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The Apartment by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 2 : Street Dancing
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2) Street Dancing




“I am so bored,” moaned Weasley, so I flicked him on the ear. It was the next day. Yesterday didn’t really count as my first night considering we were so tired we just fell asleep in the living area on the couch and floor and this morning instead of making breakfast we just grabbed breakfast on our way to work, after quickly brushing teeth and just putting on a new set of clothes. Not even showering- their dirty habits were already rubbing off on me!




“Stop being such a pessimist,” I advised.




“Stop being such an optimist,” he snapped, massaging his temples.




“What’s got your knickers in a twist?”




“I need to stress relieve.”




“So, basically go fuck some girl?” asked James, joining in the conversation.




“Pretty much.”




“Stop being such a hormonal ninny,” I suggested. “That’ll solve your problems.”




“Easy for you to say, Miss. I’m-Getting-Fucked-By-A-Quidditch-Player,” he grumbled. I couldn’t help but smirk.




Whey in Weasley’s face. Who would have thought little, innocent Aphrodite would be getting more action than perfect body and player Weasley.




I’m just fucking amazing.




“Alright, I can’t stand it anymore. We’re going street dancing tonight,” declared Weasley, slamming the drawer under his table shut, giving up on looking for Mrs. Revels case papers.




“Street dancing?” asked James curiously. What was Weasley on about?




“You have a memory like a sieve, man. Don’t tell me you can’t remember either, Salt Shaker.”




“Don’t. Call. Me. That. Weasel,” I growled in my most threatening voice, but Weasley just looked amused. “Plus, what are you on about?” I questioned, voicing my thoughts.




He sighed and shook his head. “People these days… Summer before 6th year? We went on a street dancing course because you were getting too stressed with OWL results…” The memories came flooding back.




“I remember! You had done it loads before- it was your favourite hobby, so you decided to introduce us to it,” I grinned, reminiscing one of the most amazing experiences of my life.




“We were naturals, especially you, Fro- I specifically remember you and Fred having a dance off,” laughed James.




“He won though,” I pouted, folding my arms. Yes, I’m 20 years old, your problem?




“In your defence, it was your first time,” replied Weasley, and James and I looked at him incredulously.




“Are you kidding me? Did Mr. Fred Weasley, the second, just say something in my defence? Who are you and what have you done with him?” I gasped.




“Haha,” he grumbled, and I smirked. “I’m not that much of a smug bastard- I am fair to the underdogs.” Now, he was the one smirking.




“Who are you calling an underdog?”




“PENGUIN!” shouted James, hastily, and Weasley and I glared at him.




“Honestly…” I muttered, but the corners of my mouth turned up, and James grinned like a child who had just escaped punishment for playing a prank. James would always shout penguin, ever since we watched Happy Feet, anytime he wanted to stop Weasley and I arguing, as when he shouted it while we were watching the movie we both stopped arguing to see the penguin. It could get quite irritating considering how much Weasley and I tended to argue.




“So what do you say? It could be awesome to go-“ began Weasley.




“We’ve got a night shift though,” I interrupted.




“Don’t matter. I’ll ask Dad, there’s been nothing serious going on so I’m sure one of the other Aurors can take it for the night. To be honest some street dancing sounds awesome,” muttered James, grabbing his mobile to call his Dad. There were some Muggle company mobiles being sold with special charms so they could work in heavily magical environments and they’d caught on pretty quick in certain shops in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.




“I guess I’ll come… I probably won’t bring Josh- I don’t think he’s that much into dancing, he’s not too fond of the club or huge parties… It’s nice though, how he’s so shy of big events considering he’s a celebrity.”




“Oh that’s sad. I wanted to meet Joshie Woshie,” mocked Weasley, and I scowled at him. Probably to break us up.








































“PENGUIN!” shouted James. We glared at him. He shrugged. “Stopped your word attack, didn’t it?” Guess it did.








We apparated over to a studio Weasley always went to, after getting changed. I was in a tank, sports bra with some sweats while the guys were in a vest top and sweats, with a loose shirt on top.




“Hey, isn’t this the studio Honey 2, the Muggle movie, was filmed in?” I pondered, examining the surroundings. Weasley looked surprised.




“Actually, yeah. But, keep the voice down about Muggles- this is a Muggle area,” whispered Weasley. My eyes widened at my mistake, however, fortunately, no one seemed to have heard.




“Cheers, Fred, for bringing us here. It feels nice, you know, not to have to worry about work, or anything to be honest,” thanked James. Weasley grinned, and clapped him on the back. Which is basically their way of saying ‘it’s okay’.




Boys are weird.




I think I have done quite a good job of understanding their odd primitive life forms.




They were quite a few people in the studio, but it was fairly big and everyone looked immersed in their own dance forms. You could hear the music pumping loudly, the bass louder than anything else thanks to the amazing speakers they had here. Perfect for some street dancing.




“Hey guys!” grinned a girl walking up to us. She was wearing a crop top and some cotton shorts. She had platinum blonde hair, that was curly and went down to her back, and shocking blue eyes. Her smile was perfectly white, and as a street dancer, she had a perfect body. I knew, without even looking at them, that the guys were staring at her. Maybe even some drool, who knows.








Before they could make a move on her, and ruin my chance of refreshing my knowledge of some moves, I stepped forward.




“Hey, I’m Fro.”




“Nice to meet ya, I’m Jessie. So I’m guessing at least one of you has done quite a bit of street dancing, cause otherwise you wouldn’t be knowing of this amazing studio,” guessed Jessie.




“That would be me,” replied Weasley, putting his most charming smile on, that made most girls fall at his feet. Twat. To me it looked more as if his face had been distorted.




Well, that wasn’t true. At all. But, it made for better conversation if I thought like that- or at least, better arguments.




The girl smiled and I wasn’t sure whether she was oblivious to or simply ignoring Weasley’s attempt to charm her. She probably had many guys after anyways.




“Great, so why don’t you head down, and start off? I’ll teach these guys some moves,” she suggested, and I could detect a hint of smugness in her voice. I like this girl. Weasley hid his frown, but when he went past her, he stamped his foot on the ground and took off and chucked his shirt on the floor in an empty area with unnecessary vigor.




“It’s alright, actually, I think I know enough to get started, and I can always come to you later for help. You can help James actually- it’s his first time at street dancing but I have a feeling he’ll be a natural,” I grinned, winking at James when she turned away. He mouthed a thank you at me.




I’m such a good friend.




Before I went off though, Jessie caught a hold of me and whispered in my ear. “Are you dating him or is he dating anyone?” I was stunned. Blunt much.




“Who? Him?” I muttered, disgusted, pointing at Weasley. That’s what most people thought. She shook her head and nodded her head in the direction of James. “James?” She nodded. I chuckled- James and I? Never. “Nope, he’s a single pringle. Plus, I think he likes the look of you- just charm him a little bit more.”




I am a really good friend.




She grinned, then resumed her confident posture, losing all shyness, and strutted over to James. I was sure the moves she was going to teach him weren’t going to be the cleanest.




I walked over to Fred.




“Aw, are you sad you missed your shot with a sexy girl, and Jamie has got it now?” I mocked, in a fake sympathetic face. He turned to face James and Jessie and his eyes widened, before narrowing and snapping back to the mirror, facing us.








“Actually, I set them up.”




“Thanks a lot!”




“To be honest, tell me why I’d do it for you?” He thought for a minute, before shrugging.




“Guess you’re right.”




“Always am,” I replied smugly.




“Anyways, who’s going to teach you now? I’m sure you can’t remember much.” I smiled at him sheepishly.








“You want me to teach you, don’t you?” I nodded, putting on my most adorable puppy dog look.








“Oh, really? You know those puppy dog eyes are irresistible to everyone- even McGonagall! You must be desperate putting those out.”




“I am,” I declared. “I just need someone to start dancing- I’ll pick it up.”




“You sure?”




“Yeah,” I grinned. “I have to learn quick- we can’t leave without a dance off, can we, Weasel?”




“I’d never dream of it, Salt Shaker,” he smirked, and then winked.




A new song came on. Not too slow, that you couldn’t enjoy the moment and feel the beat, but not so fast that it would be too difficult to pick up movements.




He started and I followed his lead. It wasn’t too hard after a while. I had learnt the basic movements and I was pretty good at the stunts considering how flexible and light I was. I also had a lot of arm strength. In addition, when I came here the last time I had perfected quite a few difficult moves and stunts so much that it came back to me very easily. It was like riding a bike- once you’d mastered it, it was difficult to forget. Soon, I asked to him to check I was doing alright, because I didn’t need to regard him anymore, but I might be doing something disastrously wrong.




It was so weird to be asking help from Weasley, and I thought I would be shamed, but there was no one else here whom we knew that I could be embarrassed by. James and Jessie had vanished off to god knows where, but I was pretty certain of the activities going on.




“It’s actually really good for someone like you,” appreciated Weasley.




“Someone like me, meaning?” I asked, a bit breathy since I was still dancing.




“Someone who’s incapable of doing anything right.”




“Hey!” I whined, stopping dancing. He laughed.




“Alright, I’m sorry.”




“Weasley, apologizing for something?” My mouth fell open, in mock horror.




“Yeah, yeah. Just begin dancing- I did pick on something.”




I started dancing again, a bit worried. What was I doing wrong?




“Your problem is your stressing about it too much. You’ve got to loosen up,” he advised, standing behind me, so I could see him in the mirror. I began doing smaller moves, trying to feel more relaxed. “Now, you’re just doing it sloppily.”




“Gees, thanks.”




“Go back to how you were,” he muttered, examining me. How could he ask me not to be worried? He was looking at me as if I was hopeless case. “You’re not a hopeless case. You need to stop worrying.”




Okay, that was freaky. Is he a Legilmens? Then, I remembered, he has no wand on him. Is my face really that much of an open book?




I was sweating incredibly by now, so I chucked off my tank top, just leaving me with my sports bra and sweats on like most the people in the room.




I kept on dancing, and he kept on looking at me with a frown on his face.




“Do you mind?” he asked, his hands hovering above my shoulders. Usually, I would have said yes, but I was determined to perfect this before I finished, so I could beat Weasley in the dance off.




“No. Fix what’s wrong!” I said desperately, standing still. He slowly came up right behind me, so his chest was only mm away from my back.




A bit too close for comfort, if I must say.




Finger by finger, he placed his hands on my shoulder and pressed them down softly. I felt them drop with the rest of my body.




“No, you’ve got to keep your torso,” he whispered, in a surprisingly deep whisper, placing his hands on my lower ribs, where my skin heated up at an alarming rate, “Up.” The last word sent shivers down my spine, or maybe it was just the fact he took ahold of the area right below my upper torso and shoved it up. My face blushed bright scarlet, and I was too scared to look up at the mirror and see his expression. Why was I doing this? I guess any girl would, if any guy would. Even if James did it to me I might. Actually, I most definitely wouldn’t.




This is Weasley, you douche. Stop over-thinking, and just get on with this. He’s probably wondering why you’re acting like a complete idiot, will stop helping you and that beat your arse in the dance off.




I looked up in the mirror with my new found courage, and caught Weasley staring at me, with an unreadable expressions. His eyes were darker then I’d ever seen before.




“What next?” I asked, my voice a tiny bit higher than usual.




SNAP OUT OF IT, SALTER. You currently have a boyfriend so you do not have the excuse of non-satisfied hormones.




Plus, this is Weasley?




I almost laughed at the thoughts in my head. I couldn’t be doing anything to upset Josh, considering he knew Weasley was one of my worst enemies. It was like their Aunt Mureal helping me out to dance!




Okay, maybe not.








I don’t think so.




Weasley’s whisper brought me out of my thoughts, and where his hands were placed.




His hands went on my sides, just above my hip, pushing my trackees waist band down to the top of my butt. “And keep these, down,” he growled, pushing my hips down, his thumbs reaching the dent in the middle of my lower back.




It’s Weasley. Control your hormones girl.




Then I realised something. What if he was doing this all because he knew it would give him a one up on me? He was doing this on purpose so he could laugh at my blushing! Oh, two can play at this game…




I leant back, leaving no space between my back and his chest, and laid back my head so it was lying on his shoulder.




“Can you check I’m doing it right?” I whispered right in his ear, and placed his hands a bit lower and a bit further around. I smirked inwardly when I saw his breath catch in his throat, and I slowly swayed, making sure to press in to him with my hips. The music soon took over, and I just followed what it said, like Weasley was doing. I suddenly dropped down grabbing onto his vest top on the way down, and gradually made my way back up.




“I think it’s time we started this dance off,” he growled, and I smirked while nodding.




A faster beat song came on, and we began.




He started, soon gathering a crowd who were clapping to the beat and cheering as he performed a flip in the air. He looked smug as he passed onto me.




I took his advice. Instead of thinking about the moves, I let the music take me with it, something that once I started, I didn’t have a problem with continuing. I finished with leaning handstand that I held for a few seconds before jumping back on my feet.




He looked pretty impressed, and I couldn’t help but feel chuffed. One of my favourite Muggle songs then came on, ‘Dirty Dancer’ by Usher. Now, I could get fully immersed in the song.




It seemed Weasley did as well, as we seemed to forget it was a dance off and began dancing the same moves at the same time, almost symmetrically, facing each other. It seemed to be more popular with our crowd though who were cheering and clapping along.




Soon, we stepped close enough to feel each other’s breath.




“Duo!” someone hollered, and people cheered in agreement.




“You heard what they want,” muttered Weasley, smirking. I cocked an eyebrow.




“You asked for it, fella,” I replied, before latching my arms round his neck. He grabbed around my waist and pulled me in so tight, water couldn’t get through. In synchronization, we made a wave with our body, as if there was only one. It was incredibly hard to get it together usually, but according to the crowd we were doing it perfect.




Weasley then smiled, something I was not prepared for. Smirk, frown, grimace- I was used to it all, apart from an honest smile. His eyes were lit up with excitement- something I’d only seen before a prank.




“Let’s do this Salt Shaker.” And, it was at that I was confident that though this may be heated, it wouldn’t lead to anything. It was Weasley and Salter- we just didn’t mix in that way. But in dancing? It’s a completely different story.




He pulled off his vest top, since he had sweated through it fully, and I decided to use the way my hormones decided to do a little konga inside of me at seeing his perfect set of abs to my advantage and turn it into passion in dance form. I turned around and we slowly did something close to grinding, but more based on dancing.




“Let’s do the stunt,” muttered Weasley and I immediately knew what he was talking about. I nodded subtly, and began it by making sure we were front to front. I wrapped my hands around his lower waist, dug my head into his lower stomach. His arms latched their way around my waist and heaved up. I stretched my legs high up. I laughed lightly as he swung me around holding on to my waist, his sleeping down to my pelvic bone when he swung me upside down.




“Trust me,” I heard in my ear, as I stayed upside down.




Immediately he spun me around to do a flip in the air (something I had never done). I was falling down feet first at least, but it was going to break my legs the speed I was going.




But he caught me, before my feet touched the ground. By the boobs.




He suddenly snatched his hands off and muttered a quick ‘need the toilet’ before scampering off.




That was unsettling. I just thought of his smug smirk, and distorted grins, and soon enough I was back to my normal, not-rosy-cheeked, determined-to-kick-his-arse-of-the-face-of-this-planet self.




So I begun practicing, and discovered I looked so much better while doing it. More free, just letting the music guide me instead of thinking about every move. My torso looked longer and less stumpy, and I held up my chest better than before.




“Thanks, Weasley,” I mumbled.






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