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Killian Earhart Vs The Weasleys by Akussa
Chapter 2 : Killian Earhart Vs Albus (Weasley) Potter
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A.N. I still don't own anything that you recognize. Thanks for reading, I hope you'll enjoy the first confrontation! And that beautiful image comes from the ever so talented Meghan at TDA!


It’s Sunday morning. Things will start today; Al will be the one to set things in motion. I’m glad it’s not me. How would I approach the guy? Yo, you’re dating my cousin, prepare to die! That would be lame. At least by the time it gets to me, Killian Earhart will know what to expect and I won’t even need to explain why I’m doing this. I’ll need to work harder to find something original to confront him with but I’ll get to that later.


I go down to the Great Hall with my friend Eliana. I eat in silence while she talks about the strange day she had with Lily yesterday. Apparently, they had told me that they were going to spend the day at these girls lessons the teachers scheduled a month ago and I forgot about it with all the excitement of yesterday. It does explain why I didn’t see either one of them all day long and I find it hilarious to imagine them learning about protective spells and charms to clean the house; the wizarding world can be pretty sexist at times.


Romulus brings a welcome distraction when he arrives with a letter, promptly stopping Eliana in her description of the spell that allows her to clean the stains she might make when she has her periods.

“Who’s the letter from?”


“Err,” I smartly answer. I wonder if I should tell her what is going to happen; she’d enjoy it a lot. And it would keep her from going into details about those nasty spells. “Al, he says to be at the quidditch pitch at two this afternoon.”


“Family match?” she asks curiously. Being a muggleborn, Eliana discovered quidditch last year through those impromptu matches and really enjoys watching us as it.


“We’re going to test a guy today, want to come and watch?” I ask her. She blinks a couple times at me and I can see a big, wide void in her great blue eyes.




“Some guy is dating my cousin Molly and we’re going to see if he’s worth it,” I explain. “Apparently Al will be facing him on the quidditch pitch.”


“Oh, that sounds a lot less dramatic,” Eliana nods, shoving a spoonful of Cheri-hoots in her mouth. “I’ll be there.”

The morning passes quite slowly as I can’t wait to see this first confrontation. I wonder if that makes me sadistic. Doesn’t matter; by one o’clock, I can’t wait anymore and decide to go to the pitch with Eliana.


It’s such a nice day that a lot of people seem to have had the same idea and are already scattered on the quidditch pitch. It’s a common place for people to hang when there isn’t a match or a practice; the grass is untouched and perfectly smooth to cushion the accidental falls. Therefore, you can sit there for a long time doing homework before getting uncomfortable. Alright, most people aren’t exactly doing homework right now. Unless there’s a new snogging class that I have not been informed of.

“Is that Molly?” Eliana asks, pointing at a couple that have settled themselves under the goalposts. The long red hair is unmistakable; it’s a Weasley.


“Either it’s her or we’re going to have another guy to confront when we’re done with Killian Earhart.” I shrug as we sit in the stand.


“I’d hate you, just so you know,” Eliana tells me, conversationally. “If you were my cousins and you intruded in my love life like that; I’d hate you all.”


“I get that,” I say with a nod, considering her opinion, “but at least we would give you the option to not waste too much time with a guy that isn’t worth it. If he isn’t ready to face all of us, than you know he isn’t serious enough for you.”


“And what if he does face you all and beats you all? That still doesn’t prove it would work between us.”


“No, but it’s a higher security, I think,” I answer. As we speak, the field gets swarmed over by Weasleys. Apparently, the Gryffindor boys brought their sisters along for the show and they join us in the stands.


“What’s going on?” Lily waves at Eliana and I. “James dragged me here but he won’t say what for; do you guys know?”


“I expect you’ll know in a couple seconds,” I vaguely answer, pointing at the skies and at Al’s fast flying figure. He stops right over Molly and her boyfriend and without looking nervous at all, he points his beater bat at them.


“Killian Earhart,” he calls loudly, catching the attention of every single person in and around the pitch. I couldn’t have done that, I’ve got no loud voice and no guts to call at strangers like that. Kudos Al.


“Yeah?” The young man frowns while looking from Al to Molly, evidently recognizing the boy as a cousin of hers.


“You have fallen for one of our girls. If you want to keep this up, you’ll need to prove yourself to us,” Al continues in his carrying and almost intimidating voice. I think the fact that he is over them and on his broom helps a lot because otherwise, he’d be quite scrawny next to the tall Hufflepuff.


“What?” Molly asks but Al raises a hand to silence her.


“I challenge you to a beater duel right here and now,” Al says, pulling out a beater bat from his backpack. At this moment, James approaches the couple and, without a word, hands Killian Earhart a broomstick and gets ready to open a box that evidently holds the bludgers.


“This is ridiculous,” Molly scolds James and Al but once again, they ignore her.


“If you manage to beat me to the ground, you’ll have proven yourself worthy of joining the Weasley family quidditch games. All Weasleys, whether by blood or by marriage, must be able to hold their own on a quidditch pitch,” Al says before flying a bit further and shouting at the top of his lungs, “Killian Earhart, are you willing to prove that you are worthy of dating Molly Weasley?”


“Why not.” Killian Earhart shrugs with a smile, taking the beater bat and the broomstick in his hands.


“Killian, you don’t have to do what these idiots say,” Molly mutters as she pulls at his arm, giving Al a dark look.


“If that’s all it takes for them to accept me, I’ll give them their fun.” He winks at Molly before giving her a kiss.

A great wave of excitment flies through the crowd and the people that were sitting on the pitch quickly leave their spot to come and get a seat in the stands. When Killian reaches Al, they knock their bats together and under them, James opens the box, freeing the two bludgers.

“What is this all about?” Molly asks in a furious tone when she reaches us. Her face is flushed deep red and I turn around to avoid her murderous glare. The Sorting Hat definitely made the right choice in not making me a Gryffindor if I can’t even face my cousin’s anger. On the other hand, Molly is pretty formidable, everyone agrees on that; there isn’t much out of her reach when she sets her mind to it. Therefore, if she decides to kill us all, she will. Why did I agree to participate in this again?


“Al explained it pretty clearly,” Fred answers without looking at her; his eyes are fixed on the duel that slowly begins in front of us.

And what a duel it is. Killian starts lightly but very quickly, seeming to realise that Al is not kidding or giving him any chances. Al dodges the slow hits before sending some very strong and nicely aimed bludgers at his opponent. When a bludger hits him on the shoulder, Killian gets more serious and starts sending bludgers with more strength.

“Al is pretty good,” Eliana declares after Killian barely avoids a hit to the head. “I can’t understand why he wants to go for the seeker position.”


“It was his first choice and that’s the one he was going to try for at the try-outs,” I explain to her as Al flies swiftly to the right, hitting both bludgers at Killian in a matter of seconds. The older boy dodges the first one and sends the second one back at Al.


“Why didn’t he get the position then? There was someone better than him?”


“No,” I snort, “James was taking the mickey out of him and Al got so angry, he picked up a bat and started sending bludgers at James to make him stop. James sent them back and this went on for a good ten minutes before they stopped. Molly found them so great at it that she offered them both the jobs since the two previous beaters had finished school the year before.”


“Killian is pretty good as well,” Lily says when Al gets hit on the knee by a well aimed bludger.


“Of course he’s good,” Molly snorts angrily, not taking her terrifying eyes away from the duel, “he’s been the Hufflepuff team beater for the past 4 years.”


“Really?” all the Weasleys present, including myself, question at the same time.


“You didn’t do your research before attacking him?” Eliana asks conversationally. “That does sound like a boy plan alright.”


“Ow,” a shout reach us when Killian takes a bludger to the stomach. Al’s face breaks into a proud smile but as he goes to catch a free flying bludger, he doesn’t notice Killian reaching for the second one no matter if he looks out of breath.


“This is it,” I say, getting to my feet with the rest of the crowd. The one beater that gets to his bludger first will put the other one out of order.

Both beaters are at a distance of about twenty feet; Killian has already reached his bludger and he faces Al as he takes a swing. Al is still flying, two feet away from his bludger and turning his back to his opponent. He takes a swing as he turns around to aim his bludger but Killian’s shot hits him straight on the jaw. Al Potter drops his beater bat and, clearly shaken, he flies to the ground.


In one motion, the crowd runs to the pitch. Killian is already kneeling next to Al, trying to help him stand up and telling him that they are going to the Hospital wing together. What a gentleman; he just won and still want to take care of his adversary. He should be taking his lover into his arms, giving her the victory kiss and walk away in the sunset. In this second, I find it hard to imagine I’ll have to try and make him break his relationship to Molly; he looks like the perfect guy to join our family.


Al eyes are rolling in their sockets in a pretty disturbing way when he gets to his feet and his jaw is definitely wrong. The spot where the bludger hit is already a deep red color and it seems like the lower half of his jaw has moved a couple inches to the left. None the less, he opens his mouth in a creepy manner and declares in a weak and quivering voice:


“Killian Earhart wins the first confrontation.”


“The first?” Molly shouts angrily looking at all of her cousins, clearly trying to get one of us to spill the beans. I better go away; she will definitely pick on me. I’m the weakest link and she knows it.





Once again, a big, big thank you to the amazing Kenpo for beta-ing this chapter and teaching me loads of notions of written English. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!


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