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Just a Ravenclaw by slytherinprincess7
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 I walked next to my best friend, Violet, on our way from Potions to Divination. With large, sweeping gestures I explained that Luna had spent four hours the night before explaining nargles. In the middle of a sentence, Draco fell into my line of vision, stopping my speech short. "Oh look, Draco," I quietly said to Violet.

"What's he saying? I think I heard your name," she replied.

Tuning my hearing to his conversation, I slowed my pace. Draco sighed, "Oh, Caroline? She's nothing special. Just a Ravenclaw."

My feet suddenly felt as if they were held in place by concrete. A small gap of disbelief separated my lips as my lungs began to shake. "J-just a Ravenclaw?" I asked loudly,
making sure Draco could hear me.

He turned in my direction, a look of utter horror masking his face. "Oh, Caroline, I-"

"I'm not just a-a Ravenclaw. I'm, I'm as good as any-y Slytherin." My eyes started to sting with tears. "I-I am. Mum's wrong. You're wrong! Mum's wrong! I-I'm just... Just as..."

I turned on my heel and ran in the opposite direction, my hands covering my eyes. I had no idea where I was going, but my legs wouldn't stop. Violet's shouting echoed through the halls. "You bloody idiot! Do you have any idea what she does to make herself as good as anyone else? She tries so hard to be good and it's people like you who downgrade her!"

"It was a conversation! Violet, you don't know how hard I have to try to keep a good reputation around here!" Their voices got too quiet for me to hear.

I finally pushed open the door to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom before collapsing just inside in a fit of tears. Myrtle's voice echoed through the room. "Oh, did a boy break your poor heart? This is where I came to cry before I was murdered by that basilisk!"

"Shut up!" I finally screamed through my tears.

I sat there, in a pool of misery, for what seemed like hours. Someone suddenly burst through the door. Through my hands, I saw Violet rushing toward me. "Caroline, oh, Caroline," she whispered.

"Hey, Violet," I muttered.

She put a gentle and comforting hand on my shoulder, whispering, "I just can't believe he'd..."

"Me neither," I sniffled, wiping at my eyes. "And he knew about it, that what he said was just so..."

Violet gave me a confused look. "It? What's it?"

I took a deep breath. "My family's full of Syltherins."

"I know."

"But they hate me being a Ravenclaw. So much they hate me. It started the winter holidays of first year. I wasn't considered a person anymore, not even a house elf. The worst tasks were mine. I didn't get to sit with my family at Christmas."

"Oh, Caro-"

"It's always been the same ever since. If I walk away from the house and come home, I'm beaten. Draco's the only one who knows. I... I thought he cared..."


She forced me into a hug. "Why'd you not tell me? I can't believe... Why'd you bother with Draco?"

I choked, "I was scared. You get involved, I don't know what'll happen. And he found out. I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? Your family should be sorry. Draco should be sorry. Not you."

I halfheartedly nodded.

She stood up from me. "Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to make Draco sorry." Violet glanced at me one last time, making sure I was okay. "Go back to your dormitory. Sleep for the rest of the day. It'll help." She finally left the bathroom, heading off to throw some punches. "Have fun," I whispered, not bothering to think of going back to my common room.


A small knock on the bathroom door broke the silence all around me. "Caroline?" a familiar voice asked. "Caroline, are you in there?"

"Go away, Draco," I miserably replied, overacting just a bit.

"Please let me in."

"Violet's out to kill you, you know."

"So I'll need a place to hide. All the more reason to let me in."

"Who says I don't want you dead? You deserve it." By this time I had gotten up from the floor and was holding the gilded door knob loosely in my hand.

I could hear his sigh. "I'm sorry."

Opening the door, I whispered, "Sorry? I don't care if you're sorry." I turned away from him and walked toward the bathroom stalls. "I know I'm not as good as you, Draco, or as good as anyone else in in Slytherin. It's practically the only thing Mum ever says to me. But hearing you say it? You, Draco? Of all people? You even knew."

"Caroline, please, lis-"

"I thought we had something... special. I mean, over the summer, as soon as I got to your house... But now, at school, there's this 'reputation' of yours." I turned to face him, acid in my eyes. "Don't I mean anything to you? Am I not important enough?"

"No, just let me-"

I walked toward him until we were less than a meter apart. "Draco, if I left this room now and went to the Forbidden Forest, letting whatever wanted me have me, what would you do?"


"No. Nothing would change if I, just a Ravenclaw, died. You wouldn't care if you lost me, just a Ravenclaw. You'd go around with those lackeys of yours, make fun of the Weasley's and Potter, maybe even rough up a first year mudblood in Hufflepuff!"

"Caroline!" Draco finally snapped, clapping both hands on me shoulders; I winced out of habit. "I'm sorry, alright? If you died... I don't know what I'd do! I certainly wouldn't go around torturing mudbloods! Caroline, you're one of my best friends, but-"

"But you're embarrassed to be seen with me!" I snapped.

"No!" he immediately apologized.

"Oh, you don't want me to be near you! Your reputation's too important!"

"Damn it, Caroline! No! Just let-"

"What is it, then? I'm not good enough for you? I'm just a Ravenclaw, after all!"

"Listen to me!"

"Tell me the truth, Draco! Tell me why I can't-"

My words were stopped short by his lips against mine. He was being carefully gentle with me, obviously afraid to make too much of a move. I stood rigid for a moment before relaxing and practically falling into him.

We broke away from each other slowly. Draco brought a hand up and gently traced my cheekbone with his thumb, his eyes darting from my eyes to my lips and back. "I think I'm in falling in love with you," he whispered. "If you'd just listen, you'd know that."

I looked up to him; I was suddenly aware that we were so close to each other that I could feel the heat from his body. "Then why do treat me like you do?"

"I'm not sure." His signature smirk painted itself onto his face.

I chuckled, "You're a bloody idiot, you know. What about Pansy?” I asked, remembering the girl Draco was currently dating.
He ignored my question. “You and Violet must have alike minds,” he stated, “You tend to say the same things.”
“Maybe that means they are true? What about you and Pansy?” I tried again.
“You talk too much,”
Let me fix that." I grabbed him by the shirt and brought my lips to his once again. I hadn't been kissed very many times, but this was most definitely the best occasion. That is, until a slam ruined the moment.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, get your disgusting Syltherin hands off her!" a familiar voice screeched.

I broke away from Draco, a blush spreading like wildfire across my face. "Violet?!" I whisper-screamed.

Violet charged toward us, her face a mask of rage. "I said," she barked, grabbing Draco by the arm, "<i>get</i> your filthy hands off of her!"

"Violet, please," I muttered, my eyes focusing on the ground.

"You're the one that left her here alone!" Draco retorted, shaking his arm from Violet's grasp. "She was crying when I got here!"

"She was crying because of you!"

"I apologized!"

"By molesting her!"

"She kissed me!”

"She was probably afraid you'd hurt her if she didn't! She's hurt enough at home!"

"As if I don't know that!"

"You know why, too! And then you go and shove it in her face! 'Just a Ravenclaw' you said! I really should kill you!"

My two best friends were too busy battling over me to notice that I had turned away from them and was sitting in a heap, my hands clapped over my ears. However, their words still pierced my mind.

"You little snake!"

"Gryffindor scum!"

"Stop it," I muttered in a voice barely audible, squinting my eyes shut.

"Conceited git!"

I raised my voice to a whisper. "Stop."

"Filthy half-blood!"

"Stop it!" I finally screeched. "Please, just stop! Violet, Draco came in after you left. I was upset at first. Then he kissed me. We talked a little, and I kissed him. Now can we please stop aruging? It's giving me a headache.”

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