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Much Ado About Quidditch, Much Ado About You by cartoonheart94
Chapter 7 : A Weasley Weekend
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 Blanca woke up that morning with a stiff neck, “Remind me to never ever listen to you when you suggest us sleeping up here,” she mumbled as Rose turned around with a groan.


“Whutimisit?” she asked.


Blanca squinted her eyes at her watch, “it’s nearly seven.”


“Then what the hell are we doing awake? There’s about three more hours of sleep!”


“Yeah, three more hours I’m not spending in here!” Blanca said as she got up from the floor to stretch. Before Rose could say anything, there was a large ‘CRACK!’ in the treehouse and right in front of them, James appeared. He looked like he had been run over by two buses and a train! There were red rims around his eyes and Blanca could see morning stubble streaked all over his chin, his piercing green eyes looked tired there seemed to be stains from various origins streaked all over his dark jeans.


“What are you two doing here?” he croaked.


“What. Happened?” Rose managed to choke out after she recovered from the initial shock.


“Donask” came the reply.


“Well, Nan is going to flip when she finds out you snuck out, and then, she’s going to tell your mom, and Merlin, you do not want to know what-”


“I already thought that one through,” James replied, then suddenly, his green eyes lit up with mischief that they did not have a few seconds ago, “and that’s why you’re gonna help me.”


Blanca scoffed, “And just why would we want to help you?”


“Hmmmmmmmmm.....oh, I don’t know, let’s see, ‘Oh, good morning Uncle Ron, I hope your morning isn’t too bad cause it’s about to get worse. You see, I’m about to hand my post as family degenerate to dear Rosie here, she’s been sneaking around and frolicking with none other than Scorpius Malfoy all summer! ’” he said with a smile, “Now what were you saying about helping me again?”


Rose blanched, “How did you know?”


“None of your business dear cousin, but if you don’t help me out, I promise to spill.”


“You wouldn’t.” Rose whispered.


James simply raised an eyebrow, Rose scrambled from her seating position and started climbing her way down the ladder, Blanca could hear her swearing with each step she took.


“Okay, Potter, how did you find out?”


“Again. It’s none of your bloody business. Now quickly tell me a cleaning spell.”


“AvadaKedavra.”  She replied coldly.


“Ha-ha. I would love to use that one on you.”


Blanca huffed, “Well, fuck you too Potter,” and with that, left the tree house.


There were only two people in the kitchen, Grandma and Grandpa Weasley. He was reading the Daily Prophet and she was putting a pile of sausages on a plate, she looked up to see who had walked in, “Goodmorning Love, how was your night?”


“It was alright. Goodmorning Grandpa Weasley?”


Arthur Weasley looked up from his paper and lit up when he saw Blanca, “Why who is that? Is that my favourite non-granddaughter?”


“I guess it is!” she said as she went to hug him.


“How come I didn’t see you yesterday?”


“They decided to sleep in the tree,” Mrs. Weasley replied, “Now, sit down dear, have some breakfast.”


“Let me just call Rose....”


“Oh, she ran upstairs, can you believe it? Said she wasn’t hungry, an oddity isn’t it?” Mrs. Weasley said, mostly to herself.


“So, Blanca dear, come sit next to me, we have a lot to talk about!” Mr. Weasley beckoned her to sit next to him.


“Now Arthur, don’t start bothering her with your muggle contraption questions!” Mrs. Weasley warned.


Mr. Weasley rolled his eyes at his wife’s back, leaning closer to Blanca, he whispered, “What about this enter-net that has been around for a while eh?”


Blanca bit into her sausage, thinking about how she was going to explain the dynamics of the internet to Mr. Weasley, she opened her mouth in the first attempt to elaborate when Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny came down the stairs, all still in their night gowns.


“Goodmorning,” Mrs. Weasley said as she put forward a plate laden with eggs, “I see you all made it back home yesterday!”


The men mumbled something about work, “ was tougher than most ...files that went through the roof........” were some of the things Blanca could get.


They all mumbled their ‘goodmornings’ and sat at the table. “Fleur decided to turn tea into a full blown heavy duty dinner,” Ginny said as she sipped a cup of coffee.


“Yep, and before we knew it, one thing led to another and the wedding came up and-”


“You lost track of time, yes, I know my Fleur!” Mrs. Weasley said, “Always the party planner. By the way, what time are you taking the girls for their school shopping? ”


“We should be in Diagon Alley by Ten O’clock,” Hermione said, “..........or on second thought, whenever the kids decide to wake up.”


The rest grunted in agreement, and they begun to talk about work and rates and the media and politics and other adult stuff that Blanca found boring. Feeling weird about being the only kid there, Blanca quietly excused herself and went upstairs. She opened the door to the room she was sharing with Dom and Rose, flinging herself on her bed, she glanced at her watch, it was only a bit past Eight O’clock, she turned to make herself more comfortable and before she knew it, she was softly snoring.



It was almost noon and the girls were at Madame Malkin’s trying on new robes for the term. “I think that one’s cute Rose, what do you think?” Hermione said as she pulled a robe from a rack nearby.


“It doesn’t matter mom, they’re all the same anyway.” Rose mumbled as Madame Malkin was putting pins and needles all over the robe she was currently trying on.


“My, I wish Lily was that simple,” Ginny muttered under her breath. “Don’t you girls have a multitude of balls and dances and stuff this term?”


“Not really,” Blanca replied, “The Yule ball is not for another two years. We only have the Christmas and Halloween balls this term, and I think we can find dress robes at Hogsmeade.”


“Blanca’s right, it’s not like that stuff is super important anyway.”


Dominique scoffed, “Of course it is! Dances are the only things that are closest to freedom at Hogwarts. Aunt Hermione, which of these robes do you think would show my prefects’ badge really nicely?”


“They’re all black,” The reply came from Rose.


“Which one do you like dear?” Hermione asked her as she shot her daughter a sharp look.


“I think I’ll take all of them!”


“I thought so too.”


After they were done paying for their robes, Hermione, Blanca and Rose made their way to Flourish and Blotts while Ginny, Molly, Lucy and Dominique made their way to Florean’s for some ice cream. Once inside the crowded store, they each picked up new cauldrons and started to fill them with books that they were going to need.


“I think I’m going to take Advanced Potions,” Rose said.


“Yeah, me too.” Blanca said as she threw an Advanced Potions text book into her cauldron.


“I think Advanced Arithmancy would be in order too,” Rose said as she put the book in her cauldron.


“Now there my friend, you are on your own,” Blanca replied as she pulled an N.E.W.T level Charms textbook from a shelf, “Because unlike you, I’m not a masochist.”


Blanca looked around the shop, she could see a lot of familiar faces, there was Linda Jordan, Sally Brewer from Ravenclaw, Marcello Pollini from her Transfiguration class, Bernie Macmillan smiled and waved at her and she saw a few other students in her year.


“Well well,” a snide nasal voice sneered from behind Blanca, she did not even need to turn to realise that it was Pepper Parkinson, “Isn’t it Thomas and the red-headed little bint.” Blanca turned around to see the raven haired Slytherin and her three minions standing behind her.


“What do you want Parkinson?” Rose huffed.


“Oh nothing, just came to tell Thomas that the buzzards called and they want their-” she trailed off when she looked up to see that Blanca’s usual puffy hair was not there.


Blanca gave a small smile and took a step towards her, “Yes. I know they called, Parkinson, but this time they left you a message,” leaning closer, she said, “They want their beak back.”


Pepper turned an angry shade of red before turning round to walk away, while she was still in earshot, Blanca yelled, “And their neighbours, the pug-dog family asked if they could have their face back too!”


Pepper stopped in her tracks, turning back, she began to slowly advance towards Blanca, “Why you little bitch-”


“Shut up Parkinson,” Rose stepped in, “it’s been a long day and we just want to get our things and leave! Now if you could move over.......”


“What Weasley?” Pepperasked in mock-curiosity, “Oh yeah, I nearly forgot!”


“Forgot what?” Frida Bullstrode asked.


“You see Frida, in a family like this,” she waved a hand towards Rose, “money is a new concept and they’re afraid that if they don’t use it soon enough, it might rot!” Slowly advancing towards Rose, she said, “Must be a big day for you huh?”


“How dare you?” Rose fumed, wand drawn directly at Pepper’s neck.


“Hey,” Blanca said to Rose, trying to hold her back, “Let’s just go, she’s not worth it.”


“What are you going to do Weasley?” Peppermocked, “Are you going to curse me in front of everyone?”


“Hey! Hey!” It was Mr. Smitty, the shop attendant, “There will be no duelling in my shop! Take it outside!”


“Go on,” Peppersneered, “you have me at your mercy, just do it!”


“Oi!” Mr. Smitty was getting closer now, Rose gave a frustrated breath and dropped her hand to her side.


Peppergave Rose a triumphant smile and with a flick of her hair, she turned and flounced away.


“Are you okay?” Blanca asked.


“I’m fine,” Rose replied, “I wouldn’t be bothered by her anyway.”


“Yeah,” Blanca agreed, “Don’t you just love to hate her?”


“I just can’t wait to get back to Hogwarts so I can jinx that little bint into a flea.”


“Girls,” Hermione emerged from behind a shelf, “What was that all about?”


“Oh, nothing mum,” Rose replied, “Just PepperParkinson.”


Hermione nodded in understanding. Everybody knew PepperParkinson; she was just as nasty as her mother and would not rest until she got what she wanted. When Pepperwas born, her mother had claimed that it was Draco Malfoy’s child, the allegations went on for three years until the press got bored. Pansy still claimed that Pepperwas a Malfoy, though she looked nothing like one. Pepperwas also convinced she was a Malfoy, demanding that her friends called her PepperMalfoy and insisting that Scorpius was her half-brother. And even though she was showered in riches and all the luxury she could be offered at the hands of her grandparents -hey! The Parkinsons had more money than they knew what to do with- , Pepperwas still bitter at the fact that the only person she believed to be her father did not want anything to do with her.


“Hurry girls,” Hermione said, “we need to get to the Burrow in time for lunch.”


The girls quickly ran through all the things they needed and left the shop to meet Ginny and the others at Florean’s. “Oh, thank goodness you’re back!” Ginny said as she got up from her seat, “Angelina just sent me a Patronus.”


“What happened? Don’t tell me Fred and James blew something up again.” Hermione said.


“No, it’s not them,” Ginny said, “It’s Roxanne, she brought home MiguelZabini. Everyone’s really upset about it and she says Roxanne and Mom are currently having the biggest row in Weasley history!” She was already paying the guy at the Floo Station and grabbing some Floo powder, “Come on girls! We need to get there before half the Weasley clan ends up in Azkaban.”


“Oh, the irony, well, at least Gran got what she wanted,” Rose whispered to Blanca. She had to bite her tongue to stop herself from laughing out loud.



“...........and your grandfather is upstairs! Nearly had a conniption!” Mrs. Weasley could be heard from the kitchen as they got out of the fireplace in the living room.


In the living room, Miguel was practically glued to his seat, his heavily lashed eyes fixed upon the floor. The other chairs were filled by George, Bill, Charlie, Harry, Percy and Ron. Each had a different expression on his face: Harry looked like he was unsure of whether to speak or not, so his mouth kept twitching open and closed; Percy looked solemn, like he had been told someone was about to die; Bill looked very thoughtful, as if analysing the gravity of the situation; Charlie was examining the scars on his hands as though it was the first time he was seeing them; Ron looked comical, switching his gaze from Miguel to George frequently; and finally, George, his face was as red as a tomato, jaw clenching and unclenching, his knuckles were white as he clutched the arm of his seat and he looked just about ready to jump Miguel and tear him to shreds. Yes, the tension was so thick it could be sliced clear with a knife.


“Oh Merlin, there goes your grandmother....” Ginny muttered as she pushed past the girls to rush into the kitchen, Hermione closely behind. At the sight of their wives, Harry and Ron quickly jumped off their seats, “Cowards.” Blanca could hear Ginny mutter as they got up to follow them. In the kitchen, Mrs. Weasley’s eyes were wide, one hand on her hip, the other clutched tightly on her wand, on the stool opposite her, Roxanne was in tears, her eyes, lips and nose all swollen from crying. At the table, Fleur had a comforting arm around Angelina, who looked catatonic, her hands at the sides of her face, she was shaking her head in disbelief.


“Hello people, are we late for the party?”


“Now’s not the time to be funny Ginerva!” Mrs. Weasley snapped, “Not when Roxanne has decided to marry him!” She pointed her wand in the direction of the living room.


“Since when?


“But I love him! You’re the one that insisted I settle down, where’s all that now?” Roxanne cried.


“Love!” Mrs. Weasley scoffed, “Then why did you not bring him here earlier? You spring him upon us waving an engagement ring and you think we are going to all hug and dance around mulberry bushes?”


“It’s because I knew you would all act like this!” she turned to her mother, “Mom! Say something!”


“I can’t,” Angelina said weakly, “Not when you’ve been sneaking around and lying to all of us all this time.”


“I know what this is all about!” Roxanne huffed, “It has nothing to do with me hiding him from you at all! It’s because he’s a Pureblood!” she yelled.


“Okay everybody, let’s all calm down and go over this slowly,” Hermione said calmly, as she gingerly put her shopping bags on the table.


“Mione......” Ron raised an eyebrow at her, as though asking whether she was sure what she was doing. She gave him a reassuring smile, as though saying she had everything under control, which was probably true. Hermione Weasley had worked at St.Mungo’s as a Psyche Healer for almost fifteen years now, and she took her job seriously. So if there was anyone that would be able to better the situation, it would be her.


The girls took this as their opportunity to dash upstairs, once in their rooms, Dom shut the door behind her and sighed, “I wouldn’t want to be Roxanne right now...........”


Rose was on her bed, the sickly green pallor she had on her face earlier in the morning had returned, and Blanca knew exactly what she was thinking: If the family went nuts over Zabini, just because he was a Slytherin Pureblood, what would they do if they found out she was with Scorpius Malfoy? Not only was he a Slytherin Pureblood, their families had been feuding for years and as if that wasn’t enough, before the 2nd War, his family had been Voldermort’s cheerleaders.


Outside, the boys lay under the large oak tree. “So what do you think is going on inside?” Hugo mused.


“Zabini’s funeral.” Albus replied, “You can hear Gran’s voice from out here.”


“If I didn’t know any better,” Louis said, “I’d swear a banshee had broken into the house.”


“Yeah, I’ve never seen dad so angry in my whole entire life! Shit!” Fred agreed.


“Can’t you losers talk about anything else?” James said as he passed his cigarette for Fred to smoke, “You’re kind of wrecking the construction of my shag list.”


“Shag list?” Hugo asked, confused.


“It’s a list we make every term, James and I,” Fred replied, “Of the girls we’re gonna shag during the term, we rate them from ‘fit’ to ‘hag’ and then pick from there. Don’t you do that?”


Hugo shrugged, “I’m only fourteen, the legal age for a witch or wizard to have sex is sixteen.”


James scoffed, “Nobody follows that law, I got laid in my third year.”


“Perv.” Al muttered.


James lifted himself on his elbows so he could face his brother, “I’m not a perv, little brother, I’m just a man with needs that have to be fulfilled. You, on the other hand, are the prude that’s afraid of a little fun.”


Albus scoffed, “I just have values.”


“Do you hear yourself?” Louis said as he drew a drag from his cigarette, “You sound like Uncle Percy!”


“Har-har very funny,” Al said sarcastically.


“But seriously Al, Maxime Jaime, when are you gonna shag her?” Louis asked.


“None of your bloody business!” Al snapped.


“Ey!Touchy touchy!”Louis relied.


“Well if you don’t........ I will......” James said in a sing song voice.


Albus shot up like he had just been stung, pointing a threatening finger at his brother, “You will not go anywhere near her!”


“But she’s mega fit.....” James mock-whined, this caused the other’s to laugh. Except Al though, who shot daggers at his brother.


“Watch it.....” he warned.


Back in the house, Hermione had managed to get everyone in the living room to discuss the situation, and so far, she had at least gotten George to mumble a few things to his daughter, he still could not bring himself to speak to the boy that wanted to take his little girl from him. Mr Weasley had also calmed down and had managed to come down to the living room, he was the one that was speaking to Miguel, although it seemed more like an interrogation than anything.


Mrs. Weasley headed back to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. “It’s a little too late for lunch now anyway,” she muttered to herself. She looked up at the stairway and saw Rose and Blanca coming down the stairs. “Oh, hi girls,” she said a little too brightly, “lucky you came in just now. Could you help me with the potatoes? There’s a salad over there that I made whilst preparing lunch. But now........” she trailed off in her own thoughts.


The girls quickly rushed to the pile of potatoes in the corner, each too afraid to say anything. Mrs. Weasley looked like an unstable bomb today. She took a deep breath and turned to face them, “Do you think I was too harsh to Roxy?” she asked.


“Uh.....we don’t know, we weren’t there.”


“No, but I could have been softer anyway right? She said she was in love, I should have left it at that,” she went over to start preparing the mutton and continued to mutter about how she should have been more understanding seeing as her family never wanted her to marry Arthur in the first place.


That night, supper went on as normally as it usually went in the Weasley circus- well, almost normally. Miguel had been invited to stay for the meal by Mrs. Weasley, and it had been agreed upon that the Weasleys and the Zabinis met for lunch some time to get to know each other, probably as an indirect ‘I’m sorry’ to Roxanne from Mrs Weasley, so even though the usual hubbub was present, there would be periods of awkward silence- something that was not Weasley-like.


After supper, Blanca and Rose quickly rushed upstairs to their room. “Well, some day it’s been yeah?” Rose sighed, trying to sound nonchalant.


“I know you’re scared,” Blanca said.


“They can never find out,” she said frantically, “If they do. Oh Merlin...........”


Blanca gave her best friend a pat on the back, “Get some sleep. We have to get back to la-la land tomorrow.” She said in a mock-whimsical voice.


Rose giggled as she changed into her pyjamas. “Where’s Dom?”


“She’s probably with Mol, Luce and Lils, Lily bought the Weird Sisters reunion album and they’re probably going to listen to it all night,” Blanca offered.


“Fine by me,” Rose replied, they were both in their beds staring at the old ceiling when Blanca realised she had left her wand in the treehouse from the previous night. Cursing at her carelessness, Blanca heaved herself from her bed and started for the door.


“Where are you off to?” Rose asked, “It’s nearly midnight.”


“Left my wand in the treehouse, I’ll be back soon.”


In the treehouse, James sat against one of the walls, taking constant swigs from a bottle of Firewhisky. He was in the process of creating his shag list. His thoughts diverted to Skye Massey, the Ravenclaw in his year, she was super fit; how come he had never managed to get her on his shag list? He made a mental note to work on it when he got back. Taking another swig of his Firewhisky, he sat back and smiled at how great his life was going to be; become an auror, live the fast life and never settle down, that way, he could play hero and have all the girls he wanted. A banging on the hatch door disturbed him from his thoughts, shortly, a head emerged from under the hatch, it was Thomas. Just the last person he wanted to see, he huffed, “What do you want Thomas?”


Blanca narrowed her eyes at James, just my luck! She muttered sarcastically in her head. “Just came to get something Potter,” she spat, “don’t worry, soon enough, you’ll be able to resume your love affair with that bottle.” She pointed to the Firewhisky next to him. Quickly making her way to the window ledge she had set it on the night earlier, she gasped in horror as she saw it wasn’t there.


“What?” James asked.


“It must have fallen out, oh no....” Blanca was muttering to herself.


“I thought you said you weren’t taking long.” James drawled.


“I just lost my wand Potter. Now’s not the time for your stupid comments.......” she said as she got on all fours and scouted the floor.


“Does it have a studded handle?” James asked.


“What do you care....” she stopped in mid sentence as she spun around to face him, he had a mischievous look on his face, “Where is it?”


James smiled, “Look who has the upper hand now Thomas.”


“That doesn’t even make sense! Anyway, I don’t have time for this! Just give me my wand!”


“And what do I get in return?”


“What do you want?”


James’ smile got wider, “A kiss.”


Blanca looked disgusted, “I’d rather kiss a Dementor.”


James slowly took her wand out of his pocket and held it right above his head, clearly way out of her reach. “!” she was jumping up and down like a maniac, after a few minutes to James’ amusement, she finally stopped, pulling her oversized T-shirt over her night shorts, she let out a troubled breath, “Fine. I’ll kiss you.”


James lowered his head to level hers, after getting her wand safely in her hands, Blanca leaned up and planted a quick kiss on his cheek. James looked utterly shocked, “That was not a kiss Thomas!”


“Yes it was. You did not specify as to where I would kiss you,” smiling proudly to herself, Blanca turned on her heel and started to walk away when James grabbed her wrist and pulled her to his chest.


Blanca could not breathe, how could someone who had always made her hot and bothered make her all hot and bothered in a whole different way? She could feel his hand  against the small of her back, his other hand let go of her wrist and pulled her chin up to face him, before she knew it,his lips came crashing down on hers. It was a hot, searing kiss and as suddenly as he had started, James pulled back. He looked at Blanca with a smug smile on his face, “That’s what’s called a real kiss Thomas.” Then, walking to his Firewhisky, he picked it up and disappeared under the trap door, leaving a dumb-struck Blanca behind.


(A/N: Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, please leave a review to let me know what you think!!! xoxo)

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