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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Chapter Image by Beyond The Rain @ TDA!

Disclaimer: Sadly, I am not J.K. Rowling and even more sadly, I'm not even britsh, so basically I own nothing you recgonize! :)

       "ASPEN SEPTEMBER ISABELLA ANNELIESE MADELINE POWELLS AND DOMINIQUE GABRIELLE WEASLEY GET UP RIGHT NOW!" My curtains were thrown open letting light stream in, which made me moan. Two seconds later, I heard the same thing coming from Dom's bed next to me.

      "What the hell, Ally?!" She said, burying her head in her pillow.

      Ally started opening up the windows, "Come on guys! Its our last first day of school! It is seven am now get up!" I forgot that Ally was an early riser. She put my uniform on my bed, "I washed it for you, your welcome!" She said, chipper as ever. I really should ask Professor Longbottom to have people like her in different rooms from people like Dom and I. Don't get me wrong, I love Ally to bits and all but seriously! You can not expect me to get up willingly before at least ten in the morning!

      "Why the fuck are we getting up so early?!" I questioned.

      "The early bird catches the worm!" Ally sing-songed. And when that didn't get us up, "Get your buts out of bed or I'll use your full names again!' She threatened. As much as Dom and I hate the morning, we hate when people use our full names. I swear my mum was on crack when she chose my name. I mean, its pretty and all. But did I really need five middle names?! Only cool royal people had a million middle names! Last time I checked I wasn't the queen of England! Although it would be bloody awesome if I was! Of course the country of England would probably be at war with America because they stole our cookies. Don't look at me like that, stealing cookies is some serious shiz.

      "FINE! But I'm not wearing my uniform, I'm wearing my pajamas!" I told her, recently getting out of bed. I love my bed so much. I should marry it. My pillow could be my maid of honor and my blanket the best man. I would marry it, expect for the fact I'm love with someone else. Cough, cough, James Potter, cough, cough.

      "But-" She began.

      "Don't even think about arguing with me Alice Hannah Longbottom!" I said and she scowled. Even though her real name was Alice, we always called her Ally. Its just been that way for...well, forever.

      All of five of us walked down to the great hall together. "Hey little A!" Freddy said, pulling me in for a hug. Freddy was addicted to hugs like a crack addict was addicted to, well, crack.

      I frowned at him, "I woke up at seven am for the first time in forever and Ally called me by my full name, so unless you want a bloody fork through your hand I suggest you shut the hell up!" I snapped.

      "Someone is cranky this morning." Freddy said.

      "Freddy, I will but a fork through your hand." I threatened.

      "Can it at least be spork?" He asked.

      "Fine! I will but a bloody spork through your hand if you don't shut the fuck up!" I sighed.

      "Hey, Aspen can I talk to you, alone?" I swirled around to see James.

      "Yeah." I nodded, stuffed a few pieces of toast into my mouth and followed him outside of the great hall and out to our spot. Before I left Hogwarts, we were great friends and would often spend hours talking under this tree by the lake. "What's up?" I asked, plopping myself down in the grass, lying down and James did the same.

      "Do you remember that conversation we had when we were seven?" He asked, looking up to the branches of the tree above us.

      "We had a lot of conversations when we were seven." I pointed out, looking at him. He was so...perfect. His shaggy black hair fell in his hazel eyes, making me smile.

      He looked at me, staring into my green eyes. "You know what conversation I'm talking about, Aspen." It was true. It was a day kind of like today. We were only seven and it was crazy. But we talked about how we would become quidditch stars and marry each other and live happily ever after with three kids. We even picked out names, Alexis, James Jr and Aspen Jr. I don't remember the exact words we exchanged, expect for a few that I said, 'Promise me, Jamise, that we'll love each other for ever and ever, and that we will never leave each other.' We pinkie swore.

      "I never stopped thinking about you while you were gone." He whispered, "Always thinking about that conversation. I had a feeling you would come back though, I knew you wouldn't break that part of your promise to me." I hadn't broken either James.

      "I think I missed you the most while I was gone." I whispered back, "I mean, I missed all the others a lot. But your so easy to talk too." You might think I'm being to obvious, but this was what it was always like between James and I. Which is probably one of the reasons I fell in love with him.

      "What about Dom?" He questioned, "You talk to her a lot."

      "Yeah, but its not like when I talk to you. I mean, I love Dom and all and she is my best friend, but talking to her, it can be rather difficult."

      "Tell me about it!" James gave off a small laugh, "But how funny would it be if we were actually a couple? I mean, that would be the most akward and hilarious couple ever!" He smiled.

      "Yeah, really funny." I said under my voice. And silence filled the air, expect for the sound of my heart breaking.

      "So, what did you do while you were in the hospital?" James asked, looking over to me.

      "Sleep, get hospital tutored, get tests done, watch muggle movies, talk to my brothers when they visited me, hope." I said, looking up to the sky.


      "Yeah, hope. Hope that I would get better, that I would survive, that I would see Hogwarts again."

      "Well, you did all those things."

      "I don't think I did get better, though." I whispered, and even though he pretended not to, I know he heard me.

      "So how are your brothers doing?" He changed the subject.

      "Good," I had seven older brothers, two sets of twins and one set of triplets, "Kyle and Brandon are at medical school." Kyle and Brandon are the oldest out of us eight and were both twenty six. "Adam is at Oxford, Jason is at Yale and Matt is at New York University." Adam, Jason and Matt are the triplets and are four years older then me and twenty one. "And Cole and Dylan are in their last year of high school. Oh and Kyle is engaged! To this american girl he is going to school with me. Her name is Leah and I've only met her once, but she is super nice."

      "I don't know how you deal with having so many older brothers, Lily can barley take Al and I."

      "Yeah, but their muggles. But it can get hard at times, especially as the youngest and the girl you just sometimes feel left behind. Plus, they can get way to overprotective, like when a boy looks at me they start contacting the CIA and the royal guard for merlin's sake! But Kyle, Brandon, Adam, Jason, Matt, Cole and Dylan are amazing and they make me, me."

      "I know what you mean, if I didn't have my family I'd have nothing."

      "You'd have me."

      He nodded, "I guess I would. I mean, your practically a sister to me." I nodded at this. "Your a cool girl, Aspen September Isabella Anneliese Madeline Powells."

      I groaned at this, "I thought we have been over this, even though your my best guy friend you can't call me by my full name, James Sirius Potter!" I warned.

      "Fine!" He laughed.

      "We should probably get back to the castle, I still have to change into my uniform."

      "Okay, but before you go Freddy and I were wondering if you wanted to prank Slytherin today at lunch?"

      "Sorry, can't." I said, standing up and brushing the grass off my butt.

      "Why not?" He pouted.

      "Longbottom already gave me two detentions! And I don't fancy any more." I said.

      "Okay, I'll see you later Aspen!" He said as I became walking away.

      "See you later Jamesie!!" I called before I broke off running.

  * * *

      "Oh my god, how much more stupid can you get Powells?!" Sam Holden hissed. Stupid freaking Slytherins! "How the fuck do you mix up snake fangs and unicorn horn?!"

      "When you've been gone for three freaking years!" I answered. Then the cauldron started bubbling, and rainbows of colors started spurting out of it. I'm a fail at potions but even I know that that isn't supposed to happen! "HOLY SHIT ITS GONNA BLOW!" I yelled and ducked onto the floor.

      I heard several screams and saw others duck down. Man, I suck at potions. But my dreams had changed since back when I was seven. I didn't want to be a quidditch star now. My cancer had changed everything, my view of the world, what I wanted to be, who I was, everything. No matter how small or big. So now, I wanted to be healer. I want to cure kids that go through things like I did.

      Yes, yes, another cliche. Your probably thinking, how many cliches are in this girl's life? A girl who had cancer wants to become a doctor! Well, deal with it. It is my life and I'll do whatever the hell I want with it. Its how I roll!

      Anyways, to be a healer you have to be good at potions. Of course I would chose the one job where you have to be good at the one subject I suck at. That is a lie actually. I suck at a lot of subjects. Although I suck the most at potions.

      Then, it got quiet. Really quiet. No one talked, and it was like in those muggle movies. I have a lot of moments in life that are like moments in muggle movies, if you haven't caught that yet. I slowly rose. And then I burst out laughing. Cause old Sluggy was covered in glittery rainbow potion. My potion to be exact. Ha, this class could actually be fun at times. Sluggy opened his mouth and even more of the glittery rainbow potion came flowing out of his mouth.

      "Miss Powells?" He questioned.

      I gave a small smile, "Yes?"

      "Remind me why in merlin's name your taking N.E.W.T. potions?" He asked, his eyes in narrow slits.

      "Because your such a great teacher, of course!" I said with ultra fake happiness.

      "Very well. You can spend the rest of the class cleaning this up." He said, handing me a sponge, "The muggle way." He added sinisterly. Hey, the man wasn't in Slytherin for nothing!

      I sighed and took the sponge and Holden gave a small smirk that gave me a strong urge to shove my fist so far down his throat that my hand would get burned from his stomach acid. But I was lucky just to get clean up instead of detention. So I left it at that.

      A little while later James, Louis, Megan, Ally and I were leaving the dungeons. "Merlin, that was so tough to get that god damn potion off the dungeon floor!"

      "It was entertaining though!" Louis said, "I practically thought that unicorns and animals were going to pop out singing disney songs."

      "Nice to know that my fail at potions is entertaining for you Louie!" I smiled.

      "I have to go meet Fred, but I'll talk to you all later, okay?" We nodded and said goodbye to him. I knew that he was off to go do whatever prank he had planned with Freddy.

      So the rest of us made our way to the great hall. "YAY!" I exclaimed, clapping my hands together, "Grilled cheese!" I ran forwards and grabbed some, plopping myself down at the Gryffindor table.

      "Oh, I forgot about your obsession with grilled cheese Aspen." Megan said, sitting down next to me.

      "Oi!" I exclaimed, talking even though I had food in my mouth. I know that I should just manners and shit like that. But I'm Aspen freaking Powells, I don't do manners! "I have no such obsession."

      "You also weird things like, 'I have no such obsession.' Which no sane self-respecting person says." Megan said, fiddling with her Gryffindor red and gold tie and her straight light brown hair. Just like the rest of her family, the Woods. They all had straight light brown hair, brown eyes and are all great quidditch players. Megan's dad even played for Puddlemere United. And even though she was amazing, she refused to play here at school. Always said it was too time consuming. Weirdo.

      But anyways, I guess I do have a tiny weeny obsession with grilled cheese. Fine, I ate it every day in the hospital (but can you really blame me, everything else at St. Mungo's sucked. "At least I don't put ketchup on my hands, that is just weird."


      I rolled my eyes and dug into another slice of grilled cheese. It was cut in triangle form. I'm pretty sure that this sandwich just made my fucking life. That is how much I love grilled cheese. Your probably thinking I'm crazy. Dude, your in the second chapter of this story. I think we discovered two paragraphs into the first chapter that I'm completely bloody mental. And if your still reading and haven't fled your computer in fright, you've made it further then most.

      "Sorry Megs." I said, giving her a little wink and she just rolled her eyes.

      "A-are you A-Aspen P-Powells?" I turned around to see a first year that seemed to be the size of a Snow White dwarf.

      "Yeahhh." I said.

      "Professor L-Longbottom wanted m-me t-to g-give this t-to y-you." He said, handing me a folded piece of parchment then started running as fast as his tiny legs could carry him. Is it bad that I take great pride in scaring little first year? Nah. I opened the parchment to see,

      Dear Miss Powells,
      You will be spending your first detention this evening with Professor Filch and you will be reorganizing the student files for three hours. You are to be at Professor Filch's office tonight at eight o'clock. Professor Filch will give you a pass so you can make it back to the Gryffindor common room without getting in trouble, since you should be returning about an hour after curfew. I hope that this teaches you to behave Miss Powells.
      Professor Longbottom

      Great, just the way I want to spend my second night at Hogwarts in over three and a half years. Professor Longbottom is usually awesome and everything, but I can't believe he gave me two detentions! All I did was start the greatest food fight in Hogwarts history! SUE ME!

      "What is it, Aspen?" Ally. asked.

      "Your dad sent me a letter telling me I have detention at eight tonight, reorganizing student files for three fucking hours!" I said, throwing the papers on the table.

      "Sorry, Aspen." She said, after reading over the parchment.

      "It's okay, it's not you fault Ally." I told her.

      A loud pop went off and everyone in the hall looked somewhere. But only a few people looked up, one of them being me. It was raining, but the roof wasn't stopping the rain from coming down. It wasn't even really raining outside. Two seconds ago when we were outside it was sunny and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Plus there was something odd about the rain.

      The rain was...colored. Like, some drops were orange, others green, every color of the freaking rainbow was falling from the ceiling. This my friends has James and Freddy prank written all over it.

      All the colors covered me and my white school blouse got soaked in them. I turned my head to see the two of them walking into the great hall with huge, fat grins on their faces. Looking like the smug little bastards they are. Remind me why I'm friends with one of them and in love with the other? Probably because their abs are amazing.

      People were screaming and running for cover under tables and fleeing the great hall in terror of their hair-merlin forbid!-getting wet. Wimps. There is one good thing about having cancer, you notice everything way more. And your appreciate things a lot more too. Moments like these that are pretty regular for Hogwarts, mean the world to me.

      So I twirled around and laugh at myself when I fell on my butt. "You like it Aspen?" I spun around and found James smiling at me.

      "I love it!" I giggled. Merlin, I don't giggle! Well, I don't giggle when it comes to everything but James Potter. If that boy told me to jump off a cliff I would probably do it. That is how much I love that boy.

      "Wait until you see the big finish!" He laughed and pointed up above our heads. I watched as the rain stopped and different colored letters formed words. WELCOME BACK TO HOGWARTS ASPEN POWELLS! -FRED WEASLEY AND JAMES POTTER.

      "Your an idiot Potter!" I told him.


      "You put your name on your prank! I thought rule number one of pranking was to never leave your own name on a prank!"

      "Your worth a detention or two." James said giving me a wink which made my stomach flip flop about two million times.

      Just then a letter sailed through the air towards us and landed and James's hands. "Got detention tonight with Filch and I have to reorganize student files for three hours!"

      "ME TO!" And we high fived. This is why were friends. That, and his abs.

      After dinner that night James and I made our way to the devil's layer. Did I say devil and layer? I meant Filch and office. Yeah right, like hell I did. He showed us the cabinets we were to organize and told us he would be back in an hour and a half because he had to go scare the shit out of little first years. Okay so maybe he didn't say that, but I didn't pay attention and sometimes I like to make up conversations when I don't pay attention. Yes, I'm bloody looney. We've been through this before people!

      About ten minutes into the most boring detention ever I found something. "James! Come look at this." He walked over and I held a file bigger then the dictionary. Written on the little sticky out thingy (I don't know what its called! Get off my back!) was scribbled, Sirius A. Black

      "My dad's godfather." He whispered.

      "That, and I found one other one!" I pulled out another one, the same exact size as Sirius's. "James Potter." I read the name that was scrawled across the top. James smiled at me.

      And then, we dug in. Looking through the folders and laughing at the funniest ones. "Look at this!" James said, pulling out a paper. It wasn't the same hand writing as everything else. It was a list:

Things to do before you graduate Hogwarts

By Padfoot and Prongs 5th Years

Congrats, whoever has found this. You did something bad and now have to go through old folders! I've gotten that one a million times! Anyways, this is a list of things we thought everyone should do before leaving Hogwarts.

1. Go swimming in the black lake
2. Play a game of quidditch at midnight
3. Go cliff jumping
4. Go ice skating on the black lake
5. Go swim suit sledding
5. Spend the night camping in the Forbidden Forest, the muggle way
6. Host a karaoke party
7. Run around the grounds one time without stopping
8. Prank all the Slytherins
9. Sing 'where off to see the wizard' in the hallways no-stop for a whole day
10. Watch the sun rise from the astronomy tower
11. Get pissed
12. Wear pajamas all day
13. Punch some Slytherins
14. Befriend the giant squid
15. Get at least twenty detentions
16. Declare a hug a Hufflepuff day
17. Go into every common room
18. Deck the halls with Gryffindor colors
19. Win the quidditch cup
20. Tell someone you love them

      I smiled as I read it, "Wow." I said.

      "We should do it!" James exclaimed.

      "Excuse me?"

      "We should do everything on the list. Just you and me, Aspen. You told me last night that life is to short not to do things like these! Well seventh year is even shorter then life. So lets check everything off on this list."

      "Okay!" I said before I relized what I was actually saying. "Lets do it, James."

      "We must be crazy to do this!"

      "Thats what makes us James Potter and Aspen Powells." I smiled, taking his hand.

      "True that!" He said, high fiving me.

      We spent the rest of detention actually doing what we were supposed too. Along with smiling at each other and planning what we were going to do on the list when. Some we could do in the same day or night. Like we planned on playing quidditch at night and watching the sun rise form the astronomy tower.

      Three hours later (Filch lied, he didn't check on us) James and I decided to head to the kitchens for an almost midnight snack. There was only about ten house elves running around the place. Which was a great relief for me. Because I'm so bloody freaked out by those little buggers! I know that one was a war hero and everyone thinks there cute and shit, but they are possibly the creepiest things in the whole of the bloody world!

      I'd rather chill with Voldemort then Hitler then them. I wasn't always this crazy, you know. I used to like them, and then tragedy struck in first year. James was showing me the kitchens just before November in first year, for a birthday present. Anyways, the second I got down there they attacked me. Two even climbed on to me and started tugging at my hair they were so excited to serve a birthday girl. Needless to say, not my best birthday ever. Okay, maybe it was a tragedy, but it was bloody terrifying!

     So James did all the talking, "Can we get some chocolate chip cookies and warm milk, please?"

     "Oh of course mister James and miss Aspen-" We came here a lot, even though I hate being around the house elves, "Mitzy will get you whatever you need!" Mitzy clapped her little hands together and ran off. James gave a small laugh and we went to sit on top of the tables.

     Mitzy came back a few minutes later and gave us our warm cookies and milk and skipped away. I wasn't aware house elves could skip. Little Mitzy had proved me wrong. "Tell me about the last few years for you." James said.

     "There isn't much to tell, but at the same time there is a lot." I said, dumping my cookie into the milk. I feel very accomplished that I just said something smart!

     "Just start from the beginning and tell me everything." He said, laying down on the table and so I lied down next to him.

    "On Christmas eve, 2018 I collapsed on the floor of my bedroom. It was Jason who found me, he was coming to get me for dinner. No one knows how long I was passed out on the ground. My parents shook me awake and said they were taking me to the hospital, but I told them that they had to take me to St. Mungo's, because whatever the problem was, it could have been wizard related.

     So they took me there and after lots of blood tests and wand scans and calling in a few muggle doctors who were married to witches or wizards, the healers found that I had leukemia. The muggle doctors said they were surprised no one had caught it and that they were even more surprised that I was alive. That I should have died before I even made it to the emergency room. Mum cried for two hours straight, dad hugged her and Kyle, Brandon, Jason, Matt, Cole, Jason and Dylan sat on my bed and hugged me and told me I was going to be okay.

     They started the treatment within a few hours of me being there. I was never allowed to go home, that was how intense the cancer was. There is a nice roof at St. Mungo's that you can go on, there are plants and even a fountain up there. I spent most of my free time in the hospital up there, feeling the air and thinking.

     Cole and Dylan visited me every other day, they were only in their freshman year of high school were as Adam, Jason and Matt were in their junior year and had college pressure on them. Plus Kyle and Brandon were in their last year of college. So it was Cole and Dylan that were there for me the most.

     Dylan would sketch pictures of me and Cole would write stories and tell them to me. They would stay by my bed for hours each week and they would get me whatever I needed and be there when I woke up from surgeries. I went through a few of them actually. Four to be exact.

     But the whole time, no matter who was there I couldn't shake this feeling I had. I was afraid that I was going to die. There is no other witch or wizard who had been diagnosed with Leukemia, that is before me. And even though I had magic on my side, I kept feeling that I wasn't going to make it, that I wasn't going to be able to see you and Dom and Freddy and Alice and Louis and Megan and Bradley and Roxy and Danny ever again.

     I was scared that my daddy wasn't going to walk me down the aisle, afraid that I would never get to see a pro quidditch game, that I was never going to go to the big seventh year dance, I was scared that I was never going to get my first kiss." I finished this rather depressing monologue.

     "You should have wrote me, you know. I could have helped you Aspen. I wanted to help you." He said, looking into my green eyes with his hazel eyes.

     "It wasn't your job to help me then, its your job to help me now." I told him.

     "I think I can do that." He said,wrapping his arms around me. Merlin, I love him.

     "Your amazing, you know that?" I told him as I released him from the hug.

     "Yeah." He grinned and I punched him softly on the arm and rolled my eyes.

      "We should get back, I'm getting tired and the doctors said that I need to get a lot of sleep." I said, getting off the table.

      James nodded, "Of course. Let's go." He took my hand and we walked up the common room together.

      When we reached the entrance to the common room the fat lady was already up, "Goodness me! The things kids do at Hogwarts nowadays! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, the two of you!" She lectured us, and I could feel my face growing red.

      "That's not what was happening at all!" I told her.

      "Can we just get into our common room please?" James asked at the same time.

      "Fine, password?"

      "Hippogriff." He said and the fat lady swung open, revealing the common room. It was totally empty, "I'll see you tomorrow, Aspen, okay?"

      "Yeah." I nodded, "See you tomorrow." He waved to me and retreated up the stairs to his dorm. Which left me alone, since I had nothing left to do I went up to my own dorm.

      It was pitch black and I stumbled over a few things before I reached my bed. I opened the curtains, "AH!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

      "SHUT UP!" Dom whisper-screamed. She pulled me in, cast a silencing spell so everyone else couldn't hear us and then wrapped her arms around me and cried into my shoulder. Dom has only hugged me once before this, I was in third year and I had gotten a bludger to the head in a Slytherin vs Gryffindor match and was out for two days. She stayed with me for most of the time and hugged me when I woke up. When Dom hugs you, it means something serious is up.   

      "Dom, what's wrong?" I asked, rubbing her back. I had done it a few times Ally, Roxy and Megan. Good god, you never want to see Ally upset. She might look cool,calm and collected but when she is pissed off, she gets really really pissed off.

      "Aspen, if I told you something, would you promise not to tell anyone else?" I nodded.

      "Of course Dom! Your my best friend in the whole wide world. I'd do anything for you." I said, and she turned around and got something from underneath my pillow. And then I froze when I looked at it.

      A little white stick, with two pink lines forming a cross. "Oh my god. Dom," I raised my head and looked into her blue yes, "is this yours?" She nodded and wrapped me in another hug, sobbing. To say the least, I was in shock. Sure, Dom liked to party and had had a fair number of boyfriends and all. But she was one of the last people I would expect to get bloody pregnant. She was smart enough to take all the precautions one should take. I mean here I was, never having been kissed (don't you dare look at me like that! I had cancer in my prime first kiss years!) and my best bloody friend was sodding PREGO!

      "It was only one time, Aspen, I swear! It was just one time with this guy! And we promised we would never talk about it again, even though I've liked him since forth year and my god Aspen! What am I going to do?!" She sobbed into my shoulder.

      "First of all, you have to tell me whose it is." Dom shook her head like a four year old and pouted, "Dominique Weasley, please tell your best friend who the father of your unborn child is!" I exclaimed.

      She bit her lower lip and looked at me as if she had just murdered someone. "Bradley." She whispered, causing my jaw to drop. "You can't tell Aspen! You can't tell him I'm pregnant." Dom pleaded, tears rolling down her face.

      "I won't." I promised her, laying down and holding my best friend as she weeped into my shoulder, "I promise I won't tell anyone, Dom." And I meant it. But one thing I knew for sure, I was going to be there for Dom, throughout this whole thing.

Author's Note: Hey hey hey everybody! I hoped you guys liked the chapter. I just got a banner and I think its pretty amazing! Again, I'm not a cancer survivor nor am I british, so if I messed up on either one of those things, I'm very sorry! I totally love reviewers, so if you want to be loved, leave a review! I have some chapter questions: What do you think of the full names? Talking with James on the grass? Did you like the potions part? How about the prank?! And what about that list? The house elves (I actually love house elves, but Aspsen is just so werid that she doesn't)? Aspen's story and her brothers? Oh and one more thing, DOM IS FREAKING PREGNANT, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT?! That is all! Haha, I love you guys and thanks for reading!

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