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Ask. by harry_vampire
Chapter 1 : The one in which we get answers.
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Disclaimer: Nothings belongs to me but this laptop belong to me..Yipeee!!You can ignore my mental breakdown;)


If you are interested in talking with The-Boy-Who-Lived, Mr. Harry Potter and his best friend and fellow Horcrux hunter Mr. Ron Weasley, live for the first time in the history of the Wizarding World, here it is! An opportunity to speak to them, and get inspired.

Get hooked to your fireplace, this Sunday evening 25th November, 2011, around 5 pm and have life boggling experience.

(If you have any questions, regarding this process do not bother sending an owl to the ministry, just drop a galleon in the fire and ask him yourself! Prepare your questions from today onwards) 

Ginny read the article with a smirk plastered on her face.  

Harry and Ron entered the room with their hands shoved deep into their pockets, hiding their nervousness, and sat down at the table. Harry sat beside Ginny and took her hand in his underneath the table (he was often unwilling to show affection in front of her brother. Last time, he took her hands into his Ron hexed both his hands to resemble flowerpots).  

Though Ron had always entertained the idea of being famous, at this present moment, it was a completely different story. They were about to answer their fan’s questions live.  

After defeating Voldemort, The Golden Trio’s craze never ceased to die down. They soon got used to receiving huge bundles of letters every single day however; they never had a chance to answer them. Angry at the apparent disregard from their hero’s, the people of Britain began to write to the Ministry requesting that Harry replied to their letters. Thus, the Minister decided to resolve this ‘extremely important matter’ as one letter had coined it, but did not know how. 

The Minister told Harry, “I have a lot more urgent matters to solve than instructing you to answer their letters. Fix this.” 

Eventually, Hermione came up with a brilliant idea- “It will be like a chat show, people can directly connect with us, and ask us exactly what they want to and all of this fuss  can be ended once and for all.” 

The Minister, being half-blood himself liked her idea-Everyone who wanted could talk to Harry and Ron through the fire. They could ask a question by dropping a Galleon in the fire and once the Galleon had melted, they were able to ask their questions. And if somebody else was already asking a question, the coin remains still and they waited in a queue. 

In addition, everyone can listen to Ron and Harry’s conversation. 

Fred and George entered the kitchen, with a gleam of mischief in their eyes. They carefully slipped two chocolate bars onto the table.

Ginny eyed them suspiciously but eventually decided to ignore it; after growing up with the two of them, she had become accustomed to their pranks and jokes. 

“Are we allowed to come and answer some question to avoid any awkward silences-“ Fred started. 

“Since neither of you can tell a joke to save your life. People just want some laughter.” George ended. 

“Talk to people as you are talking to yourself, just be you,” Ginny said matter of factly.

“What do you mean by that?  I am great at jokes and I am able to make people laugh. Hermione always laughs at my jokes" Ron said with utmost horror in his voice, ignoring Ginny.

“She starts laughing before Ron even cracks a joke, simply to avoid listening to it-“ 

“I don’t know why she chose him-“ 

“Must have lost interest in life, poor soul."

Harry laughed at the twins before beginning to think about what questions the public could ask him. Absentmindedly, he reached out and picked up one of the chocolates that Fred had left there earlier. Seeing Harry, Ron also took, and ate one without saying a word.

“Five minutes to go” The Minister’s assistant shouted into the room as his head suddenly spun into view on the fireplace. 

Harry and Ron both stood up slowly and walked into the next room, without looking at anyone but began to cheerfully smile to themselves. 
Fred looked at George and George looked at Fred as they simultaneously said “Mission Accomplished” 

 “What did you do”? Ginny asked threateningly.

“Just watch it, Gin”. They chimed, imitating Harry’s voice on the last word.  

Bring it on, Harry thought. He was unsure of just what exactly would be asked to him but no matter what, he would answer them truthfully, he promised himself.

I am their role model and they just have to accept whatever I am going to say, Ron thought incredulously. 

“Are you ready, sirs?” an assistant asked as he finished setting up the chairs in front of the fireplace. 

They nodded their heads in affirmation and shrugged their shoulders. They plopped on to the couch rowdily just to get everyone attention in the room. (The potions seems to be working)


The roads of Wizarding World sported a deserted look around 4:45 pm on Sunday morning as everyone was hooked on their fireplace. And, what garnered so much interest will be surely worth every minute spent on it.


And here it goes, 

Are you really Harry Potter? 

Ron:No, I am Ron Weasley.  He’s Harry Potter. 

Harry:She asked me that question.

Ron:Oh,really! She didn’t direct her question towards you.

Harry:How should they ask then?

Ron:More like, Harry Potter, Are you really Harry Potter?


For the love of Merlin! No one is bigger fan than Laura Collins 





The whole of the Wizarding community is proud of you. 

Harry:I wish Voldermort was here to hear this thing.

Ron:What a coincidence, I’m pretty proud of myself.

We ought to say thanks to you for making our lives peaceful. 

Harry:It’s funny but I almost feel nostalgic about Voldermort.

Ron:That’s because it has been months since the last time someone has tried to kill you. No one has tried to do you in for pretty much the longest time in your life.


What are you doing nowadays? 

Harry:Just helping McGonagall, in re-building Hogwarts-

Ron:Snogging my sister.

Harry:(laughing) you can count that one, also showing Ron all different Muggle places. 


Muggles- You mean to say non-magic. 

Ron:I’m pretty sure they mean the same thing. 

Then you must be aware of all Muggle things. 

Harry:I wouldn’t say everything, he’s pretty useless. He should definitely have taken Muggle Studies.

Ron:Why do you want to know?

Did you watch Twilight? 

Harry:Twilight, if you mean the time of day where the sun sets. Then, yes, I have seen Twilight.

Ron:Harry that isn’t what they asked. And you say I'm useless.  Hermione dragged me to that place where there is ultra large white screen to watch it.

Harry:The cinema!

Ron:Yeah that, I didn’t understand how so many pictures were moving or why it’s called a movie. 

Harry:Ron, sleeping after reading the title is not watching the movie. 

Ron:But they never asked me if I watched the whole movie. 

Harry:It’s implied. 

Ron:People should ask their questions more carefully such as, have you watched the whole movie? Because I can’t do that even after trying! Hermione picks the most boring ones to watch!

Do you know about Facebook? 

Ron:I just know that; I hate to face any book. 

Harry:My first year’s books look, as fresh as they were when I bought them.

Ron:Because, you have never touched them.

Harry:I think you will find that was you mate.

Do you have a Twitter account? 

Harry:Nope, we have accounts in Gringotts though. 

Ron: Hermione and I are even planning to open a joint account. 

Improve English, Potter. 

Harry:Why? Are there mistakes in the Dictionary that you need me to correct? 

Who is the most irritating person that you have ever met in your life? 

Harry:Well, I shouldn’t give the name of this person. But he was my classmate. He is damn annoying; sometimes I wonder why his mother gave birth to him. He is the most annoying person I’ve ever met. He looks better as a ferret than he does as a human. 

Ron:Who want to know about this guy? Hint: Guy who asked question before this one. 

Have you ever read a book other than textbooks? 

Ron:Yeah, once we tried reading. Seeing us, Hermione fainted and we had to take her to St. Mungos. So we promised that we will never ever read. After all we are her best friends we can’t hurt her like this. 

Harry:And Ron loves her too much.



How would you want to propose to Ginny? 

Harry:Ron is sitting right next to me. 

Ron:What do you mean by that? 

Harry:That you are sitting next to me. 


Tell us some funny moment, where Ron acted like an over-protective brother.

Harry:Well, at Charlie’s wedding,  I really wanted to dance with her but Ron was giving us all these weird looks and Ginny did not want to spoil her brother’s wedding by creating an scene. So I had to ask or rather convince Ron. He allowed it but gave me the meet-me-after-you-have-finished look. Also, he tried to stand in between us. I think he thought it would be best if she were dancing on one corner of the room and me in another.

Ron:That’s not entirely true. 

Harry:Okay then, what is the true story?

Ron:Hermione and I started dancing in the middle of the floor after that.


Did you kiss her afterwards with or without permission Ron’s permission? 

Harry:I am just ignoring that question for my own safety. 

One question you hate when people ask you. And why do you hate it? 

Harry:People looking straight into my eyes and then their eyes travels up to my scar and then they start screaming –Are you really Harry Potter?  Is that really the scar? It’is like asking Voldemort; do you want to have a nose piercing? 

Will you marry me? 


Ron:WHAT? He won’t do that. He’s not marrying anyone other than my sister, unless you know she dumps him. But he can’t dump her. Because, I will go all voldy on his arse.

Harry:I beat Voldermort like six times, I think I can survive you mate.


After the show ended, Harry looked at Ron,” I never want what I have with Ginny to end, and you actually agreed this time!”

Ron looked at Harry sceptically and opened his mouth to speak but was cut short by a bushy haired girl entering the room with a piece of parchment in her hand and a smile spread across her face.

 “Harry, Ron! You both were amazing on the show. I heard every word, you were saying. I haven’t seen you two bicker like this since our Hogwarts days! Either way, it was pretty entertaining and I’m sure all your fans must have enjoyed it. I wish I could have been a part of it.” Hermione ended sadly.

“You would have been part of the show, if you didn’t have a S.P.E.W. campaign to run. Come on Hermione, even the house elves themselves don’t have a problem working for someone. So why do you?  In fact mostly, they loves working for a family” Harry said, echoing Ron’s thoughts.

“Did they say it to you? One should understand the feelings of others,  and try to help them, even before they ask”

Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry and turned to Ron. Ron was smirking to himself silently. If he had said those words, the reaction would have been very different.

“Speaking of feelings, do you really think I make you watch boring movies? All of those are my all time favourites. And did you really confess in front of everyone that you love me? Do you really love me or was that just a publicity stunt?”  Hermione asked questioningly, even though she knew what his answer would be. Listening to those same three magical words “I Love You” from our loved ones never ever gets old.

Ron stood up, cupped her face and stared directly into her eyes. Hermione’s heart skipped a beat with the intensity of his stare “It was always you. And it will always be you. For now and forever. No one has ever touched my heart, the way you do. When you look into my eyes, I feel like taking you in my arms and holding you, as there is no tomorrow. And when you look at other people especially guys, I feel like shouting in your ears, “He is GAY, forget him and snog me now as you have wasted some precious time doing some worthless work- ”

“Sorry to disturb you, but I am here. Ron, you had better mind your language. I find that offensive, I am not GAY,” Harry said annoyingly “Hermione, why don’t you take him to your house and show him the DVD, which you recently brought. This time I am sure Ron will love it!”

Harry winked at Ron, feeling very proud of himself. He too had some plans with Ginny, and he wouldn’t be able to do them with Ron around.

“Why don’t you come to my house?” Hermione whispered in Ron’s ear in a very seductive way.

Ron, understanding her ‘code’, pulled Hermione towards him before beginning to attack her lips.

”Remember, you’re watching a movie, not making one.” Harry winked as he walked out of the room to find Ginny.

 “You were really good-“Ginny began before being cut off by the pressure of Harry’s lips on hers. He slipped his hand under her shirt slowly, waiting for her reaction and when he didn’t get any, he moved his hand across her waist.

“This is much better than that” he murmured, as she laughed in agreement.

Overall, it was a immensely great interview.


Fred and George laughed and congratulated each other in the hallway where they had been waiting, listening on extendable ears.

“It bloody worked. We did it!” Fred said beaming with happiness.

“Yep, we did it! The potion worked for 58 minutes and 9 seconds” George quirked his mouth and shoved Fred’s upper arm mischievously.

“That precise? I never knew you were checking the time. Do you even have watch?” Fred raised his eyebrow doubtfully.

“No one is going to check the timings, you twat”

George removed a piece of parchment from his pocket and started writing down the effects of their latest product.

 “And the effects are- the person will be sarcastic, funny, and bicker a lot. Within their bickering however, lies the truth. Their true feelings for their loved ones can easily be seen through what they are saying. They will also become very physical with their feelings”

They both sniggered at the latter part.

“Fred, do you realize this will be first time we have created something which isn’t embarrassing, well not much anyway”.

“And it was helpful and useful? What have we done?”

“Holy Mother Merlin! We need a new prank! Ideas Fred, Ideas!”

“Before that, we need to make a potion to stop the couples from snogging each other’s face’s, before we have a whole new generation of children!”

“I don’t want anyone to call me Uncle George. That would be maddening!”


Stephenie Meyer:Twilight!

How was it?Fred dies in end, na? How come i don't remember it?How was it?

Was story bit different from others you read normally? Do tell me :)

My Beta Kathyrnen: You are a whiz kid...Thanks for bearing with me all the time. I thought of abandoning this story after it got rejected but because of you, I have re-written the plot ;)


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