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Supernatural Proofed by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 1 : Arriving at Hogwarts
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A/N: First of all, I want to say if any of this sounds familiar, that's because I had this fanfic up under the name of Supernatural 101 before. There were some issues with it, and after editing it and fixing quite a bit of stuff, even changing a few things so that it would be acceptable, I have chosen to change the name.

I just want to say, before you read this, that Sam and Dean are NOT professors at Hogwarts. This is a case for them, they may provide bits and pieces of information, but they are NOT professors. Secondly, Hermione turns 18 in this fanfic, so if there are going to be any underage complaints, don't bother. Last but not least, there should be no real spoilers for Supernatural. Any information contained in this fanfic is very little from season 4, and before. There is nothing beyond season 4, and since the show is in season 7, I see no real point in adding spoilers. I'm also aware that Sam and Dean's ages wouldn't match up with the time Hermione goes to Hogwarts, that they would probably be around the same age as her, or at least Sam would if I was following timelines. This is all stuff I've heard before, so please, if you find it offensive just don't bother reading it to begin with. This is strictly a crossover and AU, so keep that in mind.

Regardless, I hope a few people see this fic from before and choose to read it. I know it was quite popular before it was taken down, so I hope that anyone who was a fan will read once more and leave a review. If you're new, welcome to my crossover and I hope you enjoy as well!

Sam and Dean Winchester, two hunters of the supernatural and brothers, leaned against a black 1967 Chevy Impala that sat on a traveler ship headed towards England. The older of the two brothers, Dean, leaned up against the car, eating a bacon cheeseburger while looking out at the water. The younger brother, Sam, read through some papers that he spread out on the hood of the car. “It would have been a lot quicker if we just flew to England.” Sam stated as he folded up the papers and placed them inside the car.

“No way were we leaving my baby behind.” Dean retorted as he tapped the hood of his car.

Sam just rolled his eyes at his brother. “How can you eat that crap this early in the morning?”

“What? I’m hungry.” Dean stated with his mouth full. Bits of the cheeseburger were rolling around his mouth as he chewed. “So why are we going to England again?”

“A man named Dumbledore wants us to secure the school for supernatural beings and possibly give pointers to the students in regards to avoiding or defending themselves against those beings.” Sam explained as he held a letter in his hands, which was actually from Dumbledore.

“Dumbledore? What is that? Like a stripper name?” Dean asked before finishing his bacon cheeseburger, crumpling up the wrapper, and tossing the wrapper on the ground.

“No!” Sam exclaimed. “His name is Albus Dumbledore. He’s a wizard and he is the Headmaster at a wizarding school called Hogwarts. Apparently they can do magic that is different from the witches we have encountered. They use wands to channel their magic and use Latin words for the spells.”

“They go around pointing wooden sticks at people? Do they poke each other with them too?” Dean asked, thinking half of this sounded rather absurd.

Sam just rolled his eyes again. “Forget that. Apparently there is someone named Lord Voldemort who is an evil wizard. He has followers called Death Eaters and Dumbledore said there is no way to know what types of things he will use against the good guys. That’s why he wants us to come there and help in case Voldemort is able to use the supernatural as a weapon.”

“And just how are we getting to this school since I’m sure it’s hidden.” Dean wondered as he opened up the car door and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Dumbledore has arranged for a man named Rubeus Hagrid to help us with that.” Sam explained as he sat in the passenger seat of the car.

“These people have some fucked up names. It’s like their parents were tripping on acid when they named them.” Dean commented before leaning back and closing his eyes in the seat. He wanted to take a nap before they arrived at the main land.

After a few more hours on the boat, it finally arrived on the main land. Dean drove his car right off of the boat and started to head towards London, England. Sam and him had been given directions to arrive at a place called King’s Cross where they would have to take a train to Hogwarts. Dean made Sam write back to Dumbledore to tell him that the only way they would come was if Dean could drive his car there. Sam was against it because he found that to be very rude but he did it anyways. Dumbledore sent back directions for Dean so that he could drive his Impala all the way to Hogwarts.

“I wonder if there will be any hot chicks at this school.” Dean thought out loud with a grin on his face.

Sam gave him a disapproving look. “They are students, Dean. We are supposed to teach them about the supernatural, not shag them in the closest broom closet!”

“I’ll show them a real wand.” Dean grinned mischievously as he came closer to arriving at the huge stone castle that was Hogwarts.

“That’s sick.” Sam stated as he stared at the huge castle.

After arriving at the castle, Sam and Dean stepped out of the car. They opened up the trunk to grab their bags of clothes and weapons. They didn’t want to leave the weapons in the car because they didn’t trust these people yet. Also, they figured they might need the weapons to secure the school and inform certain students about creatures of the supernatural.

The two stepped onto the main walk that headed towards the castle. A huge man stood at the entrance with brown bushy hair. He had a beard that was just as bushy as the rest of his hair and he was so tall that he even stood over Sam and Dean. “’ello there. I’m Rubeus Hagrid. Dumbledore be havin’ me show ya around.” Hagrid greeted cheerfully.

“Holy crap! Where is your beanstalk!?” Dean shouted in reference to Hagrid’s height.

Sam nudged Dean in his side with his elbow and gave Dean a look like he should be nice.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand what yar sayin’.” Hagrid said. “Anyways. Ya best be followin’ me into the castle.”

Hagrid led the two Winchesters into the castle. He showed them most of the castle before he realized it was too huge to keep giving them a tour. Then he lead them to a classroom, which he explained would be their headquarters due to the castle only offering rooms for professors and students. They weren‘t professors, but they had to reside as such. He also told them how they would be sleeping in the office of the classroom. “Come on!” Dean exclaimed. “You guys have this huge castle, ask us to come here, and then you want us to sleep in that crowded office?!”

“Shut up, Dean!” Sam exclaimed before turning to Hagrid. “It will be fine. Thanks.”

Hagrid had a weird look on his face as if the two Winchesters puzzled him. “I’ll be seein’ ya down in the Great Hall fer dinner later.” He said before walking away and his footsteps sounded like miniature thumps on the ground.

Dean and Sam threw their belongings down in their office. “They could have at least set us up in a nice room for coming all this way. This place is huge and they can’t even offer us a decent room! I mean come on! Not even a vibrating bed! I even made sure to bring extra quarters this time!” Dean complained as he sat down on the little bed that was provided for him.

“At least we have a free place to stay and free food. We’ve stayed in worse, so you might try showing some respect.” Sam explained as he looked around the office. There were a few books on some shelves and he glanced at them for a moment.

“Speaking of food, let’s head to the Great Hall for this beginning of the year feast or whatever.” Dean suggested as he stood up and left the room.

Sam and Dean tried to walk to the Great Hall. Unfortunately, they kept getting lost since no one had provided them a map. They had almost arrived at one point but the staircase they were on had moved. “Holy shit!” Dean shouted. The people in the paintings gasped and gave him dirty looks as he swore out loud.

After many attempts, the two of them made it to the Great Hall. They stood off to the side near the staff table only because they were not professors, or offered a seat. This was strictly business, and both boys had to observe the castle for possible points of entry or weaknesses when it came to the supernatural. Dean grinned as he scoped out all the young girls in the crowd though. “They’re too young for you.” Sam stated to Dean.

“Some of them have to be eighteen so shut up.” Dean ordered, as he kept looking at all the chicks he could find.

Dumbledore started to give his usual speech. “Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. I must remind all first years to stay away from the Forbidden Forest. I also have to mention the two young men standing next to the staff table. Their names are Sam and Dean Winchester, experts on the supernatural. They will be helping us here at Hogwarts in order to ensure our castle is safe from possible threats we may not have seen when it comes to Voldemort. Please show them your courtesy as you see them around the castle.”

Dean waved to all the students like a complete retard. Sam nudged him in the side again and just smiled nervously at everyone. Sam felt out of place because he knew they were muggles in a world full of witches and wizards. They didn’t really have the tools to protect themselves against magic that could be used on them.

After Dumbledore’s speech, everyone started eating. The Great Hall became loud with noise and the famous trio sat at the Gryffindor table. It was now their seventh year at Hogwarts and the three of them were just as close as ever. “I wonder what those two can actually do here at Hogwarts.” Harry said as he shoved a bit of cooked chicken into his mouth.

“I don’t know but the one is really dreamy.” Ginny stated as she glanced over at Dean.

“Ginny! He is way too old for you!” Hermione exclaimed at her in complete shock. She knew her friend kind of had a point but she didn’t understand why Ginny would openly announce it in front of everyone, especially Harry. She figured that maybe it was a way to get Harry to be jealous.

“Oh please. The other one keeps glancing over here at you, Hermione.” Ginny stated as she tried to focus on her dinner and not on the new man who was too old for her.

“No way.” Hermione denied it. She glanced up at the youngest of the two brothers and met his eyes. He really had looked at her. A smile crept across her lips. She couldn’t help it. She just found him to be irresistible and the type of guy she could never get but always dreamed about being with.

To her surprise, Sam smiled back at her. He waved at her and she blushed slightly and looked away. Ginny grinned evilly as she watched Hermione stare at her plate and eat quietly. “Looks like I’m not the only one who has a crush on one of the new guys.” She teased.

“Yeah right, Ginny. Be realistic. He’s too old. Like he would ever like a bookworm with bushy hair like me.” She stated as she put herself down. Guys had never really swarmed around her to be with her. She always felt like she was the last girl to get picked and since the world was full of girls, she would never get her turn.

“You shouldn’t put yourself down like that. One day a great guy will scoop you up. I promise, and besides, in eighteen days you will be eighteen anyways, which is well over the legal wizarding age.” Ginny stated as she smiled at Hermione.

Hermione sighed and finished up her dinner quietly. After dinner, she left the table and started to walk towards the Gryffindor Common Room. She turned around when she felt a tap on her shoulder. To her surprise, the man who had smiled at her was the one who had tapped her shoulder.

“Are you Hermione Granger?” Sam asked in a friendly voice.

Hermione had to look up at him since he was so much taller than her. “Yes.” She replied simply, finding it hard to say anything else.

“Dumbledore said that you could show my brother and I back to our room. We’ve had some trouble because the castle is so big and with the moving staircases and all.”

“It would be my pleasure.” She said before turning and starting to show them the right path. She realized how retarded her response must have sounded as she kept walking.

Dean leaned in and whispered in Sam’s ear. “I bet it is her pleasure. She wants you Sam.” He joked as he checked out her butt. “Damn. Girls in uniforms are so damn hot.”

“Shut up.” Sam whispered back to Dean. “She’s a student and we’re here to do the job, not sleep with students! If you‘re so interested in sleeping with students, why don‘t you teach sex ed?”

Dean grinned slightly. “I would love to teach that class!” He exclaimed.

Hermione finally stopped in front of a door. “Here is your room. Goodnight.” She said sheepishly, not having much experience with boys in general.

“Goodnight and thank you, Hermione.” Sam said graciously before entering the room.

Hermione left the two of them and headed back to the Gryffindor Common Room. She went up to the girl’s dorms and knew that for the first time during her years at Hogwarts, she might find herself rather distracted by this new man. While Ron often failed to see what was right in front of him, she had no intention of pushing her feelings aside, or her attractions to other individuals. She would not wait around for him, even if that meant setting her eyes on another student since the likelihood of a man wanting her was uncommon, then she would take it.

Sam and Dean went into their office and laid down on the small beds. “Hermione?” Dean questioned. “Oh yeah. You so got it bad for her.”

“I do not! She’s too young and we came here for a job. Now shut up and go to sleep. We have to get to work in the morning.” Sam stated as he crawled into bed.

Dean groaned as he pulled the blanket over his head. “I hate mornings.” He grumbled before putting in his headphones and blaring Metallica in his ears. He really wished he had a vibrating bed right about now. Sam just stared up at the ceiling for a while and knew this would be a great adventure. He knew he would be doing most of the work since Dean acted like he never left high school sometimes. After much thought, Sam finally fell asleep.



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