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How To Win Over A Witch by iheartyou
Chapter 1 : Rule #1-Compliment Her
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James Potter & Isabelle Rivers







As told by none other than James Sirius Potter.

Of course.


So I see you’ve found my guide. Not to worry hopeless nerd. Tips to making a witch fall for you? Perhaps a…muggle born witch?

Have no fear! James Sirius Potter is here!

Yeah, I know. That was way past corny, but I don’t give a damn. Now shut up and read to find out step #1 to making a muggle born fall for you.

In the series that follow, I will be using a (real, human, breathing, living, actual muggle born) witch to, ahem, “demonstrate”.

Let’s just say said girl is…you know…

Nina Clover?

Okay, shut up. I know. “James is never going to win her over!” “James is an absolute moron, that girl despises him!” “She’s going to make sure you’ll never have kids, James.”

I know.


But, really, what’s the worst that could ever happen?


Let’s find out, huh?

Rule #1


Compliment her.


Simple enough, right? Wrong. At least, with Nina Clover, it is.





“Elle! No, come back! Elle, I’m serious, undo that spell! I can’t get up the stairs, ELLE!” Nina stomped her foot down, groaning in annoyance.


“What’s wrong, Nina?” I asked, an innocent look on my face.


She lifted her head up for a second, rolled her eyes, and stared longingly up the stairs. “I’m really not in the mood for another fit from you, Potter.”


“Who, me?” I asked, faking surprise. “Why would I do something like that to someone as beautiful as you?”


Add an innocent pout and puppy dog eyes, and you’ve got almost every girl fawning over you.




The teeny 1 percent of those who don’t? Yeah, Nina falls in that category.


“What do you think you’re playing at, Potter?” She huffed, shifting her things to the couch. I followed her.


“Whatever do you mean?”


“I mean, you usually love to scream like a banshee in my face over things that don’t involve me in the least. In the last three minutes, you’ve been calm, collected, complimented me even, and you’re pulling the ‘famous’ Potter pout,” She stared sternly at me. “What are you planning?”


“Nothing!” I quickly said. “I can’t compliment the most gorgeous girl here?” I smirked. Calm, cool, and collected.


That’s me.


“I’m the only girl here, you douchebag,” She threw her potions book at me, gathering her things and making her way out of the portrait hole.


I sat in shock.


Did she just…




“Have you seen Nina?”


I turned around to see Isabelle Rivers, more commonly known as Elle. “Just left after telling me oh so kindly what a douchebag I supposedly am,” I replied grumpily.


She burst out laughing, and sat down. “Did she really?”

“Am I a douchebag?” I asked her.

She shook her head, still in a fit of giggles. “No. She’s just pissed. She wouldn’t ususally take it out on you without a real reason. Nina doesn’t really hate you as much as you’d think,” She winked and ran off to find Nina.

What’s that supposed to mean?!

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How To Win Over A Witch: Rule #1-Compliment Her


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