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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 19 : There's a reason it's called the shrieking shack.
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“I thought I had you figured out,

I can’t breathe whenever you’re gone,

I can’t go back, I’m Haunted.”

-Taylor Swift










“Please Elle.”








“Comon’ Ellie.”



“Freddie, Piss off.”



As soon as I had woken up this morning Freddie has been hounding me about girl advice, why the fuck would he want that advice from me?.


I sighed, flipping my blonde hair over my shoulder and rolling my blue eyes at him.


“Okay, what?.” I questioned.



Freddie’s face broke out into a wide smile, his own blue eyes widening in excitement.


“There’s this girl, and I really like her, but every time I talk to her I freeze and end up saying something stupid.” He confessed, a now anxious look on his face.


“Freddie..” I said, I smile tugging on my lips.


“You always say something stupid.”


That earned me a flick to the head.


I laughed.


I put my hands on each one of his shoulders, as if I was going to give him a pep talk


“Okay, so play it cool, don’t try too hard, and try and be her friend first.” I said, patting him on shoulder.


He nodded seriously; taking in the information I was giving him.


“Thanks Ellie.” He said, grinning.


He pulled me into a hug and squeezed me tight.


Freddie Weasley is all right.


“Why is it whenever I see you, your always getting hugs from the male side of my family.”


I let go of Freddie and spun around.




“Well, its because they give much better hugs.” I said, cheekily.


I watched James let out a little laugh.


“And because she prefers red heads, sorry mate.” Freddie cut in, patting James on the shoulder before walking off.


“Piss off.” James said after him.


“Ready to head down to breakfast?.” I asked, before giving him a kiss on the cheek.


“Yeah.” He said, giving me a smile and pulling forward out of the common room.







We made our way over to the Gryffindor table, and I took a seat next to Louis, who was sat with Rose, Lucy, Dom, Al and Scorpius.


“Hey Elle.” Al said giving me a wink.


“Back off bro.” James threatened jokingly.


I let out a laugh, before asking Dom where she’d gotten off to this morning.


“Er, I had a thing.” She mumbled quietly, a blush spreading across her cheeks.


“What kind of a thing?.”


“A date.” She replied, shooting me a shut-the-fuck-up glance.


“You’re not aloud to date.” Louis said outraged, pointing his spoon at his now murderous looking sister.


“Are you kidding me.” She said, her eyes narrowing at her younger brother.


Louis stood up, his hands on the table.

“Look, I’m just looking out for you.” He shouted. Then his face softened.


“I don’t want you to get hurt again.” He said quietly.


Dom’s eyes widened, before she leant over the table and hugged her brother.


“Thanks Louie. But I can take care of myself.” she whispered.


He nodded, before turning to James and pointing a threatening finger at him.


“I know you’re my cousin, but if you hurt her.” He indicated to me with his head, “Then your dead.”.


Louis is scary when he’s being all protective.


Bless him.


James’s eyes got serious and he nodded his head sharply, taking my hand under the table.


“I won’t hurt her.” He said loudly to Louis.


An unspoken agreement went on between them, before they both carried on with their breakfasts.




Peering around the great hall I gave Hugo a little wave, he was sat with some friends at the Ravenclaw table, a few seats down, my eyes landed on a worn, beat down, tired looking figure, I searched his face, his eyes were hard, boring straight into my own, his dark hair was messy, and his eyes had dark circles around them.


I tried to recollect the last time I had seen him, it was months ago, in muggle studies, I felt my stomach drop remembering what had happened that day.


I wracked my brain trying to think why he looked so on edge, and I couldn’t.


Damon gave me one last hard look then stood up and disappeared from the great hall.


“Are you okay?.”


I snapped my eyes to James.


“Yeah, sorry, I just thought I saw someone.” I muttered, giving him a reassuring smile, all the while I couldn’t shake the image of Damon from my mind.









“-then we can go to the shrieking shack.”


I nodded my head, a smile on my face.




I love coming here, its so nice and full of life, its beautiful, always covered in snow.


Making our way through hogsmeade we spotted Rose and Scorpius getting abit close, at this James shot a well aimed jinx and blasted them apart, we ducked into an ally laughing, before leaving at starting down the high street again, when we finally reached the shrieking shack, we crept inside, winding through the small dark passageways.


It stunk of mould and rotting wood, the pathways we dark and cramped, when a spot of light did appear you could see make out the deep thin scratches lining the walls, something bad happened hear, I didn’t comment on It however, just keeping a tighter hold on James’s hand.


He pulled me into a room, before walking over to the curtains shuffling about for something, I began looking around the small room, a table in the middle, old and rotting, the walls, curtains and floor boards were covered in the same deep, thin scratches and the bed was torn and thrown about.




I jumped and spun round, my heart racing and my blue eyes wide, then my heart plummeted, because James was crumpled against the wall in a heap, a steady flow of blood running down his head, his eyes shut.


I ran over to him, tears leaking from my eyes, I ripped my shirt and applied it too his head to try and stop the blood.


What the fuck just happened?.


Looking around widely for something to use, my eyes landed on a figure by the door, his arm extended holding his wand straight at me, His brown hair was just as messy as the last time I had seen him and his eyes stared disdainfully into mine.


“Damo-“ I started, pleading with him.


He muttered a spell.


I let out a scream.


Then everything went black.







My head was pounding and I couldn’t moves my arms, they were tied?, I heard someone shuffling about, moving things.


I opened my eyes carefully, we were still in the shack, but I was ties to a chair, my hand tied behind my back, and my wrists hurting, I looked around for James, But I couldn’t see him


I involuntarily let out a groan.


I watched Damon, his back to me, stiffen at the sound before slowly turning to face me, a smile on his face.


“Good your awake.” He said in a sing-song voice.


Is he crazy?


“Where’s James.” I muttered quietly.


He didn’t answer.


He glanced at the floor, I followed hi eyes and saw a massive puddle of blood.


I felt my eyes widen and my heart race.


Then I let out another shriek, before I blacked out.









A/N I know this chapter in super short, but it’s an important one.

Thank you for your reviews, they make my day..

Did you expect Damon to make an appearance and why do you think he’s doing this?.

Also what do you think has happened to James?.

As always Rates and Review are much appreciated.<3

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