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The Little Things by GrangerFever4eva
Chapter 1 : The Yule Ball
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Thanks to Angel_Speaks @ TDA for the CI :)
























Last night was strange. Very strange. It was the Yule ball, and, contrary to popular belief, the Golden Trio manedged to all get dates. Even that Mudblood Granger. Very strange. I kinda wonder if she maybe didn't bribe Krum to take her? She must be richer than I thought if she could bribe Krum. Anyway, I was with Puggy-- Pansy Parkenson; the slut. I danced one dance with her before she tried to get me to do her, the nasty slutty bitch. I quickly told her to piss off, thHen went outside to cool off. I sat down on a bench by a big statue of a centuar. I. Was. Angry. How dare that little slut even consider asking me to do her! I was a Malfoy, for crying out loud! And, well, I didn't really want a slut to be my first. 
























My fuming was intterupted by a girl in a pretty lavender-pink dress. She didn't see me, I dont think, and sat down on my lap crying. Always the gentleman, I asked her "Why in the world is a pretty girl like you crying on a night like this?" 








She turned to look at me.








 "Oh shit, sorry..." she said in a familiar voice, ".. Malfoy?" 
















I grimaced as I remembered the voice, not to mention the mudblood face. "Granger." I said sharply, "Please remove your mudblood arse from my lap."








She looked at me, and I knew she had heard and processed what I said earlier. 
















"Fine, but why is a Death Eater like you alone on a night like this?" 
















"Because I choose to be," I replied with a smug expression, "now your turn."
















She moved to sit next to me on the bench, off my lap, and said "Because Ronald just hexed Victor for kissing my hand. Victor had to leave to Durmstrang to get it fixed up, and Ronald, he then asked me to dance with him! The ruddy arse asked me to dance with him! So I turned him down, and ran out here, only to sit on a Malfoy/bench. Happy now?" I looked at her, and her eyes were streaming. "I know how Pansy started to come on to you. She was all over you, and it's kinda hard to miss. Plus after you walked out on her, she screamed after you 'come back you bloody virgin'."
















I interrupted, "She said WHAT?!?" 








Hermione just nodded and kept going.
















 "Luckily for you, only a couple people heard. I made her shut up with a slug in the face and a Silencing charm. Your welcome." 
















I glanced at her, a bit dumbstruck. " you Granger."
















 She smiled, rather beautifully. 








"No prob Malfoy." 
















I smirked at her; she wasnt bad for a mudblood. She rested her head on my shoulder, and I didn't move. Shock kept me from responding. A mudblood, a pretty mudblood, was now close enough to me for me to hear her slowly breath in and out. We both leapt up as I heard people coming. Loud footsteps ran by, not noticing us at all. 








"Granger," I said to get her attention, "Thanks." 
















I leaned in for a kiss, half expecting a punch, like last year by the courtyard. Our lips met, and, she was kissing back. Hard. It was a good kiss, as it had none of Pansy's disgusting moans or slobber. And as quickly as it started, she pulled away and it was over.
















"Thank you, Draco." she said before she ran off. And just like that I was alone again. 
































I woke up the day after the ball still in my dress, with makeup smeared all over my face. My hair had reverted to its original bushy self, and I had a pile of drool on my pillow. Delicious. My brain slowly woke up, giving me flashback after flashback of the previous night. 
















Viktor dancing with me, kissing my hand. We danced.  Around and around and around in circles. Laughing as he tripped over the lip at the entrance in the Great Hall, something I did a billion times in first year. Pansy declaring love for Malfoy, the virgin? Ron. Arse.  Cursing Viktor, for kissing my hand. Kissing me. Arsehole. Running outside, siting on a bench. A bench? No a person.There was someone else there. No, it couldn't be... Malfoy? And talking to him, decently. Malfoy. Snogging. Me. Malfoy and I kissed. Wow. He has been an arse to me for 3 years. We kissed. God! What was wrong with me?! At least he was a good kisser. 
















My alarm rang, notifying me that it was time to get ready for class. I took a shower, letting the hot water wash my worries away, and cast a quick spell on my hair. Soon, I was all ready, and dashing down to breakfast. 
















"Hey Mione!" Ron yelled at me from across the hall. I flipped him off, the arsehole, and sat at the end of the Gryffendor table, away from everybody. Ginny Weasley walked by me and glared, probably pissed cause I turned down her arsewagon brother. I glared right back, but every second was like a knife in my back. The loud -skrrreeeeee- noise of the owls alerted me to my mail, 2 unmarked letters. One was obviously in Ron's untidy scrawl, saying: 
















You hypocrite! I loved you like you've wanted me to for as long as I've known you, and you shove me off like I'm Malfoy! Screw you.
















That hurt a bit, but I think maybe Ron would have liked it better if I 'shoved him off like he's Malfoy'. The other Was typed. It said:
















Library at 3, don't be late. I'll be in the restricted section. Be there. 
















That one confused me. If I wanted to go find out who that was, I'd have to ditch my Potions class with the Slytherins.  I wasn't sure yet. I glanced up at Malfoy, smiling as he confusedly looked at me, then sent me an origami crane note across the Hall. 
















  'Why are you alone?' it said in a tidy font.  I grimaced at the memory of Ginny's killer stare.
















 'Reasons that you already know' I sent back. He shook his head and went back to eating.
















 I scarfed my food and got ready for Arithmancy. This semester was reportedly a group class, so I'd have a partner. I kinda-but-not hoped I'd get Ferret over there. He was the smartest there, besides me of course. The rest of me hoped to be on the other side of the world from his violent insults and cruel pranks. Well, it would be what it would be. He had been a lot nicer to me last night, when he snogged me senseless. 








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