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It's Called Summer by applesugar33
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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             It was Friday evening and just Hermione and Draco were in her living room since she offered to ‘drive’ him home. Draco was going to take the floo in her home in a little bit, but for now they were just talking.

            Draco walked into the room and plopped down on the couch next to Mia, “So Mia, going to miss me?” He asked winking.

            “Actually I’m so happy you’ll be gone for the weekend. No one to bug me,” She replied laughing with her head up high as to not look at him.

“Mia, you know you’ll miss me,” Draco said starting to tickle the real answer out of her. Hermione started, laughing and screaming trying to get out of his grasp. After a minute an idea popped into her head and she kissed him. Draco was in total shock, but finally caught up to speed and started kissing her back.

Hermione finally pulled back from the kiss and looked Draco in the eye. “Maybe I will miss you a little.” She said finally.

            “I knew you would. What do you say about next Monday, you and I go on a date?” Draco asked. Hermione answered by giving him another peck on the lips. Draco smiled, but then looked at the clock. He was supposed to be at the manor 10 minutes ago.

            “I’ve got to go, but don’t miss me too much,” he winked at her before disappearing into the flames.         

            The next day wasn’t anything too exciting, everyone decided to spend the day at Hermione’s in her pool. Then they spent the night after barbecuing dinner and playing a few games which ended in them all being beyond tired and a little drunk.

            The next morning Hermione woke up to an owl at her window. Looking around to make sure everyone was still sleeping she let it the snow white owl, who was obviously Hedwig, in her home. She took the letter of her leg and handed her some scraps before she let her back out. Mia opened the letter, Harry and Ron were asking her to come to the Weasley family brunch at 11 today. Since it was already 10 she quickly scribbled down that she would be there and threw it in to the floo. She went and got dressed for the day in a jumper and some jeans and didn’t straighten her hair. She left a letter for her friends who were sleeping in her living room telling them that she was going out for a while and to do what they wanted while she was gone.

            When Hermione arrived at the Weasley’s she was instantly hugged as many shouts of ‘Mione were heard. She hugged basically every Weasley before Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione escaped outside to the garden.

            “So ‘Mione how has your summer been?” Harry asked, “Finish all your homework yet?”

            “My summer has been pretty good,” She answered. “I haven’t even looked at my homework though.”

            “You didn’t start your homework?” The 3 of them gasped. Looking at her with bugged out eyes.

            “I haven’t had the time. I’ve been out all summer,” she answered simply.

            “Oh,” Ron answered lamely.

            “So how has your summer been,” she asked them all.

            “Boring without you, do you want to come back before school starts for a week?” Ginny asked.

            “Sorry I can’t, my parents have been away all summer and my friend Emily has been staying over all summer,” Hermione answered. “But Gin, you should come spend a week with us and Ron, Harry you guys should visit for a day or two. You guys may have to put up with my annoying muggle friends, they don’t leave my house. I think they are still there now.” She laughed.

            “That sounds fun!” Ginny answered, excited.

            “It would be! You and Em would get along so well,” Hermione compared her two friends in her head and they really were alike. Then Hermione remembered that Draco wasn’t just a summer friend and would be there.

             Hermione went home around two to a mess of a house. It looked like her friends had tried to make a cake or something and ended up with burnt rocks shaped like cookies. Hermione laughed and when Mike and Aubrey walked into the room they started apologizing saying they would clean it up.

            “Don’t worry about it,” Hermione laughed as she threw everything in the dishwasher. “Where are Emily and Josh?”

            “In her room making out or something,” Aubrey said taking a seat at the counter.

            “Took long enough, now I’ve just got to wait for you two to crack.” Hermione laughed.

            “What are you talking about?” Aubrey said blushing. “Nothing is going on!”

            “How about Drake and yourself?” Mike laughed when Hermione blushed.

            “At least I will admit that we’ve kissed and are going out tomorrow. You guys have had like 10 years to figure out what is going on and haven’t even admitted to liking each other,” Mia then took a bite out of an apple giving them a knowing look. “Oh and what time is he coming back from his parents?”

            “Right now,” Draco said entering the room. “I got bored so I left, they won’t even notice.”

            “Well then. I guess it’s a good thing I left the Weasley’s when I did or I might have got stuff there all day.”        

            “You went to the Weasley’s?” Draco asked taking the seat next to Aubrey.

            “They wanted me to come for brunch,” Hermione answered. “Unfortunately I had to invite Ginny to come spend a few days here and Harry and Ron to come over one day.” Hermione groaned. Mike and Aubrey then left saying they were going to find the other two.

            “I thought you like your friends,” Draco questioned.

            “They are nice and we get along, but I’m not myself around them. I wore a jumped today. The second I got here I changed. I hate jumpers.” Hermione complained.

            “Well only 2 more years pretending around them, or you could show them the real you and tell them how you like me more than them, send them into a coma, and then start being yourself totally.” Draco suggested while laughing, knowing that she would hit him for that. She went to hit him, but he captured her arm before she could, “Hitting people isn’t nice Miss Granger.” He teased.

            “Oh really,” She retorted before he kissed her full on the mouth. Hermione was much more comfortable with this kiss, it was fully expected by both parts. Draco deepened the kiss, wiping his tongue across her bottom lip asking for entry which she allowed. Hermione and Draco were wrapped up in the kiss for merlin knows how long before it was broken when they heard someone enter the kitchen.       

            “Let’s go to the café,” Mike said as they all entered the kitchen.

            “Sounds fun,” Hermione said blushing slightly. Everyone head to the door and when Hermione started walking Draco pulled her back slightly.

            “Hey, I have a quick question,” she nodded as for him to continue with his question. “Do you want to be my girlfriend officially? I know when Weasley comes he’ll be all over you and I want you to myself.” Hermione looked at him for a second before kissing him again in confirmation. Hermione gave him a huge smile and nod when they separated. They then followed their friends out the door holding hands.

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It's Called Summer: Chapter 5


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