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Keep Breathing by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 5 : Holidays with James and Sirius
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Chapter Five – Mid-year break.

The train ride back home was really noisy. Lily, Marlene and I sat on one side with Remus. While the other three boys sat opposite with lollies everywhere. They were throwing food at each other and having competitions of who could eat the most amounts of lollies and who could fit the most amounts of lollies in their mouth.

Lily tried to control her anger at the beginning, but when she was hit with a jelly bean on the forehead, she lost it. Screaming and stomping out of the compartment, Sirius and Marlene laughed while James sulked.

I was in the corner next to the window. I was reading a classic Janes Austen book, Pride and Prejudice. Remus was next to me also reading a book before he closed it shut and stood up. “I’m going to find Lily and do our rounds. We haven’t done any yet, and we’re almost there.” He left leaving the crazy ones with me.

“We’re not crazy.” James yelled.

I looked up from my book in confusion. “Excuse me?”

“You just said that Remus left you with the crazy ones.” I did say that but that was all in my mind.

“You said it out loud my dear.” Sirius informed. “You mustn’t have realised.” He laughed again with James.

“Yes, ok. I’m going to find Lily and see if she would like some accompany.” I left the compartment right after I heard Sirius accuse James of scaring me.

I walked down the aisle reading my book when I accidently bumped right into someone. Before I could fall backwards, they had caught me and steadied me.

“Hey, you ok?” I looked up to the familiar voice. There stood Regulus, still in his uniform.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” I apologised.

“It’s fine. I actually wanted to talk to you.” I smiled and nodded for him to continue. “I just was going to say, have a great holiday. Be safe.” He looked anywhere but at me.

“My face is here.” I chuckled slightly. He still didn’t look. I gently placed my hand on his cheek and forced him to look at me. “You’re my friend Regulus. You can talk to me you know. It’s not a crime, you won’t be sent to Azkaban.” He smiled.

“Well, isn’t this cosy?” I pulled my hand away and turned to face a livid Sirius. His hands were balled up into a fist and his eyes were blazing with anger.

I turned back to Regulus and smiled sadly. “Have a safe holiday Reg.” he nodded and left the corridor.

I walked past Sirius ignoring him, but he grabbed my hand and stopped me. Spinning me around, he managed to say some words out of his clenched teeth. “What were you doing with him Lindy?” I squirmed at his rage and tried to free my wrist from his grip.

He let my wrist go and waited patiently. “He’s my friend.” I whispered.

“Friend? Lindy, you are so naive.” His eyes softened and his voice went back to his normal loving tone. “You can never be friends with a Slytherin. They only have motivates behind it.” He took a pause and tried explaining again. “Gryffindors never ever be friends with Slytherins. Not because we don’t want to, but because we just simply can’t get along.”

“But Regulus and I do.”

“But I know him more Lindy. I’m his brother, I’ve lived with him. It’s an act.” I could tell he was trying to control his anger but before I could reply, James came tumbling out of the compartment. He glanced at Sirius before he glanced at me.

“I’m guessing you found out about Regulus?” he asked Sirius.

“You knew!” he accused.

“No! I mean yes, but I lied to him so it wasn’t James’s fault.” I didn’t need them fighting because of my actions. “I told him I wouldn’t see him again, but I lied.” James stared at me with a confused expression. I shot him a look, saying to follow along.

“I told her that he was dangerous and she should never ever talk to him, but I never…” he obviously didn’t get what the look meant.

“Thought she wouldn’t listen. He never thought I wouldn’t listen to him.” I finished.

Sirius just stared at both of us and sighed. “Just keep your distance from him.” He pushed through us and slammed the compartment door shut.

“That didn’t go well.” I mumbled.

“What were you going on about?” James stated. I laughed at his face and patted his shoulder, leaving him stranded.


When we reached the station I hugged Remus, since his parents were standing there. “See you Lindy. Take care of yourself.” He whispered.

“You too. You look like you could use some sleep.” I commented.

“Don’t worry about me.” He walked to James and to the rest and said his byes.

“I’ll see you in a few days Moony.” James stated. Lily’s mum arrived so we said bye, Marlene was getting a ride from them so she had to leave too. That left Sirius, Peter, James and me.

“Oh, there’s my parents.” Peter yelled. We all went and greeted Peter’s parents. “See you Lindy.”

“Bye Peter.” I turned around and there was Sirius who still wasn’t talking to me and James who smiled goofily and rolled his eyes at Sirius.

“So, when are you’re parents coming?” I tried asking Sirius who ignored me, hurting me slightly.

“Well, our parents will be coming pretty soon. They probably are waiting to see Sirius more than they are to see me!” James joked.

“Well, it is his parents James.”

“Oh, Sirius and I live together.” That I hadn’t heard of. “He lives with moi!”

“It must be fun to have siblings.”

“You are the only child, gets lonely doesn’t it?”

“Don’t forget you were one too.” I replied.

“Yeah, but I have Sirius.” He commented.

“Touché” I laughed with James, until Sirius walked past us and greeted to adults.

“Mummy, Daddy.” James yelled, running over to them. I chuckled and stood behind them.

“Sirius how was school? James dear, how are you?” I’m guessing Mrs Potter said that.

“Great.” James exclaimed. “Mum, Dad, meet my friend Lindy.” He pulled me from behind and pushed me forward.”

“Oh, it’s so nice to finally meet you. James has mentioned him a few times in his letters.” She hugged me and then faced Sirius.  “You mister, did you forget about us. No letters at all.”

“Sorry mum.” Sirius apologise.

“Well, Lindy I heard you’re new to Hogwarts.” Mr Potter asked.

“Yes, I just started.” I replied.

“Well, you’re welcome anytime to our house.” He commented.

“Thank you Mr Potter.”

“Please call me Harold.” I smiled and looked a quick glimpse behind them to see my parents searching around.

“Excuse me for a second.” I walked towards my parents and hugged them from behind. “Hi!” I greeted.

My parents turned around and hugged me back. “You didn’t write much to us missy.” My dad accused.

“Sorry, I was having so much fun. It’s amazing mum, you have to see Hogwarts one day.” They smiled back at me, clearly happy that I was enjoying myself.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Hill. I’m James Potter, Lindys best friend.” James came out of nowhere shaking my parents’ hand and making them smile.

“Mum, Dad, this is James Potter and Sirius Black, two of my closest friends. He’s the one in love with Lily and he’s the friendly person.” Sirius raised an eyebrow but I simply ignored it.

“It’s lovely to meet you; Lindy wrote us about all her friends. I heard you welcomed her immediately.” My mum said happily.

“This is Mr and Mrs Potter, their parents.” After I introduced the Potter’s to my parents, James, Sirius and I were left alone for thirty minutes. Parents!

“Let’s get going then.” Mrs Potter came and finally finished the discussion with my parents. “You’re welcomed to our house anytime sweetie.”

“Thank you Mrs…”

“Jane, call me Jane.” She left us, allowing us to say our good byes.

“Well, see ya James. Hope you two have fun. I’ll miss you.” I hugged James and he strolled over to his parents after giving me a friendly kiss on my forehead. I walked in front of Sirius who didn’t even look at me. “You’re not even going to say goodbye?” I said quietly.

His eyes locked with mine. I wrapped my arms around him and sadly whispered. “I’m really sorry, Sirius. I know you don’t like it. I didn’t want to make you angry.” His hard posture relaxed and his arms wrapped around me. “Have a great holiday. I’m sure you and James will have loads of funny stories to tell me when we come back.” 

“I’m sorry. I was a jerk; I just want you to be careful. I want you to be safe” I pulled back and grinned.

“Does that mean I can be friends with Regulus?”

He huffed and I noticed a portion of his eyes darken. “I didn’t say that.”

“But you implied it.” I commented.

“Take care Lindy.”

“You too and thanks for taking care of me.”


I was smiling the whole way back to home until my mum ruined it.

“So, Sirius seems like a nice guy.” My mum tried bringing the topic up subtly.

“Yes mum, but not in the way you’re thinking it.” I explained.

“Why not?” my dad added.

“Because I don’t think about him like that. He’s just my best friend, like James is nothing else. No romantics in my life.”

“Why not?” Mum asked.

“You know very well why mum. It will only cause pain and problems nothing more.” I replied dryly.

“Wait, so you didn’t tell them.” My dad questioned.

“No, they’ll treat me differently dad. Sirius is already suspicious; soon he’ll figure it out. I don’t need to be treated like I’m made out of china.”

“But, they deserve to know honey.” Mum said.

“I know mum, I’ll tell them soon. I promise.”  I whispered just as the car stopped at our house.


The first two days of holidays was kind of boring. I was used to having people around me. My parents wanted to take off and take me out but I insisted that they went. They always tried to make me happy and not to let me be bored.

“You sure you’ll be fine by yourself?” my dad asked… again.

“Yes dad, I’ll only be there for a short amount of time. I’ll buy some books for the holidays, stroll around for a while and come home.” I hugged him tightly.

“Call me if you need anything sweetheart.” It came out more like an order.

“Sure.” I watched him and mum apparate, leaving me alone.

After I changed into blue jeans and a woven top, I walked over to our fireplace. I sprinkled the powder and clearly yelled. “Diagon Alley!”

I dusted off the dirt and stepped out. Diagon Alley was crowded with people everywhere, witches and wizards strolling with each other into shops.

I walked into Obscurus Books, where there was a lady leaning against the counter reading a book. She looked up and smiled. “Welcome honey; feel free to ask for anything.”

“Thank you.” I walked around reading the names of the books. I read some blurbs that sounded interesting and placed some books I wanted to purchase, beside me. 

I was reading the beginning of the book Quiddtich Through the Ages when I heard someone enter.

“I’ll only be a minute mum!” she yelled.

“Back again dear?” The shopkeeper asked.

“Won’t be long.” I caught a flash of red hair hiding behind a bookshelf.   I walked over and saw Lily kneeling down.

“Lily!” I called. She stood up and groaned.

“Potter, you’re starting to sound like a girl.” I smirked and laughed when she saw that it was me. “Lindy, thank god it’s you.” She smiled and hugged me. “What a coincidence, half of us are here.”

“Half?” I asked.

“Well, there’s me, you and I saw Potter and Black before. I’m currently hiding from them.” I chuckled.

“I swear I saw her Sirius!”

“Are you sure because you said that in the shower? Sirius! Sirius! I saw Lily in the mirror.” Sirius mocked. “Ok, I’ll go see mum.”

“Hide me.” Lily bent low and shoved her head in a book.

“Lindy is that you?” I looked up and saw James enter the shop. ‘What are you doing here?”

“Hey, James.” I was totally screwing this up. “I’m buying books, what a strange thing to bump into you.” I heard Lily mutter something familiar to, don’t let him come here.

I saw James walking over. “Um, James do you mind picking up those books over there and placing them on the counter. I’m not that strong.” He laughed.

“Still don’t have enough books.” I stood in the same spot behind the shelf. “Well, you’ll have to come here to pay you know.” He had an amused look on.

“Oh, yes.” totally forgetting that Lily was there, I bumped right into her and fell, but as usual someone managed to catch me. “Thanks” I muttered.

“That hurt.” Lily yelled.

“Lily!” James exclaimed. “Lindy! I thought…”

“Sorry.” I smiled lamely.

“We’ll, quite a show going on here.” Someone said from behind me. I turned around and ran straight into Sirius’s chest.

“Sorry.” He steadied me and smirked.

“That’s twice now.”

“What do you want Potter?” Lily glared at him.

“Nothing, I just thought I saw someone from the group and wanted to say hi.” He answered pathetically. “Not everything’s about you anymore. Now I have a girlfriend.” He smirked.

“What!” Sirius, Lily and I yelled.

“You didn’t tell me Prongs!” Sirius said sadly.

“Well, I thought you all knew, Lindy, of course.” My eyes widened and my mouth hung open. “We went out on that date and now we’re together.”

“You’re bluffing.” Lily stated.

“Lily, time to go.” Mrs Evans called.

“See ya Lindy; see you at Potter’s house Black.” She left after giving James a death stare.

“You’re dating James?” I walked to the counter and paid for my books. I sent James a glare and he smiled innocently.  “When?”

“Seriously Sirius, could you be any more obvious” James laughed.

“What are you talking about?” Sirius demanded.

“I’m shocked that she hasn’t noticed but you’re like practically shouting it out to the world.” James informed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Sirius looked away from James and pretended to look at the shelves.

“Sure you don’t” I placed my books in my bag and left the shop. They were blabbing on about who knows what!

I looked around and decided to grab something to eat. “Hey Lindy.” James yelled.  I quickened my pace and tried to lose him in the crowd. “I’m a seeker sweetie, I could find you even if you were as small as a piece of crumb.” I snorted.

“Very lady like.”

“I’m a beater.” James and I looked at Sirius and started laughing. “Hey, I can see the bludger from a thousand miles away.” I stopped laughing and smirked.

“Well, it’s not very nice of you to run away from your boyfriend.” James said, while Sirius scowled and had an agitated look on his face.

“Do whatever you want. I’m going to continue my shopping like how I came. Alone! Is that Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour?”

“Glad to know that you can read love.” James replied.

“Ha ha.” They both looked at me with a stupid amused look. I huffed and walked away, heading for the Ice Cream Parlour.

“Hi dear, what can I get you?” the kind shop owner asked.

“Just a plain vanilla thanks.” I asked.

“Vanilla, you’re so boring.” James muttered from behind.

“Well then leave this boring person alone.” I replied.

“Wow, I think Lindy is finally stepping out of her shell.” James said to Sirius.

“Thank you.” I gave the man the money and took a seat outside, licking on my ice-cream.

James and Sirius came out a few minutes later with a mountain sized ice-cream. “What is that?”

“It’s ice-cream love.” James answered with a smirk plastered on his face.

“But what type?” I asked through my clenched teeth.

“Oh, it’s the Jumbo Stacko, Macko!” he exclaimed taking another scoop into his mouth. “Sirius and I always get this.”

I shook my head and licked my ice-cream. I could hear James snorting and laughing, but I chose to ignore it.

“Calm down Padfoot. Lindy’s just pretending to be my girlfriend.”

“No.” I stated.

“No?” he said unsure.

“Nop.” I said firmly.

“But, Lily! I told Lily that you…”

“You told Lily, before asking me James.” I whined. “She’ll probably hate me.”

“Why would she? It’s not like she likes me.” I sat there thinking about what I was getting myself into.

“Does everyone in the school have to know?” I asked.


“No kissing.” I informed.

“Of course not.” Sirius replied.  James stared at Sirius with a huge grin. “Shut it James.”

“Can we tell everyone it was fake after we end it?” I questioned.


“Then, fine.”  I gave in.

“Great.” His smile flattened. “Sirius, where did we leave mum?”

“Calm down Prongs, she said we could hang out. She went home to make lunch. How about you join us Lindy.”


“Yeah, your parents are probably coming back home late from work. Come with us, eat lunch and we can play games together.” James agreed.

“I don’t know. You’re parents…” I was unsure.

“Will love you! They already do.” James replied

“Please, for me.” Sirius begged.

“I guess I’ll get to see your house.” I sighed and took out my phone. “I’ll call my parents.”

Author’s note: Hey, I hope you enjoyed it. Please review if you liked it and tell me where you want this story to go. I tried making this a little bit funny, to show the easy, free friendship between Sirius, James and Lindy. I want to show that these three are really close friends, who just get each other since the moment they met. 

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