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Paradox by GirlOnTheSidelines
Chapter 8 : Falling
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Chapter Eight - Falling

The fire light flicker across Scorpius’ face as we sit before the fire in the kitchens. His arms are wrapped around me and my head is resting in the hollow of his shoulder, just above his heart as he plays with a strand of my hair. The last few days have been close to perfection. Scorpius and I have spent as much time as possible with each other and I was shocked to realise that even before the game, we had spent so much time together it barely disrupted my daily routine to be with him. No one knows about us, we decided to keep it a secret to make sure we could actually make this work before announcing it to the world. I will of course have to explain to everyone seeing as they all still think I hate him.


“I’m just worried about her, she’s been in the hospital wing for ages, I’m just not sure what to do, she won’t talk to anyone and she looks like hell,” Scorpius sighs into my hair.


“I’m sure she’ll be okay, I just don’t get why she is like this, I mean she did know right?”


“I’m not sure… I wouldn’t actually put it passed her father to have put her under the Imperius Curse.” I cannot imagine living with a family who would be capable of doing that to me; I suppose I have taken my parents for granted, especially lately. “Anyway, I’ve got to go to Transfiguration, I’ll see you later,” he bends down and kisses me gently on the lips. I cannot resist pulling him in and kissing him properly, letting his tongue slide into my mouth and entwining my fingers in his silky hair. He rolls me over so I am lying on the floor and presses himself against me. By now the House Elves are used to us making out in their kitchen and just ignore us. The heat he awakens in my body is almost unbearable and I pull him in closer, moving my lips away from his to give him access to my neck. His lips brush hesitantly over my skin before coming down and sucking at the hollow of my neck above my collar bone. I let out a groan of pleasure.


“Scorp…” dragging his head back up to meet my lips again, I wrap my legs around his waist. He continues to kiss me deeply, burying one hand in my hair while the other roams across my body. Oh Merlin.


“I really have to go…” he mutters at last, pulling away and leaving me feeling extremely lonely. “Don’t look at me like that,” he growls, bending down to plant one last brief kiss on my forehead before straightening his tie and leaving through the portrait hole.


Rolling onto my stomach, I gaze into the fire and decide what I am going to do for the next hour without Scorpius. My mind wonders to Vivian in the hospital wing and I suddenly decide I am going to try and do something about her. I mean, she cannot exactly stay there forever can she?


I jump to my feet and wave goodbye to Dippy before hurrying out into the corridor and heading towards the hospital wing. My anger building as I go, to be honest, I think she is being a little bit pathetic, I mean if she knew then she shouldn’t be feeling so sorry for herself and if she didn’t then she should be doing everything in her power to bring her father to justice. I slam open the door of the hospital wing and make my way over to her.


“Look here, No- Pot- Vivian!” I struggle to find the right name for her because I guess she is legally a Potter now. “Scorp is worried sick about you, so is Al and James (although he won’t admit it)-” I can see her flinch at James’ name and wonder if he had anything to do with her being here. “-and I think it is really rather selfish of you to stay up here pretending to be ill when there is nothing wrong with you… you are clearly just feeling extremely sorry for yourself and I don’t think you have a right to make them suffer any longer!” the words escape my mouth in a shout and she looks at me with a horrified expression on her face as I drag the sheets from her bed. “Get up,” I order. She looks slightly terrified.


“How dare you-” she stutters and her voice sounds like it hasn’t been used in a while.


“How dare I? Oh, missy, you have no idea what I dare…” I say threateningly, hoping to convey some of my irritation even if I am feeling a little sorry for her now – she just looks so tired. “Now, I said: get up.” I am surprised to find her obeying my order and swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. “All the way…”


Oops, I think I might have gone a little far. A determined look creeps onto her face, rearranging her features to make her look a little terrifying.


“Do not tell me what to do Weasley!” her voice has regained its usual silky quality as she narrows her eyes at me. “I hope you are aware you are talking to a pregnant woman here!” Shit, I had forgotten about that.


“Yes,” I blag, “I am and I am appalled at your behaviour! Very soon you are going to become a mother and as such, you need to start acting like one! And that does not mean mopping around all day feeling sorry for yourself! You have to face life, Vivian; you cannot run from your problems however big they are!”


 “You do not know anything about me or my problems! So don’t you tell me what to do!” she yells at me. She looks furious now.




“I think you’ll find I know an awful lot about your problems, they are all Scorpius talks about these days! And quite frankly, I am sick of them. Do us all a favour and get over yourself! You cannot run from your life Vivian!” I scream before storming out of the Hospital Wing and slamming the door behind me, cursing myself for bringing Scorpius up.

In all honesty, I am surprised I got a reaction out of her at all though, I mean others have tried to no success… maybe she just need to be shouted at. Dammit, why did I think that was a good idea? She’s Scorpius’ best friend and I have just turned her against me. Great planning Roxanne.



“Hey Rose,” I smile, walking through the common room. Things are still a bit awkward between me and my dorm mates after my outburst on the train but since the game I have been trying to fix that – they are my best friends after all.

“Hey,” she smiles back before returning to her book. Oh well. I walk quickly through the corridors to the kitchen to meet Scorpius. Dippy greets me and after a few minutes, Scorpius comes through the portrait hole.


“Hello,” he says softly, kissing me sweetly before sitting down next to me. “Vivian came out to the hospital wing today…” he looks straight into the fire as he talks.


“Oh really…?”


“Yeah.” Okay, I cannot lie to him.


“I have a confession…”




“That may have something to do with me… I kind of, uh, shouted at her earlier,” I say awkwardly, hoping he won’t be mad. Instead of being mad, he starts laughing. “What? I’m serious!”


“I know… that’s why I’m crazy about you Rox – you always fine the most creative ways of dealing with a problem and somehow you make them work,” he chuckles. I grin at him. “But I mean it though…” his face becomes serious and his voice a little huskier than normal. “I am crazy about you… In fact, I think I might even be falling for you…” Oh Merlin, please make my heart slow down.


“I-I- I think I might be falling for you too…” I spit out at last. He smiles at me before bending down to rest his forehead against mine. The beating of my heart is so loud I’d be surprised if he couldn’t hear it

“You’re amazing,” he breathes, kissing my so lightly I think my entire world just paused to savour the kiss. Sweet Merlin what is this boy doing to me? I spend the rest of the day curled up in front of the fire with him talking about everything and nothing.




“Roxanne, wait up,” Rose calls as she tumbles from the portrait hole. “Hey,” she smiles.


“Hi, you aright?”


“Mmm… an hour with Zabini droning on? I just can’t wait,” she rolls her eyes as we head down to the dungeons. “And Al is pissing me off; I don’t know why he’s so grumpy all the time and what is with him spending all that time in the hospital wing?” Rose rants, her hair bushing up around her face. I notice she has heavy bags under her eyes and she looks paler than usual, I wonder what’s bothering her.


The dungeons are colder than the rest of the castle and a chill crawls down my back as we approach the Potions classroom. This is immediately dispelled when I see Scorpius. He is standing next to Vivian Not (or Potter) and is listening to whatever she is saying. She catches me looking and I give her a half smile – I haven’t seen her since I yelled at her in the hospital wing and have resolved to make amends for my outburst. To my surprise, she smiles back before turning away. Scorpius glances over to see who she was smiling at and catches my eye. He lets a small smile slide onto his lips before casually brushing his fingers against his neck. I realise with a jolt that the love bite he gave me the other day is probably clearly visible. Tugging on my collar, I try to readjust my shirt to hide it. He smirks. I narrow my eyes at him.


Vivian jabs Scorpius in the stomach and he looks down, slightly startled. She makes a slight gesture at me… Oh no, make that behind me. Phew. I turn to see Albus making his way towards us. Scorpius immediately shields Vivian from view and engages her in conversation. They needn’t have bothered, Al just leans against the wall without saying a word to anyone, he doesn’t even look at her. Staring at my cousin, I am startled by the contrast in his appearance; I guess I have been so wrapped up in Scorpius that I haven’t noticed my cousin falling apart. The bags under his eyes are worse than Rose’s and his face looks hollow as if he isn’t eating properly. His eyes look dead.


Before I can say anything to him, Zabini comes around the corner and lets us into the class room. I take a seat at our table with Al, Rose and Max wile Scorpius and Vivian take a seat at the back of the classroom. Albus spends the entire lesson staring into space, Max is jotting things down frantically, panicking about our upcoming OWLs, Rose just glares at Vivian – she must blame her for the state Al is in – while I occasionally glance back at Scorpius.


As Rose predicted, Zabini just drones on for the entire lesson. As the clock gets closer to our release, I catch Scorpius leaning in to talk to Vivian, I cannot hear what he is saying but I have a strong feeling it has something to do with. Vivian whispers a little louder than Scorpius and I catch the words ‘why didn’t you tell me?’ Apparently, so did Zabini.


“Mr Malfoy, do you have something to share with the whole class?” Zabini asks. I can feel Vivian’s gaze on my back.


“No, sir,” Scorpius says, sending a shiver down my spine. I have got it bad.


“Then I suggest you keep your mouth shut.” Wow, Zabini really is in a foul mood. As the lesson comes to a close, my nerves pick up and I realise that I am desperate for Vivian’s approval – I know it sounds weird but she is Scorpius’ best friend and if she approves then things will be easier, if she doesn’t…


As we push Rose and I push our way through the crowd of student in the corridor, I hear someone call my name. Rose turns around, sees who it is and storms off. Turning myself, I see Scorpius and Vivian; I fix my eyes on the latter who shrugs at me before tuning to Scorpius. I should really not look at him in public because I have no doubt the expression on my face would give us away instantly.


“Roxie,” he breathes and my stomach curls. “I just wanted to introduce you to Vivian…” Crap, I had forgotten she was there – that is what this boy does to me. Turning back to her, I notice she has an eyebrow raised.


“You mean Vivian wanted you to introduce her to Roxanne?” she snorts and my nerves twist in my stomach. I feel like I am being measured up.


“Hello Vivian,” I say uncertainly. “It is a pleasure to me you,” I smile slightly, hoping to put myself in her good books.


“You too…” we stand there awkwardly for a minute or two. “Right, well I had better get back to the common room, nice to meet you,” she says before gliding back down the corridor making me feel like a clumsy fool. By now, everyone has left and Scorpius pulls me into his arms, kissing me soundly. I hope that means Vivian didn’t outright disapprove of me.


“Oh Rox,” he sighs, resting his chin on my head. “I had better go and check on her…” he mutters at last and I just nod, kissing him again before letting him go after Vivian. I run up to my dorm to grab a jumper as the castle has become chilly again before heading back down to wait for Scoprius in the kitchen.


As I pull the portrait open, I hear voices floating out and recognise Scorpius’. I catch Dippy’s attention and ask her to ask the people inside if it’s okay if I come in. She returns quickly saying that it is fine before beckoning me in and asking me if I would like a butterbeer which I politely decline.


“Hi, I’m not interrupting anything am I?” I ask shyly. I can feel Vivian taking in my appearance and suddenly feel very self-conscious. Not knowing what else to do, I look at her. She is quiet small but well built, her black hair falls in soft ringlets around her pale face and her blue eyes shine brightly from between thick black lashes. She is beautiful but not in an in-your-face way, it is more subtle which in a way makes her more beautiful.


“Not at all,” she says at last with a small smile. Relieved, I take a seat beside Scorpius, noticing they sit on chairs rather than on the floor like we normally do. He reaches out a hand and takes mine, entwining our fingers together. “Oh Scorp- I forgot to tell you, I kind of let slip to Vi about my, um, situation…” she trails off, clearly regretting saying anything in my presence. Scorpius looks guilty and I realise she probably doesn’t know that I know about her and Albus. I look into the fire. “You told her?” Oh Merlin, she doesn’t sound impressed.


“You told Violet Briggs!” he protests, “who, in case you didn’t know, is the biggest gossip in the school!” He has a point. I’m a Gryffindor and even I know Violet Briggs is a gossip.


“I didn’t mean to!”


“Neither did I – it just sort of slipped out.” Scorpius looks uncomfortable so I decide to come to his rescue.


“I have not told anyone, if that’s what you are worried about,” I say, turning to look at Vivian.


“It’s not your fault,” she sighs. “Everyone is gonna know soon enough anyway.” She slumps down in her seat and I realise how daunting a prospect she is facing – the whole world knowing you are pregnant. Scorpius seems to relax again and I do with him.


“Excuse me sir,” Dippy coughs, “Professor Creevey is wanting to see you sir,” she smiles shyly at Scorpius. Scoprius looks reluctant to leave but eventually gets up and kisses me softly on the cheek telling me to meet him here later. I nod and he disappears out of the portrait hole after ruffling Vivian’s hair.


To break the silence that falls after Scorpius leaves, I ask the only question that comes to mind – how far along in her pregnancy is she. She seems shocked by my bluntness and I immediately regret saying anything.


“Six and a half weeks,” she says eventually, a look of amusement on her face.


“Have you been to see Pomfrey? Or another nurse?” I ask – now that we are on the topic I might as well, at least it is better than silence.


“Yeah, when, um, Zabini brought me in… He told her about it.” I assume she is talking about after she married Albus – I still cannot believe they are actually married, it just doesn’t seem right, especially after what happened with James. I randomly suggest we go and see Pomfrey now and she agrees.


Pomfrey seems obliging and starts chatting to me about the amount of times my brother had been in the hospital wing when he was at school. Vivian looks a bit uncomfortable but I’m not really sure what else to say to her. When Pomfrey is done, I say goodbye and leave before I can suggest anything else stupid.


I head straight for the kitchens where Dippy brings me todays Daily Prophet and I resume the hobby me and Rose normally do together and turn to the weddings page.


“Hey Rox,” a husky voice whispers in my ear.


“Uh Scorp…” I mutter, a little too distracted to respond to his kisses. “Do you know about this?” I ask, holding the Daily Prophet up for his inspection. There, in plain view for anyone who read the weddings section was: ‘Vivian Iris Nott, daughter of Theodore and Iris Nott, weds Albus Severus Potter, son of Harry and Ginny Potter, 11th May 2022’.


Fuck!” Scorpius curses, grabbing the Prophet and running from the kitchen without another word. After finishing my drink, I take a long detour back to the common room only to find Rose blocking the portrait hole.


“Uh… Rose, you’re blocking the doorway,” I mutter. She spins around to face me and I notice she looks like she is in shock.


“I don’t understand!” she yells in my face, causing me to step back slightly.


“Understand what…?”


“This-” she waves something in my face and I wonder if Rose Weasley has finally cracked and cannot do an essay. “Or any of it!”


“Any of what? “ I ask frustrated as we are still standing in the portrait hole.


“VIVIAN NOTT! She is married to Albus but she is pregnant with James’ baby!” she screams. Oh shit. I think the entire common room just heard that. I look down at her hand and realise it was not an essay she was waving in my face but the Daily Prophet… looks like she still read the weddings too.


“Rose,” I say sternly, desperate to get her out of public hearing even though I suspect that damage has already been done. “I think we should talk about this somewhere private.” I grab her arm and steers her towards our dorm, the minute I opens the door she begin screaming again. I casts Muffliato so no one else can hear me.


“It doesn’t make any sense! Why would she marry Albus? Surely she should have married James! Why would Albus marry her anyway? Why did no one tell me anything? Albus is my closest cousin – after you of course – and he didn’t say a word, not a single word!”


“Rose!” I snap. “Shut up and listen to me.” She sits down at my words.


“You know…” she whispers accusingly.


“Yes, I know-” I decide to be honest, “-and no, I will not tell you how I know. I just do. Seriously Rose, you really need to learn when to keep your mouth shut! Now the entire common room heard you yelling all that stuff out and half of it isn’t even true!” I start pacing, worried about the effect this is going to have on Vivian. “Yes, Albus and Vivian are married… but she is not pregnant with James’ baby.”




“She’s pregnant with Al’s.”


“Ohhhh… Wait, what?” Rose looks completely confused now.


“Shut up and listen!” I snap again. “Before Easter, Al and Vivian slept together and she got pregnant. At the ministry ball thing, James danced with her because he wanted to know what had made Al so attracted to her. He ended up kissing her. She and James were sort of seeing each other, I don’t think she really knew what was going on between them, it’s all a bit complicated. Anyway, I think Zabini said something to her and she broke up with James… You still with me?” I add on, seeing the confused look has not disappeared from her face.


“Uh… I think so?”


“Right, well James was gutted, obviously and that’s why he was acting all weird and stuff. Anyway, I’m not really sure how it happened but she is married to Albus and Albus is the father of her baby.”


“But she and Al never talk…”


“I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either but that’s all I know,” I sigh, slumping down on the bed next to her. It’s true, I still don’t really understand how they ended up married but I guess that’s something only they really know.


“And now all those people think she is pregnant with James’ kid… Crap.”


“You can say that again,” I glare at her.


“But why would Al marry her if he knew James was in love with her?”

“Beats me…” I sigh again, wondering what the hell was going on in Vivian’s head.



Sitting with Scorpius again, I wonder what the best way to stop people gossiping about Vivian. It is getting ridiculous, unfounded rumours are flying around and I although Vivian claims it doesn’t bother her, I can tell it does.


“Scorp…” I murmur as he continues to kiss my neck.


“Mmm…” he replies.


“Do you think we are ready?”


“Ready for what?” he asks, pulling back to look in my face.


“To face the music so to speak.”


“What do you mean?”


“Do you think we are ready to, you know, go public?” He looks quizzically at me. “I mean it would distract people from Vivian and I’m getting tired of sneaking around like this, I want to be able to do this-” I plant a quick kiss on his lips, “-whenever I want.”


“I would like to do that too,” he sighs. “And I know I’m ready to face a horde of furious Weasleys – I’d face anything for you – but are you sure you are ready for that?”


“Yes, I’m going to have to face them some time,” I shrug and kiss him again, he doesn’t pull away. Instead, he pushes me down onto the floor and deepens the kiss, running his hand over my robes. Grabbing his hand, I guide it under my shirt and I can feel him smile against my lips as he begins tracing patterns on the bare skin of my stomach. “Scorp…” I gasp as he runs his hand down, stroking the sensitive skin by my waist line. His other hand is tangled in my hair. I wrap my legs around him and pull him closer, unable to get enough of him. Fiddling with his buttons, I take off his shirt and run my hands down his beautifully toned abs. Oh Merlin.


“Roxie, Roxie,” he mutters in amusement at the look of need on my face. He bends down and kisses me again, trailing kisses down my neck and onto my chest as he unbuttons my shirt. “You’re beautiful,” he whispers.


“Scorp…” I moan slightly as he continues to trace patterns on my bare flesh. His hand is going lower and lower until he reaches the line of my underwear. He gives me a questioning look and I nod. My whole body tingles as he slips his hand under the flimsy cloth and he begins exploring with his fingers. Oh Sweet Merlin. He is good at that. He slips one finger in as he continues kissing me and I rub my leg against his in pleasure.

My eyes close as he continues to pulse inside me, two fingers now. My breath starts coming in short pants as I grasp a hold of his hair and pull him closer to me. Thrusting in time with his pulses. Oh Merlin. Oh Merlin. Oh Merlin.



“Come on Max!” I urge as he fiddles with the straps on his bag. “We’re gonna be late and Zabini will give us detention!” The three of us – Max, Albus and I – run from the common room and down to the dungeons. Rose is helping Hagrid out with something so gets to miss Potions the lucky git… She also gets to miss me and Scorpius going public. I thought about telling her first, she is my best friend after all, but decided against it as she probably wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut.


Opening the door of the Potions classroom, I realise with relief that Zabini isn’t here yet. I spot Scorpius and Vivian at the back of the classroom and while Max and Albus head to our normal table, I veer off course and move towards them. Scorpius pulls out a chair for me and I take a seat. Vivian looks slightly amused. After a few moments the anticipated whispers break out. I smile at Scorpius and take his hand before turning to see Albus staring at us. He just stares as if struggling to comprehend what he is seeing.

Then, with a movement so fast, barely anyone realises what he is doing and that proves he is his father’s son, Albus pulls out his wand and aims a curse straight at Scorpius…


Thanks once again for reading, please leave reviews they are much appreciated and I would love to know what could be improved.



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