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Witch against the World by Pottergirl7
Chapter 3 : The One at the End of the Train Ride
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Thanks to Potterwatch124 at TDA for the gorgeous chapter image!

Chapter Three

Twenty minutes later, we were stood in front of Professor McGonagall shaking in our leather shoes.

We had been marched down the train for all to see and then positioned in McGonagall’s magically enlarged compartment for our berating. I’m literally numb. I had never ever been in trouble before. I was smart and I had always managed to avoid the blame. Totally ninja.

“What in the name of Godric were you doing?” she hissed; her normally thin lips now practically non-existent. Now that my dears is attractive. Take note and one day you may just be as sexy as McGonagall.

“Well,” Molly began. “Sirius and I are totally innocent.” I stared at her open-mouthed, as did everyone else in the room.

“And how did you arrive at that conclusion Ms Wood?” McGonagall asked irritably.

“Yeah how?” We all pitched in.

“We’ve been stuck in the luggage compartment for the past half an hour.” she replied, a faint blush colouring her cheeks. Sirius gave McGonagall a saucy wink and grin, and then moved to put his arm around Molly.

“And what about these?” McGonagall demanded, brandishing the offending knickers.

“Oh Minnie those would look great on you.” James grinned.

“Pink is so your colour.” Sirius added. I grimaced as did McGonagall. Their attempt at humour was obviously not appreciated. I cleared my throat loudly and everyone turned to look at me.

“Erm Professor we really are very sorry for all the erm trouble we’ve caused.” I said meekly. “We honestly didn’t mean to…” I trailed off miserably. She looked at me and glared. I flinched and moved a little closer to James -who looked positively delighted- half expecting lasers to shoot from her eyeballs. It really wouldn’t surprise me.

“You do realize Ms Evans, that not only have you demolished half the corridor,” She turned her scary glare on Jess who crept a little closer to Remus. “But you have stolen a piece of private property, which we do not allow.”

Abi gave a high pitched laugh. “Well Professor I should certainly hope not! But I must commend you on your professionalism at dealing with such an issue. This obviously shows what an amazing teacher you are, certainly a credit to your profession,” she said in a voice so high only dogs could hear it. If there were any dogs on the train of course.

We held our breaths but McGonagall didn’t even crack a smile.

“Not working Ms Bell.” she replied sternly.

“Damn,” Abi muttered.

McGonagall continued. “I’m not even going to touch on the physical fighting,” she sent the evils James and Hayden’s way. “And the worst of it is it was done by the head girl, head boy and three prefects!” I shrunk even further into the ground. “As a result of your despicable behaviour you will all be in detention until further notice.” I gaped.

Not once have I had a detention. Ever. Even being friends with Jess and Molly I usually manage to get us out of it. And now my permanent record was marked. Scarred, blemished… destroyed. Now no employer would want me. I would never get a job which meant that I wouldn’t have money for a home so I will become a beach hobo. Oh God…

“I think I see the light.” I muttered. Niki looked at me.

“Lily come back. Don’t go there Lily,” she ordered. I felt everything beginning to fade and had the distinct feeling that I was falling.

That is until I was slapped hard around the face. I opened my eyes just in time to come crashing down on the floor.

“Bad Lily!” Abi said, her hand still raised.

I rubbed my cheek. “That hurt.” Abi smiled in satisfaction and flexed her fingers.

“Next time grow a pair and take your detention like a man.” she replied.

“Well if you’re quite done with the theatrics Ms Evans, you are all dismissed.” McGonagall said in a bored tone, ushering us out of her compartment.

We began walking back to our initial compartment and I was still numb from my punishment. I took in the excessive damage. There were scorch marks along the floor where some of the spells had hit and a compartment door was totally devoid of glass, hanging off its hinges. There was smashed glass absolutely everywhere. The whole place looked like it had been hit by a bomb.

“Damn, we did some damage,” Jess noted mildly. I glared at her and Molly.

“This is your entire fault. You guys are the reason I now have detention until I’m fifty,” I accused.

“Oh Lily you’ll be fine. McGonagall will probably put you with Ol’ Sluggy and he’ll let you off.” James assured me.

“What were you and Hayden doing trying to beat each other up?” I asked, curiosity overriding my annoyance. Molly and Jess looked at each other and grinned. “What?” I asked them. We’d all stopped outside of the compartment door.

“Well-” Jess began. I groaned. They were doing that strange twin thing again.

“-James likes you-” Molly said. I opened my mouth to argue but closed it again. I’d let them have this one.

“-And Hayden likes you-” Jess added. Eh- wait what? I furrowed my brow in confusion and looked over at Hayden who suddenly seemed to find his nails very interesting.

“-So it’s logical that Hayden and James would feel an overwhelming amount of testosterone and a sudden urge to beat each other up.” Molly finished. What was she on about?

“They were competing for your affection and the opportunity to mate with you,” Niki added. “In the animal world it’s perfectly natural; they’re just establishing who has the power and who the more prominent male is. The alpha male if you like.” I shuddered. I didn’t like. I didn’t like at all. 

 “Uh Red could I have a word?” Hayden asked suddenly. My eyes widened in surprise and I nodded slowly.

“Suuuuuure...” He glanced around at everyone, obviously wanting them to leave.


“Oh okay then!” I waved the others on and Hayden and I began to walk back the way we came, whilst the guys went back into the compartment.

“So erm, well you know we’ve known each other for ages,” he began. I nodded, wondering where this was going. “Well recently I’ve been feeling something a bit more than just friendship and I was wondering whether you’d consider us maybe becoming something more?” It came out all in one quick breath and he exhaled deeply afterwards. Not really the way I would want to be asked out.

I stopped and looked up at him, confused. That was out of the blue. What does he mean by something more? And how recently? We’ve always been friends, not especially close but close enough. I had never even thought of being a couple, I had never liked Hayden like that. Ever.

Oh God what was I supposed to say? He was looking at me expectantly…

“Um well… I guess one date wouldn’t hurt?” I said awkwardly. He blushed.

“Well actually I meant more than just a date.”

“Oh,” Damn now what? Did I want to be in a relationship? With Hayden? “Well why don’t we try out a date and erm see how we go?”

Hayden smiled. “Sounds great.” I smiled weakly.

What could go wrong..?


After that extremely awkward conversation, we returned to the compartment and I joined Jess and Remus on the floor, whilst Hayden disappeared to go and find his other friends. I had a feeling he was just too shy to face my friends after they all found out that he liked me but I didn’t say anything. To be perfectly honest I didn’t want to face them either.

No one said anything about Hayden and instead we sat in a mostly comfortable silence aside from the odd “move over” and “Nicola get that god damned devil cat away from me”. I read my book but couldn’t really get into it because my mind kept going back to Hayden and how I was dreading seeing him again. That continued for about two hours before James and I silently made our way to the prefect's carriage.


A/N- Howdy y'all! Well I edited this really quick so y'know, claps for me!

I decided I need to get my editing done because I had a near death experience today followed by an epiphany shortly after. You see, my bus driver was rather stupid and I think he bought his driving license online because he crashed the bus. One of the windows shattered all over my friend and I, who screamed like there was no tomorrow. But in those few moments, I saw my life flash before my eyes and I realized my one regret was not finishing my editing on this already because I have so much planned for it. 

So from now, I'm going to edit much faster. :D

I know this chapter is very different compared to the original but I hope you all like it :) The only way I'll know if you do... is if you leave me a nice looooong review! 


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Witch against the World : The One at the End of the Train Ride


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