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The In-Between by WentToManderleyAgain
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: Bad Day
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A/N: I had so much trouble writing this chapter, you have no idea.


What started off as a bad day quickly spiraled out of control and became quite the train wreck.

First of all, I had managed to gain two detentions. Damn Peeves.

There was another Death Eater attack.

I managed to make a complete arse out of myself in front of Remus Lupin.

And now the entire Hogwarts population is convinced I’m anorexic.

Damn Hufflepuffs.


Mornings have never really been my thing. I mean, it’s always hard for me to get out of bed. But most of the time I just hop out of bed and Deal With It (copyright pending).

But today was clearly not going to be my day.

My wand went off at 6:30 AM exactly. Per usual, I groaned into my pillow and turned off the alarm.

Then my clock went off again at 6:35. However, this time I did not hop out of bed. No, this time I shut it off again.

Yes this really is going to end badly.

I stretched, my eyes slowly opening.


I rolled out of bed, looking for the time.



I grabbed my clothes, running to the bathroom. I pulled them on, and ran out of the dorm, barely stopping to (sort of) brush my hair. I was pulling my hair into a messy ponytail as I entered the transfiguration classroom.

Of course it had to be transfiguration.

“Detention, Ms. Williams.”

I winced.

“Yes, professor.” I said softly, slinking into an empty seat near the back.

Lily sent me a disapproving look.

“As I was saying . . .”


I stared down at the Daily Prophet.

“You’re kidding me. Another one? But there was one yesterday!” I hissed, and crumpled it up, tossing it over my shoulder.

“Hey!” Effie slapped my shoulder, picking it back up. “That’s my newspaper. Anyway, this is the part where I go to my class, and you go to yours. So see you later, Elena darling!”

“Tootle loo, Effie.”

With a sigh, I head off to the Ancient Runes classroom.

Suddenly, I felt something cold and wet hit my back.

A water balloon.

“Peeves,” I muttered. I’d bet a galleon it was Peeves.

His trilling laughter rung through the halls.

“Stupid Peeves!”

Another water balloon fell on my head.

Damn Peeves.

I whipped out my wand to dry myself, only to be bombarded by another round of water balloons.

“Don’t make me call the Bloody Baron!” I threatened.

The hall fell silent.

“Ms. Williams, please explain to me why you are covered in water, and why the hall is filled with it?”

Damn Peeves.


Ah, the library.

I hope to Merlin not many people will be there. I really need a break from people.

I laid my head down on the cold wood.

Free periods are pretty much the only reason I made it through the day.

I massaged my temples, staring down at the blank piece of parchment.

I really, really don’t feel like doing a thing.




I hit my head on the table.

Today so far just sucked, quite frankly.

I just want to curl up in bed and sleep.

Sleep is a beautiful thing. Plus, you grow in your sleep. Hey, maybe that’s why I’m so short. I don’t sleep enough. I should write McGonagall a letter explaining this.

Dear Professor McGonagall,

It has come to my attention that you grow in your sleep. I, as you, being very tall, have probably noticed, am very short. Tragically so. Well, I clearly need more sleep.

I was thinking that it would be beneficial to my health to get more sleep. To do this, I think that we should cut classes a bit short. So I may sleep.

Please consider this. Thank you.


Elena Williams

I sound a bit Ravenclaw-ish, but I do think it is a very good letter.

Not that I would send it, of course.

I’m not that stupid.

I could just see it now . . .

“Ms. Williams! What is the meaning of this? Is it some kind of joke? Well, it’s not very funny. Detention, Ms. Williams!”

McGonagall does not take jokes very well, as you can see.

I ran a hand through my hair, pushing all my books into my bag.

I wasn’t getting any work done. I might as well get some sleep if I’m not going to do anything.

Suddenly, something (or someone?) ran into my, sending my books into the air.


I know this is going to sound pathetic, but I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Tears started running down my cheeks as the librarian started shrieking at me.

I had a rough day, okay?

“Out! Out!” she screamed, pointing wildly at the door.

I wiped the tears forming in my eyes away, grabbing my bag and the books, and hurrying out of the library.

“Elena!” someone called after me.

Why can’t anyone leave me alone?


I stopped and whirled around.


But at this point I was too fed up to care.

“What?” I barked.

“I just wanted to apologize for running into you . . .”

I almost felt bad for yelling at him.

“That was you?” I hissed.

He nodded slowly.

I threw my hands up in the air.

“Why can’t anything ever go right? First I sleep through my alarm clock, miss breakfast, am late to class. And then freaking Peeves gets me a week of detentions.” My voice was getting very high pitched. “Then Slughorn insists on holding me up when I had an essay to finish, and I missed lunch! And didn’t finish the essay! Now my Arithmancy teacher hates me, and now I get kicked out of the library because you ran into me? Guess what, Remus Lupin! I don’t care if you’re sorry, because that’s not going to make this any better.” I turned and left. My shoes clacked against the stone, but I know for sure that Remus didn’t bother saying anything.

Sure, maybe I overreacted.

But I had a really freaking bad day.


I stared down at my wet nails with a sigh. It may be really girly, but for some reason painting my nails made me feel better.

Maybe it’s best to focus on something else.

I know that there are drying spells for this, but sometimes I like to let my nails air dry. This was one of those times.

Soft music poured from the radio.

The dormitory was silent.

I was alone.

I hadn’t bothered to go down to dinner. Knowing me, something stupid would happen.

I’ll just sneak down to the kitchens later and go wild.

Because I seriously haven’t eaten all day.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll invite Sirius along. He’d probably help me feel better. I blew softly on my nails, deep in my thoughts.

Hmmm, this red might clash with my nails . . .

Hey, I didn’t say they were deep thoughts.

Sometimes you can’t be too deep when you’re having a bad day.

I let out a long yawn.

Yeah, I’ll probably go to bed early tonight. Maybe once I finish eating.

I heard the dorm door slowly open.

I glanced over my shoulder.

“Oh, hi, Effie.” I said with a sigh.

“Hey, Elena. Why didn’t you show up for dinner?” she asked, sitting down next to me.

I showed her my wet nails.

“I’m going to run down to the kitchens later. Maybe bring Sirius.”

“Um, Elena. I don’t know how to say this . . .”

I glanced at her.

“Out with it, Effie. My day can’t get any worse.”

“Some Hufflepuff has been spreading around a rumor that you’re anorexic. I think it has to do with the part where you haven’t been to any meals yet today.”

Never mind.

I retract my previous statement.

My day just got worse.


A/N: This chapter is freaking pathetic. I’m so ashamed of myself. Feel free to stake me, you guys.

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