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But, I Walked Away by Micki loves Malfoy
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

“Hermione, I love you, I want to stay with you. i know that a lot has happened in the past seven years, and i know that some of those things do not deserve forgiveness. but i hope that you can look past all of those things and do me the honour of marrying me?" Draco Malfoy, my ‘supposed archenemy’, just confessed his love for me and asked me to marry him.

“Draco,” tears were running down my cheeks and I didn’t know what to say. The war had just ended, dead bodies were lying on the ground around us, and I was being proposed to. “I cant, I can’t marry you. After all that we’ve been through, after all that our love survived; our friends hating us, your father *disowning you*. But we couldn’t survive the war.” Draco stood there, shocked, pain showing in his blue-gray eyes, his heart broken by the only person, other than his mother, who he ever really loved.

“Draco I love you, but after everything that I seen tonight, I just need time to heal. And I need to make sure my friends are okay. I’m so sorry.” And I waked away; I walked away from the only man I ever loved, who loved me back. I walked away from true love and happiness. I left him in the middle of the battlefield. He was as cold as the people around him.

5 Years Later

*Hermione’s POV*

Every day, I think about that moment, that look in his eyes, the worst mistake I ever made.

I am living in an apartment, in muggle London, always thinking about what would have happened if I had said yes. After that moment, I and Draco haven’t said a single word to each other, in fact he hadn’t even left his home, and I only left to go to work.

I now work in the ministry, the Magical Rights of Creatures. I work in a daze, never really knowing what I’m doing, always regretting. I still stay in touch with Harry, Ginny, and Ron. Harry and Ginny are now married, with a beautiful daughter named Lily, and a son named Albus. After Ron found out about me and Dra-Draco, it still pains me to think about him, but Ron had given up on me and married Luna Lovegood, who is now pregnant with twins, soon to be named Rose and Fred, and are both predicted to have red hair.

 As decided by Ginny, after 5 years of living in sorrow I am 22, and my friends and co-workers have thought that I should live my life again and be happy, so she decided that I’m going to a fancy restaurant with her for dinner.

 *Draco’s POV* Malfoy Manor

“Dude, Draco you’re a mess!” Blaise Zabini, the only friends who didn’t judge her when we were dating. He was the only person who stood by me, who still stands. “We’re going out.” I look up at him startled and slightly frightened.

“Um… dude, I hate to break it to you, but I’m straight.” Blaise just laughs.

 “No, dude, I mean we are going somewhere, or do something, I mean seriously when was the last time you left this place?” Blaise asks me.

I have to think for a moment, “um…”

But Blaise cuts me off before I could answer, “exactly! On Saturday, you and I are going to this fancy restaurant that Ginny Weasly told me about. I hope that you don’t mind that it’s a muggle restaurant?” Blaise looks at me expectantly.

 “I have nothing against muggles or mudbloods,” I shutter at the word still, “or half-bloods or…”

“Ok, ok I get it, so I’m going to go raid your closet for something nice for you to wear.”

With that Blaise goes up to my room, “ok.” I call up to him. I didn’t know why it mattered, and frankly I didn’t care.

Upstairs: *Blaise’s POV*

I look out the door and make sure that Draco isn’t up here. I pull out my cell phone.

“Hello?” Ginny answers her telephone.

 “Hey Ginny, it’s Blaise,”

 “So, did it work?” Ginny asks me.

 “Yep, we’ll see you guys at the restaurant,” I stick my head out the door and check to see if maybe Draco had come up the stairs.

 “And he doesn’t know anything about her?” Ginny asks slightly scared.

 “Nope I’m absolutely positive.” Blaise reassures her.

“Oh Blaise, make sure that for tomorrow Draco looks hot!”

“Uh Ginny, when will I know when that is?” Blaise asks her. Ginny rolls her eyes.

 “you are such a guy. Just send me a picture and I’ll tell you. Oh here she comes, ill see you tomorrow.” And she hangs up quickly.

Blaise looks at the phone. “why didn’t we get these when we were in school?” and he goes back down stairs to find Draco, completely forgetting why he went up there in the first place.

*Hermione’s POV*

The next day, “Ginny why do I have to look all fancy? It’s just going to be us,” I look at Ginny and she looks guilty, “right?”

“oh of course Mione. But it’s a *fancy* restaurant.”

I believe her for the time being, but I’m not fully convinced. Ginny hold up a silver, one shoulder dress with a green sash. The dress flows out and only reaches mid-thigh. From the bust down to the sash, the dress is a flower beaded pattern. “Ginny, it’s beautiful, but I can’t wear it.”

 She sets it on the bed, “it was my Yule Ball dress, other than that I haven’t worn it. And besides its perfect for your coloring.” She tells me and helps me into the dress. She ushers me in front of the mirror so I could see how I look. I let out a small laugh. “what?” she asks me.

 “oh I was just remembering how you had worn this dress because Blaise was taking you to the ball, and you wanted to represent his house colors.” I let a tear slide down my face because thinking of Blaise reminds me of Draco.

 “how is that funny?” Ginny gives me a confused look. She sits me down and starts working on my uncontrollable hair.

 “because you went to the ball with Blaise, so you could make Harry jealous. And now, ironically, you are married to Harry.” We both laugh. We sit in silence for a couple of minutes.

“ok Hermione, I just finished you hair.” I was surprised by how quickly she had fixed my hair. “now I will need you to close your eyes while I do your make up.” I nod and do what she tells me. I feel a light tickle on my face and after a minute or so it stops. “ok open.” Ginny commands me. “now the final touch.” She runs over to the closet and pulls out a pair of strappy silver heels. My face drops when I see them. I can’t even complain when she puts them on my feet. After she finishes she motions for me to stand up. She twirls her finger and I turn in a slow circle. She smiles “perfect!”

 I walk over to the full length mirror and I don’t even recognize myself. My hair is perfectly straightened, by magic no doubt. I have the right amount of silver eyeliner and green eye shadow. The dress and shoes fit perfectly. I wanted to kill her for making me have to get so dressed up for a restaurant. But instead I walk over to her and give her a giant hug.

 “Ginny thank you so much. I look amazing, and it’s all thanks to you.”

 She waves her hand and smiles, “oh it was nothing.” She disappears for a few minutes while I look at myself in the mirror. She comes back dressed and ‘make-upped’. We walk out the front door and are about to apparate when Ginny gets a picture message and a phone call. I walk a a few feet away to give her some privousy while she talks.

 *Draco’s Pov*

 Blaise pulls out a gold button down shirt, with a red jacket and a pair of black trousers and shoes. He orders me to put it on to see if I look good. I look at him “are you sure you’re not gay?” I ask him with a laugh.

 He laughs and takes a picture. “what was the picture for?” I ask him.

 “I’m asking a friend how you look,” I look at him confused, and he elaborates, “I can’t be seen with you if you look terrible now can I?” we both laugh at his joke.

 “hey I’ve got to call someone. I’ll be right back.” And he leaves. I go and look in the mirror. I tousle my hair and I think of how I used to slick it back with hair gel in second year. I remember how Hermione said that it was a major improvement when I stopped. I tears slides down my cheek and I think of the night Hermione said no. I go over to my dresser and open one of the drawers and pull out a little black box and put it in my pocket. Blaise walks back in “are you ready to go?” he asks me.

I pat my pocket and say yes. Before we leave for the restaurant Blaise adds, “apparently you look ‘hot’.” He tells me with a smirk. And then we apparate.


AN: hey i hoped that you liked the first chapter!!! i plan to have the next chapter up asap. leave a review, whether you liked it or not :) thanks for reading.
 oh and just a heads up, when i finish the next chapter, depending on how short it is, i might just combine the two chapters into one, so just keep an eye out just in case. if i do that, the status of the story will change (hint hint) :)

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But, I Walked Away: Chapter 1


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