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Fix You by Werewolfs Rule
Chapter 4 : Autumn - September 1, 2021 10:43AM
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Healer Finch-Fletchley is letting me say goodbye to my cousins, he is also saying goodbye to his sons (an excuse as I can feel his eyes burning into the back of my head). I’m in a wheelchair as chemo makes me dizzy and tired and no one wants me fainting. All of my cousins have been coming over and hugging me, its going to be so weird not being at Hogwarts this year.



No more random James parties, no more Quidditch matches (both scheduled and makeshift), no more hanging out in the library or common room, no more house prank wars. No more, no more, no more of anything. I’ll be spending my fifth year either at home or in the hospital, I’ll be alone.


Everyone has made promises, to send me pictures (Dom), write (Roxy and Lily), send me a toilet seat (James and Freddie). Hugo, my partner in crime (Lucy is my partner in everything, except crime) is crying when he hugs and even lifts me out of my wheelchair. He’ll be the only Hufflepuff (and I’ve been told a million times that I should be in Gryffindor, but no one, not even Lucy believes that the Sorting Hat told me to be in Hufflepuff, apparently going through everything that I have makes me a Gryffindor, as if I would want to be in that house, James is too crazy, even for me) and I can’t stop myself from crying with him. Hugo, he’s almost like my own personal baby brother (Lucy has her Louis), I love him to bits and I know that he’ll keep the energy alive and throw one or twenty parties for me (he’s not allowed to throw parties in the common room anymore, there was an incident a few years ago, which is too long to tell). He also promises to write and tell me about his day everyday, I cry harder when he tells me this. I love Hugo and I know that I’ll miss him more than most of my other cousins.


I’m crying and sobbing when Lucy puts her hand on my shoulder, at first I thought it was mum or dad, then Uncle George or Aunt Angelina, but only Lucy could get a wave of calm to wash through me like that touch did. I told her that I was going to miss her, and then I was crying again, so was she. We said our goodbyes last night, but its too much for us, this would be our first time apart like this.


Lucy promises me that she’ll see me whenever she can.


Her’s is the only promise that I know will come true.


Another reason why I love my sister more than anyone.



I know that I’ll write to her everyday, I just won’t be able to send the letter, even if she dies. Hugo is crying, him and Molly are so close, the only Hufflepuffs in our whole family. Its strange seeing the two balls of energy in the family breaking down like they are. Lucy is crying too, this year is going to be a living Hell for her, its always been Molly and Lucy, even when Molly is sick.


Roxy board the train just so no one would see her cry, Dom did the same. All of my aunts and uncles are trying not to cry too, its different when someone graduates, not when someone is physically not able to go.


I myself feel like crying, I like to protect her, I actually like to protect my family. I think it might be the Gryffindor in me. Everyone is going to say that they feel lost or sad or they just miss her, but its not going to last, most of us are only going to remember Molly when Lucy gets a letter about how things are going, better or worse.


Hugo won’t forget her, he’ll probably be the one of us who keeps his promise, other than Lucy, and maybe Dom, but its all unlikely. We forget, we change, stuff happens. I just know that Molly will either survive this year or not.


I’m hoping that she will, survive that is, she’ll live, she’ll fight, she’ll make it out.

Cancer isn’t going to take Molly down, Molly is going to take cancer down.




I’m use to feeling left out with the whole Molly thing, everyone forgets that I’m a healer, I specialize in small children.


I was actually the one who found out about Molly’s cancer.


I think that its because George is so involved, he fights so hard for Molly. I let him, I never batted an eyelash when he donated blood, bone marrow, or lymphocytes. I did have to talk to George when it came to the kidney though, he was setting himself up for it, but I had to tell him to think about it for a while. Molly may not need it.


A month later his left kidney was gone.


I didn’t talk to him for a week, just going to work he had to put protective spells on his remaining kidney, he couldn’t play with the kids like he use to, he had to be careful.


George Weasley is anything but careful.


When we met at eleven, in this very train station, he was trying to push Fred onto the train tracks to see what would happen –nothing. As the years went by they only got more reckless and careless, more and more fun.


Then Fred died, a handful of years later came our Freddie and Roxy, and then Molly was diagnosed. George only wanted to protect, and now he can’t protect anymore.


I don’t want Lucy donating as much as anyone else, but maybe if Percy, Audrey, and George would’ve waited and taken the kidney that cropped up two days later my husband wouldn’t be in the state he is now. Nervous, scared, worried. I hate seeing George this way, I hate even more that no one cares other than me.


I love Molly and I love Lucy, but my own family comes before them, my Freddie and my Roxy. George doesn’t see this, he thought of Molly before his children, before me.

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Fix You: Autumn - September 1, 2021 10:43AM


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