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Fallin' by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 15 : Needles
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Why hello there my lovely readers! 

A huge thanks to all my reviewers from the last chapter, We Are Padfoot and Prongs, GrangerDanger76, Avanell 2, Bella Bug, ★☆PinkIce★☆, Lindzz3, AriesGirl40, marauderlover11, Brookeweasley23, Anne, hedwig13, alexis, and of course, Gin-gin06. I love all of you, your reviews keep me going.

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own Harry Potter, Hogwarts, or the lovely characters in this story. All that's mine is the story line.


I threw my clothes aside and lowered myself into the tub tentatively, wincing as I did so. The water felt scaldingly hot though I knew it wasn't. My mother had spent a good ten minutes preparing the water temperature to assure it wouldn't be too hot and cause me to go into shock.


My parents had left when I had told them I needed some privacy. Mum said she'd be back in every couple minutes to check on me and see if I needed anything. I suppose I can understand why they worried, though I was thankful for the trust.


Shivers racked my entire body as I completely submerged myself into the tub. I leaned down and rested my head on the back of the tub, thankful for a chance to think.


I found myself unable to think as my body temperature began righting itself. The cold from my body and heat from the water seemed to be at war with one another. I felt as if I were being repeatedly pricked by needles all over my body.


I couldn't help but let out a yelp as the heat seemed to surge, causing the needle feeling to become even more painful. The door open a crack and I turned my head to face it, "You okay love?" my mother asked through the opening.


"Fine, mum. The heat just surprised me is all." I said, not wanting her to be more concerned than was necessary.


"Alright, well I'll be just outside the door if you need me." she said in a sad voice, quietly shutting the door afterwards.


The pin pricks began to disappear and I felt myself sigh. My eyelids fluttered shut and I felt my mind wander. No matter what I tried to think about my mind always returned to the same place... Scorpius.


I thought back to what had seemed so long ago, though I realized it had only been yesterday. We had been do utterly happy and care free. The two of us had finally found common ground and realized the feelings we had for each other were mutual. We'd come to the realization that we could be so much more than friends.


Maybe this whole bloody situation was someone's funny idea of telling me I didn't deserve him. The big guy upstairs, or whoever's in charge didn't think we were right for each other.


A tear slid down my face, leaving a trail of fire behind. I reached up to wipe it away, realizing my face and hair were still ice cold.


I braced myself and lay back, quickly submerging my head under before sitting up and wiping my hair from my face. Pin pricks began erupting over my face and scalp and I gripped the edges of the tub, clenching my teeth.


My face and head had been most exposed to the cold and snow and as a result hurt far worse.


The pain finally subsided and I sighed, unclenching my hands from the tub and massaging them.


"Mum?" I asked quietly, wanting to talk to my mother. "Mum?" I asked a little louder.


The door opened, "yes, dear?"


"You can come in... I just want to talk." I said, wanting nothing more than a long talk with her.


"Well, are you done with the bath?"


"Yes. I think my body temperature is fine now." I said, looking around but not seeing a towel.


"There's a towel behind you. Why don't you dry off and I'll bring you some warm clothes. Then we can go back to your room and talk."


"Thank you." I said, truly grateful.


I stood up and grabbed the towel from behind me, wrapping it around me before stepping off onto the mat and pulling the plug for the drain.


The noise of water draining echoed through the bathroom as I dried myself off. I was shivering slightly as I waited for my mother to return with some clothes.


A knock sounded on the door and I ran over, pulling it open. My mother was behind the door, smiling and holding out my favorite comfortable pajamas and a fair of fuzzy socks. I took them gratefully and closed the door, promising I would be out soon.


I found my undergarments folded inside the pants and I made note to thank my mother for having thought of everything.


I finally dressed and wrapped the towel around my head, making my way to my mother.


I entered my room and saw her fiddling with something in a chair my by mirror.


"What's that, mum?" I asked, craning my neck to try and see.


"It fell out of your pocket as Mr. Malfoy carried you back to the house. I saw it fall and picked it up, though no one else noticed. I was hoping you could explain?" she held up the ring I'd been planning on giving to Scorp and I found my eyes filling with tears once more.


"It- it was for Scorpius..." I said, trailing off.


"What for?" she asked, looking at me curiously.


"It's a promise ring of sorts. A way to show him that I wanted nothing more than to us solely belong to each other and no one else. A promise to be entirely faithful and a promise to be married someday, even if it's not anytime soon." I shook my head, turning away from her and collapsing onto my bed. I hadn't realized how insane it had all sounded until I said it out loud. I sounded insane.


"That's one of the sweetest things I've heard. If anyone would accept something like that, it would be him. You picked a good one Rose." she placed her hand on my shoulder and I sat up, looking at her.


"Did I? I mean, I know he's probably the best thing that ever happened to me, but do I really deserve him? Do I deserve that kind of happiness?" I hadn't meant for it to come out so negative but I seemed to be thinking my thoughts aloud.


"Oh sweetie, of course you did." she slowly unwrapped the towel from my head and let my wet hair land with a soft thud on my shoulders and back.


She walked across the room and grabbed the brush from the dresser, walking back to me and starting to brush my hair out. This was something we'd done since I was little. I closed my eyes and smiled.


"If anyone deserves a boy like that, it's you. You're brilliant, charming, witty, elegant, and gorgeous. You deserve nothing but the best and you've found it. I never thought I'd ever be saying these things to my child at such a young age. What you have with Scorpius is timeless." she stopped for a moment, the brush paused halfway down my hair at the top of my back. "I- you're so lucky, love." she said, her voice shaky.


"Mum, what's wrong?" I asked cautiously, not knowing what nerve I'd struck and not wanting to make her upset.


"Nothing honey. You remind me so much of your father and I, but with more passion than I knew possible. Since the first time you brought him here, your father and I knew deep down you two were perfect for each other." she have a small laugh, "Your father took a little more convincing but he came around, why do you think he was fine with you staying the night at the hospital?"


A knock sounded on the door and my mother and I both looked up. Mr. Malfoy was standing in the door frame, smiling.


"Rose," he started, "he's waking up."

Author's Note: BAM! How's that for an ending?! What do you guys think will happen now? What's going to become of Scorpius and Rose? How'd you like the chapter? FEED THAT BOX DOWN THERE!! vvv IT'S HUNGRY! IF YOU DON'T FEED IT, IT WILL DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! D: 

Until next time,

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Fallin' : Needles


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