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Average Ally. by BlameItOnTheNargles
Chapter 11 : Rule Number Eleven: Biting Is Allowed.
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My hair hung over my face- I was hanging upside down. I could feel all the blood rushing to my face, flung over his shoulder as I was. His laughter rang through my ears as he carried me.

“James Sirius Potter, you put me down this instant!” I demanded, feeling stupid.

I felt like he was my pet dog and I wanted him to drop the bone. The only difference being I'm upside down and hanging off his shoulder. Oh, and he wasn't a dog, or holding a bone in his mouth.

“I think I'll pass.” He replied, while slapping my ass. I growled in response, which made him laugh. Just because I am smaller than him, he thinks it’s okay to fling me over his shoulder. I have news for him- it isn't.

“James, I am warning you! Put me down, or suffer the pain.” I wasn't joking.

“I'm fine and dandy.” Dandy? Wow, he has a worse vocabulary than me. That's saying something.

“I warned you.”

“Party Girl, what harm could you cause when I am holding you?” He seemed so smug, which made me smirk even though I knew he couldn't see my face. With that, I put my plan into action. When I say I don't bite, I really mean I do.

“What the hell Ally!” He squealed in pain and nearly dropped me. Laughter escaped my throat. I am awesome, hear me roar! Or in this case, laugh.

“I told you to put me down.” I responded, my voice sounding smug as I smirked. Bow down to me.

“Stop smirking Ally, it doesn't suit you.”

I raised an eyebrow, even though he couldn't see me.

“Don't make me bite you again, Potter.” I smirked.

“Ally, be nice to your boyfriend.” He scolded in a mocking way. I still hadn't gotten use to the word ‘boyfriend’. It felt foreign and weird, but I liked it.

“Are we there yet? Where ever it is we're going?” I moaned.

Earlier, he just shouted “Surprise!” in my face, before flinging me over his shoulder and carrying me outside. To say the least, I am not impressed.


“How long?”

“Thirty seconds.”

“Can I walk the rest?”


I could murder him. I'm sure it wouldn't take much effort. I mean, sure Harry Potter would be out to kill me then, but I think I would be okay if he killed me for killing his son.


“Yes.” I exclaimed, before he put me down on my feet. My heart stopped.

“Welcome to our second date.” He whispered in my ear, sending a mass of butterflies flying round in my stomach. Scratch that, a mass of aeroplanes.

The Quidditch pitch had candles lit all around it, with a picnic set up in the middle. I can't believe he did all this for me.

“Like it?” He asked while pulling me to the ground.

“Love it,” I smiled before kissing him on the cheek. “I can't believe you did all of this.” I bit down on my bottom lip as I took it all in.

“You deserve it.” He whispered, before pulling me into a kiss. My stomach exploded as warmth spread through my body. I would never get use to this feeling.


“Would you rather spend a day in jail or drink a bottle of ketchup?” He asked an hour later. I was lying against his chest and we looked up at the stars. This had been the perfect evening.

“Jail, I hate ketchup,” I responded with a shudder. “Would you rather be locked in a cage with a tiger or jump out of a muggle plane.”

“Does the plane option come with a parachute?” He asked, laughing.


“Plane. Would you rather go skinny dipping in the Black Lake with everyone watching or kiss Filch?” He asked. I burst into laughter before whacking his arm lightly.

“That is disgusting, but skinny dipping,” I responded. “There is no way my lips are going anywhere near Filch- or his cat for that matter.”

“Really? I think his cat’s hot.” He said waggling his eyebrows before chuckling, my eyes rolling at him.

“Would you rather shave your hair off or kiss a kangaroo?”

“Kangaroo, any day. Would you rather eat a jar of pickles or kiss me?” I could tell he was smirking beneath me as he asked it.

“Pickles.” I shrugged, giggling as he gasped in horror. I actually would eat a jar of pickles though. I actually really like pickles. They taste nice.

“That's it!” Before I even knew it, James was on top me and tickling my sides, making me scream.

“Stop!” I gasped out as he carried on tickling my body making me squirm.

“Say ‘James Potter is the hottest guy in the world and I want to kiss him’.” He demanded.

“NEVER!” I cried out loud, making him tickle me worse. My laughter was ringing through the air.
“Say it.”

“James Pott—Potter is the...hottest the w-world!” I gasped out through the pain and torture of being tickled.

“And?” He asked, smirking above me.

“And...I w-wan-t to ki-kiss him.” I cried out.

“Well, you should have just asked.” He replied softly before bringing his lips down onto mine again.


I gasped for breath as my throat felt raw and my lungs stung harshly. My vision was clouded over with hot tears which streamed down my cheeks.

“Bloody hell, Ally! Are you okay?” A voice exclaimed from behind me. He sounded worried and panicked, but I nodded my head to say yes.

A glass of water was shoved into my hand and I gratefully downed the glass in one, letting it slide down my throat, bringing relief to my body and brain.

“Thanks.” I spoke, my voice sounding harsh and raw.

“Out of all the food in the world you could choke on, trust you to choke on a pickle.” His voice laughed, making me smile weakly.

Albus just saved my life.

Literally. Everyone else was just standing around me gawking as I choked on my lunch.

Another glass found its way into my hand again, and this time I sipped it slowly.

“Maybe we should take you to the hospital wing?”

I quickly shook my head, I didn't want to go to the hospital wing. Not again that was, I'd already been there twice this week.

“Or not.” He added with a deep laugh.

“I am never eating pickles again,” I exclaimed as my face scrunched up at the thought. “Feel free to eat the rest.” I added, glaring at the plate of pickles. Why did I think it would be a good idea to eat a plate full of pickles?

“I think I'm good.” Albus replied.

I turned to face him, his emerald eyes shone with amusement. I hadn't spoken to him in over three weeks. I missed him.

“Are you?” I raised an eyebrow at him as he laughed again.


I froze as I heard a girl whining my name, making me wince. I hated that annoying voice which rang through your ears.I don't know why girls do it. Before I could even register who the girl was, she was already on top of Albus and sucking his face off. It was Al she wanted, not me.

I felt like I was going to be sick seeing them practically eating each others faces.

“Ally, this is Kelly, my girlfriend.”


Maybe I should bite her.

Shut. Up. Brain.

Author Note: So I am finally back my fellow wizards! I have gone through the story, nothing has changed, just a few little sentences changed here and there and the wonderful Taraiel beta'ing all the chapters (round of applause for Taraiel)! 

Other than that the next chapter shall be up soon! 


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