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Wounded Vexation by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 4 : How To Break The Cycle.
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Amelia's mind raced as she ran back from the garden and to her room. As she entered and shut the black door behind her, she leaned against it trying with everything to catch her breath. She wasn't sure what exactly she had just witness take place with Draco, but she did notice that he seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

Finally after a minute or two she was able to compose herself and walked towards the bed. When she reached the side of it, she stopped abruptly noticing that there was a letter sitting there with her name embellished on the front of it. The green lettering of the ink danced on the parchment as she contemplated about opening it. She was forced to postpone opening the letter because of a cry that rang out from in the connecting room. 'Narcissa!' She thought as she leapt into action, grabbing her bag, and taking her empty hand to sweep back the blond locks that were trickling down the side of her face.

When she made it to the connecting door, she opened it quickly and entered. Narcissa was on the bed screaming and withering around. Amelia ran up to her as fast as her short legs could carry her. She quickly checked her vitals and called her name.

"Narcissa!" She exclaimed loudly.

She received no response from her for calling out her name. So she tried it again. "Narcissa!" She yelled louder this time, but still failed to get a response. Quickly and without thinking she reached over Narcissa's shaking frame and positioned her on her side. After a moment or two the shaking stopped and Amelia took in Narcissa's appearance. Her face was pale and her mouth hung open slightly. Amelia bent down and looked to make sure she hadn't gotten sick. Once she was able to confirm that she was okay, she slowly eased her onto her back again.

She kneeled down and picked up her bag and pulled out a small vial filled with a orange potion. She unstopped it and set it on the night side table just as she heard the door open behind her.

"What the hell is all the screaming about?" Draco wandered into the room looking more worried than Amelia has seen him.

"Your mother just had a seizure. Luckily I was in my room and heard it happen. I came running in here to help her. She needs to take a potion that will help keep them from happening again." She informed him.

Draco listened and the worried expression grew on his face all the more as he began to play with the ring on his finger once again. Amelia was situating Narcissa's head on the pillow in order to help taking the potion while asleep easier. When she had her positioned correctly she turned around and looked at Draco. He was standing over by the now blazing fire that he had started a minute before while she was helping Narcissa.

"Could you please come here and hand me the phial on the night side table?" She asked him.

He didn't seem to hear her until a moment later when she yelled, "Oi! You! Could you hand me the potion from the night side table?"

Pulled from his stupor, Draco walked over to her and picked the small phial up off of the table. He looked at it intently for a second before handing it over to her. He watched as she cradled his mother's neck and tipped the potion into her mouth. Once she was done she slipped her hand out gently from behind Narcissa's head and looked at Draco who was staring at her. A flush of pink rose to her pale cheeks as she quickly made to clear the mess she had made of the surrounding area when she came into the room.

"Excuse me." She said to him in a soft voice.

Draco jumped and snapped his head away from her and backed up slowly. Amelia was bustling around the room clearing up the things she had taken out of her bag before she turned to Draco.

"Someone should probably stay with her tonight." She said watching his pale pointed face for any trace of a reaction.

"I'll stay with her while you get some sleep." He replied to her.

She nodded and picked up her bag, but turned around to ask him something before she left. "Why do you hate me because of my blood?"

Draco stood there in still shock as he was just about to sit down next to his mother on the bed. "I- I..." He trailed of lamely.

"You know, just forget it. It doesn't matter." She said and walked through the door and closing it swiftly behind her.


The little clock that was sitting on the table chimed eight when Draco heard the door slide roughly open admitting a rather weighted down Gibby. She was carrying a breakfast tray and set it gently down on the table before bowing and letting herself out of the room. Draco had sat there with his mother all night and watched her sleep. He was worried that if he took his eyes off of her for the slightest second that something else would happen. He was just fighting his eyes closing for the umpteenth time when his mother had finally woken up.

"Draco, what are you doing here?" She asked him.

"You had a seizure last night." He said in a calm, but firm voice.

"A what? Why?" She looked at him questioningly. "But why are you here and why do you look like you've been up all night?"

"Because I have." He simply stated to her.

"Where is Amelia?" She asked him and watched him very carefully.

"She is sleeping. Only one of us needed to watch you and when I came into the room last night after hearing her yell, I figured she had done enough and could use some sleep." He finished.

Narcissa had a look on her face that suggested that she knew something more to this that what he felt comfortable than admitting. She took his hand into hers and held it firmly.

"I know you're mad at me Draco. I know that and I can accept that, but I need to know that you're going to be alright before anything happens to me." She said calmly.

He looked into his mother's eyes and felt the truth that was hiding in them.

"It's just..." He stopped moving her hand back to the bed to fidget with the ring on his hand again, "I have always failed as a son."

She stopped his hand before he could fiddle with the ring and held it more firmly this time in hers before she said, "The mistakes that your father and I have made have impacted your life so much that you need to do something, anything, to start afresh. You deserve that chance. I've lived my entire life with the belief that I am better than others, but in the end Draco is that what matters? Does it matter if some ones blood is pure?"

Draco nodded no as she continued on, "No it doesn't. What matters the most is that we make amends for the wrongs that we have committed in our lives. That is one of the reasons I lied about Harry being dead. I wanted to be allowed to enter the school where I knew that you were, but I also did it because I realized that this wasn't worth fighting for. We've done our time and lived through the trials following the war. Harry Potter kept us both out of Azkaban and he had every right more than anyone to want to send us there, but he didn't." She finished.

Draco sat there and let the words that she spoke resonate in his mind. Deep down he knew that she was right, but he didn't have the courage to admit it. She knew that her words must have sunken in somewhat in order to leave him this speechless.

"He's gone you know." She said looking down at the ring on her son's finger. "He's never coming back. You can take off your fathers ring and with that the cycle of the Malfoy weight you carry around on your shoulders will be gone."

He slipped the ring off of his thin finger and set it on the table. She smiled at him and he gave her small, scared smile. He kissed her hand and stood up to stretch out his long limbs before helping his mother sit up so she would be able to eat some breakfast. He set the tray down gently onto her lap and stole a orange slice before sitting back down himself. They ate breakfast together quietly.


Amelia hadn't slept well all night. All she could do was think about the look that Draco was giving her and she would just lay there and ponder about why, he, of all people would be looking at her that way. She was also thinking about what had happened to Narcissa and knew in the back of her mind that sometime she would have to talk to Draco about it.

She made to get out of bed when she looked and saw the letter she found sitting there waiting to be opened. Remembering in her haste that she set it down there. She could now feel her intrigue build inside of her as she grabbed the letter and sat up in the bed.

She popped open the seal and read the fine lettering that graced the parchment.

Ms. Shaw,

I would like to speak to you today.


She scanned the letter three times and with an annoyed huff she tossed it back onto the table. 'Why would that jerk want to talk to me?' she thought as her face flushed. She then got up out of the bed and grabbed a piece of toast that had been on a tray next to her bed. What Amelia didn't realize is that this wasn't the letter that she received yesterday. This one was a new one in which Draco ordered to Gibby that she switch right after he finished eating breakfast with his mother earlier that morning.

She got her things and went to the shower to get ready for her day. As the water ran down her back she thought to herself how she was going to explain to him what was going on with his mother. As she finished her shower and began to dress, she came to the conclusion that she would just have to come out and tell him what he needed to hear.

She exited the now stuffy aired bathroom and went to check on Narcissa. When she entered her room she was surprised to see her sitting up and smiling at her.

"How are you Mrs. Malfoy?" She asked as she got her wand ready to check Narcissa's vital signs.

"I'm feeling okay today." Narcissa responded with a small smile.

"Was Draco here when you woke up this morning?" Amelia questioned apprehensively.

Narcissa nodded in response as Amelia held up her hand to Narcissa's neck, checking her pulse.

"Good. Well you look good this morning. I do have a couple of potions for you to take that will probably make you tired." She said as she dug through her bag and pulled out a bottle of green potion and red potion. She watched as Narcissa drank the potions then asked, "Do you know where Mr. Malfoy is?"

Narcissa nodded, "He is in the study. That is where he spends most of his time when he want to think about something. His father did the same thing when he was around." She finished.

"Alright, thank you. Try to get some rest and I will be back to see how you are doing in a couple of hours." She stated.

When Amelia stood up she noticed that the ring that she had seen Draco wearing was sitting there on the table next to Narcissa's bed. With a raised eyebrow and a look at the clock to tell her that it was now nearly noon, she stood and made her way out of the door.


When she found the study, she stopped and knocked sharply on the door. She heard a familiar voice call out 'Enter' and she turned the heavy door handle revealing the sullen study behind it.

Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim lit room, but once they had she started to quietly make her way to the desk where Draco had been sitting. He stood up when she got closer and held out a hand as a simple gesture to indicate that she should take a seat. She did and he followed suit.

"What would you like to talk to me about?" She asked him curiously.

"I want to know more about my mother's condition." He said simply.

"Well she's ill and dying. You know this." He shook his head in acknowledgement as she continued on, "what you don't know is that after last night I am more inclined to believe that it will be within the next couple of days."

He was stunned at her honesty. It was brutal, but she was, as he knew from his mother, a person for whom he could trust. He wanted to change and he knew that he would have to prove it to the one person that would never believe it in a million years; Amelia.

He settled his features on his face before he continued the conversation, "I know that you don't like me and frankly, I don't like myself. But I am going to do better. I owe you my gratitude because I wouldn't be able to do this without your help. To answer the question you had asked me last night about why I hate you because of your blood..." He trailed off before finishing, "I don't. I was brought up to think that way. I am not saying that I am proud of it or the way that I have been acting towards you, nor am I saying that it is an excuse. I just am loosing everyone and I am trying to realize before it is too late what is important to me."

Now it was Amelia's turn to look shocked. 'No!' she thought, 'Malfoy cannot be saying this. I must be dreaming.' The skeptical look she now inhabited must have shown to much as he was now looking at her in a way that could only be described as hurt.


Author's Note: Yep, that's right he's changing isn't he? Well I hope you enjoyed the chapter because I had a great time writing it. Thanks for reading. If you would like to take a minute to leave a review, it would be greatly appreciated!

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