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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions by potterfan310
Chapter 6 : Confession 5 - Of Telling Jake,Tears And Being Left Alone
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Tonight's the night I plan on telling Jake, tonight's the big night. I'm still sure on whether it's a good idea to take him down memory lane but he might be able to work out what I'm trying to say without me actually saying it. And if all else fails I still have a potion and two muggle tests to prove it.

My sickness has improved since I started taking the potion Bee prescribed and now If I'm lucky I might only be sick twice a day instead of ten times. My plan is going to be taking place after lunch so I left ten minutes early so that I could get up to the seventh floor and open the room of requirement whilst the castle was quiet. I walked infront of Barnabus and thought 'I need the place Jake thought of on March second.'

After my third turn the handle appeared and I let myself in. The room was exactly like I remembered it and it all seemed perfect. The plan is that Rose and Livi (Kayl seems to be living in a world of her own right now and gets very embarrassed around Jamie, Al and Scorp) are going to tell Jake I need to see him and their going to bring him here.

I sat down on the red sofa and waited. Not long after there was a knock on the door and in walked Jake who looked highly confused, shocked and slightly scared. Rose also walked in and handed me the bag containing the tests. Both she and Livi mouthed "Good luck." as they shut the door leaving us alone.

"Um Lil what's going on and why I am getting a strange feeling of déja vú?" He asked as he came and sat next to me.

I took a deep breathe, "I need to tell you something important but first I need to take you down memory lane."

"Ok, to when?

"March second when we came here to this room, this room as it is right now.""So that's why it seems so familiar, go on..."



I had just been having a nice dream about a pool that was filled with clear blue water and a golden beach was in the distance when I woke up suddenly. I checked my clock and saw that it was seven thirty. I groaned as I rolled over and then I realised the date. Today was mine and Jake's two year anniversary as well as being the first Quidditch match of the season. Mainly because Madame Scott has been off ill and Professor Mcgonagall couldn't get a replacement.

It's Gryffindor against Slytherin and there's probably going to be a bloodbath out on the pitch. I'm not actually on our team but I love Quidditch. I'd rather watch it than play it too be honest, I've never been such a big fan of brooms. When I was little I nearly fell off one thanks to James and Al.

I went to tryouts last year because Livi reckoned that I should try and get over my phobia. I went for chaser and was in the final three but I decided not to as I know only too well the injuries my brothers and cousins get.

I eventually re-awoke at eight o'clock and whilst I waited for Kay and Livi I took a shower and got dresses in nice warm clothes. I thought about how my life was pretty good at the moment and tried to imagine what my future would be like. Once they were ready we went down to breakfast.

Our team was already there as were Rose, Maisie and Bethany, I noticed that the Slytherin team were also here. Al, Scorpius and Jamie came over to our table as did Molly and Louis from the Ravenclaw table and Lucy and her friend from the Hufflepuff table.

Looking at them I noticed that apart from myself, Livi and Kay. Rose, Molly, Louis, Lucy and her friend all had on a red and green rosette. You see it's always really hard to decide who you're going to support when Gryffindor and Slytherin are playing mainly because Dom, Hugo and Roxy are on the Gryffindor team and Al is on the Slytherin team.

I mean I am a Gryffindor and they are my cousins but Al's my brother and I hate choosing between the houses, I don't see why we can't get on when it comes to Quidditch. I mean we're perfectly good friends otherwise.

None of us support Hufflepuff when they play as too be quite honest their players are shit apart from the one chaser who's really quick. I'm quite surprised that she didn't become seeker with that speed. I don't support Ravenclaw unless their playing Hufflepuff, it's not that I have anything against the Puff's , it's just that I prefer Ravenclaw. Last year Slytherin won the house cup and Al was extremely please, he didn't stop gloating about it all summer. Al's the Slytherin captain and has been since his fifth year so it was a proud moment for him when the team won. Although it was bloody annoying for me since I had to listen to him going on about the fact he won all summer.

At half past eight the teams left the great hall to make their way to the pitch to get changed and talk about strategy and stuff. We didn't leave until Mcgoggles announced that it was time to go down. When we got to the castle doors I was able to see that it was hammering down with rain, the wind was blowing causing trees to sway and there were massive puddles everywhere.

We made our way to the pitch as quickly as possible so that we wouldn't get too wet.I sat with Livi, Kayl, Rose, Louis (he likes to think of this as 'family time'), Molly as she doesn't really have friends to sit with. Maisie, Bethany, Matt and Leo.

Why oh why did it have to rain on today of all days, I thought. After the match myself and Jake are supposed to be going to Hogsmeade to celebrate our anniversary and then we'll go to either our common room or the Slytherin's for a party depending on who wins. I really hope that this match doesn't last for hours, it's bloody cold out here and I really want to spend time with Jake as today is a special day for us.

Back when my parents were here Auntie Luna did the commentary for a bit. Uncle Ron always said it was a right laugh to listen too. These days Auntie Luna teaches Care Of Magical Creatures and a raven haired, fifth year Hufflepuff called Ebony Styles does it. Ebony's best friends with my younger cousin Lucy and they're a right pair of goody two shoes.

They never ever seem to do anything wrong and I honestly don't think that either of them has gotten a detention since they started. Instead of sitting with us Lucy was sat next to Ebony.

Professor Mcgonagall signalled to Madame Scott to start the game. Both teams came walking out from the changing rooms to the middle of the pitch. At the start of every game Ebony says all the players names and their positions as well as a fun fact about certain individuals or the team. It's rather annoying and half the time the facts are not fun!

"And the Slytherin's are out," Came Ebony's voice booming through the stadium. "The captain and seeker Albus Potter, Chasers Scorpius Malfoy, Riley Harris and Rhianon Lewis. Beaters Ethan Coleman and Jamie Smith and lastly keeper Tyler Johnson. Jamie is the older brother to Gryffindor's very own beater Jake and seeker Isobel." The crowd groaned including us but Ebony still carried on, "From my sources I can tell you that a certain blonde who goes by the name of Malfoy is seeing a red haired young lady who goes by the name of Rose Weasley. And as you all know Albus Potter is the second son of the great Harry Potter."

Rose's cheeks started turning even more redder and most of the people in our stand have turned to gawp at her, it's not like they don't know she and Scorpius are going out. I mean half the school has probably walked in on them snogging in an empty classroom or a broom cupboard.

"And here come the Gryffindor team, Looking good this year. Captain and chaser Dominique Delacour-Weasley has made a good choice with her new team mates. The other two chasers are Liam Finnigan and Roxanne Weasley. The beaters are Jacob Smith and Hugo Weasley. Zara Woodrow is the keeper and finally Isobel Smith is the seeker." Ebony stopped to breathe before continuing to bombard us with useless facts that we already know. "As you may or may not know, Dominique, Roxanne and Hugo are cousins and Jake and Isobel are brother and sister. Keeping with a family theme here are you Dominique?" She laughed, "I'm quite surprised that all of your family isn't on the team. And speaking of family rumour has it that a certain Lily Potter is dating Gryffindor's very own beater Jacob Smith."

A few people laughed and I felt my cheeks get hotter as people turned to look at me. It's not like it's new news they already knew we were dating. I swear on Merlin's life that I'm going to kill Lucy and her stupid friend Ebony when I next see them

As they are the captains Dom and Al have to shake hands, once that was done Madame Scott blew her whistle and the teams flew into the sky battling against the wind and rain. Madame Scott then released the balls and the game had begun.

Within the first twenty minutes they were all soaked to the skin and looked like they were freezing to death especially Isobel. I'm so glad that I wrapped up warm in layers and that I put my waterproof on. I'm cold but I bet their colder. Dom had scored twice, Roxy once and Liam once. Then Scorpius scored as did Rhianon making the score forty - twenty to Gryffindor.

I kinda blanked out and before I knew it everything was happening so fast and the score was ninety - eighty to Slytherin. I could see that Al was hovering around the edge of the pitch out of the way of the other players looking for the snitch but he wasn't the only one as Izzy wasn't far behind. The weather improved and it stopped raining meaning that I could better now that the rain wasn't  hitting me in the face.

Al dived suddenly as did Izzy who was hot on his heels. Even if Izzy did catch the snitch we wouldn't win unless Dom, Roxy or Liam scored again. Al slid up his broom and was so near the end of the handle that he looked like he would fall off when he reached his arm out and caught the golden snitch which seemed to struggle against his hold.

There was a huge eruption of cheers from the Slytherin's and I mentally yelled, "Noooo!" People looked at me again and I turned and gave Livi a look that said ' I just shouted that out loud didn't I'. She nodded and I sighed, even Rose looked miffed that we had lost. The final score was two hundred and forty to Slytherin and eighty to Gryffindor.

"Party in the common room." Someone yelled as we started to leave the stadium.

Why did they have to win, I was looking forward to OUR common room party for winning and not the stupid bloody Slytherin's. Don't get me wrong I'm happy that Al won but I'm not a big fan of the Slytherin common room. It creeps me out as it's down in the dungeons and I swear to god that one time I saw the giant squid swim past one of the windows. Our little group minus Louis who had gone to find his friends and Molly who was going to find her 'boyfriend' and I use that term loosely, were making our way across the pitch talking about the game. Jake walked out of the changing rooms looking amazing, his hair was still damp and sticking up in every direction possible but he looked as cute as ever. He had on dark jeans and a black shirt that had thin purple stripes going down it, a black jacket slung over his shoulder.

"Hiya gorgeous." He said flashing me my favourite lopsided smile.

"On about me are you Jake." Came a voice from behind is. It was Al which made us all laugh.

"Of course Al, both the Potter's are gorgeous." Jake said with a smile on his face which caused me to giggle.

"You lot coming to the party?" Al asked as I went and hugged Jake.

"Of course, like we would miss it." Matt said.

"You know it won't start until like six tonight and you never have them earlier because of the teachers and the fact that we're all going to Hogsmeade right now. Stupid." I told my darling brother.

"Jeez Lil, someone's upset that they didn't win." Al chuckled.

I turned around and grabbed Jake who was trying to pull on his jacket since it was cold, "Stupid Slytherin's." I muttered.

"Oi I heard that Lil." Al yelled after me.

I don't care, I just wanted to spend time with Jake and then I realised that I had to get changed. I stopped abruptly on the edge of the pitch and turned to Jake, "I need to get changed before we go to Hogsmeade." I told him as I stood on my tip toes to kiss him.

"Ok Lil, I'll meet you in the entrance hall in an hour."

I raised my eyebrows at him, "Do you really think it's going to take that long to get ready?" I asked.

He shook his head, "No because you're beautiful as you are Lil and I don't care whether your wearing a pretty dress or your jeans and hoody. You're beautiful to me no matter what."

I gave him a hug and kissed him again before walking back to the others.

"Back so soon Lil. Couldn't stay away from the winners could you."

I scowled, why is he so cocky, I swear he gets it off James. Stupid boys."Shut up Al, just because you beat us doesn't mean that you're going to win the house cup."

"Yeah well we're on our way aren't we. I mean we just have to be the Claw's and Puff's and the cup is our's again." He grinned.

God Al it's just a bloody game.

"I'm sure you'll win against Hufflepuff,"Kayl said, "Their crap."

"Come on guys, I need you to help me get ready." I said aiming it at Liv and Kayl. "You guys can come as well if you like." I added looking at my female cousins and Maisie and Bethany.

Dom, Maisie and Bethany excused themselves as they were going straight to Hogsmeade to flirt with the cute bar man in the Three Broomsticks. We all left the pitch saying goodbye to the girls on the way. It was just myself, Kay, Livi and Rose by the time we got to the seventh floor as we had left the boys in the entrance hall as they were walking too slow for my liking.

Once in our dorm Roxy went for a shower and Rose started to think about hairstyles for me whilst Livi and Kayl raided my trunk for clothes. After Roxy had finished in the bathroom I went in and looked in the mirror, god had I really been down to the match looking like this. My hair was a mess and looked like I hadn't even brushed it thanks to the stupid wind. My face was pale and my cheeks bright red from the cold and thanks to the rain I had mascara streaks under my eyes. How I got a boyfriend looking like this, I will never know.

I cleaned myself up and took off my wet clothes chucking my dressing gown on top of my underwear and black tights and went back out to the girls. I sat on my bed and looked at Rose, "Can you do my hair please." I asked batting my eyelashes.

She laughed, "That may work on Uncle Harry and Jake but it doesn't work on me."


"I was thinking of putting in curls but since your being childish I won't."

"Pretty please Rosie." I said doing my sad face.

Rose rolled her eyes and then pulled out her wand, "Sit still then." She ordered me as she started muttering and moved her wand around my hair.Once she was done my hair was in loose curls, oh how I love Rose for knowing these sorts of spells, they're so much quicker than putting my hair in curlers and doing it the muggle way.

Roxy was lying on her back, her head lolling over the end of the bed so that she was looking at us upside down. "How about that one." She said pointing to a purple dress that Kayl was holding up. "Jake had purple stripes on his shirt so you'll match and it'll look good on you Lil."

Kayl chucked it over to me and I pulled it on, it was short and came just above my knee. It hugged my figure and was pretty low cut which enhanced my boobs. I'm really not sure this is my dress, I'm pretty sure that I don't own anything this low cut, I thought.

Roxy wolf whistled and then said, "See Lil it looks good on you."

"Are you guys sure this is mine?"

"It was in your trunk Lil." Kayl told me.

Livi then did my make up whilst the others watched, I slipped on my black pumps and my black cardigan. I picked my bag up and twirled around, "What do think guys?"

"You look amazing Lil."

"I'm not coming to Hogsmeade, I'm too tired." Roxy yawned.

I picked up my black winter coat and left the dorm calling "bye." to Roxy. The boys were stood in the corner of the entrance hall and as I made my way down the last of the steps there were wolf whistles and I felt myself blush. I walked right up to Jake who's back was turned and whispered in his ear, "Happy Anniversary."

He turned around and smiled at my appearance before giving me a hug, "And you Lil."

"Can we go now?" Al asked ignoring the fact that me and Jake were kissing.

We left the castle and I pulled my coat on before getting in one of the carriages with the others. Once we were in Hogsmeade Jake pulled me back when I tried to follow the others. "We're not going with them."

I frowned as he slipped his fingers in mine and we walked towards the edge of Hogsmeade. We stopped outside this little place that I thought was a shop until Jake informed that it was a restaurant. It looked pretty small to be a restaurant but when we walked inside it was huge.

A guy in black trousers and a white shirt with grey hair came over carrying a clipboard. "Hello there, I'm Luigi and welcome to Papa Luigu's. I will be your waiter this afternoon. Have you made a reservation or would you just like a table?" He asked.

"I have a reservation under the name Jacob Smith."

"Ahh yes," Luigi said as he consulted his clipboard, "This way Sir, Madame."

We followed Luigi upstairs where there was more seating that was private, he showed us to a booth and handed us our menus before leaving us alone.

"Wow Jake, how did you know this place was here?" I asked as I took in all the Italian decorations around us.

"Jamie told me about it."

"It's magical." I smiled. Looking at the menu I couldn't decide because all of it sounded so yummy but eventually I chose Spaghetti bolognese as it's one of my favourites while Jake chose lasagna. We ate, drank and talked and when we were both finished Luigi came back over with our bill. Before I could look at how much mine was Jake took the bill.

"You're not paying Lil. It's our anniversary."

He held out my coat for me to put on and then put his own own before making our way downstairs. Jake handed the bill to Luigi who gave us change and then we left.

"You look amazing Lil." Jake said after the door shut behind us.

"Thanks, you too." I added giving him a kiss on the cheek which then changed to lips. The village was slowly getting darker so we made our way back up to the school. Once we were in entrance hall I undid my coat as the castle was warm, I noticed there was something funny about the place as it was unusually quiet and no one was around. I went over and peeked into the great hall, there were a few people but now many. I spotted Lucy and her friend Ebony.

"I'll be back now." I told Jake. I entered the hall and made my way to the Hufflepuff table, I got a few wolf whistle sand one 'hey sexy' but I ignored them and carried on. "Where is everyone Luce?" I asked.

She looked me up and down taking in my dress before saying, "Well most people have gone to their common rooms since dinner is nearly over and others have gone to the Slytherin's party. But we're not going, we're going to read."

"That's nice and thanks Luce."

"Hey Lil want to join us." Lucy called after me as I tried to escape.

"No thanks." I called back to her. I grabbed Jake's hand and pulled him in the direction of the dungeons. We went down corridor after corridor until we came to the wall where the Slytherin common room is. Outside was a small boy who was a first year, I'm guessing since he's tiny. "Can we go in please?" I asked him nicely.

"Name please, you're not allowed in unless your on the list or a relative or friend." He said.

Honestly does this kid not know that I am the daughter of Harry Potter and that this is my stupid brother's party.

"Lily Potter and Jacob Smith." Jake said quickly, knowing that I was going to yell at the little titch.

Titch looked at his list and then turned to the wall, "Severus Snape." He muttered.

The wall broke apart to reveal the passage to the common room. Titch took our coats and we entered. The Slytherin common room is in the dungeons and has really low ceilings and a green tinge since it's under the lake.There are lots of low backed black chairs as well as dark green ones. All of the furniture is made of dark wood and there are little alcoves of the main room and I swear I just saw a skull on top of a cupboard. It's a pretty grand room but it gives me the creeps.

I've been here many times before but I've never seen it this crowded. I could see all of my mates on one side of the room and made my way over whilst Jake went to get drinks.

Four hours later myself and Jake left to go for a walk, our walk had brought us to the seventh floor where we were hidden in an alcove kissing. I was up against the wall and Jake was leaning me, kissing like mad. His lips were warm and I could smell his great boy smell that makes me feel safe in his arms. I think we've been here for ten minutes or maybe more, it's not like I'm counting.

I broke away causing Jake to look at me, "What's wrong Lil?" He asked.

"I've been thinking about this since my birthday and I'm ready." I whispered.

"Are you sure?"

"Never been surer." I giggled. We left our alcove and ran down the corridor giggling like fools in love, which we are. "Wait!" I yelled causing Jake to jump.


"There's a no boys rule in our dorm and I really don't fancy your dorm especially since my cousin sleeps there."

"Good point." He said and then turned back down the corridor to Barnabus the barmy's tapestry. After three turns a handle appeared and he pushed it open allowing me to walk in first.

It's amazing, there was a huge four poster bed with a canopy in the middle of the room, a small kitchen was to the right, a living room and a door going off which I'm guessing leads to a bathroom. This place looks exactly like a flat. The bed was covered in white Lily petals and I smiled, Lillies are my favourite flower as well as being my name. I took my cardigan off and folded it neatly before placing it on the sofa.

Why am I being such a neat freak at a time like this, I'm planning on having sex with my boyfriend of two years who I love very much and I'm folding my bloody cardigan.

"Are you sure Lil's?" Jake asked."I know we said we'd wait until we were both sixteen, which we both are but..."

"Are you having second thoughts?" I asked closing the gap between us so that I was inches from him.

"No Lil's I love you to the moon and back."

"So why the hesitation?"

"You seem nervous that's all." He replied.

I smiled and kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He caught me and I kicked my shoes off, hearing the thump of where they landed. We were kissing like we were in the alcove except this time it was more passionate. I felt Jake moved and he flung me on the bed causing me giggle as he crawled on top of me.

My right hand fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, his hands either side of my me supporting himself so he wouldn't squish me. Once the buttons were undone he sat up and pulled it off along with his t-shirt, both were flung to the floor.

I sat up and his hand found the zip on the back of my dress, then they moved down to the hem and he started pulling up over my head. He chucked it away and stood up to unbuckle his trousers, he stepped out of them and jumped back on the bed causing me to giggle. Next thing I knew both our underwear was gone and then I realised we had no protection.

"Jake, you got any condoms?" I whispered into his ear as he trailed kisses down my neck.

"Shit! No I haven't. Hang on Lil what about the contraceptive charm."

Shit, what was it. Why oh why did I have forget something as important as the contraceptive charm now. Mum only taught it to me a few months ago, surely I can remember it. I racked my brains and something came to me, tueri, tueri. Tueri Incantatem.

"Oh yeah." I grabbed my wand off the floor and pointed it at my stomach, "Tueri Incatatem." I said loudly and clearly, My stomach glowed for a second and I felt a tingly feeling go through my body causing me to shiver. Jake kissed me again which lead to more, much more. Tonight I lost my virginity.


I woke up and stretched, this wasn't my bed. Strange? Then I remembered, I wasn't a virgin any more. Were you meant to feel different after doing it because I didn't, I just ached in places that I didn't know could ache. I looked next to me and saw that Jake was still fast asleep. I looked at the clock on the bedside table and saw that it was eight o'clock. Shit, today was Sunday and Mcgonagall had organised extra Transfiguration lessons for us fifth years. Aww crap.

I poked Jake and he mumbled into the pillow and his hand made an attempt to bat me away. "Jake it's Sunday wake the hell up we have extra Transfig lesson with Mcgoggles in less than an hour."

I pulled the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around me as I gathered up my underwear, clothes and shoes before putting them back on. I grabbed my wand which I found under the bed and went into the bathroom, I pointed it at my hair and it became straight and knot free within seconds. I then left and grabbed a pillow to hit Jake with. I whacked him with it twice in the hope he would wake up.

He shot up, "Wazgoingon." He said groggily.

"Jake it's now ten past eight, we have fifty minutes to get back to the dorm, chuck our uniform on and grab our Transfiguration stuff as we have an extra class. Please Hurry." I insisted.

"Ok, ok." He said as he got up, I turned around and sat on the sofa whilst he looked for his clothes and got dressed. I tapped my foot in the hope it would hurry him up but I can't complain as I was enjoying the view. Jake does have a rather nice bum. We left the room at half eight.

Not caring if anyone saw us we broke into a run holding hands and by the time we reached the portrait of the fat lady we were out of breath. Jake said the password and we stumbled in. The common room was empty except for Dom. She was sat in the corner doing work by the looks of it. I then realised today was her birthday, "Happy eighteenth Dom." I called to her before kissing Jake and running up the stairs. As I got to the door I could hear voices, one female and one male. I think.

"I'm fed up of sneaking around, can we please tell someone." The girl's voice said. Hang on I recognise that voice, it's Kayl's.

I pushed the door open as quietly as possible but I failed since the door creaked, Kayl jumped so much that she fell off her bed. I felt something brush past as I entered and looked but saw nothing.

"Who're you talking to, I heard voices?" I asked as I went over and searched through my trunk for my uniform, not caring that it was creased. I un-zipped my dress and pulled it off.

"I was rehearsing a play." She replied as she picked up her Transfig book and shoved it in her bag.

"Oh what's it about?" I asked as I did my shirt up. I knew Kayl was hiding something from the way she looked so nervous.

"It's a bit like Romeo and Juliet." She replied, "But no one dies and they should end up happily ever after. See you in Transfig." And with that she rushed out the door."

I didn't have time for make-up but I was glad Livi had put waterproof mascara on last night meaning I wouldn't have to reaply any. I stuffed my book and some parchment into my bag, picked my watch up and left. I waved to Dom as I left the common room and called, "You can have your present later." She nodded and went back to her work.

I didn't see Kayl as I ran through the castle like a loon taking short cuts here and there. According to my watch it was five to nine. I've got five minutes to get from the seventh floor to the ground floor. Just great. Why did Mcgonagall insist on having extra lesson for us on a Sunday as well. I know we have our O.W.L's but they're a long way away. She may be like eighty but she's still teaching but hey wasn't Albus Dumbledore like one hundred and fifty when he died and he was still the headmaster before that.

I skidded down the Transfiguration corridor, damn everyone had gone in already. I was just about to knock the door when Kayl came skidding down the other end of the corridor.

How on earth was she later than me, she left before me?

"What?, How?" I started to ask.

"Later." She breathed clutching her side.

At that precise moment Mcgonagall opened the door,"Miss Potter, Miss Jessop, may I ask why both of you are outside my class and not in it? And where is your tie Miss Potter?" She looked mad, very mad.

"I slept late and I couldn't find it." I managed to say and she the turned to Kayl.

"And you Miss Jessop?"

"I, I ran into Peeves and he wouldn't leave me alone so I had to go a different way to get here." She said breathlessly.

"In you come then and just because I've put on extra classes for you does not mean that you can be late. Both of you see me at the end of the lesson."

We followed her in and went to our usual seats at the back of the class with Livi, Roxy, Hugo, Matt, Leo and Jake. How did he get here before me?

Today Mcgonagall was going over vanishing spells, previously we've vanished snails and today it was mice and then larger objects. Roxy kept sending me weird looks and raising her eyebrows, I ignored her of course knowing she was probably wanted to know where I was last night.

At the end of the two hours myself and Kayl stayed behind whilst the others went back to the common room as the lesson was over.

"I am going to give you both detentions tonight with me for being late and Miss Potter you will have one tomorrow night for forgetting your tie."

"But Professor..." Kayl started to say.

"No but's Miss Jessop. Both of you will come here at six o'clock and you will do the same tomorrow Miss Potter. Off you go."

We left before she could think of any other reason to give us detention, once we were half way down the corridor I said to Kayl, "A detention for forgetting my stupid bloody tie to a lesson we didn't really need. How unfair was that?" I noticed she wasn't listening so I said softly, "Kayl are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine Lil. I need to go the library though. I'll see you later."

"Bye." I called after her as walked down the corridor leaving me alone. There is definitely something going on with her.



"Lil what are you trying to say." Jake asked.

"I well uh since you put me on the spot, I couldn't remember the contraceptive charm. But then I did but I didn't say it right and it's only one hundred per cent effective if said correctly."


"Well the thing is..." I grabbed my bag and ran into the bathroom. I pulled out the muggle test and did my thing. I walked back out to Jake who was still where I left him and looking confused as ever.

I handed him the test and then looked from it to me. "Are you pregnant Lil?"

"Yes." I whispered.

"How far?" He asked.

"I'm ten weeks, but I'll be eleven tomorrow." I told him.

"What are you going to do?"

"There is no way I'm having an abortion so it's either adoption or..."

"Keeping it." Jake finished for me. He looked at me, "Lil, I don't know what to say to be honest."

"How about you'll stand by me and our baby and that you love me." I said as I could feel tears forming.

"Lil we're sixteen, we can't be parents were still kids ourselves. What about our O.W.L's and N.E.W.T's how are we going to take them with a baby." Jake stood up and I could see I wasn't the only one with tears. "Lil I need time to think things through. I'm sorry." With that he got up and left the room, the test still in his hand.

Why?, why did I have to get pregnant. If I hadn't this wouldn't be happening right now. I got up off the sofa and crawled onto the bed where this whole mess started. I kicked off my shoes and wrapped the quit around me, curling up into a ball. My tears trickling down my face.

Why did this happen to me, I'm a good student, I never get told off apart from the occasional day dreaming. My parents never get mad at me, so why me? Why did Jake leave me, is he coming back?

Why, just why?

A/N I know Hogwarts doesn't normally half term's like a normal school does but it's necessary to the story line as things happen, such as Lily's birthday party.

P.s The next chapter is in Jake's POV to shake things up a bit

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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions: Confession 5 - Of Telling Jake,Tears And Being Left Alone


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