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That moment when you freak out. by Antilles
Chapter 1 : Life Changing.
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 Two years. It had been two years since I had graduated from Hogwarts with everyone, just under three years since I had started dating the best girl ever, the love of my life, Molly. She had gone from someone I had seen as a sister, like Lily, to the person I loved, dated, protected, and maybe someday marry.

Until then though, I was just happy with living with her. When we had graduated, Molls had moved into a place with Rose and Jessica; while I had gotten a place with Al and Scorpius. After a year on the reserve team for the Puddlemore United, I had been promoted to the starting squad after a chaser had been sent into a coma after a particularly nasty accident in which his head met a goal post at full speed. That was when I had finally been able to afford to get my own place, and ask Molly to move in with me.

It was awesome, I admit, She worked at Uncle George’s shop in Diagon Alley, while I practice and played for the United. This is what I was coming home from now, late mind you, from yet another practice. Molly would be pissed, and I knew it. She hated it when I was late for dinner especially when I promised to be there, tonight of all nights, our third anniversary. Apparating into entrance hall of their flat, I shrugged off my jacket and flipped off my shoes. “Molls, I’m home!”

I walked into the sitting room expecting to find Molly sitting there waiting for him, that Weasley temper waiting to burst at me. Yet she wasn’t, the room was dark, no lights were on; not even her cat Hersey was in the room.

I made my way into the kitchen, again finding no one. The oven was cold; there was no food on the counter waiting to be prepared. Molly had said she was going to make dinner for their anniversary, something he had been excited about; she cooked as well as Granny Weasley, her namesake.  Letting out a sigh, I walked down the hallway to the bedroom we shared when I noticed a light coming from our bathroom. “Molls?” I asked approaching the door carefully.

I entered the door frame to find Molly sitting on the floor, her back to the wall facing the toilet. She looked like a wreck, as if she had been crying all day. There was also a faint smell of vomit hanging in the air, which made me worried, was she sick?

“Molls, are you okay?” I asked from the doorway. She turned her head to face me, a look of pain was in her eyes. I could see the dried tears below her eyes.

Upon seeing me, she burst into a fresh set of sobs. I faintly understood a few words, Hate was one, ruined was another. I stepped into the room and crouched down beside her. “Molls, please, what’s wrong?” I asked pulling her into a huge hug. “Please, I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong?”

She clung to me as I pulled her up to a standing position. Slowly but surely, she started to take deeper breaths, and she stopped sobbing. She rested her head into my chest, and finally spoke something coherent. “Blake, I’m… I’m sorry. I messed up, I ruined everything.”

I kissed the top of her head, “Molls, You didn’t mess up, it’s still our anniversary, we have lots of time! We can go out to a nice restaurant and have some fun.”

“No, No…” she said into my chest, “That’s not it, no.”

“Then what Molls, please tell me what’s wrong.” I pleaded, holding her at arm’s length, lifting her chin so she was looking into my eyes.

“I ruined our lives, everything, I messed up Blake. You won’t want to be with me.” She said letting out another short sob.

“Molls, that isn’t true, that will never be true. I love you, nothing can change that.” I said looking into her eyes, her beautiful brown eyes.

"Blake...."  Molly said looking up at me through her tear stained eyes. "Blake.. I’m pregnant."

I'm not proud to admit it, but I actually fainted.

When I came too, I found Al and Scorpius hovering over me, while Rose and Jessica were with a sobbing Molly in the corner, trying to get her to stop.

“Low and behold, he awakens!” Al said with a smirk. He looked over at Rose and Jess and laughed. “I always knew he was a softie.”

“Sod off Al.” I said sitting up. “How long have I been out?”

“Dunno… Ten minutes at least.” Scorpius replied. “Molls floo called Rose’s place sobbing, so naturally, we all came over, found you lying on the floor, and her sobbing in the corner.”

“Oh Merlin…” I said jumping up and making my way over to Molly in the corner. “Molly… Listen to me.. Please stop crying.” I said crouching in front of her and taking her hand. Rose and Jess stood up and went to stand beside Scorpius and Al. “Molly, you didn’t ruin anything… I love you. I love you so much, this is an amazing thing, not a mistake.”

She lifted her head and looked me in the eye. The tears magnified her eyes, making them more beautiful. “I can’t think of anyone I would love to do this with more than you Molls.” I pulled her forward and hugged her tight before kissing her. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” She replied resting her head on my chest again. “I can’t believe I thought you would leave me because of this.”

“It’s okay Molls.” I said kissing the top of her head. “All that matters now is that we love each other, and we have the rest of our lives to figure it out.”

 We heard a cough come from the other side of the room, “Ya.. not you be rude and interrupt this lovely moment… but what’s going on here?” Al asked rather blatantly.

“Al!” Jessica yelled, hitting him upside the head.

I looked down at Molly and smiled, “Shall you, or shall I?”

“You.” She said smiling back.

Looking at our gathered friends, I smiled, “We are going to have a baby.”

At that was when Al fainted.


Author's Notes

So, my first One-Shot.

I had the idea for this while I was coming up with ideas for my other FanFic. All characters are from, or will be from that. (Look for Jessica soon.) 

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