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A Witch Named Bellatrix by nitenel
Chapter 14 : The Black Sisters Three
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As Bella opened the door a million thoughts went racing through her mind. What would Narcissa do? Would she be angry? Sad? Happy? Would she approve of Bella’s choice?

She pushed these thoughts aside and went through the door. In the room, Narcissa was sitting on the edge of an armchair, her expression nervous. Hestia Jones was standing by the door, her face impassive.

“Bellatrix…” Narcissa said, standing up.

“Narcissa,” Bella murmured, smiling slightly.

Hestia cleared her throat and Bella turned to her. “Can we have a minute alone?’

She hesitated. “I am not leaving you here alone without guard.”

“It’s okay, Hestia,” Dumbledore said, striding in through the door, “You can stand outside.”

Hestia nodded and went out the door and Dumbledore made to follow her before Narcissa grabbed his arm. “Dumbledore… What is going on?”

“Your sister can explain,” he said before leaving.

As the door closed behind him, Narcissa turned to Bella. “Bella, what the hell is going on?”

“If only I knew,” Bella muttered, “One second I’m trying to kill Potter and the next I’m trying to save him…”

Narcissa stared at her. “And you have no idea why?”

“There’s a prophecy,” Bella said.

“A prophecy?” Narcissa asked, her eyebrows raised.

Bella sighed and collapsed on the sofa. Narcissa reclaimed her armchair and leaned forward expectantly. “Well?”

Closing her eyes, Bella recited the prophecy. “When the world seems like there is no hope, a woman will step forward and cast hope to the darkest corner of the world. She will yield both the power of light and dark. No spell will be beyond her talents. Unafraid to get what she wants, she is a force to be reckoned with. For she is the Grey Commander.”

“And that’s about you?” Narcissa asked skeptically.

“That was my reaction,” Bella replied, “But now, what happened with you?”

“When the Dark Lord came back alone, I feared the worst. He said nothing about you or Lucius or anyone. I assumed that you had been captured,” Narcissa recalled, “It was terrifying. It was only he and I in that house. But then, reinforcements came. They must’ve been new recruits, for I did not recognize them. Then, only minutes before the Order arrived he came to me and told me that you had betrayed us and now Draco and I would be punished. He left then. The Order swept in and defeated most of the Death Eaters there before rescuing me, as I now see it.”

Silence enveloped them before Narcissa broke into a sob. “Draco! What is he going to do to him?”

“I’m sure the Order can get him too… He’s at Hogwarts,” Bella said soothingly.

Narcissa nodded slowly. “But will he come here?”

“I suppose so,” Bella answered.

“Will he be safe here?” she pressed.

Bella hesitated. “Since Sirius died, I don’t know how strong the wards are. But Dumbledore offered me quarters at Hogwarts. I’m sure he would do the same for you.”

“Really?” Narcissa asked, her sobs subsiding.

“I can have Dumbledore contact Draco immediately,” Bella said smiling.

There was a knock on the door. A muffled voice outside said, “Excuse me?”

“Come in,” Bella called.

The door opened and Hestia Jones stuck her head in. “Uh, someone wants to see you.”

“Who?” Narcissa questioned.

“Your sister, Andromeda Tonks,” Hestia said, “Should I send her in?”

Bella’s eyes met Narcissa’s warily. The three sisters had not parted well. Narcissa nodded slowly at Hestia.

She withdrew her head and murmured something to someone next to her. Immediately, a tall witch that looked like Bellatrix strode in.

“Andromeda,” Narcissa murmured, her lips slightly turning upwards.

“Narcissa,” she replied, a similar raise in her lips.

“It’s been too long,” Narcissa said simply.

“It has,” Andromeda agreed.

Narcissa moved closer and put out her arms. Andromeda hesitated briefly and she put out her arms too and the two sisters hugged, reunited. Tears ran down their faces as they embraced.

Clearing her throat, Bella said, “This is all very touching, but I believe we have a few things to discuss.”

Andromeda stepped away from Narcissa and said bitingly, “Bellatrix, still not one for family yet?”

“Andromeda…” Narcissa said cautiously.

She ignored her and shook her head. “What the hell happened?”

“Déjà Vu, much?” Bella said, laughing weakly.

Andromeda said nothing to this and Bella sighed. “According to some prophecy, I’m destined to save the world.”

“I thought the savior was the Potter boy,” Andromeda barked.

“If you have so many problems with this, I suggest you discuss this with Dumbledore,” Bella snapped.

“Maybe I will,” she sneered, “And where the hell do you get off? Killing everyone but then suddenly everyone forgives you? The Longbottoms? ”

“I was under the Imperius Curse,” she growled.

“What about everyone else though?” Andromeda asked angrily, “What about trying to kill my daughter?”

Narcissa stepped in. “Andromeda… Calm yourself… We know that Dumbledore made some bad choices when he was younger…”

“Yeah, well he didn’t bloody well kill anyone, did he?” Andromeda argued.

“And your so perfect, Andromeda, right?” Bella taunted.

“Compared to you, I’m a saint,” Andromeda shot back.

“And I’m the devil?” Bella said bitterly, “Do you think I liked my life?”

“You sure seemed to be having fun,” Andromeda said.

“What? Being led along by a man who had no feelings for me? Having a husband who you knew didn’t care if you lived or died? Andromeda, I bloody envied you,” Bella said calmly.

“You… envied me?” Andromeda asked, taken aback.

Bella laughed humorously. “Yes, Andromeda, I still envy you. You have everything. A family, a good life, and friends,” she said, “You are a braver woman than I am, more than I will ever be. You had the courage to run away. I sure didn’t.”

Narcissa nodded. “You are Andromeda. You are braver than both of us.”

Andromeda looked at them as though seeing them in a new light. “I – I apologize for my behavior, Bella.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I do too,” Bella said, “Though I will not apologize for my past behavior. I regret it. It was a different me. As far as I am concerned, Bellatrix Lestrange is dead. Bellatrix Black is back.”

Andromeda smiled and put her arms out and Bellatrix embraced her. Laughing, Bella pulled Narcissa to them and she joined the three of them. The Black sisters had been reunited.

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A Witch Named Bellatrix: The Black Sisters Three


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