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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 9 : Chapter Nine – A Brother’s Anger Explodes, Draco Runs in Fear, Evvie loses her Fieriness and A Ball is Planned
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 Chapter Nine – A Brother’s Anger Explodes, Draco Runs in Fear, Evvie loses her Fieriness and A Ball is Planned

Mild Language

“Have you seen Evvie?”

“No, I haven’t, I was just looking for her”.

“Is there something wrong with her?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“I just have a brotherly feeling like I should punch somebody”.

“Draco, hey Draco, wait up!” shouted Blaise.

God damn it, what the hell was wrong with everyone, first Evvie now Draco runs from me. What the hell man! Blaise was pissed.

“Evvie what are you doing out here?”

“Oh I was feeding the thestrals” replied Evvie, “I don’t find them scary anymore, Luna was right, they are calm and friendly”.

“Have you been out here long?” asked Pansy.

Evvie shook her head, she hadn’t, she just needed some time to think.

“Blaise is looking for you, do you know why?” asked Pansy.

“I expect he wants to ask me what’s happened” she sighed.

“And what did happen?” asked Pansy concerned.


“You’re lying” replied Pansy.

“Maybe I am” countered Evvie.

“We’re best friends, why won’t you tell me”.

“Perhaps I don’t want to feel embarrassed again” she sighed.

“Was it Draco?” Evvie paled.

“Did he do something?” Pansy prodded.

“He did nothing but show me how stupid I’d been” mumbled Evvie.

“I don’t understand” replied Pansy.

“I miscalculated something and now I have my answer. Don’t worry about it Pansy I’m not”.

Pansy didn’t believe Evvie but sensed that she wasn’t going to get much more out of her. At least if Blaise asked her again she’d be able to tell him that it had something to do with Draco.

“I’m hurt that you don’t think you can tell me but I’m sure you have a perfectly good reason for doing it, so I will drop it for now” said Pansy.

“Thank you” mumbled Evvie.

“So the ball’s coming up, that should be fun, are you going to go with anyone?” asked Pansy.


“Why not?”

“There is no one willing to take me for just me” replied Evvie.

“What are you talking about Evvie, plenty of people will want to take you”

“Yes but it won’t be for the right reasons”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“It means no one will ask just because they want to go with me. It will either be because of my new looks, my new family, a pity date or a chance to humiliate me. I don’t want that!” she shouted.

“So you won’t go with anyone because you’re afraid they’ll have asked you for your looks, your family, out of pity or to humiliate you? That’s a bit of an assumption” replied Pansy.

“It’s not an assumption Pansy, it’s the truth. I’ve seen how people look at me. I’ve seen the judgment in their eyes. I’ve seen the curiosity, I’ve heard the whispers”.

“Not everyone is the same Evvie”.

“I’m grateful to you and the others. You keep me safe, when I’m with you it’s like all my problems melt away, I know it’s silly to think like that, it’s something a child might say. You guys can’t protect me forever, just because you haven’t been there or seen things from my eyes don’t mean it hasn’t happened. There may well be someone different out there, if there is chances are he won’t want me”.

“Who doesn’t want you?”

“It is neither here nor there. It is not important because it will never happen. Life is not the fairytale I want it to be. I once dreamed that after the war everyone would get their hearts desire, it was foolish to think things would change so quick”.

“Evvie you aren’t making much sense”.

“I think that’s the point. Why must we all be sensible all the time. If I had my time over again, I wish I had gone to school anywhere but here”.

“Why would you say that?”

“It’s not because of the war like you might think”.

“Then what is it because of”.

“Have you ever noticed how the ranking of society has never been such a big issue as it has been in England. Not just within the Wizarding community, I mean with muggles as well. Third Class, Second Class, First Class. Purebloods, Half-bloods, Muggle-borns. Everything is kept separate as though you could be tainted by socializing with someone from another rank. It’s like in India where you have to marry into the rank you were born in, anything else wouldn’t be right”

“I just think if I had a chance to go somewhere else, an American school, an Australian school or even Beauxbatons life would have just sailed by so easily. I know I’m not a muggle-born like I thought but that really doesn’t matter. That social hierarchy is everywhere at Hogwarts, one can’t be seen talking to others without consequence, ‘blood-traitors’ shout at Purebloods, Pureblood’s shout at muggle-borns, muggle-borns shout at half-bloods. It’s stupid, the way we’re been raised, even now nothing matters but money, power, blood, social standing etc”.

“Love doesn’t function into it. It seems no one marries for love and if they do it’s unrequited, they feel it but their partner doesn’t, the marriages are filled with lies and hate. It doesn’t matter if you have an attraction to someone, doesn’t matter if they like you and you like them, chances are it won’t happen. There is always something counting against them, like a continuation of Romeo and Juliet over and over”.


“Oh God, what am I doing here. Shouting my head off at things that have no meaning. I shouldn’t be worrying about social standing or blood or love. What business have I got to be thinking of those things? I’m eighteen years old, I’m a grown up for God’s sake and I’m worrying about things that are trivial. Where did my childhood go? On broken dreams and empty promises”.

“Is this all because of a guy?”

“No, it started with a guy, it ended with my own failure”.


“Do not worry, I am Evvie, I survive right. We’ll just take this episode as a mental breakdown of character, no one needs to know, especially not Blaise. I feel in need of some Cherryade, are you coming?”


“Draco, fuck man stop running” panted Blaise.

“What do you want?”

“Why were you running from me?”

“I wasn’t!”

“You were!”


“Do you know why Evvie is acting strangely?”

“Why would I?” said Draco defensively.

“Bit touchy there are you? Always a sign that you know something”.

“What do you want from me?” said Draco.

“Just to know if you know anything about Evvie’s strange behavior” replied Blaise.

Draco seemed to crack, his once expressionless face showing all emotions.

“Yes I know something about her strange behavior, I know why she’s acting strange because I know the person who did it to her” replied Draco.

“Great! You can tell me who to punch” grinned Blaise.

“It was me” mumbled Draco.

“What?” Blaise replied his grin slipping from his face.

“It was me, I’m the reason she’s walking around like the fire has gone from her eyes”.

“What did you do?”

“I did nothing but tell her the truth”.

“Draco, what did you do?”

“She asked me to go to the ball with her”.

“What did you reply?”



“What the hell would you have wanted me to say?” shouted Draco.

“Mate calm down”.

“No! It’s alright for you guys. You’re all forgiven”.

“So are you”.

“Well I shouldn’t be. All the things I’ve done to her, all the things I’ve said. I shouldn’t be allowed within ten yards of her. I’m not good. She’s had enough shit in her life, don’t you think she deserves a chance to have some good?”

“Draco, mate, you aren’t the one to decide that for her. You’re hurting her with this attitude you have. She wanted to be friends with you but you wouldn’t let her, she tries to talk to you but you don’t reply, she asked you to the ball because she wanted to go with her and you what? Tell her you won’t go with her because of your stupid guilt!!?” thundered Blaise.

“That’s right, I Draco Malfoy feel guilty. God knows I should have burnt alive for what I’ve put people through. She was tortured in my ballroom for being the one thing she isn’t. I stood there and watched her in her pain”.

“That wasn’t your fault Draco, you know it wasn’t”.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not made for good people like her. She needs someone who can look after her, protect her, love her, cherish her, make her laugh, hold her when she cries, comfort her, read with her, talk to her. I’m not that person”.

“No one is asking you to marry her or date her, she just wanted you to take her to the ball” shouted Blaise.

“Then what?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The ball, it wouldn’t just end with the ball. The ball would lead to dating and God knows what else. I couldn’t let that happen”.

“Well you didn’t even give her a choice”

“It’s better this way”.

“No it’s not. Draco it’s her choice. Not yours, if she asked you to take her you should have said yes”.


“No buts. All I hear you talking about is yourself. Your pain, your guilt, your suffering. You don’t mention her at all. You seem to have already made your mind up about things without even giving her a chance to see you. Grow a pair man and stop acting like some pitiful little child because really that’s all you are”.

“I’m trying to save her!”

“No! You’re trying to save yourself. You’re scared, weak and pathetic. Until you know your own heart and aren’t going to hurt my sister further you stay the hell away from my sister!” yelled Blaise.

“So this is how it’s going to be. Years of friendship down the drain for one small disagreement” muttered Draco.

“Nothing about my sister is small and you’d do well to remember that” thundered Blaise. He took one last disgusted look at Draco and stormed away from who he now assumed to be his ex-friend.

Time Flies Far Too Quick For Anyone To Notice

The Autumn ball was coming up, a masquerade theme, to bring out the mystery in everybody, it was romantic really, you might find the love of your life but you wouldn’t know him/her for their masks. It was just the thing to lift people’s spirits, for plans to be made, dresses to be bought, dates to be acquired and a chance to have fun.

Evvie pondered her choice of gown. Originally she hadn’t intended to go, she thought it would be much better to stay in her room with a glass of something and a good book but Pansy made her come. They were all worried about her; they reckoned Evvie had lost her feistiness. It was probably correct, since her rejection from Draco her body and mind seemed to have been fighting with each other. She knew she was being silly and that she should get up from this mess she was in and get on with life. I guess you could say that she couldn’t believe she’d laid down her heart like that and watched as it crumbled before her eyes.

Should she have not asked Draco to the ball? Would things have been better if she hadn’t? No one would know, you can’t change the past without consequences.

Her fingers paused over a dress made from the richest purple. She pulled it from the rack and looked upon its glory, even before she tried it on, she felt in her heart that this was the dress for her. It was sleeveless and strapless, coming in tight at her chest and waist and then flowing straight out till it hit her knees and stopped. The material was so soft and light, catching the light as she moved. If she could find some gold heels and accessories to go with the dress she’d look perfect. She’d have to find a gold mask to match as well.

She made sure no one saw her dress, the girls had tried and the boys had asked but she had told no one. She saw this as the one night where she could be herself without the restraints that others put upon her. She’d darkened her hair colour slightly, so no one could truly recognize her with her mask and outfit on. She knew that if she dressed with the others they’d know who she was, she didn’t want that. She’d finally reclaimed some of her feistiness, she wasn’t going to lose it again.

She changed away from the common room and made her own way to the Great Hall. The others were already there; they’d given up on waiting for her assuming that she was already there. Blaise was trying especially hard to find her but was having no such luck.

Fate had a twisted way of working, anyone who had been under her spell found their lives changed dramatically. Fate was present at the Christmas ball, pushing those people that needed to be with each other together and separating those who were bad from one another. There were always people who tried to rule over fates strict hand, fate let them have their fun before reminding them who was actually in charge. Yes, fate had a twisted way of working.

Evvie was enjoying herself, she was enjoying the attention that wasn’t directed at anything other than the mysterious person she appeared to be. She could do anything, be anything, and say anything tonight and no one would judge her because they wouldn’t know it to be her.

Ginny sauntered into the ballroom, her green dress clinging to her in a way that was unnatural. How some of these girls thought they looked sexy was beyond amusing, clearly they hadn’t been taught well by their Mothers. You should never overly flaunt yourself, because then all you become is some tacky desperate object. The idea was to remain mysterious and let the man chase you, until he caught up with you; clearly Ginny though that slutty prostitute was a look that would entice men to her, or rather one particular man.

She hadn’t just left the situation up to her own sexuality, no no, that would be foolish. She’d made a potion as well, should things need a little extra hand. It was a rendition of the common love potion, her Mother had taught it to her. Apparently a lot of women in Molly’s family had used it to ensnare the man they desired. Don’t you wonder what Arthur Weasley would say if he found out his wife had love drugged him into the life they now led?

To top off Ginny’s ‘master plan’, she’d gone ahead and invited Krum as well. Don’t misunderstand me, I know as the writer you are thinking, how would Krum even enter the castle after what he’d done – or rather tried to do. It seemed silly since everything that had happened during the war but polyjuice potion was still commonly used and not so easily recognized, especially if the transformed person was a random nobody that no one knew. Besides with everyone in masks, no one would realize it was Krum when he changed back.

In Ginny’s eyes, Potter was a catch but he was nothing compared to Malfoy. Potter could give her fame but Malfoy could give her power, wealth and fame. She hated to say it but Evvie actually looked good in her outfit, annoyingly so that Ginny couldn’t fault it. She could fault Evvie herself but it wasn’t nearly as fun as putting her in her place. Ginny could spy Malfoy off to the side. It seemed like there was a rift between Malfoy and Evvie but that didn’t stop his eyes from following her around the room. Ginny didn’t like the attention he was giving Evvie. She sauntered over, confident in the fact that Evvie would soon be occupied by someone else.

“Lord Malfoy” she simpered, it was good to use his title; a title she hoped would be hers one day.

Draco rolled his eyes towards the desperate girl. He had an inkling of who she was but he wasn’t certain damn these masks! God he hated girls like this, the desperateness in their advances only showed their true desires. Draco didn’t want a girl like this; he wanted someone who could hold an intelligent conversation, someone who was passionate and caring. Perhaps if he opened his eyes he’d find her…

“Care to dance?” she asked.

“No” he replied disinterested.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Fine” he replied just hoping she’d go away.

He was lucky, she did storm away but not for long. So what is her initial plan failed she had lots more up her sleeve.

A commotion near the doors of the Great Hall sparked Ginny’s attention. She turned her body full force towards the sounds and marched towards the commotion. Oh good, he’s here she thought. As long as he remembered his goal was not one of the idiot girls currently in front of him things would be good. She caught his eye and motioned for him to follow her and leave the gaggle of girls.

“Are you ready?” she asked once they were situated in front of the refreshments table.

Krum looked ready to burst, like he couldn’t understand why he was being asked this question, “Of course I’m ready, you don’t think I’d screw it up a second time! She won’t get away from me again!”.

Ginny saw something in his eyes then that was slightly unnerving. Kind of like he wasn’t all there, it planted the first seeds of doubt in her mind but she didn’t stop the plan….foolish girl.

She could have continued with the plan but it was far more interesting to stand here and watch Krum’s advances on Evvie. She could continue seducing Malfoy after she’d watched this amusing display.

Evvie was having a wild night. She felt so free and excited. Not even the Yule Ball had made her feel this way – but that was a night best forgotten anyway. Evvie felt like she had been dancing nonstop all night. She’d danced with anyone and everyone, from Ravenclaw’s to Hufflepuff’s alike. Her dances with the Slytherin’s were the best but perhaps that’s because they could actually dance. However the one person she wanted to dance with the most was still ignoring her.

She happened to catch the eye of an attractive man. He was mysterious, despite his mask and costume. Evvie didn’t think she’d ever seen him before. He seemed most determined to dance with her and keep her away from others. She didn’t like the discreet dominating attitude. She’d tried to get away from him several times only to be hauled back into his unyielding grip. Far from being scared, Evvie was annoyed, she finally managed to escape him by sending him off to fetch a drink.

Ginny watched Krum approach her, his transformed self was fading fast.

“She still resists me” he growled.

Ginny ignored him for she saw where Evvie was heading – towards Blaise and Draco – so she needed to act quickly. She grabbed glasses of punch and discreetly poured the potion into one. She looked around quickly to check that no one had seen her. She handed two drinks to Krum, “Go now” she hissed, watching triumphantly when Evvie was stopped from her goal.

Perfect! She sauntered over to Malfoy, “Lord Malfoy, your drink” she spoke warmly.

Draco glared at her; he’d hoped she’d given up when she hadn’t returned quickly. He took the drink hoping she’d go away if he drank it. He downed it in one, much to the glee of Ginny; she waited patiently for the potion to kick in.

“Excuse me” he murmured. He’d seen a set of hands on Evvie’s form and he’d seen the look on Evvie’s face. He hadn’t heard the words she’d uttered but the look on his face was enough to convince him that he needed to take action.

Ginny stood waiting for his declaration of love but was a little confused as Draco walked away from her and towards Evvie.

“Take your hands off Evvie she doesn’t belong to you” he murmured, his silky voice sending shivers up Evvie’s back.

“She doesn’t belong to you either” snarled the male, his voice seemed to be changing from perfect English to that of a German lilt, what the hell thought Draco.

“No she belongs to herself” replied Draco steadily.

“Ha! You are wrong, she is mine!” shouted the man, downing his drink in one go.

Shit thought Draco. He carefully maneuvered himself in front of Evvie, and tore off the mysterious man’s mask, a gasp was heard by all those near, Victor Krum stood completely still in the middle of the ballroom.

Evvie gripped the back of Draco’s suit almost to the point of pain, Draco could hear her quiet whimpers as if it was the only sound he could hear. The other Slytherin’s were around Evvie in a second, the teachers crowded round the intruder while they awaited the arrival of the aurors.

Ginny watched on in horror, she couldn’t understand what had happened. She’d given Malfoy the potion he should be fawning all over her by now, not protecting Evvie. Ginny watched as the aurors arrived and took down Krum – he was now firing random spells – quickly and efficiently. As he went down Ginny was struck with an overwhelming desire to be sick. Her body was churning against her, how she felt was kind of like the equivalent of going through a ringer.

The event of Krum’s downfall signaled the end of the ball. The group of Slytherin’s escorted their Princess away. Draco for once locked away his own emotions and beliefs in favor of defending and protecting a very shocked Evvie. Ginny had left without a care for her failed plan, she felt like her stomach was on fire, she just wanted to find a bed to lie in and hope that the pain went away.

With the masked ball over and everyone dispersed, Evvie’s friends now knew who she was, she wasn’t a hidden mystery behind a mask anymore and therefore had to face the questions of others.

“Are you ok?”

“Did he hurt you?”

“Why didn’t you call for help?”

“Why did you dance with him?”

The list of accusatory questions went on and on. It was almost like they thought she’d willingly danced with him knowing who he was.

Hello! She wanted to shout. It was a masked ball! HE WAS MASKED! And clearly using polyjuice potion to mask his appearance, how was Evvie supposed to know who he really was? He only started to get creepy when he’d come back with drinks and then Draco had arrived. It was only then that Evvie felt scared.

She could see Draco from where she stood in the center of all the concerned people. He was seated in front of the fire, his hands linked together atop his knees. He was brooding she could tell. He looked so troubled, a part of her wanted to go over and comfort him but she knew her behavior wouldn’t be welcomed. She was not what he needed no matter how much she wanted him.


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