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Memories of a Pureblood by Jinx Labelle
Chapter 5 : 6th December 1973
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Women and house elves rushed around the room trying to get the bridal ensemble ready.Hair was being perfectly styled with wands,sashes were being tied into exquisite bows as well as other finishing touches.

"It fitted at the shop "Narcissa hissed at the house elf that was struggling to lace a corset around Narcissas waist."Try harder"

"I'm trying mam I'm trying "Mumbled the house elf.

"Claus ,go and help the bridesmaids "Lacerta ordered .

"Yes mam"

"Can that elf not do anything ?"Lacerta grumbled to herself whilst lacing the corset with ease ."I'm this close to getting rid of him"

"Narcissa ,arms up "Druella asked her daughter as the two women tugged the dress over Narcissas platinum curls .

Both women stood back admiringly and surveyed there handy work.They knew that it was a perfect match and were so pleased that there children were to be married .

Narcissa turned to look at herself in the ornate bedroom mirror .Expensive lace lay softly on top of glistening silk .A train trailed gracefully behind her .Diamond jewellery dazzled on her porcelain skin and a veil that was as delicate as a spiders web.Never had Narcissa seen herself so beautiful.The picture was to much to take in all at once ,ever second revealing yet more beauty.

"Are you ready ?"

Cygnus's voice snatched Narcissa from her trance like state .

"Yes"She replied ,her voice quivering slightly .

The back lawn of Malfoy Manor was covered in a delicate covering of snow which made the whole ground glitter .An emerald carpet stood out sharply against the snow which was framed by chairs either side .Hundreds of people sat in anticipation and awe with the beauty of the day.

Narcissa didn't even get one foot out the door before she was blinded by camera flashes ,well it was the wedding of the year .She smiled shyly at them with girl like innocence as she gripped her fathers hand tighter .Guests smiled at the bridal party making there way down the aisle even in the bitter cold.Faces Narcissa had never seen gazed with anticipation at her making her feel nervous.then she saw him.

Lucius stood smartly infront of the vicar.He wasn't facing her so all she could see was the ivory silk that was his hair .She couldn't wait for him to face her,wait to look into those mysterious grey eyes and wait to say I do .Narcissa was to be his wife which filled her with elation .

She hadn't even realised that she'd reached the front as she had been so wrapped up in her thoughts .He turned slowly to face her and excitedly at her .Lucius took Narcissa dainty hands in his own as if he would never let go.

"Do you take Narcissa Black to be your wife ?"

"I do"He whispered as he gazed deeply into her eyes .

"You may know kiss your bride"

An eruption of applause came from the crowd mingled with a few crying women.The two kissed passionately as the paparazzi snapped away at them.Lacerta and Druella smiled happily at eachother ,their eyes shining with tears .Snowflakes twisted and fell carefully on the crowd like confetti as the couple made their way down the aisle.A new life was beginning .

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