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Nothing Is As It Seems by LadyMalfoy06
Chapter 4 : Belle of the Ball
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Hello everyone :)  Welcome to chapter 4! Would love it if you took the time to leave a review! *gives puppy dog eyes* :)


The days at the manor passed quite quickly for Alexandra. She spent most of her time with her brother, catching up on everything she had missed, including what to expect when the Dark Lord arrived and how to act in a proper pureblood family. She had also relaxed though, of course being quite smart she had done all her homework in the first week of the holidays to get it out of the way, and so like Draco, she was free to chill.



As she spent one morning relaxing out on one of the sun beds by the pool, she remembered a particular morning  a few days ago where her brother convinced her to try quidditch with him, and she had received a very interesting letter from them...












Alexandra stirred in her sleep, not quite ready to get up; when the doors to her room suddenly flew open and her brother ran in,






“Get up you lazy ass! Let’s go play quidditch!”





“Draco! What the hell? It’s still the middle of the night!”She yelled, “Plus I suck at flying so no. I haven’t been on a broom since flying lessons with Madam Hooch in first year, and I’m not planning on going on one anytime soon.” She told him.







“Pleasee?!” He gave her puppy dog eyes, “I need to practice for the new season! Come on, Slytherin need a new chaser anyway, you could always try out, plus, it does help when your brothers Captain of the team.” He winked at her.







She sat up in bed quickly, all evidence of sleep gone, “What?! Our Hogwarts letters are here?! You got captain?! Well done that’s amazing!” She said.







“Yeah here’s your letter, looks like you also got one from Pothead and the Weasels.” He smirked.







“Ughh what do those assholes want? Hey look, it says I’ve been made Head Girl! Eeeep! That is awesome!! I can’t wait! I wonder who Head Boy is then. Anyone but Potter; I think I’d murder him if it was. Oh and I’m officially a Slytherin! Yay!” She babbled.








“Nice, well done Lex! Well I know I never got Head Boy, guess you’ll just have to wait and see. So tell me what the losers are saying then.” He sat on the edge of her bed,







“Fine, let’s see,” Alexandra opened the letter and began to read,







“Hey Mione, (she grimaced at the nickname, that was what the Grangers had called her)

You were supposed to be here four days ago. We are all really worried, let us know your safe okay? We went to your house but your mum said you were staying with family. What family? Who’s more important than us eh?! Anywhoo, got to go, the boys want to hang out, see ya later, or not! Whatever miss you! 


Love Ginny x

P.S: Ron and Harry say hi and ask if you know anything new about the you know whats.” 






“Ughh! Those...those pigs!” She growled, tearing the letter into shreds.






“Write them back; give them a piece of your mind.” Draco suggested, “Then after you’ve showered, because no offense sis, you stink,” He dodged the smack she aimed at him, “Come find me out on the pitch okay?”



“Oh fine, but if anything happens to me, Mum and Dad will kill you.” She warned.





“Haha, you’ll be perfectly safe!” He left her to get ready.







“Hmm, what shall I say to that lot then...?” She spoke to herself.


She took out a quill and some parchment and began to write, it took her a while, she wasn’t quite sure what to put, and she knew she wouldn’t tell them anything about her new life. They didn’t deserve to know. An hour later she had finished.




Hey guys, been really busy. Yeah not coming to the Burrow anymore. Just some family I hadn’t seen for a while, maybe see you at Diagon Alley at some point? Or not. 





Perfect! She called for her new owl to come take the letter for her. Her parents had given him to her as one of the many birthday gifts she received. She named him Midnight, he was a gorgeous black eagle with flecks of gold in his fur, and she loved him. “Take this to the Burrow for me.”






Soon Alex was ready to go meet her brother, dressed in quidditch jumper with Lexy on the back (in silver and green) and matching joggers she grabbed her new broom, again from her parents, and off she went.






The gardens of the manor were one of Lexy’s favourite places in her new home; she loved walking through them in the day, watching the flowers bloom, and the house-elves tending to her mother’s plants.
Soon she had reached the quidditch pitch. Not as big as the one at Hogwarts but impressive enough to make her gasp, she could she her brother practicing, he let the snitch go, giving it a head start before going after it.

 "Oi! Draco down here.” She yelled.






“Finally! Took you long enough.” He said. She hit him.






“Right, what am I supposed to be doing?”  She got straight to the point.






“Okay, here’s the Quaffle, today we’ll just practice some catching and throwing techniques to see how you do before attempting at scoring. Right up in the air then. Let’s check how this new broom works.” Both he and Lexy had the new Comet, faster than a firebolt; it turned them almost invisible with speed.






After taking a deep breath, Alexandra mounted her broom and took off. Without waiting for her brother she took off, flying around the field, looping the hoops before racing back to her brother.

“Wow that was amazing! Why didn’t anyone tell me before?” She exclaimed, her fear gone.






Draco just laughed at her. For the next few hours Draco drilled Lexy in the art of goal scoring and how to be the perfect catcher whilst weaving in and out of obstacles. Before long, a house-elf was calling them announcing that lunch was ready.






“Play like that at tryouts sister and you might just have a place on my team.” He told her.









Lexy smiled from the memory, she knew she would try out for the team when school started next week, this year Slytherin would be getting the Quidditch and House cup, Lexy would make sure of it.

She watched as her parents walked towards her, taking in their causal positions, hands loosely held, anyone who knew Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy thought them cold and uncaring, which they were, unless you were their family that is. Alexandra and Draco were their stars; they would do anything for them to make sure they shined.






“Lexy, honey its time, the dressmakers are here, you need to pick out your dress, shoes and accessories for tonight. Then shower, get your nails, hair and makeup done.” Her mother told her.






“Oh yay, I’ve been looking forward to this night for what seems like ages!” She squealed.

Tonight was the night of Alexandra’s welcome home ball. Where she would be introduced to the Pureblood society and most importantly, Lord Voldemort himself. Her father, Lucius, had told her earlier in the week that tonight she would have to make a really important decision, one that would define her for the rest of her life. Would she or would she not join Lord Voldemort? Lexy had been thinking about it pretty much nonstop since she had arrived. And she had made her decision.






“Okay mum.” She took her mother’s hand and together they walked back up and into the manor, whilst Lucius went to watch Draco practice his quidditch.





“Alexandra this is Madam Cross. Madam Cross this is my beautiful daughter Lexy.” Narcissa introduced. “Trish here has designed all my dresses for me for every social occasion, all her dresses are exclusive, one of a kind. I just know she’ll have something perfect for you darling.” She explained to Alex.






“Right so let’s get started!” Madam Cross clapped her hands and tape measures were surrounding Alexandra in an instant, measuring every inch.


“Now Alexandra what are you favourite colours?” She questioned her, “What do you look best in?”






“Well my two favourite colours are purple and silver. Of course I do like green as well. And I’m not sure what I look best in, you’re the expert here you tell me.”






Alexandra tried on dress after dress after dress, until eventually she found the one. It was magnificent, floor length midnight purple silk with silver diamonds looping around the chest and waist. It suited her perfectly. But this was only dress number one, she had to have two. She needed something suitable to meet him.






“Oh mother what about this one?” She asked as she stepped out from behind the curtain that had been set up.






“Oh my darling it’s wonderful! Our lord will be proud if you were to join him. Well Trish we shall take these two here then, just bill the account wont you?” Narcissa said.






 After the dressmaker was gone, Alexandra was instructed to go have a shower, before the hair and makeup people would arrive.





It was time. The guests had arrived and Lexy was just waiting for her father to introduce her. She was to walk in with Draco, he would protect her encase Bella did anything.  

“Oh Draco I’m so nervous. What if I make a fool of myself? What if Pansy, Millicent and Blaise don’t like me?” She said.






Earlier on that day, Draco had made her promise to try and get on with his best friends, and that they weren’t that bad once you got to know them. She had agreed.



“Lexy stop worrying. Everyone will love you. Any you know what? If they don’t then fuck them, you’re a Malfoy; you don’t need people to love you. You have me, we’re twins, we can do this.” He told her, grabbing her by the shoulders to make her face him, before turning them both to the doors. “Let the show begin.” He said.






“Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and family. My Lord. You may be wondering why my wife and I have decided to throw this little ball this evening,” “Little?! Alexandra muttered, “well, it is time we realised, to welcome our beloved daughter to our family. Everyone, may I introduce you to my son, Draco and his twin sister, Alexandra Lee Malfoy!” Lucius applauded.






Slowly the doors opened, Draco and Alexandra stepped into the hall. Looking around the room quickly she saw Bellatrix standing still, her face a mask of shock, eyes wide, mouth popped open. Lexy tried to not to laugh. It was priceless, just like she had hoped.



They began walking down the marble stairs into the main part of the room. The whole audience was silent, not a single person moved. Alexandra was no longer nervous, she liked being looked at, and she knew she looked amazing in her dress, her hair curled into golden ringlets cascading down her shoulders, her makeup impeccable, not a single fault to be found.  






Draco and Alex made their way up to their parents on the stage, their guests staring at them the whole way, some in awe whilst others glared. Once on the stage the guests started clapping and cheering,






“Well dear guests I hope you have a wonderful evening, thank you very much for joining us.” Lucius signalled for the band to start playing.

“Come on, let’s go find Bella.” Alex said, towing Draco by the wrist. The family of four circled the magnificently decorated room (Lucius had spared no expense for this ball), looking for the famous unruly black haired woman, whilst constantly being stopped by friends of Lucius and business partners, before, “There I see her.”






“Why hello Auntie Bell. Long time no see.” Alexandra said, a casual smirk playing upon her lips.






“Oh my little Lexy! Last time I saw you you were just a baby, before your parents gave you up. Strange how you are here now.” Bella said, she was not nervous, truly believing that her wand work was too great for her family to catch her out.


“Do you mean before or after you kidnapped me from my family?” She hissed.





 “I don’t know what you mean.” Bella spat.





 “Oh yeah I’m sure you don’t. For the time being, we are at a party so I will deal with you later. Do not think for one second that you will get away with this. You may be my Aunt but that will not stop me from giving you what you deserve. Draco, lock her in the dungeons, without her wand. Once our guests are gone, the fun will truly begin.” Alexandra ordered before gliding gracefully away to mingle.



The three Malfoy’s stared after her in shock, before Draco did what his sister told him too. After she had punched him in third year, back when she was known only as the Mudblood, he knew she wasn’t someone to be messed with.


 Shortly later, Draco rejoined his sister and they were standing talking when his three best friends walked up to them. Alex braced herself, before remembering she was no longer the Mudblood, she was pure and confident.



“Draco! So this is why you’ve been ignoring my owls mate?! Dude not cool brother.” Blaise said.






“Sorry mate, but Lex and I had a lot to catch up on. We cool?” The two guys hugged.


“Draco, it’s really great to see you!”






“Hi Draco, looking good.”





As Alexandra watched her brother and his friends chat briefly she couldn’t help herself look at them closely.  Pansy Parkinson was no longer the pug faced short girl who she remembered and having not seen Millicent since second year, she was shocked. The girl was stunning; she almost rivalled Alex in her beauty but not quite. Whoever had said that Slytherin girls were unattractive had obviously never seen these two. And Blaise, as Alex looked at him, she noticed just how good looking he actually was, the same height as Draco but with olive toned skin and shaved brown hair and bright blue eyes, she was impressed.

Draco, seeing her stare at his friends immediately felt guilty for leaving his sister out,


“Oh guys I’m so sorry, this is my sister, Alexandra Malfoy. Alex, this is Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bulstrode.” He introduced them all. The girls smiled at her, whilst Blaise took her hand softly in hers and kissed it gently, making her blush.






“Hi, it’s really nice to meet you. Draco’s told me a lot about you all.” She said politely.






“So Lexy, where have you been hiding all these years?” Blaise said, throwing an arm around her shoulders and guiding them all to a free table and passing round flutes of Champaign.






"Well...” She said coyly, “I’ve been at Hogwarts for the past six years and I’m about to go back as Head Girl for my seventh.” She told them.






“Oh really? Well I’m head boy so I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other then.” He winked at her, making her stomach flutter.  






“Wait,” Pansy interrupted, “If you were at Hogwarts then why didn’t we know you? Im sure we would remember someone as pretty as you.”



I was under a glamour charm, which ended on my seventeenth birthday. But we never associated within Hogwarts unless it was to exchange insults or headlocks.” She said, with a pointed look at Millicent.


“Headlocks?” Millicent looked confused... Alexandra waited, any second now...






“GRANGER?!! Hermione Granger?! You’re Draco’s twin sister?!” She shouted.






“Bloody hell I need a drink.” Blaise said and grabbed a firewhisky from a passing waiter.


 Draco just sat and watched his friends; to be honest he found it rather hilarious, after all he had experience the same thing not a week earlier.




“Wow...” Pansy said.


“Look Alexandra, I’m really sorry about that, if I had known it was you I wouldn’t have done it.” Millicent said.

“Its fine. It’s in the past. I hope we can be friends.” She replied, with a small smile at the girl.


“So how did you react finding out you were related to this prat then?” Blaise joked. Draco shoved him.



“Honestly... I was happy. Although Draco and I never got on before, when I was under the charm as the Mudblood. I think that finally becoming a Malfoy was the best thing for me. I was ready for a change. Im happy now.” She told them.  They stared at her, shocked over her use of the word “Mudblood”.


 "You weren’t happy with Potter and Weasley? Whenever we saw you, you guys always seemed like you were having fun?” Pansy asked.




“They aren’t my friends. They just used me, but I’ll get my revenge. They’ll get whats coming to them.” She grinned.




For the rest of the night the five of them sat talking, each getting to know the other. Alex discovered that she had a lot in common with the two girls, they were just like here. She was surprised. Maybe going back to school would be better now she had new friends. The ball ended officially at midnight, with the group going up for the last dance. Soon all the guests began to leave, except for those who would be staying for the meeting later tonight.

Tonight Alexandra would be meeting Lord Voldemort. Tonight she had to choose between her old friends and family or her new ones, ones that she was just beginning to get to know. Pansy and Millicent had left to go to one of the guest suites whilst Alex got ready in her room. She slipped into the other dress that her mother had bought for her. Again it was a floor length piece of silk, this time in bottle green with silver diamonds dotting the waist. She left her hair as it was, switched her shoes and waited for her brother and Blaise to come get her.


Not long after, a knock on her door startled her out of her thoughts. She opened the door and smiled at them both.


“Ready?” Draco asked.






“Let’s go.” She smiled.















Well that’s this chapter over with! I really hope the ball was to your liking. At first I wasn’t going to split the chapter into two but, I felt this was the right place to do so. I want to thank you all for reading my story and please do leave a review; it’s nice to know what you all think! :)

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