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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 34 : Chapter 34
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“Oh please” she sighed, looking him straight in the eyes, “Expelliarmus” she cried, catching him off guard, he was thrown backwards and landed on the floor a few steps behind, good job Madam Pomfrey had fixed his leg otherwise she might’ve felt guilty about almost knocking him out.
“Good job Miss McCord” Norton said, clapping slightly, Alex flushed, “More work please Mister Black” he added, “to the back please, Mister Lupin and Mister Potter you’re up” Norton announced.
Alex followed Sirius to the back of the room, he was rubbing his arm slightly, which in her opinion made him look slightly pathetic. He leant against the wall looking slightly bored, Alex couldn’t blame him, all their friends were at the front awaiting their turn to duel.
“Black, it can’t be that bad stop being such a girl” she snapped after seeing him rub his arm again, for the fourth time in two minutes.
“You didn’t have to be so bloody violent” he muttered angrily.
She snorted, “Not my fault your brain doesn’t expand enough to let you learn a simple shield charm” she retorted swiftly, not batting an eye.
He looked stumped on what to say to that so he merely opened and closed his mouth a few times before cursing under his breath and turning away from her.
“Silenced the great Sirius Black have i?” she said smoothly.
“Why are you so determined to pick a fight?” Sirius snapped at her, she raised her eyebrows, but said nothing.
Yes she was trying to pick a fight, because she wanted to talk to him, she wanted to talk about their feelings for once, about Hogsmeade, about the things they almost said, about him cheating and lying, about her ending things with him the other week. She wanted to tell him how she was feeling, about how she finally felt ready and how she wanted to figure things about with him.
She looked at him, he was still watching the front of the class, with a fixed gaze as if he was being stubborn to not look at her, she sighed slightly. She tapped her foot impatiently, wanting to annoy him.
“Can you please stop that?” he said, through gritted teeth, turning to face her, she raised her eyebrows.
“Does it annoy you Black?” she asked innocently.
“Extremely” he said coldly.
“Then it’s working” she said simply and started tapping louder.

“Shut it McCord” he cried, attracting the stares of the rest of the class, Alex smirked slightly as Norton turned his gaze on them.
“Black, McCord, outside” he snapped.
Alex widened her eyes at him, shocked about being sent out too, Sirius smirked at her and stalked out of the room, with a grin on his face, obviously pleased she was also being punished, she clucked her tongue impatiently and followed him out almost reluctantly. When she reached outside the classroom door, he was leant against a pillar facing her, his annoying smirk still plastered on his face.
“What?” she said coolly, but he didn’t wipe his smirk off his face, in fact he looked even more pleased with himself.
“Haven’t seen you get in trouble in a long time McCord” he said, his smirk disappearing, “you’ve changed, that’s all” he added, as if he thought if he said it, it must be true.
“I disagree” she said smoothly, “I think I just grew up” she added coolly.
He nodded, as if considering her point and closed his mouth and stared at the door. They sat in silence for a few minutes; she didn’t dare to look at him again. She got the impression she had upset him, ever so slightly, whether he admitted she had or not, she felt as if that had happened and she didn’t like the feeling.
“Im sorry” she muttered, he looked at her and raised an eyebrow, he looked confused so she decided to elaborate, “For trying to pick a fight, for being so cold, im sorry” she sighed, looking at the ground, she wasn’t the best at apologizing especially not to Sirius, it always made her feel so uncomfortable.
“Alex, what do you want?” he asked softly, sitting down next to her, she shrugged.
“Honesty” she mumbled, “I want a bit of honesty in my life for once” she sighed, leaning her head against the wall, he put his hand on her knee where her hand was and squeezed it sympathetically.
“Come on” he said, standing up, she frowned as he pulled her hand up and she stood next to him.
“What?” she asked.
“Let’s go” he grinned, walking down the corridor, there was still half an hour of D.A.D.A left and if they were caught, they were killed.
“Sirius, if we’re caught we’re going to be killed” she hissed, he rolled his eyes and pulled something light and silvery out of his cloak.
“I borrowed James’ cloak earlier and forgot to give it back, come on you want honesty right?” he asked, she nodded, “then you need to come with me” he said, flinging the cloak over the pair of them, she frowned but followed him anyway.
They walked slowly down the corridors and down a few flights of stairs in silence before Alex realised he was heading towards the entrance hall and she was just following him. As they reached the entrance hall the house crystals shone in the sun, Slytherin ahead of Hufflepuff who were ahead of Gryffindor who were ahead of Ravenclaw. Alex was desperate for Gryffindor to win this year, their final year.
He walked out onto the grounds, the cloak still round them. The sun was beating down and the lake glistened in the cool March weather. A group of first years were further down the grounds, holding brooms, obviously having another flying lesson. Alex smiled remembering their first flying lesson.
Madam Hooch, a fairly young training instructor walked around the group of nervous looking first years. Alex glanced at her new friend Lily who looked absolutely petrified looking at the broom in front of her. Alex grinned at hers, she had ridden before and had loved it, and she couldn’t wait to get up in the sky. Sirius Black and James Potter looked just as eager but Peter Pettigrew looked close to tears.
“Has anyone here ever flown before?” Madam Hooch asked, in a cool voice.
Multiple hands flew up into the air, including Alex’s, Sirius’ and James’. Madam Hooch nodded and the first years dropped their hands.
“I want you to say UP clearly and when the broom flies upwards grip it tightly” she said, looking at each of them individually.
“That’s what she said” Sirius sniggered, he was stood opposite Alex, James sniggered with him and Alex threw them her most disgusted look.
“Quiet Black” Madam Hooch boomed, Sirius bit his lip trying to keep back the sniggers, “Off you go then” she said, encouragingly.
“Up” Alex said firmly and confidently, the broom soared into her hand, she smiled proudly, Lily’s broom hadn’t even moved, “don’t be afraid of it, say it with confidence” she told her.
Lily nodded and took a deep breath, “Up” she said confidently, the broom slowly flew into her hand and she smiled nervously. Alex could tell Lily was not excited about getting into the sky, she had admitted she was nervous of heights.
“Now” Madam Hooch said, as they all had their brooms in their hands, apart from Peter who was growling at his now, “Miss Evans” she said turning to Lily, “And Mister Potter” she said turning to James, “I want you both to hover, just above the floor” she said, Lily’s eyes widened in fear.

“I can’t” she mumbled, “I hate being off the ground” she added, James sniggered and Alex glared at him.
“Don’t be so mean Potter” she snapped, Lily looked grateful.
“Baby Evans, can’t get off the ground” he smirked.
Lily’s eyes widened in anger, she wasn’t as shy as she looked, “Shut your mouth Potter before I shove this broomstick down your throat” she snapped, James looked taken a back as if he had never had somebody speak to him that way before, he then looked impressed.
Alex assumed that was the day Lily really truly caught his eye.
“Alex” Sirius muttered pulling her out of her memories, she looked up, they were stood facing the whomping willow, it was as still as a statue and Sirius was pocketing his wand.
“Didn’t know you had mastered silent spells Black” Alex smiled.
He shrugged, “You coming” he said, walking towards the tree.
Alex stopped dead in her tracks and shook her head, “No, I can’t go in there” she muttered, “You said it leads to the shrieking shack! Sirius there’s rumoured to be a monster in there, Hogsmeade sometimes hear yowling, groaning and howling, people even say it may be a wer-” she stopped noticing the obvious look on Sirius’ face and realisation dawned on her.
“A wer what Al?” he smirked.
Alex rolled her eyes, “It’s Remus they can hear?” she asked smiling, he nodded.

“Plus you’re a Gryffindor and you’re safe with me, come on” he said, pulling her down the passage way.
She suddenly felt extremely safe, safer than she had ever been before, Sirius made her feel safe and she didn’t know why. He just did. It was a long walk down the passage way, Sirius had removed the cloak and they walked in silence, just the sound of each other’s footsteps making noise. The tunnel was slightly eerie and Alex didn’t love it but hope lit a fire in her stomach as she saw a light at the end.
As they reached the end of the tunnel, Sirius walked up some stairs and she followed, noticing there was a doorway, they slipped inside. The room wasn’t much it had a broken bed, a piano and an old looking armchair, which she sat down on whilst Sirius leant against the piano.
“What is this all about?” she asked, smiling slightly, “All the way down here for what may I ask?” she asked lightly.
He grinned, “Honesty” he said softly, folding his arms, the light shining on him.
She looked at him properly, for the first time in weeks. Without avoiding his gaze, she stared at him. He was definitely good looking, there was no denying that, his Quidditch built muscles looked even bigger as he crossed his arms. His dark black hair, flipped across his forehead occasionally fell over onto one eye, making him look even more mysterious than ever before.
“Ok” she said slowly, “What do you mean?” she asked.
“I want you to tell me one thing you’ve never told anyone and I’ll tell you my biggest secret” he said simply, her eyes widened, one thing, all she had to do was trust him.
She sighed and looked at him, bringing her legs to her chest, she hugged them against her and leant on the chair, “The summer that’s just been, after we broke up, before I left my Mother locked me up in the cellar, and sent my Brother down to kill me” she whispered, “he used the cruciatus curse on me several times and left me unconscious, he dropped the keys accidently and when I woke up they were still there so I left” she whispered.
She had never told many people about her elder brother, he was a death eater and hated her guts more than her sister did. She hated talking about him, it made her feel sick.
“You should’ve wrote to me” he mumbled, she snorted.
“After you dumped me?” she said lightly, smiling weakly at him, he shrugged, she shook her head, “Your turn” she added.
He sighed, “I have something I need to show you” he told her.
She frowned but before she could answer he had disappeared, she wasn’t looking at tall, handsome Sirius Black, no. She was looking at a large, black shaggy haired dog, not her ex-boyfriend. She gaped for a few minutes at the dog, who stood completely still. He walked towards her, and put his paws on her knees and bared it's teeth in what only Alex could've guesses was meant to be a grin.

The dog took it's paws off her and walled back to the piano, transforming back into Sirius, who smiled slighty at her, he looked slightly nervous.

"You're an anigmagus?" she choked, overcome with shock, he nodded simply, "when? how? what? why?" she spluttered, to many quesions filling her up.

"Start of fifth year" he said simply, she nodded, "took years" he added, "my animagus is a dog, like my patronus, and because keeping Moony company during a full moon is safer as animals" he continued.

She nodded again, "Padfoot" she said slowly, he grinned, "Prongs" she added, "a deer?" she questioned, James' patronus flicking into her mind.

Sirius shook his head, "A stag" he said simply, "don't say deer around James" he grinned.

"Wormtail?" she frowned.

"A rat" he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"So who else knows?" she asked, the shock disappearing.

Of course Lily figured out, before she and James had gotten together. Sirius had told her the story. But other than Lily she was the only one who knew, which in a way made her feel slightly special.

"You trust me that much?" Alex asked shyly.

He nodded, "You wanted honesty" he said, "here it is Al, you know everything about me now" he explained, "what else?" he asked.

She frowned, "What?" she questionned.

"What else do you want?" he asked.

She siged, "Too talk about feelings" she said sadly.

He nodded understandingly, "Ok" he said slowly, "here goes" he muttered, holding her hand and pulling her up to stand with him, he slipped his fingers into hers before looking her straight in the eyes, "to me, you're the most beautiful girl in the world, and i let you walk away from me, I want what you wanted, i should've said something" he paused, "you've been through a lot of shit and I can't promise that I can fix all your problems, but I can promise you won't face them alone. I've mucked up a lot in the past, i know i don't deserve another chance but im hoping you'll give me one" he finished, his eyes hadn't left hers.

She looked at him for a minute, "All or nothing" she whispered.

He nodded, "All, everything this time, just me and you" he told her, "i promise" he added.

She smiled slightly and held out her pinky, he rolled his eyes and smiled at her but linked her pinky anyway. 

If you truly love someone, accept their past and leave it there, move on, forget everything that's happened. Have a fresh start and learn to trust them again, trust they will learn from their mistakes. 

As she looked into his stormy grey eyes she found what she was looking for, the same light that was in it when they were together, the twinkle she adored and missed oh so much.

"What do you say McCord?" he grinned.

She rolled her eyes, "I guess it could work Black" she smiled slightly, her stomach filled to the brim with happiness.

two hours later

"Was Norton mad?" Alex yawned, flicking through Witch Weekly as the eight of them sat in the heads common room, she was leant against the arm chair Sirius was sat on.

"You're dead" James said, throwing pieces of paper into the fire looking bored.

"Great" Sirius said sounding completely unbothered by this.

They sat in silence for a few minute before Alex remembered something, "Hey Lily" she said, turning to her best friend who raised her eyebrows at her.

"What?" Lily asked suspiciously.

"Have you been on a broom since first year?" Alex asked curiously.

Lily flushed slightly, "No, i hate heights" she reminded her.

"You hate heights?" Sirius gaped, "Prongs it's not going to work out she hates flying, you're wasting your time" he joked, Lily threw a piece of paper at him.

"Not since?" James gaped, "You haven't been on a broom?" he asked.

Lily shrugged, "Im a wuss when it comes to heights" she sighed.

James's eyes lit up and his face changed into a familar smile, a smile he only used when he had a plan and usually a mishevious plan.

sorry, i know this chapter is rubbish, the next one will be better i promise!

thank's for sticking with it, even though it's going downhill a little i promise it'll be better!

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