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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 2 : Nutella and Fluff
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A/N  I know Blaise Zabini is supposed to be dark skinned, but in my mind I always saw him as fair skinned and slightly punkish.  Again, I do NOT own anything affiliated with Harry Potter.  Also I have nothing to do with Nutella or Fluffernutter.  Enjoy!





“Honey?”  I heard my mum call on my way to the bathroom.  Thankfully I made the toilet in time; I didn’t feel like cleaning the floor or myself if I got sick everywhere.


Zabini?  The Zabini’s, seriously?  Why me?  Universe are you totally trying to make my life a living hell?  Ok, let’s calm down Hermione and think of what you know about the Zabini family.


Well… nothing.  Except the tall sort of punk/ Goth looking guy that hangs around with Malfoy is a Zabini.  Oh Merlin, my twin brother is best friends with Draco Malfoy.  Can someone please strike me dead with a bolt of lightning?  Right now, come on.  Anyone?  No one wants to help me?  Lovely.


I slumped down onto the floor after flushing the toilet.  I curled my body around the base and laid my face against the cool porcelain.  Ahh, that feels nice.  Now if my head would stop spinning from this whirlwind horror show I might be able to will myself into a coma.  That’s how my parents found me, on the floor, hugging a toilet.


“Hermione?”  Mum please just go away and leave me be, I’ve had enough talking for one day.


I grunted in response.  Then I felt a pair of arms lift me off the floor and away from my new porcelain friend.  On the way up the stairs I felt like a fool.  I’m 18 years old, do I really need my Dad to carry me up the stairs.


“Dad put me down, I can walk you know.”  Ouch, that came out a little harsher than I intended.  He was only trying to help after all.


“We’re almost to your room.”  He said unaffected.


After he set me down on my bed, my mum went to my bathroom and got me a cool wet washcloth.  I lied down and placed it on my forehead.


“Sweetheart, we will be right downstairs.  You rest for a while.  Today was a lot to take in.”  I could hear my mum say before she and dad left my room, closing the door behind them.


Yeah, no shit today was a lot to take in.  How my mind hasn’t exploded yet I will never know.  I sat up on my bed and placed the washcloth around the back of my neck.  Then I reread the crumpled note I still held in my hand from my moth… Mrs. Zabini. 


What to do, what to do.  Ok, Blaise Zabini.  Has he ever personally tormented me?  No, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he is mates with Malfoy.  The Zabini’s weren’t a part of Voldemort’s Death Eaters the letter said so that’s a plus. 


“Ugh!!”  I knew that if I didn’t meet my “Mum” and my “brother” then I would go mad.  Why do I have to be such a know-it-all?  I need to know everything about everything.  Of course I need to know about the real me.  I wonder if anyone besides the Zabini’s know about me.  Probably not right, I would have heard about it floating through Hogwarts.  Ok, I guess I need to respond.  No time like the present right?  Wrong.  I’ll do it after dinner.


In the mean time, I think I will try to get used to this new body since it’s obviously not going anywhere.  Ok, mirror time.  I climbed off my bed, or tried to was the better word.  My foot got caught in my comforter and I tumbled onto the floor with a loud THUMP.


“Hermione?  Hermione are you alright?”  Dad called up from downstairs.


I quickly stood up, a tad embarrassed and very glad no one was there to witness it.  Unfortunately my clumsiness didn’t change as well as my appearance.


“I’m all good!”  I yelled back wincing as I touched my hip.  “Ouch, well that’s going to bruise tomorrow.”  Great, new body and new bruises to go along with it.


I finally found my balance once again and walk over to my bathroom.  Maybe I should move my floor length mirror to a different area of the bathroom since it is the first thing staring me in the face when I walk in here.  I took in the figure staring back at me.


Hmm, skin as white as Malfoy’s.  Bloody hell, now I look like a ghost.  It does look nice though with the shinny black hair that stops at my mid back.  The contrast is striking, pretty almost.  I still say I look like a vampire, but I would classify it as a beautiful vampire.  I will not kill you and suck your blood, just be mesmerized by my beauty and all will be fine.  Ok enough of that, so this is what it feels like to have curves.  I always saw Lavender Brown and Pansy pug- face Parkinson have all the boys fawn over them because they have “curves.” 


Well, now I’ve got them too.  I turned to the side to assess my stomach and backside.  Hmm, nice butt, not too big, not small by any means.  Stomach flat, boobs wow.  I must have gone up at least a full cup size.  Not that I was small, but now I could easily be a 34C.  I turned back around to face front and stared at my new face.  The eyes still kind of freaked me out so I tried to avoid them.  Nose a tad smaller, but fits in with the new face.  No more freckles, just smooth ivory skin.  Lips, plump and pink.  I smiled to check out my teeth. 


“Huh, they’re perfect.  Good thing too or else my parents would have me in their office faster than I could say sectumsempra.”  I let out a little laugh.


Ok, come on Gryffindor bravery, they’re just eyes.  Albeit creepy purple eyes, but eyes none the less and they belong to you.  I slowly lifted my gaze to look straight at them in the mirror.  Ok, not as bad I thought.  Pretty in a way I suppose, they’re not so dark they blend in with the irises or so light it looks like I’m an ocular albino.  Thick lashes surround them and I think ‘good, won’t have to buy so much mascara anymore.’  Lifting my eyes a little higher I saw perfectly shaped black eyebrows.


After staring at my reflection for another 10 minutes my stomach growled.


“Really stomach, I don’t know how you can eat at a time like this.”  I mumbled as I headed out of my room to grab something to eat. 


Mum and dad looked up when I entered the kitchen.


“Do we have any Nutella and Fluff mum?”  I asked as I moved to the counter and opened the bread box.


“Yes honey I’ll get them out of the pantry.”  She told me as she opened the pantry door.


Nutella and Fluffernutter.  One of the most delicious combinations to ever grace the world of bread.  If you haven’t tried it then you are seriously missing out!  I took 2 slices of bread and plopped them in the toaster.  No one spoke as I waited for my bread to heat up.  When it was done I smothered one side with the gooey marsh mellowness and the other with the decadent chocolate hazelnut spread.  Yum.


I put my sandwich on a plate and cut it on a diagonal.  Then I hopped up on the counter and began to eat.


“So, I’m thinking about replying to the letter.”  I said quickly, the silence was irritating.


My mum stopped on her way to the table for a second, then started up again.


“Oh?”  She said.


“Yeah… I think I want to meet them.”  I didn’t want to see their faces when I said this so I hopped off the counter and went to get a glass of milk.


“Oh, well alright dear.  When were you thinking of meeting them?”  Mum had waited to ask this until I was back on the counter and facing them.


“Tomorrow.”  I said and I tried to cover up the rest of my sandwich while dad sprayed his iced tea everywhere.  Huh, never thought I’d see that, I thought stuff like that only happened on the telly.


“Sorry.”  Dad mumbled as he tried to clean up his mess.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at the situation.


“Um, well it’s a bit soon, but if that’s what you want Mione then that’s fine.  If you want you can invite them to come here for brunch tomorrow.”  I could tell mum was trying to be supportive but I knew deep down she was wondering if I would like my biological family better.


I walked over to the table and hugged both of them.  “Thanks you guys.  I’ll go send them a message now.”  I started to walk out of the room and turned back to look at them.


“By the way, I love you Mum and Dad.”  I said with as much love I could muster and a bright smile.


Brunch tomorrow.  Brunch tomorrow?  How about you come for brunch tomorrow.  Bloody hell, I really should have left this letter writing thing until after dinner like I had planned.  Ok, crumple that paper up and start again.


Dear Mrs. Zabini,


I would be pleased if you and your son would join me and my family for brunch tomorrow morning at 11 am.  If you accept then please use the floo network and say “Granger Household”. 


Yours sincerely,




“Do I write Granger, or Zabini?”  I wondered out loud. In the end I decided not to add a last name.  I rolled up the letter and called over my new owl Billie Joe. I had gotten him to celebrate the downfall of Voldemort.  He was a beautiful silky black color and was a tad plump.  Crookshanks wasn’t too happy at first when I brought him home but I explained that I needed a way to communicate with the wizarding world.  He was upset for about a week, but eventually came around.  I tied the parchment to Billie’s leg and gave him a treat.


“Please bring this to Mrs. Violet Zabini.”  I stroked his feathers and with a small nip at my finger he was off.  I watched until his black shape was out of sight.  They must live in a manor right if they’re friends with the Malfoy’s?  Oh well, it will get to her one way or another. 


I then found myself swishing my wand around cleaning my room up; I didn’t want to make a bad first impression in case they wanted to see my personal space.  When I was done I brought my wand downstairs with me because I knew my mum would be cleaning as well.


And I was right; she was vacuuming the rugs while she had dad dust the mantel.


“Mum.  Mum!  MUM!”  I tried to get her attention, but had to scream over the vacuum.  She eventually looked over her shoulder to me in the doorway and turned the machine off.




“Here, let me.”  I swished my wand around the room at various things and muttered “Sourgify.”


“Well, that was great.  I’m going watch some Dr. Who.  Anyone interested?”  Dad said as he sat down in the arm chair.  Mum and I both shook our heads.


I spent the rest of the day before dinner in my room trying to piece together an acceptable outfit to fit my new body.  I would definitely have to go shopping; most of my clothes were too small now.  I finally decided on a dress and heels and put them aside for my “Meet the Parent” day tomorrow.  After changing back into my pajamas, yes I wore pjs all day but you would too with the kind of nonsense that was thrown at me since I woke up, I went downstairs for dinner.


After a dinner filled with hyperactivity on mum’s part, she was trying to make a list of what to feed our “guests” in the morning; I decided to call it a night.  I washed my face, brushed my teeth and climbed into bed. 


I hoped I would have a dreamless sleep.




“Bloody hell.”  I rolled over and hit the snooze button on my alarm clock.


About 2 seconds later I shot out off bed, ran into my bathroom and, “oh, yeah I definitely still have to move that mirror”, and started the hot water to take a shower.




“Ahh!  Stupid alarm!”  I hopped out of the bathroom on one foot, why you ask, because I was in the middle of taking off my pajama pants when the stupid alarm went off again!  I flipped the switch to OFF and hopped back into the bathroom.  Ok, I have 1 hour until they get here, well that is if they come.


Once I was done in the shower I used a drying spell on my hair and body, I love being a witch.  I ran back into my room and got dressed.  Last night I had decided on the light peach dress I wore when retrieving my parents from Australia about a month ago.  If they liked it enough to let a “stranger” into their home, then hopefully my “bio” mom and brother will like it too.


Dress, check.  Heels, check.  Hmm, bow necklace, check.  Ok time for makeup, if need be.  I looked at my reflection in the mirror.  Well, the dress fit before but now it fits like a glove.  It fits my chest and lets a tad of cleavage peak out which I didn’t have before.  It hugs my waist and then flairs out into a full skirt just below my knees.  This is one of the only dresses I own now a days so I better get some use out of it right?  Right.


“Ok, breathe, 10 minutes to go.  Maybe they won’t even show.  No they probably would have sent an owl back if they couldn’t make it.  Then again, Billie Joe isn’t even back yet.”


Tap tap tap


“Speak of the devil.”  I went over to my window to let my owl in.  He didn’t have a letter, which meant the Zabini’s received mine and probably accepted the offer.  “You look beat buddy, how far away does this family live?”  I gave him an owl treat and he hooted up at me before flying over to his perch to take a nap.


“Ok, 5 minutes.”  I began pacing around my room; luckily my heels were only 2 inches so my feet weren’t getting a work out.










Ding ding ding.  I heard the bell we attached to the fireplace chime.  Oh boy, oh boy.  I went back to the mirror in my bathroom to make sure I looked alright.  I decided to put a bit of blush on and some lip-gloss before heading out of my room.


“Hermione, sweetheart please come down.”  Mum called up to me.


“Ok breathe Hermione, everything will be alright.”  I tried to calm myself as I walked down the stairs, two feet on each stair to bide me some time.


“We’re in the kitchen Pumpkin.”  Dad said above the chatter going on in there.  The scent of breakfast foods and others filled my nostrils and would have hurried me along if not for the fact that my biological mum was in that room.


As I rounded the corner the noise stopped.  So I stopped, right inside the door frame.  Sitting at the table were my mum and dad, what I assumed to be Blaise Zabini, and a woman who looked to be about 40.  She was beautiful.  She had long curly black hair that was half pinned up behind her head and ivory skin.  She stared at me and I stared at her.  I noticed she had the same violet eyes as I did, except a bit lighter.  Maybe that’s why her parents named her Violet.  I looked to Blaise and noticed he also had the same porcelain skin and purple eyes that I did.  His eyes however had been outlined with black eyeliner which really made them pop.  His hair was black and hung loose in front of his eyes.  All in all my brother was very good looking.  Maybe that’s why he was friends with Malfoy, gorgeous purebloods move in packs.


“Hello Mia.”  My “mother” said as she stood up and walked slowly towards me.  Mia?  There’s that name again.


“What did you call me?”  I asked which made her pause before she reached me.


“Oh, um Mia.  It’s a nickname we gave to you when you were born.  If you don’t like it I understand.”  Mother told me.  Hmm, besides being freaked out because Malfoy used that name in my nightmare I wasn’t totally opposed to it.  It did have a nice sound to it. 


“Uhh… No, it’s alright.  Mia is pretty.”  I said and she came the rest of the way to pull me into a hug.  I tried to hug back, really I did but my arms felt like Jell-O at that moment and I had no control over them.  She eventually pulled back and put her hands on my upper arms assessing my appearance.


“Mia you are absolutely beautiful.”  She said with a note of pride in her voice.  I could see silent tears streaming down her face.  I suppose I should also have been crying at a moment like this, ya know meeting my biological mother after 18 years.  Even so, the name Zabini was still screaming in my head which made me nervous and a tad angry rather than emotional.


“Um, thank you.  You are as well.”  I told her and she really was.  She gave me a sweet smile.


“Thank you my darling.  I would like you to meet you brother.  Blaise?”


Blaise Zabini slowly stood up and walked over to his mother and me.  Upon closer inspection I saw he had a lip ring and was wearing mostly black.  His shirt has the band name ‘Cauldron on Fire’ across the front with a picture of a cauldron with flames shooting out of it.


I didn’t really know this guy from Hogwarts much.  Usually just saw him with the ferret so my mind told my body to get away.  And so I involuntarily took a step backward as he approached.  He stopped in his tracks and gave me a sad smile while putting his hands in his pockets.  Everyone else just looked at me with a questioning gaze on their faces.


“Hi Granger…”  Blaise finally spoke up while looking down at the ground.


“Zabini.”  I gave him a nod and didn’t make any attempt to take a step closer.


My mum looked back and forth between us, “You two know each other then?”


“Yeah, sort of.”  I replied looking at Blaise who was still focused on the floor.



A/N  The response to the first chapter was wonderful, thank you!  Keep the love comin!

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