained focused. She saw Fred and her concentration disappeared. 

Hermione was flat on her feet again and she ran to Fred while Fred ran to her as well. When they met, Hermione went on her toes and kissed Fred. They both were now almost the same height for once. Hermione didn't care about the pain she felt on her toes, all that mattered was the man she loved was with her. Fred broke the kiss and whispered,"That was brilliant. You were very graceful. It was beautiful to watch you dance." "Thanks sweetie,"Hermione said as she dropped to her heels for the last time. She ran into the room and took off her pointe shoes to examine the damage on her feet. She saw two blisters and murmured,"Accio First Aid Kit." The first aid kit came over to Hermione and she got two bandaids for each of the blisters.

Once the bandaids were on, Hermione waved the first aid kit away and threw away the wrappers from the bandaids. She got up and walked over to the twins smiling.

"That was brilliant," Fred said in awe.

"How do you do that?" curiosity filled George's voice.

"On the shoe I was wearing near the toes there's a flat spot that allows me to stay on my toes. It's called the box. The box helps me go on my toes," Hermione explained.

"Doesn't it hurt when you go on your toes?" Fred questioned.

"Yes it does. Most people use toe pads to help. You've got to replace them when they get thin enough because it hurts a lot to be honest..."

"Like how much?" George asked.

"It's....hard to describe but it hurts." Hermione answered,"Fred I want to ask you something..."

"What is it?"

"I want to take some dance classes and possibly take Ginny with me because I-"

Fred cut off Hermione,"If you want to, then go for it. I remember it's something you loved to do. No need to ask, love."

Hermione pulled Fred into a hug,"Thanks Fred, darling."

Fred kissed her forehead,"No problem honey."


A week later Ginny and Hermione walked out of the dance studio a block away from The Leaky Cauldron. The two best friends looked like they belonged in the 1980's. Both wore neon leggings, black leotards, some loose shorts, ankle socks and converse. Both had their hair in high ponytails but Hermione's was a side ponytail while Ginny's was a classic one. They were laughing and talking about their workout as they carried their dance bags. "Hermione, why haven't you told me about this earlier? This is amazing!" Ginny said. The brunette was shocked her best friend had fun in the class. "I didn't know if you'd like seemed pretty content with Quidditch," Hermione's voice trailed off. Ginny sighed,"Ask me and you'll find out what I like." Hermione and Ginny entered the pub that led to Diagon Alley. They were laughing over how ridiculous they looked compared to everyone else and entered the pub. They walked on heading to tap on the bricks to enter the alley. Someone walked into the two girls. "Oi! Watch where you're- Hermione?" Hermione couldn't believe it. He was here.

Hermione was silent as Ron spoke and walked over to her and embraced her,"Why haven't you written me back? I began to miss you more. Come on, 'Mione. Let's catch up." Ron put his arm around Hermione's waist. "Get your hands off her," Ginny growled. "Why should I listen to you? If Hermione wanted my hands off of her, she would have said something right now." Ginny looked at her friend and saw a blank look across her face, eyes wide with uncertainty. "Hermione? Hermione are you okay?" Ginny was concerned for the brunette. 

Hermione was in shock. She put Ron out of her life for a reason. Here he was again and she didn't know what to do. Think Granger. You got to show you how great life has been for you without him, she thought. An idea came to her mind.

"Yeah let's catch up Ron," Hermione smiled and put her arm around Ron's neck. They began walking towards two bar stools and sat down. Ginny hissed in Hermione's ear,"What do you think you're doing Hermione?" Hermione whispered into Ginny's ear,"Trust me. I know what I'm doing." "So Ron how's everything been?" Hermione asked with a sweet smile. "Not much. I miss you. I love you. How about you?" Ron looked with a dreamy gaze at the brunette with a side ponytail. "I've been great. Just started dancing again with Ginny," the red haired girl smiled,"Fred and I are looking for a house. I'm excited and nervous for my wedding. I still can't imagine myself getting married to Fred," Hermione sighed dreamily. "That's because you and Fred aren't supposed to get married! You and I are supposed to!" Ron practically yelled. "You and I aren't meant to! You made your choice already, Ronald! Now I'm making mine! If you don't like it, tough luck!" Hermione yelled back. With that being said, Hermione turned and marched out to the bricks then began to tap the pattern on the wall. Ginny caught up with Hermione and remained silent. "This stays between us," Hermione said sharply. Ginny nodded as they walked down the alley towards Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. As they approached the store shop Fred was there and he opened the door,"Have fun?" Ginny spoke for them,"Oh yeah! It was amazing!" Hermione nodded,"We were dressed like we're from the eighties," and she laughed. "I got to get back to Harry. Owl me. See you later!" Ginny said and apparated home. 

Hermione and Fred went upstairs to the flat. Hermione felt upset, on edge and needed something to help her relax. She knew what to do, now she had to think of a way to get a certain twin she loved to do this also. She formulated her plan and knew what she was doing by the time her and Fred walked into their room.

She took her ponytail down,shook her head, locked the door and silenced the room. She walked over to Fred and began kissing him. Fred kissed her back and they both were closer to each other. He began kissing down her neck and her breathe caught. 

Fred pulled off his shirt and Hermione took off her shorts. He looked at her and resumed kissing his fiancé. She began taking off her leotard and walked closer to the bed. He followed her and took off his pants. Hermione giggled seeing Fred in his boxers yet again. He put Hermione on the bed and took off her leggings. Her face looked flushed and he smiled. Her eyes were telling him to continue. With a sigh Fred resumed kissing Hermione and continued.


Fred and Hermione lay in bed covered by their sheet. He snored and kept his arm wrapped around her bare waist. She was awake and knew keeping Ron out of her life couldn't happen. How could Ron be in her life without trying to mess it up? She'd have to see Ginny as soon as possible and that meant tomorrow.


Hope you all liked this. Sorry if you didn't understand the whole dance apologies. There won't be much dance scenes like that again in this story. Tell me what you thought of this with the dancing and yeah. I'm curious.

-Scriptie :)

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White Flag/I Do It For You: Gratitude


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