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I love you, Mum by erinn1197
Chapter 5 : Chapter 4
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Made by the amazing smarticl398@TDA :D

 I followed James out the Great Hall, receiving a confused look from Roxie and an evil glare from Alexia. I ignored Alexia but felt as confused as Roxie. It was my first full day at Hogwarts, there was nothing to talk about. James walked over to an abandon corridor, sitting on the floor and motioning for me to sit next to him.

“Do you regret that night?” He asked.


“Yes.” I lied.

James looked over at me and said “I don’t.”

“Well you should.” I said, looking at the pattern on the floor. “It was a young and stupid mistake. I was fourteen, almost fifteen, and you were fifteen.”

“I always thought of you after that day. I wasn’t that drunk.” James said. “I always wished I had a way to contact you.”

“Why didn’t you?” I asked.

“Everyone discouraged me. No one understood why I wanted to contact you.” He said. “They didn’t know what went on behind the close doors though.”

“How did you still remember me on the train yesterday after two years?”

“I remembered everything about you.” James answered. “When Lily introduced you, I honestly didn’t believe it was you, but it was.”

I looked down at the floor, blushing. Did he say this to every girl or was I just singled out?

“What’s going on here?”

I looked up to see Alexia glaring down at me. Great, just the person I wanted to see. Not.

“I’m talking to Nikkole.” James said, standing up and hold out his hand to help me up. “Am I not allowed to talk to other girls?”

“I don’t care who you talk to.” Alexia said. “But I do start to care when you’re sitting there looking like you want to jump her bones.”

“Um…I think I’ll just leave.” I said, walking back into the Great Hall.

Alexia, that stupid cow, made everything feel awkward. I took my seat next to Roxie and began to poke at my now cold eggs.

“So what did our darling James want?” Dom asked curiously.

“Oh nothing.” I lied

I’m starting to get good at this lying thing. At least, I think I am.

“You aren’t going to tell us are you?” Dom sighed.

“Nope.” I smiled. “Did anyone happen to grab my timetable?”

“I did.” China piped up. “Here you go. You have History of Magic first. Dom does too so she can show you where it is.”

“Thanks China.” I smiled, taking my time table. “Ready Dom?”

“I guess.” She sighed sadly. “Merlin, I hate History of Magic. Binns is so boring.”

On the way to class, I learned that Binns was actually a ghost. He died in the middle of his class one year and just went on teaching, as if nothing happened.

“The only good thing about having this class in the morning is that I usually skip and sleep in.” Dom said.

I quickly learned that the class is like a free hour. I used my time to my advantage and wrote letters to my parents and Candice

Dear Mum and Dad,

I hope Tyler is okay and isn’t missing his mum much. I hope he can survive until Christmas Holidays. I’ve been sorted into the Gryffindor house and befriend the Potter/Weasley families. Yes, Potter family as in Tyler’s Dad. It’s awkward to be around James Potter because all I can think of when around him is Tyler. No one know about Tyler expect two professors and Roxie Weasley I kind of let it slip and she figured it out. I feel as if I can trust her though. Well, give Tyler lots of love for me and tell him how much Mummy loves and misses him.



I folded my letter up and placed it in the front pocket of my bag. I pulled out a new piece of parchment and now quill before starting my letter to Candice.


I miss you so much! I really with I could be at the academy with you. Even though I can’t, Hogwarts is pretty sweet. I befriend the famous Potter and Weasley families. The person I feel I will be close with is Roxie Weasley. She’s a lot like you. And yes Candice, this means being associated with Tyler’s Dad. It’s so awkward. He has this awful cow of a girlfriend who is so out to get me. Why? On the train, James remembered me after two years. It pissed her off. So she’s determined to learn about my history with James.

Missing you girlfriend!



I folded Candice’s letter up and slid it in the pocket next to my parents. I heard people shuffling around with books and bags, a sign I took as class was over.

“I have charms.” I said to Dom. “You?”

“Potions.” She gagged. “Charms is easy though. It’s up one floor, third door on the right.”

I nodded and swung my bag over my shoulder, heading to the staircase. I can’t possibly get lost.

“Be careful.” Dom added. “The staircase move.”

“They what!”

“They move as in they…you know what, James!” Dom called out.


“Where are you going?” She asked.

“Charms.” James answered. “Alexia and I are heading to Charms.”

I looked behind James to see Alexia, standing off in the distance and looking pissed. Great, classes with Alexia. This will be fun since she’s totally out to get me.

“Show Nikkole where the Charms room is.” Dom said. “I have potions and don’t have the time. Kay thanks bye!”

With that, she was gone. I looked over at James and followed him back over to Alexia.

“Oh great.” She muttered, rolling her eyes.

The same could be said about you darling.

Tyler, Mummy will always protect you from evil

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I love you, Mum: Chapter 4


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