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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 4 : Warnings and the grangers
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The next morning Ron was woken up by the sound of a door slamming somewhere in the flat. Yawning, he reached over and found Hermione's side of the bed empty.

"Hermione?" He muttered still half asleep. No answer. "Hermione?" He shouted, his voice getting louder as he almost fell out of bed. Grabbing his wand from the chest of drawers, he half walked-half stumbled towards the bedroom door and with his free hand pulled it open. Running his fingers through his hair he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. He made his way to the door and stood outside it, one hand on his wand the other on the silver door handle. "Hermione, you in there?"

"Urgh, yea I'm here," Ron let out a sigh of relief and opened the door to find Hermione sat on the side of the bath, her head in her hands.

"You okay?" He asked, making his way over to her and taking a seat next to her.

"Mmmh, I'm fine now," she replied resting her head on his shoulder. "Morning sickness," she told him before he asked.

"Why didn't you wake me?"

"Oh, sorry I didn't realize that me getting rid of last night's dinner could be postponed so I could notify you first!" She rolled her eyes and sat up, running her fingers through her hair.

"You know what I mean. I was worried when I heard the door slamming and you weren't there. What if something had happened?"

"I'm perfectly safe here. Voldemort is gone, you were there when it happened," She reminded him, dismissing his fears. She wasn't scared any more and she didn't want to be. She wanted to be happy and she couldn't do that looking over her shoulder all the time.

"He might be gone, doesn't mean all his followers are, and you'll be one of the first people they go after when they re-group,” He seemed to sense that she didn't want to hear this, “Just be careful, I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I'll be okay, I can look after myself," She gave him a kiss on the cheek before she stood up and made her way to the door. "Don't forget we've got to be at my parents by four and Harry and Ginny are coming for tea at six," He nodded and she walked out, followed a minute later by Ron.

At ten to four, two figures appeared in an alley way next to Hunters lane.

"What number did you say again?" Asked Ron as they emerged from the alley hand in hand, Ron checking to make sure they hadn't been followed.

"Forty-five, it's just down here," Hermione answered as she led him down the street and stopped in front of a semi-detached house with a well looked after garden. That was her mother, she had always loved looking after the garden and when Hermione had been little she used to sit next to her mother reading a book to her as she worked. Smiling to herself at the childhood memory, she led the way down the path and knocked twice on the door. The door was flung open and a short woman with greying hair rushed up to Hermione and almost knocked her to the floor.

"Hey mum," Hermione laughed but returned the hug just as enthusiastically.

"Oh darling, I've been so worried. You haven't been answering my calls and I didn't know where you lived or...," her mum rambled on before spotting sight of Ron and her eyes widened and her smile, if possible grew just that little bit bigger. "Oh hello there dear, I'm Jennifer, Hermione’s mother. Well why don't you come on in,” she gestured into the house “I'm sure your dad will be home shortly." She added to Hermione. They made their way inside and as they walked through the beige coloured hallway Ron looked at each picture hung on the wall, they seemed to be from Hermione's childhood. He smiled at the sight of a three-year old Hermione reading a book the size of her head. Hermione and Ron took a seat on the leather couch while Hermione's mum brought out a tray with tea and biscuits on. Just as she sat down they heard the front door open.

"It's just me, you'll never guess what happened...," he called through, but trailed off as he opened the living room door and noticed the two visitors in the room.”Hermione sweetie, it's great to see you," He pulled his daughter into a hug. "Hello there Mr...?"

"Weasley sir, Ron Weasley," He stood up and the two men shook hands.
"Call me Keith, now as much as I would love to presume this is merely a social visit something tells me it isn't. So, why don’t you tell us sweetie?" He took a seat next to his wife, facing Ron and Hermione.

"Ok,” she took a breath, “well I'm sort of, Ron is kind of more than just my friend, he's my boyfriend," Hermione told them, she was going to tell them but then she chickened out, her gaze wandered around the room and she started to panic.

"Well it's very nice to meet you Ron," smiled Jennifer and Hermione felt herself relax a little. This was home, her parents weren't awful people and they weren't the kind of parents to make rash decisions, she needed to calm down.

"It's nice to meet you too,” she couldn't believe how calm he sounded. Maybe he would do it? She quickly dismissed that idea, he had told his parents and now she was going to tell hers.

"Well, I'm really here because I, I mean we, have got some emm good news to tell you.” All eyes were focused on her and she took a drink, the cup clattering in her hands as she did so. “I'm pregnant."

"What! Did I just hear right because it sounded like my daughter said she was pregnant but that can't be, she isn't even married,” his gaze was focused on Ron and she knew he was speaking to him but she was the one who opened her mouth.

"Dad, please calm d-,"

"No Hermione, I thought you were smarter than this, I suppose he is the one who did this to you!" Her dad stood up and pointed a finger at Ron whose face was void of any expression, "I want you out of my house, now!"

"Sir, not to be disrespectful or anything but I love your daughter more than anything and I would do anything for her and our child," Ron told him, his voice steady as he met his gaze.

"Keith, please sit down and let’s talk like the grown-ups we all are," Jennifer told him, trying to pull him back down and inject a bit of calm into the room.

"Well? Go on then, explain yourselves," he had sat down now but he was still glowering at Ron.

"I, We are going to have a baby Dad and I really don't want you to get upset but both me and Ron are adults and are keeping this baby,” There was a touch more confidence and certainty in her voice and it was this, more then anything that made Keith calm down ever so slightly.

"If I find out that you have left her or start to treat her badly then you will have me to answer to. Do I make myself clear young man?"

"Yes sir," muttered Ron, the tips of his ears matching the colour of his hair. "Erm, Hermione I think we should go now if Harry and Ginny are coming over," he muttered just loud enough for her to hear. Sighing, she nodded her head before standing up and bidding her parents goodbye.

"When will we see you again?" Hermione's mum asked as her as she squeezed her so tight Hermione thought she wouldn't let go.

"I don't know mum, it's still not safe but I'll try, I promise," Hermione replied as she pulled away, shocked to see tears in her mum's eyes.

"Mum?" She whispered, feeling her own eyes start to fill up.
"It's okay darling, we'll be fine," reassured her dad as he wrapped an arm round his wife's shoulder.

"Just keep safe, yeah?”

"Always do dad,” her voice betrayed her though and it came out more as a whisper then anything. Hermione half ran down the little paved path to where Ron stood waiting for her. They both waved once waved at her parents before taking hands. When they reached the alley they disapparated home to get everything ready for Harry and Ginny, at least they were pleased for them.

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This changes everything : Warnings and the grangers


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