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007 by limwen
Chapter 4 : The Truth is a Weird Thing.
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David, of course he would figure out where I lived and ask to talk to me. And of course I would let him into my flat.

So here I am, leading him into my living room.

“I don’t have long, I need to go into work,” I informed him as I turned around once we reached the living room, as soon as I turned around to face him I was bombarded with a hug.

he always gave amazing hugs.

“I’ve missed you,” he mumbled into my hair, that’s when I realized just how much I missed him.

“Do you mind talking while I get ready for work?” I asked him as I pulled away from the hug, I thought it would be best not to mention the fact that I missed him too, I didn’t want to get his hopes up that I would leave James for him.

Because I wouldn’t.

“Yeah, how is work going anyway?” David asked as I lead the way down the hall and into my bedroom, and before you get any dirty thought, I am planning on getting changed in the bathroom!

“It’s going good, I actually just got promoted,” I told him, smiling at the memory.

“That’s good, are you still working with Adam?” I knew Adam was going to come up at some point, David had always been jealous of how much time I spent with Adam.

“Yeah, we’re partners,” I told him on my way into the bathroom, before I shut the door I saw him take a seat on my bed.

I started taking off my clothing; I picked out a black pencil skirt that came up a little above my knees, and a white blouse, along with black stilettos.

 “So, what did you want to talk about?” I asked him as I slipped my shoes on; I was hoping that he would be blunt about what it was he wanted to talk about, because I really didn’t want to have this conversation.

“I meant what I said, in the kitchen, I still love you,” David said and I sighed, I opened the door and leaned up against the door frame of the bathroom, staring into eyes that where filled with hope. He thought I would leave James for him.

I never understood how anyone could love me personality; I was one of the most selfish people I have ever met. I left David, broke his heart, and all because of a career. I didn’t even give it a second thought when I agreed to fake my death, I just did it.

“I’m marrying James,” I said. My voice sounded defeated and I hated it, I hated seeing David sad, I hated the fact that he makes me sad because he’s sad.

He makes me want to care, be less selfish.

We always used to joke that he was my better half; I never knew how true that was though. 

“Do you love him?” I knew my answer would hurt him the most, it would break him. He waited for me, while I moved on.

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to,” I was of course avoiding the question, because it’s what I do. Some people lie. Some people distract. And then some people, like me, avoid.

“You’re avoiding the question, and please do not lie, or avoid when I ask you this, did you ever love me? You just up and left,” I was shocked by the anger in his voice. “ I woke up one day and you where gone, dead,” his voice was getting louder as he continued, “ did you ever stop and think about what this would do to me? You’re parents? Your brother? NO! Of course you didn’t, you can be such a selfish bitch sometimes Abby!”

“Of Course I loved you, I loved you so much it hurt! So don’t you dare tell me that I didn’t! And I only left because of my career! A career that you always supported me in pursuing! I was 16 years old; I was being pulled in different directions by everyone I loved! I wonder what would have happened if I stayed every day of my life! I will always love you David, but I’m in love with James” I started off yelling, but ended in a whisper. David slowly got up from my bed and walked over to me; he brought his hand up to my face and whipped a tear I was unaware that I shed. I haven’t cried since I was 10 and feel off my broom.

“I know,” David said as he kissed my forehead.

“I have to go to work,” I said lamely. After that overly emotional moment I went into the bathroom to fix my make-up, well aware that David was watching me.

“Where does this leave us?” He asked, and I have to attempt I was wondering the same thing. I mean I can’t tell James that I used to date David, and telling him I work for a secret Department at the Ministry was out of the question.

“I don’t know, all I do know is that James can never know,” I told him, “It’s bad enough you know, if James found out I would either have to kill him, or leave him,” and I wasn’t found of either of those chooses.

“I won’t tell James, but I think you should. He has a right to know what he would be getting himself into if he marries you, if he loves you enough he will stay,” David said the last part as he pulled me into a hug, “I will always be here for you, no matter what,” I felt like I was 16 years old again, the day before I left David pulled me into a hug and told me he would always be there for me.

“Thank you,” I offered a small smile, “But I really do need to get to work,” he chuckled and motioned for me to lead the way out.

As we walk he slipped his arm over my shoulder, it was like we were best friends again, before the hole dating drama.

We walked the rest of the way in silence.

Once we reached the door he pulled me into another hug. I smiled up at him when he pulled away; I gave him a small smile.

“Good bye Abby,” David said as I opened the door for him, I watched him leave and shut the door behind him before I went over to the fire place.

I grabbed the floo powder and walked into the fire place.

“Ministry of Magic,” I said as I threw the floo powder down, not a seconded after the words left my mouth I was engulfed in green flames.





When I arrived at the Ministry I was greeted with the same sound of the busy people of the Ministry, and the smell of freshly printed Daily Prophet.

I make my way over to the elevators, pushing people out of my way. Once I make it to the elevators I wait for an empty one before getting in, and once in I took out my wand and pointed it at the buttons and said “Mythico” once the words left my mouth the elevator started to make its way to the Department of Myths.

The elevator plummeted into the earth at an alarming rate, but I was used to it by now, so I just leaned against the wall and tried to enjoy the moment that I had all to myself.

But of course my thoughts traveled to David and James, I never thought in all my years of dating James that he could’ve been friends with my ex-boyfriend who though I was dead.

The elevator abruptly stopped, bringing me out of my thoughts. The door to the elevator opened reveling the emerald green tile floors and silver walls in the large entrance, along with the dedicated employees.

You might be thinking that green and silver are Slythrin colors, and you are correct in thinking so. The reason why they are Slythrin colors, is because most of the employees that work here where Slythrin’s.

I most likely would have been a Slythrin if I attended Hogwarts, and when recruiting we often looks at Slythrin’s, they have most of the qualities that we look for in an employee.


I exit the elevator and make my way over to Sarah, the receptionist. Sarah was about 18, straight out of Hogwarts; she had brown eyes and ginger hair. She’s a sweet girl; I think she was a Hufflepuff, which would explain it.

“Good afternoon Sarah, do you know where Adam is?” I greeted the girl with a smile as I approached her emerald green stone desk, she spoon around in her spiny chair at the sound of my voice and returned my smile.

“Hey E, I think Adam is in the training room, we just got a new set of trainees. How was dinner at the Potters?” Sarah responded as she put some papers into a folder. And a new set of trainees? I must have forgotten that they were coming, which is strange because I usually don’t forget stuff like this. .

“Dinner at the Potters was,” I pause, searching for the right word to use, “Interesting, to say the least, I’ll tell you more later. Right now I got to go find Adam, thanks!” I said the last part with a small wave, as I make my way over to the staircase that leads to the training room. I wonder Adam could possibly want me for if he is teaching trainees, he knows I’m not a fan of the trainees.

I greet co-workers as I pass on my way down the stairs, taking those 3 at a time.

Once I reach the training room, after going through our maze of a hall way, I open the door to find no trainees, just a very frustrated looking Adam.

“ADAM!” I yell from across the room, he turns to look at me and smiles, but it’s not as big as it should be.

“Elara, it’s about time you got here!” Adam says giving me a fake glare, I just roll my eyes. He throws a sparing stick at me, which I catch easily, “Let’s talk,” we often discussed stuff over sparing, and so I’m not affected by his actions.

Only thing is, I’m wearing a pencil skirt. I guess I’ll just have to make due.

“Sure, now what this I hear about the Ministers Masquerade Ball?” I say taking my stance waiting for him to make the first move; he gives me a look that says “are you really going to make me make the first move?” I just smirk in response.

“The Minister of Magic is dyeing; he has a rare form of Dragon Pox, it causes him to slowly lose his mind. This means, he is not in the right state of mind to be the leader that the Wizarding world needs, and not one that it would want. Our job at the Masquerade Ball would be to kill him, it would be more your job due to your talent in stealth,” Once he finish’s he makes a dive for my left leg with the stick that I easily block, and right after I block it I use my free hand to grab his wrest and dig my nails into it. He grunts in pain and surprise, and drops his sparing stick, which I pick up.

“Is the Minister okay with this, because I can’t see how? He loves the power his job has to ever give it up, losing his mind or not,” I explain as he tries and fails to get his stick back; I smirk at his failed attempts.

 “I didn’t ask, Jim just told me to tell you,” Jim Doorely is the head of our Department, he flirts constantly with me though, he’s like in his 60’s, which is creepy. . . “Oh, he also has a dress and a mask that he wants you to wear for the Ball,” he adds as an afterthought as I whack the back of his knees with my sparing stick, which forces him the fall to the floor.

I win, as always.

“Of course the man has a dress already picked out, what does it look like?” I ask as I help him off the floor, my question causing him to smirk, which most likely means the dress shows a lot of skin.

“Ha, it’s a sleeveless blood red dress, with no back, tight around your curves and then loosens around your legs. I think it will look great on you,” he said with a wink as he put the sparing sticks away, I roll my eyes at his last comment.

You would think since me and Adam used to date it would be weird working together but it’s not, Adam always says “since we’ve seen each other naked there is no awkwardness,” which he once told Jim was the key to our success.

I really hope it’s not.

That would just be weird.

“Is this all you wanted me for? To tell me the I have to wear a very revealing dress for the Ball?” I ask as we make our way out of the training room, fixing my skirt as we go.

“No, actually we have a meeting in about half an hour to discuss the Death Eater problem,” Adam explains as we make our way through the maze to my office.

“Don’t the Auror’s take care of those guys?” I ask truly confused, not even during the war did our department ever deal with Death Eaters.

“Usually they do, but this is a bit bigger than just the Death Eaters, I don’t know a lot about it but we’ll find out more at the meeting,” as he finishes informing me of this we reach office, I take out my want and silently say the password to get in.

The door opens to reveal a descent sized office, with pale grey walls, and a black stained hard wood floor. Awards on the walls and a black fire place. A black desk and chair with two black chairs across from it, and grey file cabinets along with a book shelf.

I took a seat at my desk and Adam sat on one of the Black leather chairs, crossing his legs in (what is my opinion) a girly fashion.

“So, how was dinner at the Potters?” David asked with an arched eyebrow.


Damn, I nearly forgot about all that.

“Interesting to say the least, you know David Hangling?” I asked.

“The guy you used to date? He really didn’t like me, if I remember correctly,” was Adams answer, he was correct of course, David really didn’t like him.

“Yeah, it turns out he is James’ best friend, he was at the dinner today. He of course recognized me; he understands that no one can know that I used to be Abby. But talk about a blast from the past,” I told him, his eyes held concern by the time I was done. “Oh, and he confessed his love for me at the Burrow, and then again at my house, which he visited after I left,” I added.

“First off, what the heck is a Burrow? And secondly, why didn’t you just Obliviate him? And third, he visited your house?!?”  By the time he was done Adam had gotten up from his chair and made his way over to my not so secret stash of Fire Whiskey.

 “The Burrow is the Weasley/Potter HQ, and I couldn’t Obliviate him because the rest of the Weasley/Potter clan was there, and thirdly YES he visited my house, do you need to get your ears checked?” I was getting kind of frustrated with him being such a drama queen, if I hadn’t dated the guy I would be worried he was gay or secretly a women!

“Sorry, it’s just a lot to take in. Why did he come over to your house?” He sat back down with a bottle of Fire Whisky and two glasses’, he poured some in both glass’s and offered me one, which I gratefully took. 

“He just wanted to talk about why I faked my death. He yelled, I yelled, all in all a very productive visit.” I explained to him in a very calm voice, I have yet to figure out whether it’s a fake calm voice or not.

Adam looked over at the clock above my fire place and then back at me, and sighed.

“We have to head to the meeting now, but we will talk about this again later,” I got up and grabbed my wand, which I sat on the table when we came in, and downed the rest of my Fire Whisky. Adam was already half way out the door, I ran to catch up with him.



We entered the meeting room about 10 minutes early so we made our self’s comfortable on, the meeting room was oval, and the ceiling was like a dome.  The walls all full of old and new assignments, you could barely see the pale white color of the walls.

Adam and I sat in a comfortable silence for some time before we heard the laughing sound of our coworkers, making their way in here.

Ed and Mark, two older men with graying brown hair entered first, they nodded their heads in greeting which I returned.

Zelda and Will, the offices favorite couple, they’ve been dating for almost three years. Zelda has black short hair with blue eyes, and Will had light brown hair and brown eyes. Very nice people, but also very deadly, you don’t want to get on their bad side.

Next to enter was Jim, his balding head shined in the light of the meeting room, he winked at me as he entered, I eternally flinched and I could hear Adam trying not to laugh. I kicked him under the table, which got him to stop.

“We’re just waiting on two more people before we begin, they should be here soon,” Jim said looking at the watch that was sitting on his left wrist, he told me once that It was goblin made, but he was lying, I could tell.

“Oh good, you’re here!” I was pulled out of my thoughts at the sight of Harry Potter and Teddy Lupin, HARRY FREAKING POTTER AND TEDDY LUPIN!!

Merlin must REALLY hate me today; first my ex-boyfriend who thought I was dead and now my boyfriends dad and his best friend. WHY?!?!

I turn to Adam to hide my face, he was giving a look that said “get out of here you idiot!” and then I gave him a look that said “I can’t get out of here you idiot, they are in front of the door, and there is no other way out!”

I am done for.

Kill me know Merlin because after this life won’t be worth living!

“E, Jim just asked you a question,” Zelda said while poking my arm, trying to be helpful, but right now I really just wanted to throw her off a very tall building. . .

I slowly turn around, and act like I just hadn’t heard Jim.

“Sorry Jim, I was lost in my thoughts,” I said with a fake chuckle. Once I’m finally turned completely facing them, I take in the shocked face of Harry Potter and the arched eyebrow that seemed to overtake Teddy Lupin’s face. Maybe if I just act like I don’t know them they won’t make the connection, it’s not like I’m engaged to his son or anything. . . . Yeah, I’m screwed.

“Elara, what in Godrics good name are you doing here?” Teddy was the first was us three to speak, his facial expression told me everything, and he was confused and a tad angry. Not a good mix.

“I work here,” I said simply, I have yet to come up with a plan to get out of this. WORK BRAIN! WORK!

Maybe, no, that won’t work, but it might. I guess I could do that.

Holly Hannah, am I actually considering telling, dare I say, the truth?

“No, you’re supposed to work at the Department of Magical Travel,” Teddy responded, his hair just turned red, which cannot be a good sign. . .

“See Will, why can’t we have a cool cover like that, we’re stuck with working in the Department of Magical Rubber Ducks! I really don’t know what Arthur Weasley was thinking when he made that a branch in the Department of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts,” Zelda cut in with her cheerful banter, unaware of the horror scene that is unfolding before her. “Oh and Elara, aren’t you marrying that Potter boy?” So much for pretending not to be engaged to his son, the truth it is.

“Yes, Zelda I am marrying the Potter boy. If I could just have a word with Mr. Potter and Mr. Lupin in privet before we begin the meeting, I would appreciate it,” I said in a very calm voice as I stood up from my chair, and walked calmly over to the door.

“Yes, that would most likely be for the best, 10 minutes.” Jim said as he took his seat at the head of the table, I looked over at Adam who gave me a small smile before I left the room.

I lead Mr. Potter and Teddy into an empty hallway, and stopped abruptly which caused Teddy to bump into me. I would have gone flying to the floor if it wasn’t for my amazing reflexes, and with those amazing reflexes I was able to move out of the way before he hit me and stop him from falling.

I am good.

“Thanks,” he said as he stood up straighter, I gave him a small smile.

“So, does James know?” was Mr. Potters first question, I didn’t even think that there was a possibility that I could have told James, if I thought of that sooner I would have just lied and told them I did.

But no, know I have to go with the truth.

“No, I can’t tell him due to the fact that it could put him in danger,” I stated simply, I don’t even think I blinked. Is this what the truth does? It forces you not to blink?

The truth is a weird thing.

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